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5 Years of ProDesignTools: Our Most Popular Adobe Posts and Tips

This week we’re celebrating our 5th anniversary here at PDT, and proud of it!  So it seems the perfect time to put together a comprehensive review of the best and most-shared articles and resources published here since our site launched in 2009.

These are the top posts that consistently have the highest readership on our site, month after month, covering all major Adobe software products…  They’re broken out by topic below in case you’ve missed any, or are new here – so bookmark, share, and enjoy!

Free Adobe Books

Download Dozens of Free Adobe Books Now!

Creative Cloud (CC)

Adobe Creative Cloud

Creative Suite

Adobe CS6 Master Collection

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat Pro/Standard

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom

Photoshop/Premiere Elements

Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Elements

Students & Teachers

Adobe Discounted Education Versions

Direct Download Links

Adobe Software Direct Download Links

General How-to’s

Everything Else


What’s missing? Anything that you’d like us to cover? Any burning questions you’ve got on Adobe applications? Just let us know in the comments below and we’ll get you answers…

It’s been a great five years so far, and we’re looking forward to an even better (and bigger) next five years!

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  1. Allahnawaz

    Great Website all the time, I like this website due to its unique features. thank you

  2. Lucas

    Hey, this is a truly helpful collection of resources. Thank you for creating and sharing !

  3. jodi bryant

    I just bought your product but I cannot open my download because it states that WORD cannot open it because it is over 32 mb?
    HELP…or I need my money back.

    • Hi Jodi, what exactly did you buy? It sounds like the file you downloaded from Adobe might have lost its extension, and so your system doesn’t know how to open it… That happens sometimes, especially if you were using the Internet Explorer browser.

      But it’s easy to fix – just rename the file to add an “.exe” back onto the end (in Windows) or “.dmg” (in Mac). Then try opening/installing it again. Hope this helps.

  4. David


    I am interested in knowing if there is a way to get Adobe Acrobat Reader and Flash as a direct download without the extra installs such as Google Chrome, Toolbar, Set as Default Browser etc.

    I am interested for our department, in particular Chrome is not completely compatible with some of our links. Please let me know if it is possible and if so the steps needed to obtain the downloads.


  5. tony marcinelli

    Excellent page, with respect to answering some big FAQ type questions that otherwise could be hard to find. All here in one place.

  6. melanie

    In Elements Organizer, how do you highlight more than 1 photo to mark them with a keyword tag, I’ve done it before but forget how! thanks

    • Hey there Melanie, to select multiple photos you just hold down the Ctrl key and click the additional photos you want…

      Then you should be able to perform any operation you like with the selected images by using the menu bar or by right-clicking.

  7. Babs

    When I try to import photos from a folder only one photo imports. How do I import all and then star rate them? Also my organised folders appear completely muddled in the drop down list of Elements 11. You can probably tell this is completely new to me.

  8. Colin

    Good Day

    I have the Adobe Masters Collection CS5 as well as Adobe Acrobat 9. I have recently acquired a MacBook Pro and would like to move my installation from a Windows platform to the Mac platform. Where can I locate the downloads for these products. On the Adobe web site I am not able to locate the download links to this version. Please advise on links where I can download the full installation version for Mac as what I have received on DVD installation discs for Windows.

    Also please advise if I need a new set of keys for the Adobe Masters Collection CS5 as well as Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 for installation on the Mac?

    Awaiting your reply.

    Thank You

  9. Ben


    Yesterday I downloaded the CS6 Design Premium for Mac, English version. The English UK version downloaded. I need the US English version. Can you help?


  10. Ben

    I got it all taken care of. Thank you.

  11. David

    When will Adobe Photoshop CS7 be released and available for purchase?
    Please advise.
    Thank you.

  12. Christina

    I have followed the steps to download the trial version for PSE 9, but once it finishes going through the download, I go to open it and it takes me to a blank webpage.

    I’m using a Microsoft Surface tablet and I believe it meets the system requirements, I’m not 100% sure though. Any more help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

  13. regine

    I bought a new MacBook Pro with Mavericks. But CS5 (Creative Suite) doesn’t work on it. Is there an update for CS5 for Mavericks?

  14. Mena


    I would like to purchase a program that would do both of these things easily and well:

    1) remove unwanted items from my pictures

    2) color isolation

    Please advise on which program I would need…thanks!

  15. Katie

    I purchased the educational version of Adobe Design Premium CS5 in later 2011 for a Windows PC. But my PC has failed, so I have upgraded to a Mac and would like to transfer my key codes to a Mac. Can I do that? Do I have to use different disks from the ones I already have?

    Thank you for your time.

    • Greetings Katie, to answer your questions:

      The Creative Suite (CS) software is not multi-platform, and never has been. You can buy it to run natively on either a PC or a Mac, but not both. The discs and serial number you have will work for only one type of computer. You can crossgrade to switch between operating systems, but only if you have the most recent version (CS6).

      Some people do tie the software together with virtualization or emulation programs to run non-natively on the other platform, but there can be additional issues with that in terms of performance, complexity, and cost.

      Recently, however, Adobe has made a change in this single-platform policy – note that the licensing for the latest CC version of the tools does allow you to install and run on both operating systems, including both Windows and Mac at the same time.

      Hope this helps.

  16. KL

    Happy birthday Prodesigntools, and thanks for five awesome years!

  17. Rob

    I currently have Premiere Pro 2.0 and I’m about to upgrade my computer from XP to Windows 8.1 and I want to purchase Premiere Pro CS4 or CS5 or CS6. What are purchase prices of all of these software programs ? Will all of these software programs be compatible with Windows 8.1?

    Thanks a lot

  18. Egwuatu

    hey, i have cs6 on my old mac which broke and i lost all installation discs.
    I’m trying to download it on my new mac, i have any proof if needed

  19. tom

    I would like to buy a version of photoshop that will work with my mac 10.6.8

    how do I do this, where can I purchase it.

    thank you


  20. Dave


    How to download anything at all ……… so far all attempts say “Access Denied”

  21. Dave


    Thanks for getting back to me….. I was able to get the file I was looking for just last night!

    However, I now have been presented with another problem……. The AAM will not install even if I download it from Adobe CC.

    Do you have a solution for this…… can I get the Application Manager from your site?

    Is there a download for the complete Adobe 2014 CC suite….. like the CS6 suite, instead of having to download one program at a time.

    Thank you,

  22. Mark

    I need help finding and downloading Acrobat 9 STANDARD…I tried dozens of links and only end up with the PRO version which is useless to me at this moment.

    I need to move my license and software from one computer to another…any suggestions?


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