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Adobe Unveils New Acrobat "DC" (ver. 12) - with Document Cloud

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What Is New Adobe Acrobat “DC” – and the Document Cloud?


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170 thoughts on “Adobe Unveils New Acrobat "DC" (ver. 12) - with Document Cloud”

  1. I’m really averse to “cloud” and anything that forces me to “share” my data with the rest of the world.

    After I cannot remember how many years, I have just now removed Adobe Reader from my environment after it was upgraded to DC and effectively stopped working. (I’m in Africa, clouds don’t work here for starters.)

    Adios Adobe. Thanks but no thanks.

    • Hello Gareth, your concern is misdirected – nothing forces you do to anything…

      As was emphasized above, use of the Document Cloud from Acrobat Reader is completely optional – and you have to manually turn it on in order to use it.

      Many folks want it and love it, but some don’t. That’s why it’s your choice.

      Hopes that helps clear up any confusion.

  2. I would just like to say that I *hate* the new UI of Acrobat Reader DC.
    It’s as if it’s been dumbed down to appeal to a 2-year old.
    And all the toolbars and menus are HUGE. Looks like it’s all being aimed at tablet users. Fair enough, that user base is expanding, but there’s still a place/need for being able to view detailed PDFs on large LCD monitors in extended desktop mode (i.e. two or more monitors on a desk) – in this scenario, a touch-screen interface isn’t practical, so toolbars and menu icons don’t need to be so darned HUGE.

    I need as much screen real-estate to be available for the actual thing I am trying to read.. the new icons etc all just shout at me distractingly.

    I’d love to back DC out and revert to the old version, but what’s the point of that when “progress” will continue with newer versions/updates and soon I’ll hit a compatibility issue?

    Bah! Adobe UX team need to up their game.

  3. DC is fine, but I just want a simple PDF reader, like of old.
    I am now unable to Save As, Account Pdf’s from suppliers, that I want to rename to a more meaningful title.
    The Save As does not allow me to save to my PC, as it is greyed out… Where do I change this setting, so I have a choice of web or PC storage… so frustrating…

    • Greetings Jenny, that has nothing to do with Acrobat DC. It depends entirely on whether the author of the PDF document you are viewing has enabled local saving… If so, then you can save a copy using any version of Reader, including DC.

      In other words, it would be the same in older releases. If you can’t save the PDF, it’s because the author has disabled local saving for security, copyright protection, or other reasons.

      For more details and information, see the Reader manual:

      Acrobat Reader Help – How Do You Save, View, and Search PDFs?

      Hope that helps.

  4. Today I accidentally downloaded the Acrobat DC. I now find that the Acrobat DC is not what I want and would prefer to stay with the older version of Acrobat that was in use.
    Can you please help me to retrieve my old status with Acrobat Reader? i do not want to purchase this Acrobat DC. Show me how to get back to my old status, please.
    Will appreciate.

  5. I have Acrobat Reader DC. My business banking accounts all have on-line statements (only). When I download the statements, I can save to file or open in Acrobat Reader DC. Either way, when I view the PDF file I can see my check images, BUT when I try to print them the check images do not print. Why is this?

  6. Hi,

    If I buy a new subscription to Adobe Acrobat Pro, can I download and use either the Acrobat DC or Acrobat XI desktop apps if I need or want to?


  7. I do not want to have the new Adobe DC product. I keep getting the accept/decline agreement page and cannot get past it. How do I say “no” and continue using my current Adobe Acrobat version?

    • Not sure Donna; we would need to know more details about the situation… Are you talking about the free Reader DC or the paid Acrobat Pro/Standard DC?

      Did you decide to download and install the DC version? Did you uninstall the XI or older version? What happens when you decline the agreement – what’s showing as currently installed on your system?

  8. If I downloaded the free reader DC, I didn’t mean to.
    I have not uninstalled anything.
    When creating new PDFs I can decline the agreement but the PDFs still get created, but I cannot open previously created PDFs.
    Can you help me!?

    • It’s unclear what’s happening on your computer based on what you’ve said… You mentioned creating PDF files – does that mean you’re using the full (paid) Acrobat Pro/Standard application, rather than the free Reader?

      Also: what operating system are you running, and what version(s) of Acrobat/Reader are currently installed on your machine?

      Without knowing those things – or even why you wouldn’t want Acrobat/Reader DC – it’s hard to give good advice.

  9. I currently have a subscription to Adobe Pro XI. I use this product primarily for making forms that are fillable and savable. I need the ability to make expandable text fields – NOT just scrollable but actually changes the size of the form. I was under the impression that LiveCycle will do this and it is part of the Adobe Pro XI suite, but I can’t get it to work nor find it in my Adobe folder. I do not want the cloud provisions. Please advise.

  10. @Bill
    It could be because of the horrible implementation of Chromium Embedded Framework they’ve jammed into the application. Seems like I can’t even open it without ReaderCEF crashing out. It’s been a big headache for ages and they just can’t seem to get it working right. ಠ_ಠ

    • Hello Ryan, we heard that some folks had issues with crashing on some systems, particularly when the product first came out a year ago. We’ve had no problems and have never seen it here, but learned that two things may fix the problem:

      1) Make sure you’re running the latest release. Run Help menu > Check for updates.

      2) Set it to “Run as Administrator” by right clicking the file first.

      Hope that helps.

  11. Meh, I just deleted the Chromium Framework folder and it’s working just fine now.

    This particular client didn’t need or want any sort of web enabled functionality anyway.

    They’re a credit union and try to follow the principle of least access but the forced cloud integration built into the application sort of massively violates that principle… just a wee bit… so I removed it. Works just fine without it for what they’re needing.

    I honestly debated disabling the auto update feature as well, just in case it tried to “fix” what I had “broken” but I reconsidered because I didn’t want to expose them to potential threats from outdated versions… then I re-reconsidered and disabled it anyway because it seems that every time a massive software developer patches a flaw lately… they try to jam in a whole slew of new “features” they can turn into a revenue stream and, in doing so, open a dozen more flaws than they patched. That’s a generalization, by the way… seems to be happening all over the industry. It’s a shame really.

    So, yeah, I fixed it… no worries… and hopefully it won’t break itself again. Hahaha!

    Thanks for the reply though.

    • Glad you were able to solve your problem Ryan, and thanks for letting us know.

      Note however that the cloud integration in Acrobat DC is not forced, nor is it turned on by default. It’s optional for each user or customer.

  12. Hello Adobe Team

    I do not want the ‘cloud’. I mean I REALLY don’t want the cloud, any cloud. The only place I want my documents is on my own computer. I just allowed the update to Acrobat Reader and lo and behold it did not ask me if I wanted cloud, it just implemented it and I can not see any intuitive way to absolutely disable it.

    I have searched for internet articles hoping there was a simple way, but the only things I have found refer to extensive manual editing of the Registry, something I do not want to do. It looks like my only option will be to completely uninstall the Adobe product and look for a 3rd party software that allows me to work with PDFs without cloud, but before I do, I thought I would try asking this forum. Hoping there might be a way.



  13. I have Reader 11.0.14 and recently it no longer lets me copy from “comments” to Word or to move the comment bubble. I used to be able to move it around the page and now says have no access. The security preferences say has no limitations, can edit, copy etc but in practice does not let me.

    • @ProDesignTools

      Thank you. Yes, I uninstalled and reinstalled a different version and still didn’t help. I didn’t change any configurations that I know about – but something indeed has changed. Where can I look to see if changes made? What configuration to check?

    • Daniel, you mentioned the program “says you have no access” when you try to copy from the PDF comments to Word or to move the comment bubble… What is the exact message it gives you, the precise text? Did you try googling that? Often that will give a solution.

  14. You keep professing that the DC version of Adobe Acrobat can be used without enabling the cloud, so why is it there at all if that’s the case? This is nothing but Corporate bullying and extortion, period! You misrepresent that the cloud feature is “optional” yet you failed to inform the end-user that if he/she accepts the upgrade, the new version with its “cloud” feature, you can not revert back to the previous version of Adobe Reader without much stress and frustration of trying to do so, if at all.

    Why hide the “cloud” feature under the letters “DC”? Could it be that if you mention “document cloud” in the title, MANY endusers would flat out DECLINE the “upgrade”! How deceitful and presumptuous of you to think that many will not seek an alternative solution to your greed and inconsideration. I for one will find another software program that will enable me to read, save and modify a document to MY OWN STORAGE DEVICE without the oversight of want-to-be Corporate SLAVERS! Consumers who foolishly continue to use your product deserve exactly what you have in store for them! But keep up the not so smart agenda to disregard our right to be secure in our . . . papers, thoughts, and PRIVACY! Let’s see how that impacts your bottom line going forward. Big Corporations are not the only ones that detest “cloud” base so called “solutions”, it’s so sad to see such a wonderful product fall from grace!

    • Wow. Whoa dude. Take a breath and calm down.

      OK, why is it there? It’s there because MANY customers DO want it and DO use it, as online document management is the next evolution… Just ask any college student who will laugh if you say you need to get your thumb drive! The younger generations are all using Google Docs/Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and other cloud-based services to access their files anywhere and generally do not keep their most active documents on anything physical that has to be remembered, carried, can get lost, has to be backed up, etc.

      But again – please let us say this ONE more time – it’s called Acrobat DC, but using the Document Cloud is O-P-T-I-O-N-A-L for the minority of folks who don’t want to… It’s not enabled automatically. With Acrobat DC, you absolutely CAN still “read, save and modify a document to YOUR OWN STORAGE DEVICE,” with no problem or hassle at all. That’s the default and normal operation, actually.

      So expanding the capabilities and possibilities is all that’s going on here. But it’s not mandatory and nobody’s forcing or “extorting” you to do anything, so your rant is uninformed and simply way off base. And contrary to your assertion, you can always easily go backwards to Adobe Acrobat/Reader XI if even the idea or option bothers you so much.

  15. Hi ,
    The last time we bought an Adobe license for Mac, we could use it both on Mac and my laptop. Now that I have switched to Adobe CC, our vendor told us that we can only use it for Mac after we purchased it. Is this true?

    Thank you.

  16. To second an earlier opinion, the DC version looks dumbed down – large menu ribbons that waste screen space. A “Save As” function that does not take you to the standard file dialog box where you can see where the file previously existed. You would think that after all the uproar about Micrsoft and changing to the ribbon system designers would think about this. DC seems to be slower to load files, although I haven’t measured that. I’ll go back to the old version and hang on to it for as long as I can.

  17. I have Adobe Acrobat DC, and I need to be able to create and save forms for them to fill out and save, even though they only have Acrobat Reader. What do I need to do to enable this?

    Thank you,

    • It should happen automatically Sandy – this changed recently with Acrobat, so now there’s nothing special you need to do except create and distribute the form with Acrobat DC…

      “Unlike earlier versions of Reader, Reader XI and Acrobat Reader DC include both the Add Text tool and the ability to save form data. Acrobat DC users can type in non-fillable forms, add comments, and digitally sign PDFs without extending special rights.”

      For more details, see:

      Creating PDF Forms: How to Enable Reader Users to Save Form Data

  18. Acrobat Reader XI had the capability to save PDF in version 1.6 or 1.7, even if the original was down-version. It appears that Reader DC cannot change the PDF to a newer version, which means I can’t use it to reduce the file size of older PDFs. Did Adobe remove this functionality in Reader DC, or is it buried in there somewhere?

    I’d use another PDF Reader that had this capability, but I’m dependent on my 3D mouse for 2D panning/zooming, and the others don’t support that. Do I need to go back to Reader XI?

  19. I currently have Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro. I have other PC’s that i’m looking into getting Adobe software added to but I wanted to know more about Acrobat Pro DC. The main functions we need this for is to save records as a pdf file, merge pdf files, secure pdf files, and redact these pdf files. Please let me know if Acrobat Pro DC has the same capability as Acrobat 9 Pro.

  20. Can Adobe Reader DC be used seamlessly on all documents created in Adobe Pro XI? And Can these documents then be searched for multiple “key words” or only one word or phrase at a time?

    • Hi Morrie, thanks for your questions. Here are the answers:

      Yes, Acrobat DC can read and edit PDF files created by all prior versions of Acrobat.

      And yes, you can use the Advanced Search panel to search for multiple terms at one time.

  21. Acrobat DC simply screwed up Safari’s access to PDFs on my Mac by barring me from accessing PDFs on the browser with an error message saying I had to launch DC and agree to the EULA. But when I launched DC – no EULA.
    Acrobat’s online ‘help’ is truly the worst I have come across and even their direct Twitter help from an ‘expert’ simply pointed me to a link describing various ‘suggestions’ from the community. (I tried one – it didn’t work). No help at all – and certainly not ‘expert’.
    In the end I uninstalled DC completely and now my browser is happily accessing PDFs again!
    I’m still unsure as to what that was all about – did they want me to start paying for DC when for years I have been happily accessing PDFs online via an Acrobat Reader plugin or built in browser PDF readers?
    Whatever it is, they made right royal screw-up of it.

    • Sorry about the issue David, not sure what happened there – and we haven’t heard of anything similar happening to others. Probably some configuration glitch in Safari or on your system, or perhaps you didn’t have the most recent version.

      But make no mistake, the industry-standard Adobe Acrobat DC Reader remains completely free for everyone with no payment or subscription (ever) necessary.

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