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  1. Lex


    Basically it boils down to our facility has zero internet connectivity due to the nature of our projects. Cellular phones won’t even work, so there is no “information super highway” that would allow me to validate the license every 99 days. I do have a serial number because yeah I did have to go on an enterprise plan just to get the possibility of an offline activation at all. Adobe and I hashed this out when I first got on board the CC bandwagon and determined that I would have to clean out and reinstall the software every few months. No big deal given I keep a system image handy anyway. It’s easy enough to keep a backup of preferences, brushes, etc and restore them. Also we’re all independently contracted so software costs come out of our pockets and are our responsibility to take care of.

    In any event, the offline installers up until this most recent one had no issues providing serialization as an option when Adobe’s servers could not be reached thus the problem I had been having. I’m one of those few people that have a workstation that is perpetually offline much like most computers in the early 90’s were as well as in a building that has absolutely no Internet access period.

    The reason for it is exactly as you’ve mentioned in regards to hacks particularly with the Chinese stealing intellectual property with alarming frequency as well as personal data. In this day and age software hacks are more about exploiting someone’s computer to either spam others in order to generate revenue via that spam, or collect personal data in order to sell off to marketing firms, possibly the black market…. not so much about data destruction like it was back in the day.

    If in the off-chance the hack had indeed damaged the operating system, it’s easy enough to fix. There’s no internet to send the compromised data off to. That’s better security than any firewall, anti-virus or anti-spyware can provide. Though it doesn’t help that security firms hard code false positives in anti-malware software. Comes off more as telling lies to enforce copyright law than it is informing someone their computer is truly infected so yeah I wasn’t at all concerned trying out the patch.

    In any event, philosophical arguments aside, this to me underscores a flaw in Adobe’s attempt to combat piracy. The new CC model was obviously intended to offer the software at a lower upfront cost to entice more people to buy a legitimate license, similar to what Steam has done to combat PC gaming piracy by making games more affordable via quarterly sales with deep discounts. It’s worked but the problem in hand comes with the subscription model they opted to go for to bring the price down. Fair enough but they did away with a perpetual license option for newer software. There is CS6 (which I still have), but that software is about 5 years old and not updated to take advantage of newer operating systems. People in my situation are a minority and still would not object to paying a higher upfront cost to have the option for a perpetual license instead of dealing with this every new significant update. Money isn’t the issue as much as it is this nonsense of an internet access requirement even if it’s once every four months.

    I think what irks me the most is that apparently this software is still easy enough to pirate that they’ve already been using the 2015.5 release standalone while we’ve been doing this song and dance with Adobe to get us proper offline installers, and then mine having to figure out about the PFC directory which had XML files in there defaulting to a trial until the software talks with Adobe. Given the path Adobe is on, I may just opt to not renew next year and go with alternatives that are modern and do not have this sort of authoritarian licensing system. But least I’m up and running now, so that’s good enough for me. This new update definitely is faster than the last release so that’s something at least.

    Anyway, I’m off. Thanks again for your help on this whole issue with Adobe.

  2. baronvon fancypants

    Now that the CC 2017 Creative Cloud is available, will there be direct download links for those new installers/updaters?

  3. baronvon fancypants


    Yes, Adobe tells us there will be new standalone installers, however they have not been released yet… But we are following this very closely and will post the CC 2017 direct download links here on our site as soon as they are available.

    Excellent. Thanks for the (news) update.

  4. macuser

    Still waiting for an offline installer of Dreamweaver…

  5. Jay

    Thank you very much! Please let us know as soon as these updates are available.

  6. Bob

    Did they by any chance tell you guys when the CC 2017 direct download links will be released? I would kind of like to have them before CC 2018 is released. 😉

    • Hey Bob, it does not appear to be like last time (the June CC 2015.5 release, which took months)… We anticipate the new CC 2017 standard/standalone installers to be made available hopefully some time this week. We’re following it closely and will have them posted here as soon as this happens. Thanks for your question and patience!

      Update: The new CC 2017 standalone installers have just been published, and you can now find the direct links here.

  7. Bob


    Great! Thanks for always keeping Adobe on their toes!

  8. Franklin Nin


    The link for Adobe CC 2015.5 that you posted above is the same for CC 2017, I checked.

  9. Anne

    Why is it that whenever I try to get to the CC 2015.5 download links such as “Get the CC 2015.5 Direct Download Links” they all take me to “Download Creative Cloud apps” hosted by Adobe that only has new 2017 stuff.

    I clicked on this too in the right side: Direct Download Links, New CC 2015.5 and it too goes to Creative Cloud 2016 Downloads: Adobe CC 2015.5 Direct Links/Trials which is the same page as this and all links go to 2017 versions.


  10. Anne

    Why does the big blue button that says to link to 2015.5 versions take me to Adobe’s site where the 2017 versions are?

    How do I get to the 2015.5 versions? I have clicked everywhere and can’t seem to find them.

  11. Sherlock

    The link in the post* now actually gets you to the 2017 versions of standalone installers. Photoshop, Premiere, Audition, Illustrator, Bridge, After Effects and Media Encoder are available. No InDesign though.

    * May use this instead, which requires no sign-in!

  12. Pascal
  13. PickleBerry

    Some of these ‘See Here’ for updates don’t make any sense.

    e.g. Premiere Pro CC (2015.3.1) takes me to download Premiere Pro CC (2015.3)

  14. Rachel

    Hi, I am having trouble with Illustrator suddenly not allowing the strokes to change. Every time I select a stroke profile, it insists on staying at uniform and the profile images are blank until I click on a box inside and then it shows up for a second and goes away. I am running 2015.1.0 on Mac OS10 El Capitan 10.11.6. I left for vacation and came back and now everything is wonky.

    Can anyone help me?
    Thanks, Rachel

  15. raf
  16. The direct links above continue to work – but to download the newest releases of the Creative Cloud 2017 tools, check out the standalone installers here:

    New Adobe CC 2017 Direct Download Links, for Windows and Mac

    All Creative Cloud subscribers are entitled to download & use whatever CC version you want for your tools.

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