Creative Suite 6 Pricing for Commercial and Education

April 23rd, 2012

[UPDATE (June 2014) – The new CC 2014 products are the latest releases, but Adobe continues to offer the original Creative Suite 6 software for sale to individuals at the prices listed below… You’ll find the direct Adobe purchase pages here: CS6 for home/office and CS6 for education.]

Adobe Creative Suite 6 Prices — CS6 Price List

Creative Suite® 6
Price Sheet
Total ValueUSD/CADEURGBPEducation
Combined WorthPrice in DollarsPrice in EurosPrice in PoundsAcademic Version
Full prices shown. Upgrade prices determined by which software you already own.
CS6 Upgrade versions are only available direct from Adobe.
Euro pricing shown is for International English version.
Education pricing is up to 75% off for the CS6 Student & Teacher Editions.

* Premiere Pro includes Encore CS6.
Please see the CS6 Product Matrix for complete product configurations,
                              as well as CS6 System Requirements for platform information.
Photoshop® CS6 Extended$999€966£794$349
Photoshop CS6$699€676£556$349
Illustrator® CS6$599€579£476N/A
InDesign® CS6$699€676£556N/A
InCopy® CS6$249€240£198N/A
Acrobat® X Pro$449€559£444$119
Dreamweaver® CS6$399€366£301$149
Fireworks® CS6$299€289£238N/A
Flash Professional CS6$699€676£556$199
Flash Builder 4.6$249€189£151« FREE »
Premiere® Pro CS6*$799€821£675N/A
After Effects® CS6$999€1,014£834N/A
Audition® CS6$349€337£278N/A
Prelude® CS6$399€379£301N/A
SpeedGrade® CS6$999€1,014£806N/A
Creative Suites
CS6 Design Standard$2,446$1,299€1,256£1,032$449
CS6 Design & Web Prem$4,143$1,899€1,837£1,509$599
CS6 Production Prem$5,443$1,899€1,837£1,509$599
CS6 Master Collection$7,988$2,599€2,707£2,223$999

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