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Learn How to Use Photoshop CS6 Free – The Top 10 Techniques

Watch the Free Photoshop CS6 How-to Tutorial: Top 10 Techniques

Adobe Evangelist Terry White has a great new training session out to show you how to get started achieving immediate and powerful results using new Photoshop CS6… The 40-minute class covers the basics and steps through how to accomplish the top 10 things that beginners always want to know how to do.

But even seasoned Photoshop users are saying they learned new techniques from the tutorial video below…  Here’s the overview, plus some user reviews:

In this episode I’ll show Photoshop beginners the 10 things they want to learn how to do first. Photoshop offers a ton of capabilities, but if you’re just starting out there are some things that you’re probably wanting to know how to do right off the bat.

“This is the type of tutorial I have been looking for for ages! I learned a lot. Thanks, and please keep up the awesome work.”

“Really well done! I have been using PS for years but still get something new from ideas in presentations like this.”

“Great job! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Watch this tutorial and pick up great tips and techniques you’d forgotten or never knew existed.”

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this primer:

  • Introduction to the Photoshop CS6 Interface
  • Using Adobe Bridge to Access Your Images
  • Removing Blemishes with the Spot Healing Brush
  • How to Use Filters: Oil Paint and Liquify
  • Using the History Brush to Undo Changes
  • How Mini-Bridge Speeds Access to Your Files
  • Zoom In and Out with the Magnifying Tool
  • Getting Started with Layers
  • Adjusting Exposures to Lighten or Darken
  • The Basics of Adjustment Layers
  • Painting on Effects Selectively Using Masks
  • How to Remove or Move an Object in a Photograph
  • Using Quick Select to Rapidly Make Selections
  • The Content-Aware Fill, Move, and Patch Tools
  • Working on Two Photographs at the Same Time
  • How to Put a Photo onto a Different Background
  • Using Refine Edge Detection to Select Hair & Fur
  • Making Realistic Photo Composites
  • Using Layer Opacity and Blending Modes
  • Adjusting Levels – Shadows, Midtones, Highlights
  • Adding and Changing Type with the Text Tool
  • How to Add Drop Shadows to Make It Stand Out
  • Using the Color Picker to Match Existing Colors
  • Saving Your Work as a Photoshop .PSD Image
  • Choosing Different File Formats, Including Web
  • Photoshop CS6 Shortcuts, Tips, and Tricks
  • Recommendations on Getting a Digital Tablet

If you don’t have the Photoshop CS6 program itself yet, then just download the free 30-day trial and you can start using it right away:

Also indispensable for learning Photoshop (or any other Adobe design tool) are the 1,000+ pages of free downloadable CS6 ebooks – so grab those too while they’re available.

OK, all set?  Here is the free 40-minute Photoshop CS6 introductory tutorial:

Want more?  Try these 18 additional hours of free CS6 video tutorials

Another helpful resource for understanding the product is the complete online documentation for Photoshop and all CS6 applications.

[ What’s the difference on Photoshop Standard vs. Extended?  How about CS5 vs. CS6? ]

Free unlimited access to all of for 10 days, with hundreds of Adobe tutorials, by far the top online training site for Adobe software, also offers over 1,000(!) hours of tutorials on just Photoshop alone – and even better, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial with unlimited access to thousands of in-depth courses and instructional videos throughout the entire site.

KelbyOne – from Scott Kelby of NAPP and Photoshop World fame – is another terrific option for taking your Photoshop, Lightroom and photo­­graphy knowledge further under the tutelage of renowned industry experts and luminaries… Grab this exclusive $20 discount on their unlimited Pro membership, which includes full access to 1,000 different courses and tutorials, plus two digital magazine subscriptions.

Still on Photoshop CS5 or earlier?  See: Free Training and Tutorials for Photoshop CS5, CS4, and CS3.

The video session above is also available as a free downloadable podcast for offline viewing (69MB, MPEG-4 video format).  Hope you get a lot out of it!

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Do you have any questions about CS6?  Just ask them below and we’ll get you answers fast!

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Free! Download 10 Professional, Royalty-Free Adobe Stock Images of Your Choice
  1. Thanks for this share.

    Saved me quite a bit of time having to go through all of this with some interns.

  2. Richard

    This is a really great tutorial for getting going with Photoshop. Right now I have the free CS6 trial that I downloaded. Would you allow me to purchase teacher/student edition as a retired (31 years) high school teacher?

  3. Thanks for the wonderful post.

  4. Denis MOOTZ

    Where is the Slice Tool in Photoshop CS6 Extended (Student/Teacher Edition)?

  5. John

    I currently have a PC version of Photoshop CS6. I have bought an iMac and need to install it on this computer, as the PC is having major issues and is going to the boneyard. I read online that I will need a new serial # to do this? Can you please help?

  6. keegan
  7. Petar Petrov

    Thank you for your information! It was helpful. I appreciate it!

  8. Gerry L. Stirewalt

    Hello … I want to remove my purchased Photoshop CS6 from an older desktop and place it on my new Dell XPS 8900. I understand that is possible. How do I do it please? I have also been told that I can place a second copy on my new Dell XPS15 laptop as long as I do not run both at the same time. If that is possible, what steps do I take to do that as well please?

    Many Thnx,

  9. Gerry L. Stirewalt

    THNX! I think the info you sent should help me do what I need to do for the transfer. I can call support for help if necessary, right? -Gerry-

  10. Laura

    thank you so much – learnt a lot, certainly will be practicing all this stuff !!