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Free! Download 10 Professional, Royalty-Free Adobe Stock Images of Your Choice
  1. Ninasphere

    Hi, I desperately need to download the CS4 trial files for a job I start on Monday, but whenever I do, I get a blank page and a message saying:

    HTTP ERROR: 404 /support/downloads/dlm/main.jsp


    Thanks so much

  2. alan

    The instructions show how to get rid of the error message. Simply start to download the Photoshop that has a link in the above instructions, but don’t actually download it. It’s as though a window is open that allows downloads. The instructions above explain it well.

  3. MrGeRM

    Hi Ninasphere – I don’t know if you were able to get this resolved, but I was getting the same error message. I was able to get the CS4 to download after installing Adobe Air. I used Firefox and had to use the “Alt” key when I clicked the download file. This worked for me.

  4. sign in first at with adobe ID, then click on the links you want to download

  5. Richard

    @ MrGeRM

    I can confirm this method worked. I couldn’t download the files by trying download Photoshop CS6, but when I downloaded Adobe Air using Firefox, and ran the installer, I could download the files.

  6. FFL!

    Thanks!!! This site’s a lifesaver. I had question that maybe u could answer.

    I was trying to reformat my Mac HD on my Mac Air. So I used my iPod as a storage space to transfer all of my files and applications including Adobe CS4 Design Premium by dragging them all into the iPod. After I was done reformatting, I dragged everything back on to the Mac Air. When I try to open Photoshop, I get a message something about the licensing not valid. So I dragged all of the Adobe programs into the trash. I didn’t know that I had to uninstall the adobe program.

    So I used AppCleaner to hopefully uninstall whatever remmants of Adobe there was. My iPod still has all of my files and applications (but don’t know if I have to uninstall them in the iPod, in order to get it valid on my Mac Air). I know my serial number is valid. Would u think that the downloaded version that u provided would help get back the Adobe CS4 programs I’ve lost? Thanks for any advice.

    • Yes, sorry, that kind of transfer technique won’t work – it breaks the licensing system for the software… Normally you just uninstall the program from the computer you want to upgrade or reformat, then reinstall it. The iPod isn’t going to accomplish that for you – so now you can just forget it’s even there.

      What you need to do now is download the trial installation package above for the product you have, and reinstall it. Then enter your valid serial number to activate it permanently, and you should be good.

      Hope this helps!

  7. Robin

    I have downloaded them but it keeps asking me what program open the files with? all the files are in my dl folder.

  8. Robin

    sorry my IT didnt put winzip or winrar back on the pc. lol fixed now ^^

    • Glad it worked out Robin, but actually you shouldn’t need WinZip or WinRAR – just run the first file you downloaded here (the .exe) and that will extract everything for you…

      If you don’t have an .exe file, then it’s possible the extension got dropped by your (IE) browser, so just rename the file to add it back on.

  9. jared

    Do I download both files on AE CS4 for Windows?

  10. Dieter Moreno

    @ Ninasphere

    I’m having the same problem as Nina!

    Error HTTP 404

    “HTTP ERROR: 404 /support/downloads/dlm/main.jsp

    even when I am logged into Adobe in another tab, and there is no place to log into Adobe on that web page

    What do I do? I can’t find a way to look at previous comments on this page so please respond here with a solution to this silly problem that everyone experiences.

  11. Ariel Rose


    I tried to download Flash CS4, I’ve downloaded it, but when I click setup.exe, it doesn’t do anything!

    • Hey there Ariel, are you sure it downloaded completely – do you have a strong Internet connection (avoid Wi-Fi)?

      Try the setup files on a different computer and see if it starts the installation process (you can always cancel)… If so, then it’s something strange with your system – have you had prior Adobe software on there before? If it doesn’t start elsewhere, then try downloading it again.

  12. Ariel Rose

    Hi, for Windows Flash Pro CS4, do i have to download all 3 files?

    So basically to download the program you:

    1. log in to your adobe account
    2. click on the files here and dowload
    3. when it is downloaded, there will be an exe file and a 7z file
    4. you run the .exe file to extract everything to your desktop
    5. in the new directory, there is a file called setup.exe
    6. you click on it, and it should start the installation of the program?

  13. Paul

    Is CS3 or CS4 (standard) for Lion available?
    Does it come from Adobe?
    What is the cost and purchase procedure?

  14. georgiana

    i think i have followed the instructions for downloading design premium cs3 but i keep getting
    HTTP ERROR: 404 /support/downloads/dlm/main.jsp

    i am not sure what else to do – i have tried following instructions given to others and they don’t seem to be working! please help – i really need this program!
    old computer died, new computer great- but can’t find my disks to install!
    can’t afford cs6 yet!

    i have adobe login on their site – and i logged in and ticked remember me box
    still nothing!
    thank you!

  15. Anna

    Hello, I am wondering whether the CS4 Design Premium is still available through the above links? I have been trying to download it since yesterday and file1 and file 3 downloaded perfectly fine but i am having trouble downloading file 2. I have read a number of the comments on here to see if any answer my question. The file is dropping the .7z to .txt but i have read that can be easily changed once it has downloaded by just changing its name. However, last night it was downloading and ended due to unknown error. I have restarted my laptop and tried again and it says 17 hours, is this timeframe usual? It doesn’t seem to be moving very fast at all! I have a i7 processor, 64 bit OS and my laptop is brand new so i am worried that this should be downloaded a little quicker?!

    Any help would be much appreciated as I am desperate to get hold of these files as I lost a disc and my serial number is still valid!!!!

    • Hi Anna, the links all still work fine and how long the programs take to download depends entirely on the speed and robustness of your Internet connection… These are large files so if you’re doing it with a laptop, make sure you plug it in with a cable to your network instead of trying to use Wi-Fi, which is much slower and liable to occasionally interrupt or disconnect your download.

  16. I had lost the CD’s, but downloaded CS3 Premium from this page and it worked! Because I installed it on Windows 7 (Adobe told me adobe CS3 doesn’t work on Windows 7, but it does…), I had to do one thing during installation:


  17. Anna

    I would just like to add to the above message – I have just tried to download the second file again and it has been working away for 8 hours and just flashed up as “unknown error occured.” and canceled itself! I really hope you can advise me!

  18. Andy

    Is there a download for CS3 Web Standard site licence media CD? I have lost mine

  19. Anna

    Hello, I have downloaded the .7z file now using a different internet connection and it has worked, however, the file thumbnail is shown as a blank page with the corner turned over, and when i run the .exe file, it tells me that
    ” a problem has occured while extracting the archive. Please try downloading the adobe cs4 design premium again ”

    I keep getting this….Do you have any idea as to what I am doing wrong?

    Thank you

    • Well that’s a rare one… First off, ensure your .7z file really has a “.7z” extension. Then check out this earlier comment exchange and see if that helps.

      Also make sure the downloaded files are located somewhere on the same disk drive that you want to install the program to.

      If still no luck, then your download may have not come across correctly – you might want to try it again, if possible using a different browser or computer and/or Internet connection (avoid Wi-Fi, it’s often slow and unreliable).

  20. Anna

    After a number of attempts, a change of Internet connection was what I needed to be able to download CS4 Design Premium. These links above 100% work!! Thank you so much for your help and making these files available to everyone.

    THANK YOU!!!


  21. tony

    I’m trying to download InDesign CS4 for Mac and I get this error after loging in with ‘remember me’ in my Adobe account:

    HTTP ERROR: 404 /support/downloads/dlm/main.jsp

  22. tony

    Your website is down. This page returns nothing.

    This is actually in the download instructions.

    • Well Tony, everything’s fine here. We just tested the links on this page again, and they all continue to work perfect on our end… Guessing at your problem, the first step of the instructions is to make sure you have any/all blocking turned off. Adobe needs to authenticate and set a session cookie etc on your browser to enable the direct downloads from their servers.

      Once that’s done, you should have no problem instantly accessing any or all the CS3/CS4 product trials on this page. Hope this helps.

  23. Tony

    I’m not trying to download CS6, I’m trying to download CS4. Check the links for that.

  24. Tony

    OK. You seem to not know a lot, when you test links like these, you’re supposed to test them from outside your internal network. Test them at an other location or on your personal phone connection, see if the download triggers. You are always going to be connected to them at work because you are ltierally hard-wired into that thing.

    • We do test from multiple locations actually. Sorry you’re having difficulties with it Tony… You’re the only one of hundreds of visitors today and this week, so don’t give up – but as mentioned to previous commenters who’ve had trouble in the past, sometimes just waiting a little while seems to fix the issue. So try giving it a shot again tomorrow, and you may have a better outcome.

  25. Will


    I cannot download the CS4 Web Premium for Mac. Is there any way you can fix the link?


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