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  1. Ron

    Thanks. These links were total lifesavers! I have a MAC and a PC. The MAC I keep online, but the PC I cannot for security reasons for my job.

    I thought I had no way to solve this because the Adobe Creative-Cloud Desktop app tries to identify my system platform, and will only download the version for the computer it’s installed on. It cannot download on one computer and install on another, especially another of a different type! So I thought I was toast, but then discovered these direct downloads which saved me.

  2. Sharon

    Can you give me direct links for Adobe RoboHelp 2017? Tried to download the trial, but after filling in the form I keep receiving the notification the link is probably broken – instead of receiving a file to download. So now I can’t install/try out the new release. Thx in advance!

  3. Igorek


    is there any update on the new 2017 Direct Links, since another month has already begun?

    • Hi Igorek, thank you for checking in, and we completely understand… We have reached out again and are awaiting a response. We will provide any updates that we can here, as soon as we have them. Thanks for your patience!

    • OK, we heard back from Adobe. They say that progress is being made, and work is continuing to be done to add additional CC 2017 downloads and updates. There is also a strong commitment by their Engineering teams to accommodate direct downloads of future installation files as they are made available.

      So this is all good news. Naturally we wish the work could proceed faster, but being a large company with many areas, it seems that things move slower.

      We apologize for the delays, and will continue to keep ProDesignTools’ readers informed and equipped with the latest news and downloads available!

  4. That Lizard Dude

    Any way you can get estimation release date from them? I think that could speed process up, since they would have kind of a deadline. Adobe keeps promising them soon, but come on, that’s a bit slow, since we expected them at least in December 2016…

    • Thanks for the thought. We wish something like that could help, but regrettably it has not been effective. Like a huge ship, they move to their own timeline. But rest assured, we are staying on the case and in close contact, and will not rest until this is solved for customers.

    • More good news this morning. Adobe informs us they just added the following guidance:

      We are working on making the additional download links available in the near future.

      On this page.

      This is the most public commitment they’ve made. We’re getting closer.

  5. Sebastian Theis

    “In the near future” could mean anything – from tomorrow to the end of the year. Oh boy …

  6. That Lizard Dude

    @Sebastian Theis

    Yeah, I bet that their near future will be AT LEAST > 1 or 2 months. Might as well wait for CC 2018…

  7. Abu Taleb
  8. Larry Brown

    Is there a direct download for 2015 Adobe CC?

  9. Amiya Adhikary


    Today is 10 February!! Still waiting………………!!!

  10. Amiya Adhikary

    Can we know the details about it ?

  11. Jason Pegg

    THANK YOU for continuing to provide these links. Not everyone realizes that you are not employed by Adobe and that you do this simply to support your readers. So thank you. Your links have saved me multiple times! Like you, I will patiently await the arrival of additional installers (in my case, Dreamweaver CC 2017).

    Thanks again!

  12. Amiya Adhikary

    Does “Adobe After Effects” support GPU acceleration with NVIDIA GeForce 940MX , with 2GB VRAM ?

  13. That Lizard Dude

    *Almost another month passes by*
    Any news from Adobe?

  14. That Lizard Dude

    I’m just happy you’re on the case 😀 thanks guys

  15. Amiya Adhikary

    I checked the CC system requirements !
    Actually, I want to know if the “ASUS Vivobook X556UQ” will be perfect for CC 2017 Applications?

  16. someone

    i had this issue when i tried to install cc 2017

    (adobe genuine software verification failure)

  17. Khoa Lai

    So, InDesign does not have an update?

  18. Amiya Adhikary

    How many times we still have to wait for a complete set of all direct download links for the CC 2017 releases?

  19. Anonymous


    Hey team! It’s the 4th of March today. Any word from Adobe about when all the 2017 DDLs will be available?

    • No, not yet – and no, we don’t have an explanation… We understand this is frustrating for customers, and will be making some more calls to Adobe this week. Thank you for asking, and feel free to check back in anytime.

  20. Martijn

    So where are the download links then? The big blue button doesn’t do anything.

    Can you not just list the download links on this page instead of linking with a url that doesn’t work?…

  21. Because of my slow internet connection, i can not complete the installation of adobe fuse from creative cloud. It will be very good if i can get a direct download link of the offline installer. So that i can download a installer and install this offline. Please help me.

  22. That Lizard Dude

    Hi again,
    did Adobe say anything new?

    • It sounds like our collective goal is getting closer, but then again, we’ve said that before…

      One thing we can say for sure is that the issue of needing direct download links & offline installers is definitely still alive within Adobe, and they do intend to get it addressed.

  23. Anonymous

    the only available download link is for the installer. No update links guys.

    • No, not yet. To date, we still only have the original CC 2017.0 release installers for about half the Creative Cloud tools… This is all Adobe has made available thus far. But that will be changing, hopefully soon. As soon as more direct downloads become available, we will publish them here.

  24. ALPESH

    Matrox MXO2LEMAX/D can support adobe CC 2017??

  25. Marv


    Adobe are so frustrating in this regard! I’m using CC2017 Indesign, Photoshop & Illustrator at work no problem.

    Having issues at home with the cloud tools & I need the offline installer for Indesign, since CC15 it is not compatible with CC17. At least Photoshop & Illustrator are easy to save in older formats. But with InDesign, the only way is to use IDML xml exports which never quite work properly & if I forget to export at work I can’t do anything at home. Argh!

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