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Adobe Unveils New Acrobat “DC” (ver. 12) – with Document Cloud

Introducing the All-New Adobe Acrobat DC with Document Cloud

It’s been quite some time since the last release of Adobe Acrobat – it’s Acrobat XI, which shipped in October 2012 – so we’ve been eagerly awaiting to see what the next major version of this core product line would bring…

And now, we finally have some answers, announced by Adobe not as “Acrobat XII” or “Acrobat 12” – but as Acrobat DC, where “DC” stands for Document Cloud.

The Adobe “Document Cloud”? What does that mean? Is this the same brand of Acrobat toolset that we know and love, and use daily? Are there still Pro and Standard desktop tools, and perpetual licenses? Or is this a new type of web-based application or service that we can only use online, or via subscription?

Not to worry. Everything is as you want, only better. It looks like this long wait for Acrobat DC was actually worth it… This is Acrobat XII or 12, only raised to the next level.

Free Scanning and e-Signatures for Everyone with Adobe's New Document Cloud!

The “Document Cloud” part just means there’s a place we can now store online the key PDF documents that we’re working with – and easily share with others for collab­oration or digital signatures, or take with us anywhere for seamless access and use on mobile devices. It’s option­al, of course. But essentially, it’s a set of integrated online tools and services that will help people and businesses better manage important docu­ments. At the heart of Document Cloud will be Adobe Acrobat, the gold standard for creating, sharing and editing PDFs.

Adobe already offers a Creative Cloud and a Marketing Cloud – so a Document Cloud makes sense. Recent studies indicate that, despite your being able to move past printed books and photos and discs and instead consume the majority of your media content digitally, with most paper it’s just not the same. Incredibly, more than 80% of document work is still not digital, with documents often making one or more transitions into and out of paper, especially when signatures are involved.

The Document Cloud combines a completely reimagined Acrobat (Pro, Standard and Reader, plus mobile apps) with the power of free e-signatures for the first time. Using this set of tools, soon you’ll be able to create, edit, read, review, scan, sign, send, and track digital documents securely wherever you are — across desktops, mobile, and web. Adobe Reader DC users will receive 5 GB of free online storage space in the Document Cloud, while Acrobat DC subscribers will get 20 GB.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures – so check out this one-minute video for a quick demo of what the Document Cloud will do:

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Acrobat DC Products, Features, Licenses, Upgrades, Availability and Pricing

Our readers have been asking for the practical details on Acrobat DC, so here they are…

Now Shipping! Try the New Adobe Acrobat DC Pro for Free

Acrobat is available today with either a one-time payment serial key (standalone or “perpetual” license) or monthly/annual payment plan (“subscription” license). The new Acrobat DC will continue to offer the option of either perpetual or subscription licensing – it’s your choice. Subscription (“Continuous”) customers will be entitled new features on an ongoing basis along with the regular product issues fixes, security fixes and platform support enhancements. Perpetual (“Classic”) customers will receive only bug/security fixes and platform support enhancements, and won’t have access to all the Acrobat DC web, mobile, and cloud-based workflows.

And just to be clear: With either model, the main Acrobat DC program does not run online in the cloud (it’s on your desktop like before), it can work when your computer is not connected to the Internet, and users are not required to store their PDF files online in the Document Cloud… Just like with the Creative Cloud, all three of these myths are false.

Both Pro and Standard editions will continue to be the two choices for the premium desktop applications. The free Adobe Reader will be renamed Acrobat Reader (DC) for Windows and Mac OS. There will also be two free mobile apps for everyone: Acrobat DC mobile and the very cool new Fill & Sign app.

Adobe Acrobat DC Desktop Tools Running on Microsoft Surface Pro 3

What’s new in Acrobat DC Pro and Standard? We’re still finding out, but Adobe gives some of the major new features here: “All-new Acrobat DC, with its intuitive touch-enabled interface, delivers powerful new functionality to get work done anywhere. The new Tool Center offers simplified and quick access to the tools you use most. And, Acrobat DC uses Photoshop imaging magic to convert any paper docu­ment into a digital, editable file that can be sent for free e-signature.”

[UPDATE – See: What Are the Differences Between Acrobat DC vs. XI vs. X?]

Adobe is also moving to a yearly versioning model. When they release Acrobat DC this year, it will be called the “2015 Release,” or Acrobat DC 2015… Then next year would be Acrobat DC 2016. So there won’t ever be an Acrobat XIII or 13 – rather the release names will move forward with the years, just like the Creative Cloud (where the latest version is CC 2014, which will upgrade to CC 2015 later this year). And as with all their other products, keeping to tradition, free trials will be available when the software comes out.

[UPDATE – It’s here! We now have the new Acrobat DC Direct Download Links.]

Finally, regarding pricing – all full, upgrade, education, and subscription prices for Acrobat DC will be the same as current Acrobat XI pricing. And if you subscribe to or buy Acrobat XI direct from Adobe now, then you will be entitled to a free upgrade to Acrobat DC when it ships, under Adobe’s grace period policy.

All subscribers to the complete Creative Cloud will also receive a free upgrade from the current Acrobat XI to the new Acrobat DC – as well as full access to the Document Cloud – as soon as the products are out. In other words, DC is automatically included with CC.

For more information and answers, see the Adobe Document Cloud FAQ.

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Do you have any questions about Acrobat DC or the Document Cloud?  Just ask them below and we’ll get you answers fast!

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  1. Can you tell me where in the new Adobe Acrobat Pro DC all of the editing tools went.
    I cant find any of the drawing and stamping tools that I had in the adobe pro versions that I have been using for years.
    Thank you!

  2. Erinn Quentin

    Every time a document is upside down and I use Adobe DC to rotate the document, it will not stay rotated. This causes a problem because my tablet version of Adobe DC has no menu options to rotate the screen. I need documents to stay correct. Please help!

  3. I cannot make pdfs of emails received in my inbox. It converts them to the mobile version…. then produces the pdf?? How do I make to create a pdf showing what I see on the screen…which is the wider desktop version???

    • Not sure Carol, what email application are you using? Is it a web client or a desktop program? What actions are you performing to produce the PDF? What is the Acrobat version number you’re using (Help menu > About…) – is the software fully updated?

  4. Heather

    Hi…I’m editing a document that has “approved” or “for comment” marked on many pages. How do I edit this document to remove the stamps from the final product? Thanks!

  5. Rainer

    Habe Version Adobe Acrobat Pro DC für “Student & Teacher Edition”. Möchte eine “sehr” grosse (ca. 2.80 Meter Länge u. ca. 100 cm Breite) EXCEL-Datei in PDF umwandeln, dann zuschneiden u. auf einem Plotter “gesamthaft” auf einem “grossen” Papierblatt ausdrucken, d.h. nicht jedes A4-Blatt einzeln ausdrucken. Wer kann mir den Vorgang beschreiben. Danke im Voraus für Ihre Mitteilung. MfG Rainer

  6. Can you please advise what data or metadata are sent to or retained by Acrobat DC or Adobe when a pdf is opened? Are there any configurable options to restrict this?

  7. scott burry

    What does the DC stand for?

  8. scott burry

    Thank you for your prompt meaningful response

  9. VWoodshed

    If I purchase Acrobat DC and create a fillable PDF form to be distributed to users for feedback purposes, what software is required by the users in order to complete the fillable form?

  10. Jenn

    I cannot edit my documents like I used to in Acrobat X & X1. I have floorplans that I need to make minor changes to… click and move a table here, a wall there and it is extremely limited now on what i can even select to move edit resize or delete. I hate ACROBAT DC!!!!!!
    I can’t easily highlight things with circles and boxes anymore either. Not finding any info on line – HELP!!!!

    • Not sure Jenn, what exactly do you mean? Are you receiving any error or other message? If so, what is the exact text of that?

      Also, are you sure your system and the software are fully up-to-date (Acrobat Help menu > Check for Updates).

      We have not ever heard anything like that, so if this doesn’t help then please try contacting Adobe Technical Support directly:

      Via live online chat is usually fastest/easiest.

  11. Joanne Simon

    I am looking for a way to make available documents on my (not yet online) website that allows our subscribers to edit / update documents for their own use and also enter figures to do some basic calculations. We are only talking about 5-10 documents and they are fairly basic.

    In order for them to edit the document and do calculations, do they need to purchase Adobe DC and have it installed on their computer or can they do it on their already-installed PDF software? If so is there a workaround so they don’t have to purchase the whole license. It probably wouldn’t be a good solution if they did need to pay.


    • Hi Joanne, you can upload PDFs with Forms that other people can fill out and manipulate/change, but if you want them to be able to edit the actual content of the PDFs, then they would need an editing app like Acrobat Pro/Standard.

  12. We’ve often found that people think that Document Cloud and Creative Cloud require an internet connection to work. Your post does well in clarifying that this is not the case.

  13. Jackie Henderson

    Is there any difference between the Acrobat Pro DC “stand alone version” and the cloud based version other than the way in which they are purchased and licensed? Is the software itself exactly the same?

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