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Free! Download 10 Professional, Royalty-Free Adobe Stock Images of Your Choice
  1. Thomas

    Your links to Fireworks CS6 point to the old version: Fireworks_11_… Should be Fireworks_12_

    Kudos for being so fast! And thanks for providing the links!

  2. Timothy

    Hello to the Author. Thank you for the links. Really appreciated. Hate going through the Adobe Download Manager.

  3. Sheril

    How do I download Adobe Illustrator alone? Because it says that I’m missing parts. :/

  4. Mark

    Unfortunately, there is an ‘Access denied’ error, when I try to download any of these files :(

  5. Ali

    Is Photoshop CS6 the Extended version?

  6. Leo

    The Audition link is the old version as well.
    Should be AUDT/5/osx10/Audition_5_LS7.dmg instead of 4

    • Many thanks Leo – not sure how that one slipped though the cracks (late night!), but it’s fixed now – and we double-checked to make sure all direct download links are going to the CS6 versions of the products.

  7. Mark

    @ ProDesignTools

    Yes. After few tries the download started, but then freezed on 60-67%. I used Adobe DLM and everything is ok. The freeze on 60% also occured but after pause and start again it downloaded ok.

    • Ah, okay then Mark – it sounds like you’re better off using the standard process from Adobe’s site together with the Adobe Download Assistant then, as your Internet connection may not be steady or consistent enough to bring down these large files directly without a hiccup.

      A download manager can recover from interruptions and resume downloading where you left off. A straight/direct download link cannot.

      So not everyone likes using a download manager but sometimes it can be a good thing in such cases… As an alternative to the ADA, you can also freely choose your own free download manager (without Adobe’s) to use with any of these links here.

  8. Elizabeth

    Wait a minute…Flash Professional CS6 is only 1.1 MB?

    • Hi Elizabeth, it’s 1.1 GB for the Windows English version… Flash Pro used to be ~900 MB in CS5.5 but grew a bit bigger for CS6.

      Note that the file download sizes are always for the Windows English versions – the sizes will vary somewhat for Mac OS and for other languages.

  9. After downloading the free trial of Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium I get the following error using the Adobe Download Assistant

    DesignWebPremium_C Illegal seek

    If I continue to try and extract the software onto my external hard drive it just says

    Extracting.. this may take a while

    but the software does not install any help offered would be appreciated.

    Mac OSX 10.6.8 2.66GHZ Intel Core i7 4GB ram

  10. Do you know if these trial downloads are fully functional? I have Illustrator CS6 but under trace tool the word custom is faded out. Cheers

    • Hello again Jeanet, thanks for your question. Yes, all the Adobe CS6 trials are fully-functional (with minor exceptions) for 30 days, so there must be something else going on.

      Frequently in the tools, certain menu items activate or deactivate depending on the operation… So perhaps the function you were doing didn’t permit a custom trace tool at that particular moment in time.

  11. Rahmat Sofyan

    the best site for adobe trial!..thanx a lot ProDesign :)

  12. mikeh

    Links to Master Collection don’t work.

  13. phillipp

    Thanx prodesign, this is so much better than the Adobe Download Assistant. BTW, is there no extra content for After Effects CS6? thnx again.

  14. “Yes, all the Adobe CS6 trials are fully-functional for 30 days, so there must be something else going on…”

    I spoke too soon. After reviewing Adobe’s wonderful video on the trace tool, I discovered what I was doing wrong. I’m in love with this version of Illustrator. Can’t wait to try Photoshop and the other programs.

    But I do have a question. I want to install the upgrade on my desktop and laptop. On my desktop, I have CS5 Design Premium, but on my laptop I have Illustrator CS5 and CS3 Design Premium. Will I be able to use the same upgrade on both computers? Do you know? thanks.


    • Hey there Jeanet, glad you got it sorted out… And thanks for your question on the upgrade installation, it’s a good one!

      Happy to report the answer is yes – you should be able to install all Adobe software on up to two of your computers – and this includes the CS6 upgrade version.

      The one rule when you are upgrading from a prior release is that the older software can only be run on the same two systems as the newer software. But if your CS5 is not installed on both of the machines that you want to put CS6 on, then you can just enter its serial number manually when installing Creative Suite 6 – and you will be fine.

      So, you should be able to keep both your past tools as well as CS6 on both of your computers, no problem. Hope this helps!

  15. ettason morovia

    i like adobe products, they are very good for me, and easy to work with.

  16. Robbin Holber

    I tried other lang – AdobeProducts/FLPR/12/win32/FlashPro_12_LS6.exe – but this does not work.

    • Hi Robbin, thanks for your question. You’re right that normally changing the “LS” language designation at the end of the links will give you the downloads for the Eastern European language set: Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian, Ukranian, and Turkish – but these versions are not out or available from Adobe quite yet…

      However, soon we expect that copying any of the links above and changing to “LS6” at the end will work (instead of LS16, LS4, or LS7) – just not yet!

      Stay tuned…

  17. @ Mark Ireland

    Hi ProDesign,

    The software is now installed on my Mac running via the external drive. I had only write permissions enabled so I changed this to read and write this finally worked the following day.

    The Adobe Download Assistant is a bit quirky, sometimes it works then sometimes not – maybe Adobe should look into this area.


    • Great to hear Mark, thanks for letting us know how it worked out! So the “Illegal Seek” message did indicate a permissions issue after all… Glad to hear you got it fixed.

      Yes, the Adobe Download Assistant does sometimes give people problems – which is why we wanted to offer a complete set of direct download links here without a download manager… Then you can either pull the files straight down with your browser if you’ve got a strong net connection, or use your own DLM.

      Hope you enjoy Creative Suite 6!

  18. Bobby Binton

    Adobe has not officially released some languages yet. When you select a CS6 trial download there are languages missing from the language pulldown menu that are listed on the tech specs page.

    For instance the Master Collection LS3 for Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean is not available as a language when downloading a trial from Adobe. Master Collection LS6 with the missing European languages from the trial download menus is also not officially available yet. Earlier releases of a Master Collection LS6 that included Polish, English and Russian are prerelease.

    Adobe has new links coming soon. Be wary of early LS6 CS6 releases because they weren’t the official trials soon to be released. Only LS16 and LS4 have been officially released by Adobe so far. CS6 Middle Eastern and North African language support are also coming.

  19. Kuben

    Thanks for the site. I have downloaded Dreamweaver CS6, on my laptop running Vista. After the download, it requests me to choose which program to use to open Dreamweaver… What do I do?

    • Greetings Kuben, are you using Internet Explorer? In the article we suggest using a different browser because IE has a tendency to drop off the file extensions on these downloads… (Firefox and Chrome are fine)

      If so, just rename the file(s) to add an “.exe” back at the end, where there is no extension. Then double-click that .exe and the installation procedure should run as normal.

  20. Jack

    Thanks my friend, just downloaded ps cs6 and working fine

  21. Anthony

    Thank you very much for the links, I’ve downloaded Photoshop CS6 on my laptop and it’s great.

  22. Michael

    To ensure there were no issues with the downloads, could you provide a list of file hash values (MD5, SHA-1, etc) so we can validate the file integrity? That would ease my mind greatly, with such large files, that in some cases take overnight to complete, I would feel much better with a hash value comparison.

    Thank you

    • Welcome Michael, thanks for your suggestion. We do get occasional requests for the MD5 hashes, once every few months or so, so we’ll put it on the list for possible future inclusion into the articles themselves…

      In the meantime, were there any CS6 downloads in particular you were looking for the hash values for?

  23. Andres


    Unfortunately, Adobe CS6 Extra Content are no more available to download… server says “Access Denied”. Even if I’m logged in…

    Do you have a solution for this? Thank you very much!


    • Hello Andrés, here are some steps to try if you’re having trouble:

      1. The number one thing is to review the detailed instructions in the article above and please make sure you’re following them carefully – hopefully you are. That is essential, even if you are already logged in to Adobe.

      2. Adobe recommends you temporarily turn off any surfing restrictions you might have set up on your computer – like cookie or site blockers, hosts exclusions, firewalls or antivirus software (esp. Kaspersky), and third-party blocking or filtering utilities like Ghostery, AdBlock, or Disconnect. And to repeat, your browser must accept cookies!

      3. Try a different web browser, or computer, or Internet connection, or location – each time going back to step #1. Use a wired connection if you can (it’s faster and more reliable), rather than wireless or Wi-Fi. Rebooting your computer may also take care of the issue.

      4. Sometimes the status within your Adobe ID account can get crossed up. Try logging out of, clearing all Adobe cookies on your browser, clear the browser cache too (and/or use a different browser or machine), then restarting and logging in again with the instructions above. If still no luck, repeat that but first create a brand new Adobe ID account for yourself.

      5. It may sound strange, but wait a while before trying the downloads again – then start again from the top. Believe it or not, sometimes simply waiting a day or two does the trick when nothing else seems to work and you feel “locked out” of Adobe’s servers – and comments from dozens of people have confirmed this. This may happen especially if you previously had a failed or aborted download.

      6. Consider installing a good download manager of your own, to help manage the large size of these files. You’ll find a recommended selection at CNET here. Or if you’re already using one and it doesn’t work, try it without.

      7. If you’ve already purchased the product you are trying to download, some of these CS6 downloads are simply quite large – so if all else fails and it’s seeming too difficult to download from the DDLs, just request the CD/DVD instead and it will be delivered to your home or business in short order.

      Sometimes Adobe’s download servers are a little temperamental even if you think you’ve got everything right… Sorry – this is out of our control. Also people have reported challenges because of the traffic demand for the CS6 trials, so waiting a little while could definitely help too.

      Bottom line: if all else fails, just give it some time and come back to it tomorrow… Patience usually wins the game for some issues with Adobe’s servers – they often clear themselves up on their own, oddly enough. Then start again from the top. Good luck!

  24. Michael

    @ ProDesignTools

    At a minimum for the MD5 checksums, just because of the size of the files, CS6 Master Collection for both Win and Mac.

    Thanks much!

  25. James

    I have tried every which way but keep getting error access forbidden. In step 1 the download link wants to download the Akamai Download Manager not the actual software. I have even let it download that, but I still get errors with download link.

    Any ideas??


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