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  1. Stephen Cupp

    I need to install the 32bit Photoshop on my 64bit Windows machine because I have plugin I rely on that was never updated to 64bit. The Creative Cloud app only installs the 64-bit version.

  2. Klaus

    But we do not always have the ability to have internet , or worse yet those without fast internet can no longer update properly.

    Some time ago , for example , due to slow internet , a windows system update was installed wrong , forcing me to format the pc ! It could happen to programs like Photoshop !

    Also with these past updates , it allows you to have a physical copy of the facilities that you can keep ; but if we are forced to do the automatic updates , we will be forced to also switch to later versions even if we do not want …

  3. Conner

    Damnit Adobe. Back in the day, I could just go to the download page on of the product and download any patch I wanted. Now, though, I have to install everything through this damn cloud. Sure I can revert to the major version numbers, but what if I want a particular patch? The only solution is to download every installer and hoard them. Now I can’t even do that? Why do you always have to make things so frustrating for me!?

  4. Arjun

    We have to wait ..a little, Adobe will change it.

  5. Ahmed Elalfi

    Wow, Adobe put so much effort to mess things up every single time they come up with new idea… I’ve been following how this new install works on my PC through monitoring the where the files goes during the download nad Oh Boy folders here and there in the temp folder and then on the C: then all get erased afterwords. and that begs the question why they’re trying to achieve by creating such nonsense ? I mean why trying so hard to mess things up make it super hard for the customers to simply get an offline installers like all software developers offer!

  6. Ian

    A Massive disappointment. I have one machine connected to the internet and another that is only occasionally connected. It’s internet data limit is very small and thus I can’t download all the updates through the manager. Points 2-4 in your list… Not the whole world has fast almost-uncapped internet!!!!

  7. Melorama

    This is horrifying news. Due to the physical connectivity limitations of where my office is located, I used to download the standalone Adobe CC installers & updates at home, where I could use my high-speed internet connection to quickly download them and copy them to a thumbdrive so I could bring them into work and update all of my machines.

    I am having trouble understanding how Adobe doesn’t understand the importance of making standalone installers available for people in situations like myself. It shows a troubling cluelessness as to the real-world needs of its professional customers.

  8. Jim Coote

    Very disappointed with the new system. I had 9 new updates waiting when I returned from holiday. Not a single download worked. Ridiculous.This idea has obviously been very poorly validated.

  9. Mark Persaud

    I am so disappointed with Adobe, with my internet connection i am dead cause it’s freaking slow where i am from.
    I hope they bring back the offline installers. Adobe, you suck this time. pissed off!!!!!!!

  10. Here’s why we need direct download links. The updates show up in my CC app, but when i try to download, the download fails every time. Escalated to Adobe Support and waiting to hear back, but unacceptable.

  11. Haraldur

    Time to quit the cloud subscription and start buying into other wonderful apps with offline installers that do similar stuff ?

  12. Affinity Designer
  13. baronvonf

    Ridiculous for all of the reasons already posted.

    Not everyone has superfast internet connections, and downloads of the XX.5 versions on my Mac are throttled by my ISP because of the Multiple connections. Forget trying to download on a WiFi device!

  14. Sherlock

    I wonder why Adobe took this route, though they can clearly foresee all those listed possible scenarios where this new technology is not going to be an effective solution? I assume it will make the downloads faster and may be it also uses the P2P technology (as in torrents) where it could be downloaded from multiple sources (reducing load on Adobe servers?). May be they could curb piracy as well.

    If things are going like this, it wouldn’t take too long to package Photoshop like a Chrome App and make everything cloud based! For instance, a user selects Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and then the app will load that module from cloud! And they can charge for each module (What about the app flashing, apply Gaussian Blur now and get a 10% discount! 😉 Maybe it wouldn’t go to this level.), like the base app for a fixed amount then can add modules, à la carte kind of thing.

    May be one day the Internet will be free and fast for all and software companies could completely rely on cloud-based tools. Until then standalone applications are the best viable option, as far as I understand.

  15. Jake

    This will hose many users and is a mammoth misstep on Adobe’s part, though apparently they don’t realize it yet.

    Hope they come to their senses and bring back DDL, before the waves of cancellations hit them because folks can’t get or manage their software.

  16. Shane Smith

    Very disappointing. Not everybody has a ultra fast connection not to mention having to download every update multiple times for every single computer in an office is time wasted and bandwidth eaten.

  17. John

    It is tantamount to have the ability to perform an offline installation. For security reasons, there are PCs using as workstations that are /never/ connected to the internet. It is annoying enough to perform all that “activation” stuff, and the cyclic renewal of subscription information. Annoying, but understandable.

    But to insist of tearing down security principles for updates and/or installations?

    Until now we’ve downloaded the offline installer on some non-windows PC, transferred it (after a virus check) to the secure workstation and were able to use it.

    No, Adobe, dropping offline installation is a VERY BAD IDEA.

    Don’t do it.

  18. Support Manager

    As a Support/IT/MIS Technician, the whole cloud-based tools is very frustrating at times as often either Customers or even internal employees who use many various products including of course Adobe products both older and newer depending on their systems need to have such as myself work on their systems when they break or can’t get something working right.

    Yes sometimes it is simply user error, but also often I will need to uninstall something completely which includes OS systems of Windows and Apple (some older some up to date also) and in doing so if they do not have a copy of their installer (usually not the case) I will have to DL them to reinstall for them and get their systems up and running for what they had before or at times can actually update them with a full installer by using one fast connection to get the appropriate installer, be it a complete suite or individual programs.

    Although I do see the advantages for the newer approach and it is great probably for Adobe and for some corporations that have superb bandwidth, it doesn’t work for a lot of companies or places well if at all. Remember also a lot of clients intentionally keep some production machines off-line for security reasons or they’re simply using machines within a locked down subnet of their own network also.

    It is much easier for someone such as myself to be able to get a full installer one one machine and then to distribute it accordingly to the appropriate machine or machines that can not or may not due to security reasons be allowed external network access to begin with. then there is the bandwidth issue for some where they may even have network access but downloading and updating their apps and machines may actually strain their network and slow it down so much when too many may try to do the same thing at once that the company can not do external business communications which in turn costs the companies more money in lost revenue due to downtime.

    Please make Full Installers and Updaters available as an option for downloading alongside the new technology.

  19. Artem

    I need links because I have 2 computers offline. Please bring back links again!

  20. Brusky

    it’s a disgusting way to keep/increase license revenue… we don’t have to use high-speed connection and pay more money, adobe only thinks about its pocket. this is adobe’s helplessness! go to hell adobe

  21. Tobias Bechtle

    You know what is really funny? I had a problem installing the Creative Cloud App for a few months (Good old error 1001). I started to fix this problem and i called the adobe Support. They said i should come to THIS Site and download the Version and that will work.
    It worked and now i wanted to install the newest version of Photoshop and co.

    But there it was again, another Error *GOSH ADOBE GET YOUR SH** TOGETHER*.
    Error 123 – normally for a not constant internet connection, but that is not right.
    So i called Adobe again today and i think you know what they said.

    “I will send you a link to Pro Design tools where you can download the latest versions of Adobe there.”

    But it is not possible anymore.

    So you see, even Adobe Support sends their customers directly to this site to download the versions because they don´t have anything like this set in their Answer list. And what now? I will call the support again and ask how we can fix this. It is so disappointing when this happens. On my MacBook Pro everything is working, but not on my main Machine.

  22. Ali

    What goes through their Minds?!
    All mentioned reasons are valid and true.

    Main reasons for me are:
    1. Very slow and unreliable internet connection again with massive amount of data for downloading Adobe CC (many GB).
    2. One offline system which for good reason i can not connect it to internet.

  23. Since Adobe switched to this Cloud thingy, we have so many problems. We have 2 high school locations with VMWare enviroments. There is no way we can install any adobe product via this Cloud. So I had to take many efforts to install products directly on to the virtual image, but then again, problems came out of nowhere, like licensing, missing DLL errors, some other stupid errors which had no logic at all, etc. I spend more time searching for solutions since this CC disaster. And recently I stumbled into this website with these wonderful direct downloads! Our Illustrator issue was solved immediately and I was happy to see more downloads. I’m planning to install more apps via this website, but now I see this post about new issues on Adobe’s strategy. Again, Adobe does not care about schools and other environments when it comes to effortless installs for easy deployments of their software. It becomes more unfriendly every time they issue an new release. Adobe, get your head out of your ass and think twice before releasing new stuff and ideas!!

  24. sbarex

    I downloaded photoshop on osx. From system Activity monitor it is possible to view all opened files of the installer process.
    You can see that the installer downloaded in a temporary folder some zip files. For example the camera raw, a common library and the photoshop application. The zip of the app is 818Mb! So the process doesn’t split the file in different parts and there is no convenience of this approach.
    Inside the zip (removed after the installation) there isn’t a standalone installer but the application and many files and folders.

  25. Bob Sampson

    @Shane Smith
    Now there are some other bits of software that are nearly as good a Photoshop. I can see them rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of all the new customers they could get if people can no longer download the new CC products.

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