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ProDesignTools Greatest Hits: Our Best Adobe Articles & Tips Ever

With one year wrapped up and a new one just beginning, it seemed a great time to put together a comprehensive review of the best and most-shared posts published here since our site launched in 2009.

These are the top posts that consistently have the highest readership on our site, month after month, covering all major Adobe software products…  They’re broken out by topic below in case you’ve missed any, or are new here – so bookmark, share, and enjoy!

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Adobe Creative Cloud

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Adobe Photoshop

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Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Elements

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Adobe Software Direct Download Links

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What’s missing? Anything that you’d like us to cover? Any burning questions you’ve got on Adobe applications? Just let us know in the comments below and we’ll get you answers…

It’s been a great seven years so far, and we’re looking forward to an even better 2016 – Happy New Year!

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  1. Debi

    Hi, I have a PSE 10 cd which I used to install on my old computer. I recently bought a new computer and want to install it on the new one. I don’t have the product key code, but in my account I see adobe has my serial number, Can I install PSE 10, not the free trial? If so please advise me on how to do this.

    Thanks, Debi

  2. AR

    Hace poco quise probar e instale el creative-cloud, una dolor de cabeza, Lo que es controversial y tramposo es que no puedas abrir un archivo de creative-cloud en ilustrator cs6, una trampa de marketing que te lo hace bajar gratis, probarlo y si no lo compras, te quedan todos los archivos inutilizables. ADOBE ESTO NO ES ETICO

  3. Lorna

    Hi, Would I be able to download Photoshop on my Fathers laptop which is under his name, as well as my own which is under my name?


  4. Daddyp 1987

    i have adobe cc 2014… and i downloaded the manual update for premiere 8.0.1 and 8.2… and for some reason when i run the update, it’s telling me I’m unable to update… but when i do the same on my other machine, it updates … whats going on, i need some help

    • Hello, what type of system do you have, and what is the exact error or message that you receive? Also check that the version numbers of the software you’re updating is the same on both computers (check the Help menu > About or System Info).

      Please ensure that you’re running the downloaded Adobe­Patch­Installer executable with full Administrator privileges on your machine, and that you are properly licensed for your software in both places (sign in with your account). Finally, make sure that the application you are trying to update isn’t running when you do that, or else the process can’t proceed.

  5. Just writing to say thank you. I’ve been having issues with a CC update on my MacBook Pro and your article about Direct Links (along with a list of those links) saved me hours of frustration. It is weird that a manager app that is meant to help would actually be the problem. Is this an issue between the OS and Adobe or is it only an Adobe issue? Whatever the answer… thanks for your help.


    • We’re not sure Kevin, but they definitely do come in handy… Many folks also use them for keeping an offline backup of the standalone CC installers, or for installation on machines with a slow Internet connection.

      Glad to help, and thank you for your kind note!

  6. Ivan Ortega

    I am trying to go back to Premiere Pro CC 2014 from an auto update to CC 2015. How can I do this?

  7. rena

    I now have cs3 photoshop, and would like a newer version (as new as I can get, and be supported on my computer). I do not wish to be connected to the cloud, How do I accomplish this, Rena

  8. i have a question regarding the difference between CC for teams and CC for Individuals. Being that i work for a small to midsize business that uses about 4 photoshop licenses and a handful of other adobe product licenses, what are the advantages of moving to a CC for team versus sticking with the CC for Individual everytime we hire someone new?

  9. Roland

    I just purchased Adobe Acrobat DC on an annual subscription.

    I thought I was buying Adobe Acrobat version XI.

    Now I learn it is only version IX which I have been using for over a year.

    Please issue me a refund. I do not want the product and have not yet downloaded it.



  10. Lance


    I have used photoshop in the past but it’s been awhile, and basically I am a beginner when it’s all said and done. What version should I start with and I only need PS. I’ve read about the new CC with a sub and then you have CS6 which isn’t cheap by any means.

    I am not sure how I feel about a sub for software.. feels like throwing away money renting instead of owning. I can afford cs6 but idk… Digital painting is my end goal.

    Thank you

    • Welcome Lance, it’s not really renting-vs-owning; it’s just a different model of how to pay for the products you use… Either way, it’s going to cost something – but with the new subscription model, you no longer have to worry about software obsolescence, support for new technologies, or paying for ongoing upgrades and new features. It’s all included – and it’s also a ton more affordable upfront, as you pointed out.

      Adobe actually ceased selling CS6 on their website last summer. The reason is because it’s nearly 4 years old now and increasingly unsupported; they stopped releasing updates for it some time ago as the newer CC quickly grew and took over. With the CS6 software EOL and end of support, there are no updates, no bug fixes, and no guarantees it will run on future operating systems. So at this point we’ve stopped recommending it as a good or viable option going forward.

      For getting Photoshop, you’d want the CC Photography Bundle instead – and that will get you the full best-of-breed image editing tool, plus Lightroom too and all ongoing upgrades included.

      If you’re just a beginner, then you could instead consider starting out with Photoshop Elements, which is a lower-cost, scaled-down alternative for consumers and hobbyists. Elements can still do a lot, even if it isn’t the level of the full professional tools in Creative Cloud.

      Our best advice would be to download and install the free trial(s) and see which way you want to go.

      These pages may also be of assistance:

      Compare the Differences: Adobe Photoshop vs. Elements vs. Lightroom


      Which Version of Adobe Photoshop Should I Buy?

      Hope that answers your question.

  11. Scott Borton

    Have Dreamweaver CS5 installed on an old computer and would like to transfer the lic/serial number to a new computer I’m configuring for myself. I do not have installation media….what are my options and the procedure for migrating to the new computer?

  12. Domonique

    I purchased the entire Creative Cloud program for $19.95 per month. Once I downloaded the app, I got an error message saying that my graphics processor is not compatible with Photoshop. I don’t want to use the program if I cannot use it to the fullest. I would like a refund. I will purchase a newer computer and then download it onto that computer. Thank you.

  13. I work at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and am budgeting for the Discovery Center department which is part of the education department. We currently have CS5 creative suite on one computer. I am not sure if our IT department will approve us getting cloud due to bandwidth issues and that our business office wants us to do it because it is subscription.

    I would like to get CS6 for 2 computers if we cannot get the cloud. How much would that cost us since we are a 501(c)(3) in education, what pricing discount would we be eligible for? I know sometimes it is not quite as steep of a discount as the full on education discount for schools. Please let me know as soon as you can I have to discuss these prices with IT and my Director before completing my budget. Thank you!

  14. Michael

    It seems that the download update of Adobe Muse CC 2015.1.2 is the same as the 2015.1 and the link hasn’t been updated to reflect the 2015.1.2 update. When you look at the url’s only the folders have been changed.


  15. Lakshmanan

    Hello sir, i need adobe cc or cs6 master collection software. please give your link. i will be very thankful.

  16. E Wenger

    I currently use CS4 (stand alone) on a PC. Is it possible to get CS6 as a stand alone version still? My classroom technology has very poor infrastructure to stay connect to the Internet and I frequently find myself using my personal laptop to complete my designs. I an a high school math teacher and gifted facilitator. Many of my students work on CS6 in the Yearbook lab and I help them from time to time but without Internet support.

    • Well first off, you don’t need a constant Internet connection to use any of the newer Adobe CC desktop applications (including Photoshop and Lightroom). That is a common misconception – see Myths #2 and #3 here:

      The 10 Most Frequent Myths About Adobe’s Creative Cloud (CC)

      In other words, all the Creative Cloud desktop tools can work offline no problem.

      Adobe ceased selling CS6 standalone on their website last year. The reason is because it’s over 4 years old now (from spring 2012) and increasingly unsupported; they stopped releasing updates for it last summer as the newer CC rapidly grew and took over. With the CS6 software EOL and end of support, there are no updates, no bug fixes, and no guarantees it will run on future operating systems. So at this point we’ve stopped recommending it as a good or viable option going forward.

      By contrast, with CC all ongoing upgrades, compatibility updates and product additions are always included – so becoming obsolete will never happen. The monthly payments are also more affordable in the new model than in the old model – where the software used to cost many hundreds or often thousands of dollars upfront, and never evolved.

      For a more detailed analysis of these points, see:

      Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) vs. Creative Suite (CS6) – The Pros & Cons

      Hope that fully answers your question, if not then just post back!

  17. Dave

    Is there a way to download patches, etc. using a secure method like sFTP or Https? The products I want to download fixes/updates are Flash Player, Reader, Reader DC, and Shockwave.


  18. Gail Bitondo

    Hi….I currently use CS6 (the web version). The programs I use every day for work include: Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and InDesign. I received an email on June 1st advertising 40% off on Creative Cloud, offer ending June 3rd. It says “Get an Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps membership for US $29.99 per month for my first year. I’d like to take advantage of this offer…but I’m not sure how to go about this. I use the software mentioned above on my work computer, and my home computer. (Same CS6 serial number). Both computers use Windows 7. IF I PURCHASE TOMORROW…(JUNE 3rd)…BUT DON’T INSTALL UNTIL SOMETIME NEXT WEEK, IS THAT OK? OR IS THIS AN INSTANT THING WHERE THE SOFTWARE WILL AUTOMATICALLY OVERRIDE MY CS6 SOFTWARE? I need to upgrade to Windows 10, also before I can install CC. So…I’m not sure of the sequence I need to do this iall in. Please advise. Thanks!

  19. Chip

    Why do you have directions concerning setting a cookie from Adobe’s website to allow direct downloads when the actual links you publish point to your servers not Adobe’s?

    • Hey Chip, it’s just a shortcut. The links actually direct to, and it’s in fact Adobe’s site that sets that required session cookie which enables the direct download links to work.

      We absolutely wish it weren’t that way, or that the instructions didn’t have to be carefully followed – as it would certainly make our lives much easier, with many fewer comments to answer!

  20. Victoria

    I have photoshop on my laptop, and I know you can have it on two computers, so I’d like to get it on my other computer as well. I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to do and where to start. Do I need to download it on the other computer and enter the licensing number that I already bought to transfer it? What do I do?

  21. Cynthia Hartig

    At my last job we used Adobe Acrobat Pro, but I cannot remember what version it was. It was easy to learn and use and you could save your e-mail for each client in one pdf document, but they were saved as individual e-mails. I could convert word or wordperfect documents easily.

    We have purchased Pro 10 and I cannot get it to convert pdf to word. I try and it converts them to an image.

    Can you tell me what version of I had and why can I not find it now?


  22. KK

    DL’d CS6 to new machine, installed & licensed, several features/commands in Photoshop are missing and/or unexecutable (specifically, Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E – could use the key combo all day and does nothing, tried assigning the key combo to another command and it wouldn’t register as a valid combo – tried all configurations, just in case). DL’d available program updates hoping it’d patch and while it didn’t fix or worsen the issues, it did create new issues. Now working shortcuts refuse to work (hold Z for temporary zoom, H for hand tool, etc.).
    Have tried contacting Adobe, tried forums (searching and posting), tried asking others with more experience than I, still no luck.
    Any ideas/suggestions/fixes? These issues are creating major work flow hold-ups.
    Would uninstall/reinstall help? I am concerned that this might be an issue with the program files DL’d from here because default commands are missing from the program.

    • Well, our Adobe CS6 direct download links are all the original standalone installers direct from Adobe. So there should be no problem there.

      You didn’t mention what operating system you were trying to install/run it on for your new machine. Please know that CS6 is over 4 years old now (from spring 2012) and increasingly unsupported; Adobe stopped releasing updates for it last summer as the newer CC rapidly grew and took over. With the CS6 software EOL and end of support, there are no updates, no bug fixes, and no guarantees it will run on the latest or future operating systems.

      So that said, the only thing we could really suggest is to try uninstalling the program(s) using your operating system’s normal command, downloading & running the Adobe Cleaner Tool, rebooting your computer, and then reinstalling it from scratch.

  23. Cari

    I purchased the Adobe PDF editor but every time I try to use it,
    it wants me to buy again, but my account say it doesn’t expire until 2017.
    please advise.

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