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New Online Volume License Store Now Open!

February 1st, 2010

[UPDATE (May 2012) – Creative Suite 6 is now available in the Business (Volume) Store!]

Adobe has just launched a brand new Volume Licensing Store that can save you money, time, and provide benefits not found elsewhere.  This new site makes it easy for organizations of all sizes to gain the advantages of volume ordering and covers most all Adobe desktop products – Creative Suite, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, Illustrator, InDesign, etc… (For the rest of the world, including Europe/UK and Australia/NZ, just look up the Business Store for your country.)

Adobe Licensing

There are no membership requirements and no signature “contracts” to sign. Benefits include generous discount pricing for multiple users, online tracking of all transactions, a single serial number per product, and a single license certificate per transaction containing all order information.

For every eligible order of a new or upgrade Adobe software license, or of Upgrade Plan, you receive points. Your discount level is based on the total point value of your transaction. There is no minimum order quantity, and discounts could begin with as little as one license.

In addition, when you order products through the program, Adobe provides you with an easy-to-use web-based licensing management tool that simplifies software administration and record-keeping. This custom website provides a single location for up-to-date access to your Adobe software licensing information.

In essence, the new program brings the benefits of enterprise-class network licensing to smaller volume orders. It also provides the benefits of site licensing to larger organizations who want to place transactional orders. And you can conveniently charge your order online to a major credit card or PayPal, with no hidden or extra fees.

Protect Your Investment With Upgrade Plan

Upgrade Plan makes it even better. You are assured of access to all Adobe upgrades for your covered products during the life of your plan – all at a single cost per licensed product.

Adobe automatically sends notifications of upgrades to Upgrade Plan participants. This means that you can manage upgrades uniformly across your organization, avoiding piecemeal implementation and technology inconsistency. Increase efficiency with one central location to download all upgrades, or choose to upgrade via disc media.

You can also lower your overall software costs with Upgrade Plan because it contributes to the total points accumulated, increasing the discounts you can receive through these programs.

Upgrade Plan helps ensure that your employees have the latest technology to maximize their productivity. It also lets organizations manage their upgrade strategy and technology versions inexpensively, easily, and with low administrative overhead. This option is ideal for ensuring up-to-date Adobe software, while reducing both unit and overhead costs.

Adobe Volume Licensing Key Benefits At A Glance

  • Volume discounts – lower your software costs with no minimum order size
  • Web-based license management tool for all seats in your group
  • Reduce ordering and license administration, increase flexibility
  • Simplify total software management efforts and streamline internal business processes
  • Same serial number per product under the same User ID
  • Access to the Adobe licensing community and resources
  • Order and use a prior version like CS5 if you want or need it
  • Ability to better manage legal compliance
  • Software download option for majority of products
  • Run on either Windows or Mac OS – or both platforms together
  • Upgrade Plan/maintenance option – stay current with the latest and greatest
  • Open to commercial, education, and government organizations
  • Simple site license for multiple computers, any size shop or company

Visit now and see for yourself, or if you’d like to try before you buy, you can easily download a fully-functional 30-day free trial of most any product. Or, you can get an Instant Quote for the products you’re interested in, or check out the full benefits guide (the online program described above is called TLP, or Transactional Licensing Program).

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