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  1. Will

    Why isn’t anyone using the “Adobe Creative Cloud Packager” – it works good, and has full offline installers… no stress 🙂

  2. Full Sentence Please


    Because it only works for Team and Enterprise users and not us mortals?

  3. herve

    C’est vraiment des enfoirés les gars de chez adobe…
    On ne peu plus acheter de version complete sans abonnement et maintenant plus de update offline…consternant….

  4. Will

    Full Sentence Please:

    Because the CC Packager only works for Team and Enterprise users and not us mortals?

    I’m not sure if that is actually correct, Adobe doesn’t promote the links for the Adobe Creative Cloud Packager setup, but I’m pretty sure it works 😉

    Note: If you get “Access Denied” when clicking, then you probably have to follow these download instructions first to access those direct links:

    • Actually, what he said is true. Most people have Creative Cloud for Individuals memberships. Per Adobe, the CC Packager is “applicable for both Adobe Creative Cloud for teams and Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise customers.”

      So you do need one of those subscriptions in order to use the Creative Cloud Packager Utility (and most people do not have these, but upgrades are available). Otherwise you will receive this message when you try to use the utility:

      The Adobe CC Packager Utility for Creative Cloud

  5. I have run into a similar problem from 2014.1 version. MXF decode error in Premiere Pro. Kindly help.

  6. Will

    Again, not true. I created a lovely package, signed in with an account which has no subscriptions or licenses associated with it.

    1. Create Package
    2. Named License and package name.
    3. Well….

    Creating a Package with the Adobe CC Packager

  7. Will

    Sorry – forgot to add the first step, select “Creative Cloud for Enterprise”

  8. bob


    I will tell you guys in 1 min if Will is correct or not. I have no membership and am trying it.

  9. bob

    excuse me prodesign, how do i attach pics here?

    • Hey Bob, you can just upload it to or and then include that link in your comment… Use the “direct link” if possible; we can then convert that to an inline image once posted here.

  10. bob

    well, using the cloud packager works, although kind of unstable. yes, you can sign in and use it, and make install files (setup file and supporting folders we are used to seeing after extracting previous normal offline installers). you build all the guts and the guts is what you get (as the offline installer). so it works, just have to select CREATE CLOUD FOR ENTERPRISE, and then choose NAMED LICENSE under LICENSE TYPE, etc,.

    but i would not recommend this to people.
    1. half the apps available to make installers for seem to be older versions. i installed dreamweaver and it is 2015.0 here. the list looked limited too, nothing clearly new (except for top few). see Will’s pic for example.
    sure for dreamweaver i could have added the update, but was just a minor fix update from looks of it.

    2. illustrator and photoshop don’t even boot up from start menu. complain about some api ms runtime dll missing.

    – i didn’t try any more apps. for record i using windows 7 sp1 32-bit and have installed adobe products on here before no problem, including photoshop etc.

    – so as far as Will saying “no stress” — that’s a joke. adobe can’t seem to get away from messy process when it comes to offline stuff (since cs6 at least). basically this workaround kind of feels like LINUX to a newbie and that is exactly why i wouldn’t suggest anyone use it unless you like messing around.

    – Will had smooth ride for some reason, not for no reason. the point here is that whatever reason i didn’t could too easily be yours (not to mention what else could be lurking as a problem waiting to happen).

  11. AGAiN

    Is the use of Adobe CC Packager a 100% legitimate way to download the official CC 2015.5 files ? What I’m trying to ascertain is whether Adobe sanction the use of this method, because if they truly do, then surely Adobe would have publicly informed it’s subscribers of this. Since Adobe hasn’t, in my mind the use of Adobe CC Packager surely could not be classed as an approved workaround to getting the official CC 2015.5 files (for those who do not fall in the categories of CC for Teams, CC for Education, CC for governments, or the corporate use of CC).

    It would appear to me that the utilization of Adobe CC Packager by those not in any of the aforementioned groups could be classed as the inclination to head in the footsteps of the software pirates, albeit the very first footstep.

    It’s now become quite apparent almost four weeks since the launch of the 2016 release of CC, in an attempt to thwart software piracy by intentionally not providing proper executable setups for the individual application for CC (but rather ZIPs without a setup for Windows), instead of “professional” experienced software pirates releasing the latest-and-greatest Adobe software within days of the official release, as they have always done for the last decade, this year has seen the average Adobe user totally miffed and bewildered with the entire downloading process, and consequently resorting to non-sanctioned routes to sourcing the CC files directly from Adobe.

    Adobe have scored a result in that, to my knowledge, as of yet the official software pirate responsible for the last decade of Adobe piracy, four weeks on still has not released their warez. However, Adobe have shot themselves in the foot with ethically and morally responsible people attempting to seek alternative ways of downloading, which invariably will lead these good folk onto the path of criminality. Though it may not appear to be seen to be wrong to use the Adobe CC Packager, from Adobe’s perspective, it’s use may well be contrary to the EULA (end-user license agreement).

    Sorry to be crude, but sometimes other more dignified and politically-correct statements simply do not carry the message succinctly enough – Come on Adobe, get your arse into gear and make those single direct download links available. Whilst you’re at it, with this year having been a disaster for the CC 2016 release from a download perspective and the fact the 2016 release of Dreamweaver and InDesign, for example, have not been finalized yet. So it’s high time Adobe resurrected the Master and Production Premium Collections. Come on, you know you can do it. Don’t be a major league cock-up… (whoops, pardon my French, for I’m getting very agitated to say the least).

  12. Will

    Seems Adobe is not telling PDT the full story…

  13. Samuel Arton

    I can confirm what Will has said. It does seem possible to download installers with the Creative Cloud Packager using the steps he’s said.

    1. Select Creative Cloud for Enterprise
    2. Sign in with ID
    3. Create package name, download location, select Named License, and click Next
    4. Select the applications you want and click Build

    I’m still downloading the package, so I am yet to test it out if it installs.

  14. avi smile


    I downloaded the offline installer of Photoshop cc2015.5, how could i customize the installation (like choosing installation folder language etc.)


    • Thanks, yes – it’s only Photoshop so far, and there are some caveats that Adobe is working on. We are still waiting for cohesiveness in how the ESD packages are handled, including providing standard installers for all the other CC applications.

      Another point is that for some reason the CC Desktop App won’t completely recognize when the new install is performed outside of it. So both we and Adobe are investigating and pursuing these issues further.

      So you might want to hold off on using that for now, until Adobe gets the standalone installers working 100% perfectly… Also to pull in all the other CC tools.

      Here is the latest we have (7/1/2016) from the Adobe Product Manager who is working on this:

      I had a meeting with support leadership and the installer team. The plan is to post the ESDs for more products but I don’t have an ETA. Next week is a company-wide shutdown in the US – but hopefully the international team & support can get them posted.

      Will stay on top of it.

      If you do decide to use that installer, note that it will install to the disk location and program language that are set in the Preferences of your CC Desktop app (with reasonable defaults).

  15. David, but not the same one

    Well, the “company-wide shutdown” in the US should be over now. Hopefully they get them out next week. I don’t know what’s worse. Not putting them out at the beginning, or telling their customers that they will do it, but not doing it for three weeks after announcing that they plan to do so.

  16. How to Create a Standalone Installer Package of Adobe Creative Cloud (Offline Installer)

    => Creative Cloud Packager: ->

    => Direct Download Links
    -> Windows:
    -> Mac:

    => Extract ->
    => Run -> Setup.exe

    => Creative Cloud Packager
    -> Choose Creative Cloud for Enterpise (Enterprise Term License Agreement)

    => Adobe ID (Sign in or Sign up)
    -> Get an Adobe ID ->

    => Create Package
    -> Package name: Adobe Creative Cloud 2015
    -> Save to: Wherever you want
    -> License type: Named License
    -> 32-bit/64-bit: Whichever you have
    -> Next

    => Applications & Updates
    -> Language -> English (North America)
    -> Select Applications
    -> Build

    => Progress

    => Summary -> Close

    => Uninstall Adobe IT tools (Creative Cloud Packager)

  17. Peter

    Access Denied
    You don’t have permission to access “…/AdobeProducts/KCCP/1/win32/” on this server.

  18. David XXX

    Is there some news for standalone installers ? On my desktop i have downloaded some weeks ago this ->, but there’s no standalone and i can’t choose for example if i want to install this on D: (like i already did for my previous cc15).

    Thanks for some news……

  19. David XXX

    About @Yolaws:
    Yes…… your suggestion can download the full offline installer like i already did…… but after that you can’t change how you want to install photoshop and/or illustrator and all apps have been installed on C:\.

    I want to install it on D:……

    • Hey David, it’s still only Photoshop so far, and we are still waiting for standard ESD installers for all the other CC applications from Adobe. Their company-wide U.S. shutdown has just ended, so we are hoping for further news this week.

      Regarding that single Photoshop installer, for some reason the CC Desktop App won’t completely recognize when the new install is performed outside of it. So you might want to hold off on using that for now, until Adobe gets the standalone installers working 100% perfectly… Also to pull in all the other CC tools.

      If you do decide to use that installer, note that it will install to the disk location and program language that are set in the Preferences of your CC Desktop app (with reasonable defaults). So it is possible to install it elsewhere on your computer besides C:\, as well as with a different language – but for now you have to use that workaround.

      Hope that helps!

  20. Denis

    You need to sign in to your Adobe account.

  21. Larry

    Does anybody know how to update the applications?
    Do I have to check (or not) both or just one box on the page where I set my save directory and package name?

  22. Peter

    Thank you guys for your help in signing in before downloading.

    The method shared by @Will and @Yolaws worked for me, but here are two issues I had, so that other users may be aware of them:

    1) Although I chose “Specify directory during deployment” in Package Configurations, when I installed, it automatically installed all applications in a default location; never asked me.

    2) The package automatically installs all applications that are packaged; you don’t get to create a full package and then chose which applications to install on deployment.

  23. Cyrille


    If you want to install the CC package somewhere else besides the default directory, try this:

    How Can I Change the Install Directory When Deploying the Package?

  24. Alexander
  25. Mark Persaud

    damn, all this is confusing, guess i will not be upgrading anytime soon. Is this the way Adobe doing things now? sad

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