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  1. NoobDesign

    Hey ProDesign, love your site! So I downloaded Fuse but I didn’t get the setup.exe file and as mentioned in the comments above, I have to copy it from Photoshop. Thing is, I don’t want to download Photoshop because it is large and I have a very slow internet. I would appreciate if you cant put the setup.exe, deploy/, and the other two in a folder and upload it to Dropbox so I can download it. Thank you!

  2. Neros


    Hey guys, I have tried to download here and install Lightroom6 on Mac (El Capitan) for the first time. The error was “Installation Failed.” I clicked on the “Error Summary” and it says: FATAL: DS003: Installer package might be corrupt. Re-download the installer and try again.

    So I deleted the downloaded DMG file, restart, download again, install > and again there’s the same error message. I have done this process for three times but got the same error.

    I tried the “Show Package Contents” hack but got the same error message.

    Here’s the message from the Terminal (which might help you guys figure out):

    /Volumes/Lightroom\ 6.0/ ; exit;
    2017-06-01 12:59:05.867 PDApp[616:42510] *** WARNING: Method convertRectToBase: in class NSView is deprecated on 10.7 and later. It should not be used in new applications.
    Saving session…
    …copying shared history…
    …saving history…truncating history files…
    Deleting expired sessions…3 completed.

    [Process completed]

    Thanks in advance for any help I can get on this one. Planning to subscribe after this.

  3. sloniu

    Dear ProDesignTools Team,

    can you publish a download link for CC Client This is the latest version with changed interface. I have a problem with update from latest version to the recent, installer or download failed at 42%.

    • Yes, we will – but sorry, version of the CC Desktop app was just released yesterday 06/07/2017, and does not have a direct download link available yet…

      Usually it takes Adobe a few days to put this up. Once they do, we will add it here. Thanks for the request!

    • Update: We now have the direct download links for the latest release of the Creative Cloud Desktop App (version available above.

  4. avi

    access denied error is coming when i click the download button. plz help me

    • Hi Avi,

      All of the original CC 2015 direct links here work fine – but you have to make sure to follow the important download instructions first, which are given near the top of this page. Following those is required by Adobe’s servers (before clicking on the links), otherwise you will get an “access denied” message instead.

      If you have any further difficulties, then you might want to try with a different web browser or another computer – while still following those same directions.

      Also, make sure you’re not blocking or filtering anything with your browser(s) – like cookies, downloads, or any sites or URLs – or running utilities like Ghostery, AdBlock, or Disconnect. Or it could be your firewall, antivirus program (esp. Kaspersky), or other third-party security software. Adobe recommends turning those things off temporarily.

      Finally, we put together this list of download tips if you are really stuck for some reason.

  5. YagizS


    I’ve downloaded the programs. The links are working perfectly. However i couldn’t manage to install the programs. When i open the dmg files, then open the install file, i get the error below error immediately.

    ” We’ve encountered the following issues

    Installer failed to initialize. This could be due to a missing file. Please download Adobe Support Advisor to detect the problem. “

    Please help me as soon as possible. I need these programs.

  6. Alex

    Hey guys, I have a little problem, and I hope you can help me. I get this message:

    “Access Denied
    You don’t have permission to access “…/AdobeProducts/ILST/19/win64/Illustrator_19_LS20_win64.7z” on this server.
    Reference #18.f6b9c451.1499286202.c0fd41″

    Every time when I want to download something, what can I do?

  7. Gianni Spione

    Links don’t work

  8. Ren

    Help… I tried to install CC Desktop app 2015 And Now… it’s overwritten… with CC 2017. Help.

  9. Update, August 2017: We now have the direct download links for the latest release of the Creative Cloud Desktop App (version available above…

    Adobe did not release a standalone installer for CC Desktop App version, so this one is newer.

  10. Toby

    He guys great work and all, but the MacOs links dont work anymore ?? anyone else having the same problem??

  11. Toby

    The links for macOS dont work anymore?

  12. Greg Rutman

    I am Photoshop and Lightroom subscriber. I downloaded CC2017 and it downloaded Creative Could which I don’t care to have. Now I can not remove it. It says I must have in order to run Photoshop. The CC2015 did not require it. Is there a way to run Photoshop CC2017 without the Creative Cloud?


  13. Ahmet


    I have downloaded After Effetcs 2015 and it downloaded as .txt file. I dont know what to do with that. Can you help me please?

    • Haven’t heard that in a long time, but guessing you may have used Internet Explorer… Try using a different web browser.

      In a nutshell, it sounds like your browser (especially IE) may have dropped or changed the file extension when downloading the program… In that case, your computer might not know how to open it, or might think it’s a text file instead.

      If that happens, you would need to rename the file to add back the proper file extension… You have to hover your mouse over the link above and check what it is at the end; usually for Windows it’s a .exe or .7z or .zip file.

  14. Ryan

    Whenever i click the link for Photoshop and/or Illustrator, it says “Access Denied” – how do i overcome this?

  15. Fran Hodgkins

    Hi, thanks for this! I need InCopy CC for a client’s project. But when I try to install, I get a message that the install could not be completed; “this may be because a file is missing.” Then there’s a link to Adobe Support Manager, which is no help. Got any ideas?


  16. Today Adobe announced the new CC 2018 Release… and we have an update for you on the availability of offline Creative Cloud installers:

    Adobe Ships CC 2018 – Here’s the Latest on Direct Download Links

  17. edna

    where can I download adobe animate for window 7 32-bit? or link ? thanks

  18. Ian


    I’m trying to download the Premiere Pro for mac, but i’m getting an access denied. Would you happen to have an alternate link?

  19. taranjit

    hi team,

    i am not able to Download the Adobe edge animate tool, please help

  20. Really great news this morning everyone – a complete set of new CC 2018 direct download links to virtually the entire Creative Cloud 2018 Release is now posted here:

    All the New Adobe CC 2018 Direct Download Links, Now Available!

    Please go ahead and download what you need from over 25 brand new apps, and please let us know if you have any issues or feedback.

    Thanks so much for all your patience. All of our hard work and hanging in there has finally paid off. Thank you, Adobe!

  21. Howie

    Hi Prodesigntools.

    I needed to download Premiere CC2015 here, because the Creative Cloud App doesn’t list it anymore.

    I’ve done all the steps, logged in to and using Chrome window (which doesn’t have any ad-blockers etc) but when I click on the download link, and even right click – save as …i get a “not found” page.

    Very confusing.

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