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Adobe CS6 Volume / Site Licenses Now Available for Multiple Users

Find out more about Adobe CS6 volume licensing

Creative Suite 6 was released today – and is now available through Adobe’s Business Store, which was formerly called the Volume Licensing Store

But this online store is not just for businesses or big volume – it’s for anyone who would like to run more than one copy of the CS6 software at one time, or has multiple concurrent users. The standard licensing for Adobe’s off-the-shelf retail products permits only a single user running on up to two installed computers – which is usually not enough for most members of a company, group, office, team, school, or enterprise. And it’s occasionally not enough for some homes!

[UPDATE (February 2013) – Adobe is no longer offering the older option described here, so now customers who would like to buy multiple copies of creative software for their groups or teams are using this solution instead.]

Regardless, the benefits of going with an Adobe CS6 volume license even for a simple or small purchase are numerous and clear:

  • A single serial number for all installations, open and switchable.
  • The license management and maintenance is easier and flexible.
  • The number of seats you buy is how many users can run the product.
  • Adding new users or additional computers (as needed) is simple and fast.
  • You can install on both the Windows and Mac platforms simultaneously.
  • You can access and run older versions if you need to, like Creative Suite 5.
  • There is no paperwork and no signature “contracts” to sign.
  • You can buy online with a credit card with no minimum order size.
  • PayPal and purchase orders are also accepted, if you prefer.
  • You can get just a single copy (one user license) if you like, not volume.
  • Instantly download the software online for free (or get media by mail).
  • All CS6 suites & products (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, etc) qualify.
  • Easy web-based license management tool for all seats in your organization.
  • Just like elsewhere, each user’s license can install on up to two computers.
  • Convert a standard Adobe trial to volume-licensed just by entering the key.
  • In some cases, set up a flexible or floating license scheme across a network.
  • Gain access to the Adobe licensing community and associated resources.
  • Volume licenses are transferrable or resellable to other users, if necessary.
  • Can get credit for past qualifying purchases of retail or off-the-shelf versions.
  • No sign-up or membership or subscription costs, no hidden or extra fees.
  • Despite the name, the online store is not just for businesses or large purchases.
  • Called TLP (Transactional Licensing Program), it gives options not found elsewhere.
  • Offered for all: individual, commercial, academic, or government customers.
  • Now open for education too: schools, colleges, universities, students & teachers.
  • Available direct from Adobe all over the world – with no reseller needed.

Adobe Volume Licensing

Questions about how it works?  Please see our previous in-depth article on Creative Suite volume licensing for all the answers and details on the program.

Or go right to the Adobe Business Store to see all the CS6 products plus more information, including an Instant Quote for the applications you’re interested in, no matter how many seats for your group or site.

Not in the U.S.? No worries… Adobe now has online volume licensing stores all over the world – in North America, Europe/UK, Asia, and Africa…  Just visit the Adobe Store Selector and choose your country, and then “Business Store.”  That’s it – buy and download (or ship) your volume-licensed product in your local currency with your local address.

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Do you have any questions about CS6?  Just ask them below and we’ll get you answers fast!

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  1. Amir


    I am a little bit confused.
    We have installed Adobe CS on a computer and we connect to that computer remotely to use it.
    Although we are more that one person (7 to be precise) we never use it at the same time, so the number of running Adobe CS program on this computer is less than or equal to one.
    I wanted to know if I need to buy 6 more licenses?


    • Hey there Amir, Adobe says you would need to buy one copy/license for each user if they wanted to use it on their own system – but if you install one copy of the software on just a single computer used by different people (as in your situation), then one copy/license will be enough.

      In other words, it’s OK for multiple users to share a single installation on a separate system. However it is not possible to install Creative Suite on multiple computers with multiple users – in that case the customer would need to buy more than one license or seat with Adobe Volume Licensing, as described above.

  2. Arunkumar

    Dear Team,

    Required Adobe Photoshop CS6 with multi-users license for 20 PC’s.

    Details Required
    a) Cost?
    b) IF single user licence cost / multi user cost, please send the details.

    Thanks & Regards

  3. Rory

    We are thinking of upgrading to CS6 – can we buy a bulk of 5 licenses or do you have to buy 5 individual licenses? Also if we get Creative Cloud for a Group for $69 per month how many licenses does that include? Thanks

    • Greetings Rory, Adobe no longer offers bulk or volume discounts for purchases of smaller numbers of licenses – in fact now even the program described above (TLP direct) has recently been phased out in favor of Creative Cloud for Teams… The only case where you could still get any sort of discount for multiple copies would involve signing a multi-year contract and buying many thousands of dollars of software.

      So really, Adobe’s solution now for cases like yours is Creative Cloud for Teams, where yes you can get a discount if you upgrade from almost any CS version (CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5, or CS6). In the US this discount is $20 per seat each month – so it works out to $49 per month for commercial customers, and $29 per month for education customers. In other geographies the discounts are for comparable amounts. Find out more here:

      Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams Now Available for Volume Licensing

      Hope this helps! If you have further questions, feel free to post back.

  4. Angel

    Hi, I’m considering purchasing CS6 from a vendor who has a volume license. Is there any negative to purchasing in this manner, rather than purchasing my own individual license?

  5. Nandini Kar

    Hi, I have a CS6 Illustrator volume license and I switched to Mac from my old PC. So do I have to deactivate the Illustrator on my PC to activate the Mac license? I ordered a media for Mac as I only had the media for Windows before. But I received an email from Adobe which gives me a link to the licensing website, do I need to get a new license number (the original volume license has a Mac license number)? What exactly is the procedure? Also the initial license is with a different email address than where Adobe sent me the license link now, is that going to be a problem?

  6. We have purchased the following Adobe Products two years ago via an Adobe Reseller:

    Acrobat X Pro Arabic Version Win Full Education
    Dreamweaver CS5 Middle Eastern version Win Education
    Photoshop Extended CS5 ME version – Arabic or English menus Win Education
    The cost covered quantity 5 for each product, and a single serial number was provided for each product. We have not deployed the software in a meaningful way since it was delivered to us, and we would like to make use of it at the moment.

    Please clarify the following:

    1 – Is there a limit to the number of times each product may be installed on the same machine? on different machines?
    I heard that no more than THREE installations are allowed. I also saw a statement in your responses above that the software cannot be installed on more than TWO PCs.

    2 – How to deploy the Acrobat X Pro to support 5 users in view of the fact that it is not a CS version?
    In this regard, which of the following two scenarios would be applicable:
    Installing the software on ONE machine, and remotely accessing it by different machines. Would the 6th machine be denied access in this case?
    Installing the software on FIVE machines.

    3 – The procedure to follow to deploy Dreamweaver CS5 and Photoshop Extended CS5, so as to support 5 users. (In view of the many confusing literature and links, I would appreciate a concise procedure to follow with reference to an authoritative link in case of need for details).

    Thank you.

    • Welcome Mahmoud, hope we can help you out.

      Since you received a single serial number for each product, with 5 seats for each one, it sounds like you purchased an Adobe volume license…

      With a quantity of 5, each seat should be installable on up to two computers (Windows or Mac) – so long as those machines are not in use at the same time (for example, installed at home and in the office).

      In other words, you can definitely install each of your products on 5 different systems, and potentially up to 10 systems according to their usage.

      It would work the same for both Creative Suite and Acrobat, there is no functional difference in how they are licensed in this case.

      Please read this article for more information on how these volume licenses work.

      Also note that Adobe doesn’t really sell this type of license any longer – they’ve now moved over to Creative Cloud for Teams.

  7. Thank you for the information. It sounds that your response to the following issue I raised:

    Which of the following two scenarios would be applicable:
    1 – Installing the software on ONE machine, and remotely accessing it by different machines.
    2 – Installing the software on FIVE machines.

    …considers the 2nd scenario. Is the 1st scenario also applicable?

    Appreciate your care and consideration.

    • Sure Mahmoud, glad to help. Adobe’s licensing terms don’t permit the first option you wrote – the idea with remote access.

      Instead, each seat is a license for a single user on 1-2 machines, and you own five seats for each product – it’s as simple as that.

  8. Great. Many thanks for this clear statement.

    Now, suppose one of the 5 machines is broken, or there is a need to transfer a license from one machine to another, what are the options?

    Awaiting your kind reply.

  9. Bill Y

    Hi, I work at a college, we have purchased multiple copies of CS6 Design & Web Premium for use on our Mac suite. I’ve licensed the software with a registered email address and password. The problem I’m having is when a different user logs on and runs a CS6 app, it asks for you to “License This Software” or “Continue Trial.” I can’t give students the email address and password. I cannot afford to log onto 90+ iMacs every day to put the e-mail & password in, then tell everyone they can’t reboot or it won’t run without asking to be registered again! Please HELP

  10. debbie belcher

    how much is the license for this to register it?

  11. Jordan

    Hi team:

    I bought the volume license Adobe Creative Suite Web Premium CS6 education edition before. I deployed on windows 7 with adobe activated products for lot of computers. I found that I need to reactivate again those products for each computer. Do you have any application or scripts for large amount of computer activation?

  12. Masele


    can i have a quote for Adobe Illustrator CS6 for University Edition (Licenses for 50 PC computers)

    Thank you

  13. Mogakolodi Masele Masele

    please Quote for Adobe CC Educational Edition for 60 computers

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