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  1. Jose Luis De Moura

    What happened with the New update of ACR (Adobe Camera Raw)?
    Photoshop Camera Raw 10.0 (CC) is available, why isn’t it here?

  2. Stuart Silberman

    HOW COME NO INDESIGN on these back up sites? I downloaded 2018, but my client still has 2017 and we can’t talk to each other!

  3. Aung Myo Tun
  4. Zbigniew Bogacki

    Where to download previous versions of Animate CC 2017.1?

    In the Creative Cloud Desktop application, I can only install version CC 2017.5, but I need exactly the version CC 2017.1 (16.1). Unfortunately, Adobe doesn’t provide anymore direct download links for updates or I cannot find them.

  5. Q_Den

    There’s also Prelude 2017 offline installer available here.
    You might want to add it to your list of links.

  6. Good news – it looks like the logjam may be starting to free up…

    Over the past several days, we have been able to add a new direct download link to Prelude CC 2017 above – and just now this morning, Adobe has also made an offline installer for Muse CC 2017 available.

    So we have just added the direct link for Muse CC 2017 (version 2017.0.4) to the downloads list above.

  7. S

    where is the InDesign CC 2017?

  8. Joe


    Is there any word or the download links for the UPDATES to Adobe CC 2017?

    I have machines not on the Internet that need some of the Adobe CC 2017 Apps Patched.



    • Yes, totally understood Joe. We have a complete catalog of the updates for the CC 2015 release here for Windows and here for Mac.

      That was back when they were still using standard installer technology for all releases, so we were able to carefully collect and curate those. And of course, they’re a very important resource to have.

      But no, Adobe has not released standalone installers for the updates for CC 2017, unfortunately… We are not sure if these are forthcoming, but for starters we will be happy just to have a complete base set for all major apps in CC 2017 or CC 2018.

  9. Really great news this morning everyone – a complete set of new CC 2018 direct download links to virtually the entire Creative Cloud 2018 Release is now posted here:

    All the New Adobe CC 2018 Direct Download Links, Now Available!

    Please go ahead and download what you need from over 25 brand new apps, and please let us know if you have any issues or feedback.

    Thanks so much for all your patience. All of our hard work and hanging in there has finally paid off. Thank you, Adobe!

  10. ken wong

    just found out the CC 2017 downloads above will redirect to the adobe site and are only able to download the latest cc 2018 versions.

    • Apologies Ken, it looks like the Adobe server that was hosting the CC 2017 links was temporarily down – and so for a short time, these links were redirecting to the new CC 2018 installers instead…

      But good news: This outage has just been fixed and service restored, so that the direct links above now work again and do download the original CC 2017 installers.

      If you have any further issues, please let us know. Thanks!

  11. Gabby

    Hello, when i open the set up file for Adobe Illustrator cc 2017 it says that the installation cannot continue as the installer file may be damaged. I don’t know why it happens. How can I fix this?

  12. Micael

    Dreamweaver 2017??????????

  13. Why can’t I download InDesign CC 2017 again? Since downloading InDesign CC 2018, ID CC 2017 was removed from my computer. Now we are in a terrible mess because we must open some 2017 documents and are unable to do so. We’ve paid for 2017. Why would Adobe remove it and not have an option to either keep it or download it again. Seems we are not the only ones with this situation. Clients, freelancers and our other departments only have 2017. We can no longer “talk” to each other. The 2017 link downloads 2018 AGAIN! Very upset with this situation.

  14. Lahai

    I have downloaded Adobe Media Encoder CC2017 but after installing, it won’t open

    • What is the exact error or precise message (exact text) that you receive?

      We would need more details about your system and the problem you’re facing in order to help.

      You can also try redownloading the installer, as suggested in the comments above.

  15. Elizabeth

    Any news on just the CC 2017 updates? There was a nice update to Illustrator (2017.1) that included the crop tool that the base program does not have. But I don’t want to upgrade to 2018. My system auto-updated itself and I lost my updated version of 2017. I’ve backpeddled to the base 2017 above, but would love that update…

  16. Nikki Robinson

    When I try to install the Adobe Photoshop CC 2017, I get an error saying that the installation files are corrupted. I see other users have this issue. How can I get this resolved?

    • Sorry, we haven’t heard that. What is the exact error message you’re receiving (word-for-word), and have you tried googling that precise text? Often that will turn up a solution.

      Also, have you tried redownloading using a different web browser and/or computer, and another Internet connection? Use a wired (faster and more robust) connection instead of Wi-Fi, if possible.

      Hope that helps.

  17. Me

    Worst website. Downloaded illustrator cc 2017 twice and didn’t work.

  18. Phi

    Just to clarify,
    Will I be redirected to or be facing problems where Adobe Creative Cloud will be prompted and/or appear? I would like to use this program as a standalone program and avoid the use of Adobe Creative Cloud.


  19. BUHE

    Does this actually work, please tell me as i am about to download it and i don’t want to sit there for 2 days waiting for it to download and then it doesn’t work. Please respond

  20. Jose Luis De Moura

    Hey guys, a New update of ACR 10.1 (Adobe Camera Raw) is available today!
    When will you put it here?

  21. Luigi

    Hey, would you be able to post the 2017 Dreamweaver offline installer (if it exists). Thank you.

  22. Shamim

    It’s nice, your website – Thanks

  23. Anonymous

    how to free adobe photoshop cc 2017 download

  24. hatnaa
  25. roberto pino

    ya habran las actualizaciones para el cc2017

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