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  1. Peter Brown

    Last week, in a chat exchange with Adobe, I was told i am not required to pay for the recent edition of Lightroom 6 because i had bought outright v.5 + I was given a link to a free download of v.6, but regrettably that link was erased.

    Will you please remind me of the link so that I may effect the download?

    • Hi Peter, all the direct download links to Lightroom 6 and/or Lightroom CC are given above.

      Just be sure to carefully follow the download instructions first, before clicking on the links. Otherwise they won’t work, and you’ll get an “access denied” message from Adobe’s servers instead.

      If you have any difficulties, then try with a different web browser (like Chrome or Firefox), another computer, or a better Internet connection (use wired instead of Wi-Fi if possible).

      Also, make sure you’re not blocking or filtering anything with your browser(s) – like cookies, downloads, or any sites or URLs – or running utilities like Ghostery, AdBlock, or Disconnect. Adobe recommends turning those things off temporarily.

      Then once the software is installed on your computer, if you want to convert the Lightroom CC trial into a LR6 perpetual license instead, then see this guide:

      Lightroom Help – Serialize Lightroom CC Trial to Activate as Lightroom 6

      For more details on the key differences between the two editions, see this comparison guide before you buy. Keep in mind that you will lose significant features if you go with Lightroom 6 instead of Lightroom CC.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Geri

    I landed on your webpage somehow after a frustrating experience of downloading LR 6 twice hoping to reinstall it on my replacement new hard drive. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for the info on IE dropping the extension from the Windows filename along with solutions. (So, the downloads hadn’t gotten corrupted as I thought possible.) As you suggested, I simply added the “.exe” to the filename and was able to install LR.

  3. Adobe REALLY makes it hard to download LR 6 even though I purchased it on a disk. So I was trying to install on a laptop with no disk. It was hell trying to do it UNTIL I stumbled on your site 🙂

    THANK YOU !!!!!

    I probably could have installed a pirated copy easier *LOL* ADOBE wise up !!!!

    Thank you !!!!!
    I was able to install my LEGAL copy of Lightroom easy 🙂


  4. Michael bennett

    I need a really basic step-by-step instructional guide to Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 and Lightroom 6. I mean a really basic step-by-step guide, not one that assumes I know where everything is, because I don’t know where to find stuff to follow along. Who could be so kind as to help me out please by pointing me to a resource that will do this?

  5. Perry Westbrook

    @Michael bennett

    Hi Michael, I have found the free instructional videos on Adobe TV an excellent resource.

    Also, please look at The Lightroom Queen by Victoria Brampton, and Laura Shoe’s Lightroom the Basics and Beyond videos and forums. These are probably the best instructional video resources around.

    If you want to buy a book, then Scott Kelby is pretty unbeatable.

    I don’t often visit this forum, but if you would like to throw any questions at me, I would be happy to try and help you.

    Lightroom can be tricky at first to get your head round but is the absolute bees knees for photo sorting cataloging and editing, all in one programmes. I love it!

  6. Michael bennett

    Thank you!

    – Michael

  7. janet crockett

    Signed up for Adobe Lightroom 6/cc for 9.99 a month and somehow Adobe 14 downloaded. don’t have any idea what happened. Need help immediately.

    • Hello Janet, please be sure to follow the download instructions very carefully… Make sure to cancel the download of Elements 14 – it only needs to start to set an Adobe cookie on your browser, but then it can be immediately canceled.

      Afterwards, click on the link above for the version/platform of Lightroom that you want. It’s all outlined in the steps of the instructions.

  8. NG


    adobe updated Lightroom to CC 2015.7 and 6.7.

    Are the links provided here available for this version, or it’s only the version you wrote:


  9. CR

    What are the “serial numbers” they are asking for ? Apparently I can’t install Lightroom without it

  10. Kaustubh Singh

    I have a 32-bit PC, will this software work on my computer? If not, then what should I do to make it work?

  11. Anonymous

    The links don’t work, saying access denied

  12. Anonymous


  13. Ken Hale

    @Kaustubh Singh

    I have Lightroom 5 and also Lightroom 6 updated to version 6.10.
    When I open a picture for lightroom to edit, it always goes direct to Lightroom 5.

    I am afraid to delete Lightroom 5 and have a new problem.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you

  14. Lorem Ipsum


    The download directions are not relevant anymore.

    The “click here first” link sends to the adobe’ support page instead of the Premiere Elements trial.
    Here, no login ask nor download available, so, no cookie is set by the Adobe server.

    If I manually login and download a trial ( elements, photoshop … ) the download starts, but it’s not enough to be able to download afterward the Lightroom updates listed in this post.

    All the links here lead to file not found.

    I tried without any adblocker, and other in browsers.

    Can you fix it or adobe changed to deeply the direct download links to prevent offline-creative-cloud-users to access them ?

    Best regards

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