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  1. Ted W. France


  2. bartek

    How about Fireworks CS7? Is FW even alive?

  3. Terry

    Very excited about this.

  4. Paul

    Will Photoshop CS7 and Lightroom 5 integrate seamlessly into and with Master Collection CS6?

    • Hey Paul, that’s a good question. The Lightroom 5 beta version actually uses the same Process Version (PV2012, its core imaging engine) as Lightroom 4, which is also the same version that powers Photoshop CS6 and the current Adobe Camera Raw 7.4.

      Usually Adobe keeps the PV in sync between new releases of Lightroom and Photoshop, so that images can be easily swapped between the two tools.

      So if LR5 sticks with the same PV in its final release (which is likely), then we would expect Photoshop CS7 to use the same imaging engine – and thus both upgrades should be fully compatible with the CS6 tools and LR4.

  5. troy

    for cloud users, how will the upgrade happen… is it a full replacement or in-place update?


    • Greetings Troy, nice to see you again. Adobe has said that when the next version ships (call it CS7), current Creative Cloud users will have the option to download either CS7 or CS6 (or both) to their desktops.

      If you already have CS6 installed, new Creative Suite releases are always available to run side-by-side (non-conflicting) with previous versions – so you can have them alongside each other on your computer, or just uninstall CS6 and go with CS7 instead… It’s your choice.

  6. Mike

    This sounds very cool!

    I have a question, sort of a dual question:

    Will I be creating any future problem for myself by buying a boxed copy of Adobe CS (from an AUTHORIZED retailer) rather than buying it directly from Adobe?

    I work at a school. I noticed a few months back that the student/teacher edition of Design & Web Premium got increased (on Adobe’s site) from $450 to $600 – irksome as I have been accumulating extra cash with an eye to purchasing it. Just yesterday I was in an Office Depot and saw the Mac OS Student/Teacher Edition of Adobe CS 6 Design and Web Premium for $450. If I buy it there, instead of buying online directly via Adobe’s website, will I make any problems for myself later (for example when I try to buy a future upgrade)? $150 savings is quite a bit!

    And the second question: Am I within the “free upgrade to CS7 once released” window yet? (Or at least am I in your semi-educated opinion?) And, does that window (generally) even apply when a boxed copy is purchased from an authorized retailer (versus buying directly online from Adobe)?

    I would LOVE to save the $150 by getting the software from Office Depot, especially if I will get a complimentary upgrade to CS7 when it comes out. But I want to make sure I know what I’m getting before I buy.

    Thanks for your time and as always for your expert input!

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