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Adobe Unveils New Acrobat "DC" (ver. 12) - with Document Cloud

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What Is New Adobe Acrobat “DC” – and the Document Cloud?


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170 thoughts on “Adobe Unveils New Acrobat "DC" (ver. 12) - with Document Cloud”

    • Hello Roger, that’s a great question. Can files that you saved in Acrobat DC be opened and edited in older versions of Acrobat? Yes, you should be able to do that since PDF is an established file format standard… To our knowledge, Adobe hasn’t changed the PDF reference specification since shipping Acrobat 9 in 2008, using PDF version 1.7… There were some Adobe-specific extensions introduced in both Acrobat 9 and Acrobat X, but this extension data can be safely ignored if it has no value to another application or version.

      Adobe Acrobat DC continues to create files up to PDF version 1.7 with no further extensions. So documents saved in Acrobat DC should be compatible and inter­changeable with Acrobat XI and X, and vice versa.

  1. What’s the difference between Acrobat Pro XI and Pro DC in terms of features, and is the DC a subscription plan or lifetime?

  2. Not too sure about the new Reader DC logo. My grandfather says the red and black colors with a white insignia look ominously familiar.

    • Download the Free Adobe Acrobat DC Reader

      This one, you mean??

      No offense to your grandfather at all, but that seems a bit of a stretch.

      (Note: The background is actually brown, not black. RGB #390701.)

  3. I have Creative Cloud, along with Acrobat DC Pro. With CS6, I was able to select an entity, or entities, within Acrobat, or select an entire page, to be edited in Illustrator and the edits saved back to the open PDF in Acrobat. I can’t figure out how to do that in DC/CC. Is it still possible and, if so, how?

  4. @ProDesignTools
    It only allows you to edit images. Any vector content will be rasterized as well. I didn’t have Acrobat XI Pro but in Acrobat X Pro, you could select vector and text (as well as raster) content and it could be sent out to Illustrator, edited, and brought back in as vector and text content.
    The only way I’ve figured to do that with DC is to open the Acrobat file with Illustrator which works most of the time but if any of the content is incompatible with Illustrator or I don’t have all the fonts, those items get screwed up in the saved PDF.

  5. I just updated my Adobe Reader to “DC” version. However, I am unable to download an PDF form that I must complete and submit to the IRS. I get an IRS message (summarized) that I should wait for the download, and if it does not come (soon, I guess), then I should update my Adobe Reader to the latest version. However, my download never arrives. I wonder if the IRS has not yet updated their systems to accommodate Adobe Reader DC, since it is in a “trial” stage. Question: Can I download the previous Adobe Reader? I guess that would be Adobe Reader XI???? Any thoughts?

    • Greetings JR, you can still find the previous Adobe Reader XI here if you need or want to download it. But really, it’s more likely to be a browser issue – browsers such as Google Chrome have their own PDF readers built in, and don’t use your actual Adobe Reader for most PDF web content…

      So we’d suggest just right-clicking the form link and saving it locally to your computer first, and then opening the downloaded file with your Adobe Reader. Either that, or try another browser.

  6. I have downloaded and installed the latest version of Adobe Reader DC, and now I can’t run reports in QuickBooks that require Adobe Reader, rather than DC. If I try to install previous version to DC then the installation terminates because I have the later version – any suggestions?

    • Welcome Tim, see our previous replay if you need or want to download the previous version, the Acrobat XI Reader. You would just uninstall Reader DC first before doing so.

      But we’d suggest that it’s QuickBooks you’d need to update if it’s not recognizing the new Adobe Reader for some reason!

  7. I use (and love) Adobe Acrobat X Pro. I was told to install Reader DC for an online class I took. Now when I open PDFs, they open in DC, not X Pro – and the appearance is different (and I don’t like it). Will DC always trump X Pro? Do I need to delete DC?

  8. I have used Adobe Acrobat for years, but now that I have Windows 8.1 the software is Adobe DC Reader. I work from home and often need to open or scan in documents that I have to edit, but so far I haven’t been able to figure out how to do that. I have MS Office (Word) but when I open them in that they are encrypted, and in “Reader”, I can’t edit. I’m pretty computer savvy but this darn 8.1 is so different it’s driving me nuts.


  9. I notice that one may install Acrobat DC on 2 computers, although one may only use the licence on one computer at a time. I also notice that there seems to be no distinction between Mac and Windows versions of Acrobat DC when one reviews explanatory material on the Adobe Acrobat DC website. Does this mean that in purchasing the subscription version of Acrobat DC Pro one is able to use it on a Windows computer and on a Mac although not at the same time?

  10. Hi, I have a question whether it is the DC program or the Adobe Reader that I should be running. I don’t want to pay for a subscription for this. Should I take the other program off my computer since I have the free DC version?


    • Hey there Kathy, the latest-and-greatest version of the Reader available from Adobe is called Acrobat Reader DC. This free application replaces the older Adobe Reader XI.

      So if you already have the free Acrobat DC version, then you don’t need any other program as that is the most recent Adobe PDF Reader available.

      Hope that answers your question, if not then just post back!

  11. Hi there
    I am not sure how and why acrobat reader dc came onto my computer however since then certain things have changed making it quite inconvenient. One for starters is the menus at top is completely different. For instance where do I find the buttons to enable 2-page viewing (2 pages next to each other side-by-side) and the related options?

    • Hello Jac, to do that just select the View menu > Page Display > Two Page View, or any other. The default is Single Page View.

      For learning more about the capabilities of the new Reader, see the Acrobat Reader DC Learn & Support pages.

      If you still prefer the prior version instead, then you can always uninstall Reader DC and go back to Adobe Reader XI – but keep in mind that Adobe will not be supporting it with security updates indefinitely into the future.

  12. Does the free Acrobat Reader DC allow users to Edit PDFs? I seem to have lost this functionality if so. I’ve reverted back to Adobe Acrobat Standard XI which came pre-loaded on my PC. Perhaps this was a paid version that allows edit tools and the DC version must be upgraded to a paid version as well? Can I use my existing serial number for Standard XI on more than one PC if so?

    • Yes, Acrobat Standard is a paid version and Acrobat Reader is a free version. The Reader has very limited editing and writing functionality, whereas Standard (and Pro) have complete capabilities.

      Here is an overview of what each edition can do when comparing the features across the product line:

      Compare Differences Between Acrobat DC Reader vs. Standard vs. Pro

      And it’s also correct that to get Acrobat DC Standard/Pro standalone is an upgrade cost from Acrobat XI.

      Finally, as described in the article above, the new DC release is also available via subscription – and that additionally comes with ongoing new feature updates, plus all the web, mobile, and cloud-based workflows.

  13. Hey guys,

    Right now our network is on Adobe Reader XI (as part of SOE requirements) and we are trying to figure out what’s new in the reader side of things in this new “DC” version. Do you happen to know what new on the reader and not acrobat?

    Thank-you :)

    • Hey Daniel, great to see you again! Yes, when you download the new Reader DC, you get a “What’s New” page with the following information:

      New modern interface

      Acrobat Reader has a new modern look. This includes a full set of commenting tools to add sticky notes, highlight text, and use lines, shapes, and stamps on your PDFs.

      Fill & Sign

      Easily e-sign any document or form. Type responses on your PDF, add your e-signature or initials, and send the form electronically. Use smart autofill to make form-filling faster.

      Mobile Link

      Access recent files from work, home, or on the go. With Mobile Link you can instantly open PDFs on other computers or devices. No need to email or copy files.

      Also check out this forum thread for more details on comparing the new Reader to the old one:

      What’s the Difference Between Adobe Reader XI vs. Acrobat Reader DC?

      Hope that helps, and thanks for stopping by.

  14. I just spent $23.85 in order to convert an Adobe report into a Word document only to discover that I was unable to transfer five small images (from a total of 22 pages) into Word. What did I do wrong, and how can I rectify my error?

    Can you help? The thought of having to ask one of my young grandchildren for computer assistance is hardly an option.

  15. I had to click and upgrade to DC for a form I was filling out and now it is my default reader. I can’t figure out how to save any emailed PDF files to Evernote anymore and would like to go back to what I had before though I don’t even know what version it was. It had a nice tab to click and send files to Evernote. Can someone please help

    • Hello Gord, as far as we are aware, there is no version of Acrobat/Reader that has built-in or native support for Evernote…

      Are you using something in your browser to do that, perhaps a plug-in or [the Clip to Evernote] extension? If so, that is not Adobe software.

      Or maybe this might work:

      1) Save the pdf file to your Desktop
      2) Copy the pdf URL from your browser
      3) Drag the pdf file into Evernote
      4) Double-click the pdf in Evernote
      5) Select “Click to set source URL” and paste the pdf URL into it

      Or, you can always go back to download & use the previous release – Acrobat XI – if that suits your workflow better.

  16. Does this new adobe have any autosave option? I have been experiencing a few unexpected shut downs of the program where i could not recover any unsaved documents.

  17. @ProDesignTools

    How many people’s tax return PDFs are you going to upload to the adobe cloud because you have the cloud feature turned on by default? A tax return on an individuals PC, not really a target. Millions of peoples tax return PDFs in your cloud, a massive target waiting to be hacked.

    I imagine the countdown to massive data breaches / identity theft hacks has already started between this and Windows 10… How about products that allow you to opt out of the cloud (that can’t accidentally have cloud functionality turned on remotely via an update…)?

    • Hey Tom, you may misunderstand. The automatic upload of PDFs to the Document Cloud for use and reading anywhere is not enabled by default. It’s called Mobile Link and you have to explicitly turn it on in order to use this feature. In other words, it is a deliberate choice by the user and not enabled any other way.

      For more details, see:

      Acrobat Help: Mobile Link – Open Once, Read Anywhere

      You also have to be logged into your account on your computer or device to use this capability. And if there is any file that you don’t wish to keep in the Document Cloud, you can easily delete/remove it by logging in securely using any web browser to view and manage your online files here.

      If you don’t want to use Mobile Link but would still like to store documents in the cloud in an occasional basis, then you can do that explicitly by selecting “Save As…” and choose “Document Cloud” instead of the “My Computer” option from within Acrobat.

      As far as cloud storage and security, it’s really no different than any other online repository such as Dropbox. Adobe uses state-of-the-art industry best practices. But if you’re still concerned about it, then you can read more here:

      Adobe Document Cloud Security Overview

  18. I have Acrobat DC, the basic version I think, and now I am not able to fill in a form/application and save it with the info I have entered. I am instructed to print the form then scan or fax it. Is this the result of the new Acrobat DC or has the form publisher disabled the save feature? Although, their form specifically states to save a copy when it has been filled in. Can I go back to the old version, where I COULD save the filled in copy? or do I have to upgrade and, if so, to which version?

    • Greetings Doug, it’s possible that the form has been programmed by the author so it can’t be saved using Reader… If so, then the save icon (floppy disk) on the Reader toolbar would be disabled (grayed out). When you make changes to the data, it should become enabled but it doesn’t. Unfortunately, changing the version of the Adobe Reader wouldn’t change whether saving the form was allowed by its creator.

  19. does anyone know how to open a pdf file from the Windows-7 cmd prompt by typing the name of the pdf file on the cmd prompt and having the pdf open in a new window of Adobe_Reader_DC? The previous version of Adobe_reader would open the pdf in a new window, whereas Adobe_Reader_DC opens the pdf in a new tab of an existing Adobe_Reader_DC window.

  20. the answer to my question about how to get Adobe_Reader_DC to open new pdf’s from the cmd prompt in a new window vs a new tab, is:

    1. open a pdf file or open Adobe_Reader_DC
    2. click on EDIT at very top, left of window
    3. click on PREFERENCES in the pulldown
    4. click on GENERAL in the CATEGORIES column at far left of the popup
    5. to the right you will see BASIC TOOLS. Under this un-check the following:


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