Creative Suite 5.5 Pricing for Commercial and Education

April 27th, 2011

[UPDATE – See the new Price Sheet for Adobe CS6.]

Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Prices

Creative Suite® 5.5
Price Sheet
Total ValueUSDEURGBPEducation
Combined WorthPrice in DollarsPrice in EurosPrice in PoundsAcademic Version
Full prices shown. Upgrade prices determined by which software you already own.
Adobe CS5.0 pricing is/was the same across the board.
Euro pricing shown is for International English version.
Education pricing is up to 80% off for the CS5.5 Student & Teacher Editions.
* Premiere Pro includes OnLocation CS5.5 and Encore CS5.5.
Please see the CS5.5 Product Matrix for complete product configurations,
                              as well as CS5.5 System Requirements for platform information.
Photoshop® CS5 Extended$999€999£794$249
Photoshop CS5$699€689£548$249
Illustrator® CS5$599€649£516N/A
InDesign® CS5.5$699€749£595N/A
InCopy® CS5.5$249€249£198N/A
Acrobat® X Pro$449€559£444$119
Flash® Catalyst CS5.5$399€449£357N/A
Flash Professional CS5.5$699€699£556$199
Flash Builder 4.5$249€175£139« FREE »
Dreamweaver® CS5.5$399€449£357$149
Fireworks® CS5$299€299£238N/A
Contribute® CS5$199€199£187N/A
Premiere® Pro CS5.5*$799€849£675N/A
After Effects® CS5.5$999€1,099£873N/A
Audition® CS5.5$349€349£277N/A
Creative Suites
CS5.5 Design Standard$2,446$1,299€1,299£1,032$349
CS5.5 Design Premium$4,542$1,899€1,899£1,509$449
CS5.5 Web Premium$4,741$1,799€1,799£1,429$449
CS5.5 Production Prem$4,843$1,699€1,899£1,509$449
CS5.5 Master Collection$7,587$2,599€2,899£2,303$799

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