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New Adobe CS6 Tutorials – 30+ Hours of Free Online Video Training

We’ve mentioned Adobe TV in the past, but it just keeps getting bigger and better…  When Creative Suite 6 was released, they published a 15-hour series of new online tutorials – but have recently doubled this to over 30 hours now of free video training for all CS6 tools.

Learn Adobe Creative Suite 6 with Free Tutorials!

You’ll learn the basics with Getting Started overviews plus What’s New reviews by product experts, with 274 total chapters covering all major CS6 applications.

If you don’t already have the programs installed on your computer but would like to get going today, you can easily down­load the free working trials for any CS6 product for Windows or Mac – then install, run, and start your training…

Acrobat is not listed below, but if you want to learn how to use that software then see these separate three hours for Acrobat X or two hours for Acrobat XI.

We’ve also linked below nearly two hours of sessions for the Creative Cloud, if decide to sign up for free membership there, or are already a member.

Install now: Get all new Adobe CC 2018 direct download links and free trials.

Lastly, if you also like learning in print, then don’t miss this nice set of free new CS6 ebooks (over 1,000 pages).  But here’s how the video courses break out:

Much of the extensive how-to series of tips, tricks, and techniques was produced by the well-regarded in partnership with Adobe.

If you’re getting started with Photoshop and want more, be sure to also check out this free Photoshop CS6 Primer: The Top 10 Techniques.

Special: Legally download dozens of free Adobe books for a limited time!

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Download New Adobe CC 2018 Free Trials (Direct Links)

Do you have any questions about CS6?  Just ask them below and we’ll get you answers fast!

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  1. Sylvester

    For some reason most of these videos don’t play. Usually the first one loads and plays, then from there on the screen remains black when the others are clicked on. Any idea why this happens?

  2. Jennifer Dalbeck

    I was wondering if I could redownload the adobe cs6 trial somehow as one of my folks was sick and was not able to use the computer. I am really interested in seeing if I want to buy this and if I can actually learn to use it with my intuos 4, I have the older stuff from you guys (trial) but like I said it is expired. :(

    • Hi Jennifer, you can download the CS6 trial as many times as you like, but you can only run it once on any given computer…

      So unfortunately you can’t repeat it on the same system, and there’s really no way around that. But if you have another machine available, then you could install and run it fresh on that.

      Hope everyone is well again and good luck!

  3. Jennifer Dalbeck

    A great big woops to the moderator that helped me – it was corel I downloaded not adobe, and I am so glad because I really want to try adobe and with its reviews I really want to buy adobe products more then anything else – thanks and again my apologies!!

  4. a
  5. ratnaraj

    I am a big fan of Adobe. I too bought the CS1 version of PS [Photoshop] way back, and want to download these latest videos covering CS6 features as my Internet is very slow. Is there any way I can do that?

    • Sorry, they are streaming only – so as far as we are aware, it’s not possible to download the videos for offline use. It’s possible there may be a third-party utility you can use, but there’s none we can suggest.

  6. Cece

    Can you have both Adobe CS2 and CS6 on the same computer?

  7. Anonymous

    What is the ideal system or at least pretty good system to run on with Adobe Master Collection CS6?

    • Well the Master Collection suite – like most CS6 products – actually has some pretty specific system requirements for what you should have, particularly for the video tools… Just make sure your computer exceeds those specifications and you should be fine.

      There is no official “ideal” because hardware technology is always advancing and it’s always possible to add more power, size, capacity, or speed… But if you beat those stated minimums by a good margin then you should be a happy camper.

      Also helpful: Adobe has put together guidelines for How to Optimize Performance in Photoshop (CS6/CS5/CS4), if that’s one of your main applications.

  8. philipa

    I have never used CS6 – have bought it and would like to know for flyers and adverts, which is the best module to start with.

  9. Could you tell me how to licence my downloaded trial of CS6 if I want to proceed?

    Graham Morley

  10. I have tried everything that i have been told to get the lighting effects in Photoshop CS6 Extended to work. I have a PC operating on windows 7 64bit with 32 gig of ram available and am running a Quadro 2000d graphics card with adobe on a 256GIG SSD C drive and two other drives of 2 terabit each. I have the most up-to-date drivers for the graphics card but can not get lighting effects to work. I am also constantly losing the functions of the clone tool too. So I am resetting the tools every 4 to 6 hours. Do you have any suggestions on what the problem could be?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated!

  11. Don

    CS6 Master Collection for Windows
    Product # 65167173
    Order Date 18 Oct 2012
    Registered 29 Oct 2012

    Misplaced original software disks.
    Need to get either download or replacement disks.

    Please advise.


  12. Grace

    I recently purchased a groupon for four adobe courses: Photography, Photoshop CS6, Dreamweaver CS6 and Flash CS6. I noticed that one of the documents in each course includes a certification program. Is there any additional cost to become certified for these courses, or is this included in the groupon? Please advise.

  13. Grace

    Thanks……will do!

  14. El-malik

    How can i download a copy of the adobe training manual?

  15. Vergie Grimsley

    How can I reflect any photo in adobe photoshop CC 2014? I also want to make 3D text in photoshop. But I have no graphics card. Can I make 3D text any alternative method?

  16. Anonymous

    your videos were amazing, thank you

  17. solution
  18. Ken Graves

    Can I order a download for my Windows 8.1 desktop Adobe Creative Cloud through my Apple iPad2?

  19. Tom Harrington

    Hello, I have Acrobat CS in my computer but am confused by the different iterations such as CC, DC, etc. Can you clarify this for me??

    I am interested in a basic tutorial as I am a novice in redacting scanned documents of a book I have written. Will you also please advise me of a textbook on the basics of Acrobat?

    Thanks in advance!