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  1. mk

    what do you think of terminal server -based working. i don’t want the cloud, i want the application.

    now i have to remove reg keys and all sorts of %%@#$ that i don`t need/want.

  2. Jürgen

    Ok, so i assume Adobe has told you crap and nothing will happen …

    It’s now weeks gone and no sign of offline installers. something adobe should be able to create in a week.

  3. joshua
  4. Please respond to my comment at the following link to keep these Adobe monkeys busy… You’ll notice the Staffer on this thread does not seem to understand the problem:

    This is what I posted on the forum above:

    I don’t find anything above to be helpful. It is easy to see why Adobe ignores our plight, their staff are numbnuts that don’t understand the problems – request a DVD???? Geez, our new Macs don’t have a superdrive..
    Why do I want individual installers – hey, so I can let it run overnight on my Slooooooowwwww internet connection and  then umm date my desktop MacPro and my super portable iMac which I take away on my business travels.
    Now, if I had to use the crappy Cloud installer then the downloads would take x2 and inevitably crash.

    Following is how I really feel about the Adobe Clown organisation:

    Adobe is not getting its act together, they are becoming a lazy, overbearing and ignorant organisation who have put their misguided ideals before their loyal customers wishes and requirements. I feel this way because they continue to ignore the pain a lot of their customers are feeling.
    Is it right that paying customers cannot receive what they pay for? Is this fraud??? Can I sue the Adobe behemoth, maybe not. Can a huge group of us sue adobe, damn right we can.

    It wasn’t that long ago that I convinced many people to use Adobe Products, great user experience, almost as fanatical those of us that love the MacOS. So now, Adobe has chosen to annoy us to the very core, hey, they even have chosen to make Acrobat DC an oddity with their NEW and stupid save-as screen – huh, is Apple’s finder not good enough, bollocks to you Adobe for messing up my ability to quickly navigate to where I need to go – stupid, stupid, stupid…

    Bring back offline installers!

  5. Nothing happening? Latest post to the above stream:

    Anyone know of any VERY good class action lawyers There are those that think increasing this thread is going to kickstart Adobe into action, nah, not a hope. I’ve been using illustrator since version 1 on a MacPlus, how’s that for loyalty; now I cannot stomach the reprobates.
    They are the ones now taking our money on a monthly basis and giving nothing in return. Can’t update the software, but stop paying and the software is gone.

    Good one Adobe, hope you are actually bothering to look at this thread, you might learn something about business ethics!!!

  6. Another friendly rant on the Adobe Forum above:

    I installed InDesign CC 2015 2 months ago, on my system it is version What is strange is that Creative Cloud is telling me that InDesign CC 2015 is a required update. What am I to think Adobe, is it me or my newish MacPro that is mad. I know it can’t be Adobe because the last thing they want to do is confuse me with updating the same thing 3 times.
    Let’s go to my favourite program, Illustrator. I persevered with the download bollocks 2 months ago and am running Illustrator CC 2015.3 (system says it is Version 20.0.0). Guess what, clever little Creative Cloud is telling me I need to upgrade to Illustrator CC 2015.3.
    Now, I don’t know what you people out there think of this little story, me, it just shows you what problems are permeating Adobe, perhaps Warnock and Geschke should fall on their swords and spare us any more misery – hi geeks, you listening???

  7. noelle cooper

    What is all this about? I got this link to update – but I see no link. I updated my OS and now I get a message that I need to sign in for a trial. I paid big bucks, I didn’t get a trial. Please explain!!

  8. baronvon fancypants

    I received an invitation from Adobe to become a member of the Adobe Customer Advisors. (Though in true Adobe irony, the link to confirm my e-mail address and activate my account is not working!).

    Anyway, if anyone else out there receives this invite, I would urge you to accept. I can think of no better way to let Adobe know that their discontinuing/crippling of the direct downloads for their products is untenable at best, and will lose them customers at worst.

  9. baronvon fancypants

    I can appreciate the hesitancy about the origin of the e-mail, but I got this invite to my work e-mail. I’ve never signed up to anything (other than the CC subscription) with my work e-mail address, nor shared it with anyone outside of my organization. Plus, I was able to access the site even though our IT department blocks EVERYTHING; even sites we need to access for stock photos and fonts!
    I suppose it could be a data breach situation, but I feel that it’s legit.

  10. Jacky

    You mentioned in the updated post “…best course of action at this time is to contact Adobe Customer Support and ask for direct download links (via live online chat is usually fastest).”

    Have people had luck getting them?
    Would somebody like to share all the direct links to the public after he/she asked Customer Service?

  11. Andrew Forrester

    Hi all, I had a major problem updating the CC desktop app and all the CC apps – it wasn’t a slow connection problem (I’m on a LAN connection), but all the downloads stopped after 2% and I kept getting different error messages. Cleaning the installation and uninstall/reinstall didn’t work (I ended up losing all my apps and had to use the old offline installers to keep working …

    Anyway, I went onto the Adobe chat support, and a very helpful person tried cleaning the installation – didn’t work (I had already told him it wouldn’t). So he said that the problem was the permissions on two Adobe folders, one in the system library, and one in the user library (Library > Application Support > Adobe). He added another user (“Everyone”) to both folders (in the Cmd > Get info window) and made this user “Read only”. He then installed the latest CC desktop app, which he sent to me by WeTransfer. After the desktop app had installed everything worked! No more download problems.

    So if you have problems with update downloads on a normal or fast internet connection I recommend trying this – it took 5 minutes. This is apparently an installer problem, as these folders are created by the Adobe installer; apparently the installer doesn’t always set up the read/write permissions on these folders correctly, as I didn’t change anything myself. I’m running Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10.5) on a 2013 27″ iMac.


  12. Rob Christensen

    @Andrew Forrester

    Andrew: On the Mac you have the risk that the system sets tight permissions for folders, that do not get the right permissions from the start.

    I too had support trying to install after problems, and lost more than a day of working time to them with no result.

    When after numerous tries the case was escalated, they sent me a link for a Desktop installer dmg, which at that time was at Adobe’s own site. (I see that now you can download it from this page.) I repeatedly told Adobe support that they did not know what they were doing. Each supporter clearly worked through a list and seemed not to be able to go further than what the list told. They also had a very varied knowledge of the Macintosh system. They did change permissions on folders. They created a root user and tried to install from there, then they blamed it all on my network.

    But there are two ends in a network connection. When I monitored the connection, I could see that only small packages were sent with everything from one to ten seconds in between. A slow connection from their side. Mine is fast enough. It took more than 30 minutes to get less than half of the download for the CC desktop app, when using it. Then it stopped. The dmg took less than a minute to download and less than a minute to install. Same network on my side, different on theirs. That is a real good reason to have installers to download.

    • Andrew Forrester

      @Rob Christensen

      Hi Rob, yes, I wasted a lot of time with someone on the Adobe Phone support line as well; obviously the guy I got on the chat support was more on the ball …

      And I agree absolutely that even though my problem was solved, we still need the standalone installers. The whole online infrastructure is too fragile. If you pay for a product you must be able to use it at any time, not just when the Adobe servers are running well, or when you have a fast connection.


  13. David XXX

    I have read upper here the notice about this link:

    Very great news but i have some questions about this………… with this i can choose how i want to install and what i want to install ?? For example, i don’t want to install the creative cloud because i don’t use it and for me it’s useless (the adobe manager working also good for picking the upgrade in next future)…..

    And i have another question.. for illustrator:
    On the same link, i see the upgrade 2015.3.1 (release 20.0.1) but no installer / standalone pack – it’s available ??

  14. David XXX

    And for illustrator…… i see the Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.3.1 Update (64-bit), but is this the latest standalone ?? After that, how i can upgrade to this 2015.3.1 ??

    • Hi David, at this point Adobe has only released the direct download links and standalone installers for the latest versions of Photoshop CC (2015.5)… They have not yet publicly released the offline installers for any other current CC application.

      When you use those Photoshop installers, note that it will install to the disk location and program language that are set in the Preferences of your CC Desktop app (with reasonable defaults)… So it is possible to install it elsewhere on your computer besides C:\, as well as with a different language – but for now you have to indicate that by using the Desktop app.

      If you want/need standard installers for the latest versions of all other CC 2015.x applications, we have been told that the best course of action at this time is to use this link to contact Adobe Customer Support and ask for direct download links.

      However, we continue our discussions with Adobe to publicly release direct download links for the most recent versions of all CC applications – and you can express your feedback about this and requests directly to the company here:

      Creative Cloud Download & Install Forum

      and here:

      Adobe Feature Request/Bug Report Form

      Hope that helps.

  15. starling

    i live in the countryside and have poor internet, and need the adobe cc 2016 direct links for installing on my offline computer.

    has anybody here already requested them from cust. service ?

    how has it worked ? was it easy to get them or hard ?

    thx in advance !

  16. avi smile


    When you use those Photoshop installers, note that it will install to the disk location and program language that are set in the Preferences of your CC Desktop app (with reasonable defaults)… So it is possible to install it elsewhere on your computer besides C:\, as well as with a different language – but for now you have to indicate that by using the Desktop app.

    How could someone set these settings (location & language) without internet connection?

  17. avi smile

    As long i don’t log in to my Adobe account i can’t set any preferences.

    (is there a way to set the preferences even without logging in to an adobe account? [maybe through a XML file?])

    Thanks in advance

    • As far as we are aware, you do need to log in with your Adobe ID to set the Preferences in the CC Desktop app.

      You also need to log in to initially activate the CC tools, even for a computer that remains disconnected from the Internet for most of the time (Adobe does not offer offline activation for Creative Cloud software).

      But once you have your preferences set for the language and install location, you should be able to disconnect the system and use the offline CC 2015.5 installers.

  18. Mike

    Any news of an eventual release of the standalone installers for this new Adobe CC batch ?

  19. Jochen

    adobe is being very shortsighted here… sorry.

    adobe does not stop warez with this, or whatever the reason is for no offline installers.

    in fact the warez version apparently installs and licenses with one click on the setup file.

    all adobe is doing is annoying its loyal customers.

  20. Jochen

    true 🙂

    but the fact is it would install with a single click of a button.

    while adobe annoys the hell out of me with their cloud app…

  21. Lokutuis

    damn adobe… if they don’t give me offline installers then are they forcing me to look for them elsewhere?

  22. Melbar

    I guess it’s fair to say that Adobe is just ignoring customers’ requests.

    Honestly they are telling you nonsense, Prodesigntools!

  23. andy

    perhaps we should all face facts, there are no real plans to continue offline installers.
    we either bend over and enjoy it or not, but bend over we will just have to it seems

  24. Peter

    All beautifully! But I want to install the program on the partition D:. How to do it?

    • Actually this is possible. As mentioned in the comments above, these new installers will install to the disk location and program language that are set in the Preferences of your CC Desktop app (with reasonable defaults)…

      So it is possible to install it elsewhere on your computer (e.g., a different drive or partition besides C:\), as well as with a different language – but you have to indicate that beforehand using the Creative Cloud Desktop app.

  25. Thanks for the Download links, now we just need the updaters as they happen – i.e. Adobe Illustrator 2015.3.1, etc

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