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Adobe Unveils New Acrobat "DC" (ver. 12) - with Document Cloud

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What Is New Adobe Acrobat “DC” – and the Document Cloud?


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170 thoughts on “Adobe Unveils New Acrobat "DC" (ver. 12) - with Document Cloud”

  1. Thanks, I currently have Acrobat 9. If I upgrade to Acrobat XI now, then how does it work that I get a free upgrade to Acrobat DC later?

    (I’m talking about the regular perpetual license instead of the subscription.)

    • Hi Matt, thanks for your question. It’s very straightforward – as soon as Acrobat DC is released, you just apply for the complimentary upgrade here.

      Because the Acrobat DC shipping date will be less than 30 days from when you bought Acrobat XI, the free upgrade is assured because of Adobe’s 30-day Product Exchange Policy. Essentially you’re just swapping out one for the other within that period.

      For owners of Acrobat 9 like you, now is the time to upgrade because you will soon be three versions back – and you may no longer receive discounted upgrade pricing once Acrobat DC comes out.

      PS – Note that only purchases direct from Adobe qualify for the complimentary upgrade to Acrobat DC with their post-announce program… Sales or pre-orders from resellers or retailers do not qualify.

  2. What do i have to do now?

    I own Adobe Acrobat X Standard an want to upgrade to DC/12/XII for free.

    So i have to buy the Adobe Acrobat XI PRO upgrade immediately?

    Will be the german language version of DC available on the same day like the english version?

    • Yes, that’s right Mappi – you buy or upgrade to the edition that you want of Acrobat XI now (Pro or Standard), and then next month when Acrobat DC comes out you just submit for the free product upgrade…

      Once Acrobat DC ships in April, you will receive the same edition (Pro or Standard) of the new release that you purchased for XI.

      And yes, the German version should be out al the same time as the English version.

  3. I thought the whole time that i owned Acrobat 9 Standard, but it is Acrobat 10 Standard.

    Now the question is:
    Will be the upgrade price for DC Pro be the same like the upgrade cost to Acrobat Pro XI ?

    I have to pay in € (Euros) for the german language version.

  4. What is your suggestion for the best upgrade path for owners of perpetual license CS6 suites. In my case, the specifics are CS6 Master Collection, which included Acrobat Pro X. Thanks for any advice you can provide!

    • Greetings Kathi, that’s a really good question. You might wish that you could upgrade individual products within a suite – but because of the deep discount that Adobe originally gave to bundle those products together, it’s not possible…

      See the Creative Suite 6 FAQ here:

      Q: Am I eligible for upgrade pricing from an earlier Creative Suite edition to an individual Creative Suite component?

      A: No. Adobe does not offer upgrade pricing for customers wishing to move from a suite edition to an individual component.

      So if you’d like to upgrade individual tools within a suite, then the solution is to get the separate new tool(s) that you want standalone, which you can run together with the other remaining programs in your suite. In this case, you’d just purchase (or subscribe) to Acrobat DC outright.

      The other option, of course, is to just upgrade everything you have by getting the Creative Cloud instead – where Acrobat DC plus the latest releases of all other major Adobe tools are always included.

  5. But one thing i worry:

    Acrobat XI is over 2 years old, and now DC will have every year a new release ?

    That is a dead end like CS 6 !?

    for the “perpetual” licensing

    • No, it is not a dead end at all – Adobe is continuing the perpetual releases of Acrobat.

      So Acrobat DC will be available either as a subscription or with traditional licensing. The annual release cycle going forward just means that product upgrades will be available more often; it will be refreshed and kept up to date more frequently.

      The advantage of a subscription license is low monthly cost with no upfront investment, and then you get all ongoing updates and upgrades.

      The advantage of a perpetual license is paying a lot more upfront, and then you have a static version where future upgrades would cost additional.

      Customers like you just choose which option you prefer, that’s all… So, there’s more choice, not less.

  6. @kathi

    The best way (cheapest) is to buy a Adobe Acrobat X or XI version from a real vendor (not ebay or something like that) then you can buy an upgrade for less $.

    We in europe have to pay much more in Euros – so the difference between old version+upgrade save a lots more money than buying a full retail version.

    • Thanks, but here’s what Adobe says the about their free upgrade offer, which is only available for a limited window:

      “Complimentary post-announce upgrades are available only through Adobe and cannot be used with any other offers. Upgrades come in the same platform, language, and edition as your previous version.”

  7. @ProDesignTools

    Thank you for the quick response! From the previous comments, it sounds like if I decide to go with the purchase option and buy Acrobat XI now, I would receive a free upgrade to Acrobat DC when it is released next month?

    • Yes, definitely – and then you would actually own both releases (XI and DC).

      If you subscribe instead of purchase Acrobat outright, then you will automatically get the new DC version as soon as it’s available.

      So either way – perpetual or subscription – everyone who makes a purchase now will receive it.

  8. It’s great news, but i have some questions:

    1. I’m a CC complete member, do I get Acrobat CC also?

    2. What the difference between acrobat dc,… all segmentation for mobile user isn’t? if i subscribe to acrobat dc can i get also?

    3. why is acrobat dc using other cloud beside CC cloud storage? can i cross work?

    4. i have 100gb cloud from CC and if i able using acrobat dc so i have 2 different clouds from adobe?

    Many thanks

    • Greetings Sam, here’s the scoop – and sorry for the delay as some of the answers to your questions were not yet available:

      1. Yes, the upgrade to Acrobat DC and the Document Cloud is fully included for all Creative Cloud complete subscribers.

      2. To compare Document Cloud vs. – good question. The Document Cloud is what has grown and matured into… It is a full-fledged set of tools & services for easily managing your documents online. Note however that you can also buy or subscribe to the new Acrobat DC desktop release without using the cloud services – in other words, Acrobat DC can be used by itself, and completely offline, without taking advantage of Adobe Document Cloud services if desired.

      3. No, the Creative Cloud and Document Cloud do not intermix. Just as with Creative Cloud, there is a free level of Document Cloud membership that gives you 5GB for life, plus some free services and benefits. All paid subscribers to Acrobat Standard/Pro DC (and Creative Cloud complete members) receive 20GB of online storage instead, plus full cloud-enabled tools & services.

      4. Yes, this means Creative Cloud subscribers basically have two buckets of online storage – one for working with your creative files/projects and one for easily managing your PDFs/documents.

      Hope that helps!

    • Hey there Jimmy, yes – as far as we have heard, Adobe will continue the education discount on the Student & Teacher Edition of Acrobat DC… Each eligible student or teacher is entitled to one product license.

      And similar to what we have stated above, if you buy the student version of Acrobat XI (price US$119) now, then you can apply for the free upgrade once Acrobat DC is available (at no extra cost).

      Note that you cannot upgrade to a Student/Teacher Edition from an older release – they can only be purchased outright. For more details, see:

      What’s the Difference Between Adobe’s Education Versions vs. Regular?

      Regarding the subscription version of Acrobat, currently Adobe does not offer any academic discount for that… Students and educators who’d like the subscription version of Acrobat DC are advised to get the complete Creative Cloud instead – which includes the latest version of Acrobat Pro and many other applications – for $19.99/month for your first year for everything.

  9. and everyone thought Microsoft was clever jumping from Windows 8 to 10…

    Adobe has them beat! They jumped from Roman Numeral 11 (XI) to Roman Numeral 600 (DC)

    (I’ll see your deuce and raise you 589?)

  10. I’m so excited about this news. Finally EchoSign will be integrated into Adobe Documents. Right now as a CC “Complete” Member, there are too many Adobe add-on services we have to pay additional in order to use it.

    As I understand, according to reviews and the Adobe FAQ, CC members will have all Adobe Pro DC features. Am I correct? I hope to end asking my clients to print out a PDF form, fill in and sign, scan it and email me back.

    • Yes, that’s all correct Adam! All Creative Cloud complete members will receive Acrobat DC and all the functionality in the Document Cloud… EchoSign is included as part of that, and will soon be called eSign services:

      “Full eSign services (formerly Adobe EchoSign) will be included with every subscription of Acrobat DC Standard and Pro, which is part of both Document Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud.”

      You can read more about that here:

      So, What’s Happening to Adobe EchoSign?

  11. @JB

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha !!

    I laughed so hard whilst I was hosting a dinner party for my victorious legionaries that I fell off my lectus summus (reclining high couch), and tore my toga as a result, thereby exposing my Microsoft Surface 4 running Adobe CC 2015 (particularly Illustrator) which has enabled me to battle plan all my victories !!

  12. 1. What versions of Windows are supported?
    2. Is there finally a 64-bit version?
    3. Will there finally be useful Group Policy templates available for Windows?
    4. Will a new Customization Wizard & Enterprise Toolkit be released at the same time as the product?

  13. Bought the upgrade from Acrobat X Standard to Acrobat XI Pro.

    Acrobat DC cost €10 more than the XI Pro upgrade (that’s i guess because of the weak €).

    Today you cant buy XI anymore – only DC is now available.

    I sent a request to Adobe for the free upgrade :)

  14. I have been using Adobe’s Creative Cloud since their launch and for our company it has been a great way to keep all our Adobe applications up to date. I have to raise a serious warning to everyone using Acrobat’s plugs-ins like Pitstop. We have Pitstop 11, and others – and to my big disappointment all my plug-ins disappeared and them when I tried to reinstall them but they could not recognize the Acrobat new version. Thanks to time machine, I was able to revert to Acrobat XI. Please be careful until any news in regards to plug-ins.

    Thank you

    • Thanks, sometimes this can be true with all third-party Adobe plugins… You need to check with the plug-in manufacturer to confirm full requirements and compatibility with the new version of any software you want to upgrade to.

      So if there’s a compatibility issue, then it’s really out of Adobe’s hands and up to the timeline of the individual third-party provider. The good news is most of the biggest plugin makers usually have early access to the newer release, and are pretty quick about making their tools compatible and available, if required.

      But often when you upgrade an Adobe release, it’s not a problem at all. The program will replace the existing version on your computer and remove or delete all your current plugins as a safety measure… Then, it may be that all you really need to do is simply reinstall the same plugins you had before to properly activate and reconnect them to the new release.

      In general, here’s some good advice to follow (from Photoshop) on how to manage your existing plugins when updating to a major new Adobe version:

      Do I have to re-install my 3rd-party plug-ins after I update to CC?

  15. So far so good, but still in learning process to get into all new features. For example Add Image into pdf is gone, now I use Add Stamp instead, which makes more work. Maybe I don`t know something yet.

    Besides, does anyone know how to make to fill & sign by multiply people the same application. I have only one email address of person in charge of the group of people. I need each person to fill out and sign form with their own details. I asked on Adobe Forum and another place but no answer so far. Maybe someone here knows? Thanks

    Adobe DC is amazing tool after all.

  16. I just went to the store to buy the Acrobat DC but the “newest version” Staples had was XI version. Can I still get the upgrade or do i have to keep waiting for the desktop version to hit stores in Canada? (I dont want the monthly version)



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