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  1. Daniel

    Thanks for helping the less privileged with all this knowledge. God bless you.

  2. thanks for this post

  3. YACOB
  4. milton

    Re: the Adobe Design Basics book

    Thank you very much I have always been waiting for this moment to learn about adobe. May God bless you



    Thanks for all your support.

  6. Anonymous

    u keep referring me to another website where i need to join to download the books. It’s a waste of time if i can’t get it directly from u. Thanks

    • Sorry for any difficulty you may be having. All the books come from different publishers and places/sites. Some come direct from Adobe, but most do not.

      It would absolutely not be allowed for us to reproduce any of them, or copy them all into one place… We have to respect each author’s copyright, and their source & means to provide the books.

      What we’ve done collect all the information on these helpful resources to provide to our readers. Most Adobe customers were not aware of all of these free books, and the vast majority of visitors here are grateful for them.

  7. ramesh

    Thank You Very much

  8. Anonymous
  9. Anonymous
  10. AbdelHadi
  11. eyal shafir

    hi, i wanted to download the ebook on the adobe premiere cs6 video editing software so i will know how to operate the software, but i couldn’t get the free book – the one with the many pages.
    can you send me the link so i can download the book without too much trouble

    • Not sure – what problem or issue did you have? Did you receive any error or other message? It’s hard to help without more details.

      We just tested the link for the free Premiere Pro book and it worked fine, and downloaded the 175-page ebook without difficulty. Unfortunately we cannot send the book to you any other way as we are not allowed to redistribute or violate copyright laws.

      Did you try with a different web browser – or using another computer or device? That’s really the first thing to check.

      Also, are you blocking or filtering anything with your browser(s) – like cookies, downloads, or any sites or URLs? Adobe recommends turning those things off…

      Or are you running any utilities that might restrict your web surfing – like Ghostery, AdBlock, or Disconnect? Or possibly your firewall, antivirus program (esp. Kaspersky), or other third-party security software? It could be because of over-aggressive software or utilities like these. Again, for downloads, Adobe suggests temporarily turning off anything that might be interfering.

      An alternative would be to try downloading the book PDF’s for mobile usage and reading with a tablet/iPad or smartphone/iPhone… That would avoid any issues with the desktop and then you could then share the books back to your computer using Dropbox, Box, or Creative Cloud online storage.

      Hope that helps!

  12. Tope Fadeyi

    i want to be useful to God and to the nation by not remaining idle. Thank you

  13. Anonymous

    a big THANK YOU..!!!!

  14. Rob Beckett

    Thanks for the information and the post

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