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Free! Download 10 Professional, Royalty-Free Adobe Stock Images of Your Choice
  1. Samuel Lee

    Hi ProDesignTools, thanks for your response as I am trying to create my language packs installer extracted only from official Adobe files. Despite so, I am able to find all other Acrobat 9 Professional versions except the following on the Internet which are basically the slipstreamed full original version with the … keys:

    * Bulgarian/Croatian/Slovenian (BHS)
    * Estonian/Latvian/Lithuanian (ELL)
    * Swedish/Danish/Finnish/Norwegian (SDFN)

    Notes: Based on the source: which suggests that they are in groups of multi-lingual installer with a notable exception on both Chinese, Korean and Japanese which is a single language installer. English for Acrobat is the default core / fallback language for all versions and other languages are “extended languages” via language dlls (.chs, .ptb files for Chinese Simplified and Brazillian Portugese respectively).

    Just to add on: For some “unlucky” reason, if your installer does not see the language, then you are out of luck. What I mean is that while Romanian language is on LS6 (Eastern European language), but InDesign CS5 does not show such option and after a search from Adobe, I realized that since CS5 onwards, Romaian is not available anymore in InDesign and in other times, for Flash CS5 as an example, while they claim to have certain languages such as Danish, Finnish, Romanian, Norsk Bokmaal, Hungarian, Ukrainian etc, but in the truth is that their trial installer installs the English US language pack instead and somehow it registers the installed as the languages above which is odd. (Meaning only the registration / activation part is in the native language instead of entire Flash CS5 for Danish etc users.)

    *Source: Myself, as I have completed the language packs for all in InDesign, Photoshop, Device Central (part of various applications) and Flash. Once I am ready to release it, I will do so. The benefit is that I have known people might have to reinstall the entire application just to change the language which is plain **upid as it might take hours for a suite application, even though that might be in violation of the EULA.

    • Thank you again for your findings and comment Samuel – what we have posted here are all the official downloadable trial versions of Acrobat that Adobe shows as available. But if you have found direct download links for authentic trial versions in other languages from Adobe’s servers somewhere, then please do post the links here, it would be much appreciated.

      As for your project to make it easier to change languages once an Adobe CS5 product is installed, that sounds very interesting – as we see a lot of questions and comments out there asking exactly how to do that. Once you’re ready to release it, we would be happy to check it out. Thanks again Samuel for your very helpful work.

  2. Samuel Lee

    Unfortunately most of them are BitTorrent ones and they have bundled with the updates (Authentic, such as 9.3.X) or even product key (but you can choose to install it as trial / use your own product key), or those from hotfiles / rapidshare where it’s hard to download them without premium accounts (BTW, I do not have premium). — Just a note: Most likely these are slipstreamed from previous trials (I remembered Adobe used to host all available languages except Middle Eastern for Acrobat 9 Windows which now had somehow deleted them) OR from someone who bought the retail CD and managed to slipstream the product key (Which is then …).

    Nevetherless, I am trying to host them on my backup drive,, and sad to say that as a free user, the links shared to other people are for a limited time (links with auto expiration date and need to get a new share link) because most of the filesharing websites simply wont allow a 600MB ~ 1GB single file to be uploaded.

  3. Samuel Lee

    Also, just to add on, about the Acrobat 9 Professional language packs – they are meant to replace the need to find authentic localized Acrobat 9, except the Middle Eastern case (not tested yet), which means once my project is ready, then one can simply download the trial (any version) and install the language pack to suit the needs.

  4. @Samuel, thanks for the clarification on the downloads in other languages you found for Acrobat 9. Unfortunately, we can’t be part of that as we only will provide links to products that are 100% guaranteed authentic and downloaded direct from Adobe servers. Any other use could be illegal and get us (or you) into trouble. Also there are increasing dangers to using any product that isn’t directly and personally sourced from Adobe or an authorized reseller – so it’s a significant risk and worth being careful.

    Your project to adapt the language packs for faster/easier switching sounds more promising from our perspective, and we’d be interested in looking into it further once it’s complete.

    Thank you again for your comments and the further details.

  5. Samuel Lee

    Yes, I agree, which is the reason why the need to do a language packs installer for all such products. (So that one can just download directly from Adobe server and customize it with the languages one needs.)

    Acrobat 9 Professional can be troublesome due to bundling with various components, while Illustrator is the largest language pack in size due to the “Cool Extras” (which is taking most of the time).

  6. Samuel Lee

    These are the direct download links for Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2 for Windows:

     – LiveCycle Designer ES2 English

     – LiveCycle Designer ES2 French

     – LiveCycle Designer ES2 German

     – LiveCycle Designer ES2 Japanese

    No point looking for other languages as it is only available in the above four languages.

    • Thank you Samuel – that’s terrific! Can we hire you?? πŸ˜‰

      Here’s a good page to accompany your post – it has the LiveCycle Designer ES2 system requirements, release notes, MD5 checksums, plus resources for getting started and other help.

      Note too that the free trial evaluation period for this download is 60 days, rather than Adobe’s usual 30 days…

      Thanks again, keep ’em coming!

  7. If anyone needs the direct download links for Adobe Captivate 5, eLearning Suite 2, or Technical Communication Suite 2.5, we just posted them here.

  8. Mirko

    salve a tutti ho appena scaricato cs5, quando installo mi da questo problema we’ve encountered the following issues: installer failed to initialize file not found please download adobe support advisor to detect the problem… ma io ho installato support advisor… non riesco capire dove sta problema ?

    Mi aiutate ? Grazie

  9. Here are the direct download links for Adobe InDesign CS5 Server (Windows or Mac), plus RoboHelp 8 (which comes in Windows only) – for whoever needs them:

    InDesign CS5 Server – Windows (617 MB):   File 1   File 2

    InDesign CS5 Server – Mac (493 MB):   File 1

    RoboHelp 8 – Windows (662 MB):   File 1   File 2
    English, French, German, Japanese

    RoboHelp Server 8 – Windows (36 MB):   File 1

  10. SameeR
  11. Samuel Lee

    Samuel Lee :
    Hi, I find that your site is really helpful, and such that I have also found that the links have suffixes of LS1, LS2, LS3, LS4, LS5, LS6 and LS7 with .7z / .exe / .dmg

    Well all these mean:

    LS1 – English (US / International)
    LS2 – Japanese only
    LS3 – Chinese Simplified & Traditional / Korean
    LS4 – Western / (Northern) Europe languages such as Danish, French, Italian, Portugese, Dutch, Finnish, German, Norwegian, Swedish* etc (Look at LS5 for Swedish notes)
    LS5 – Not seen in CS5 products, but seen in Fireworks CS4 which is Swedish. I am suspecting LS5 for other CS4 products are also in Swedish as well.
    LS6 – Eastern European (Czech, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Polish, Hungarian) * I did not found such files for Fireworks CS4, can anyone verify that Fireworks CS4 is not available in these languages?
    LS7 – International version (Only in After Effects / Premiere Pro which contain all languages available for these two products)

    Middle Eastern (Arabic, Greek and Hebrew) you have to get from WinSoft… (free trials not available)

    Well, it does not apply to Acrobat 9 Professional / Extended. Is it possible to look for the links for Czech, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, and Ukrainian Acrobat 9 Professional standalone version? Thanks.

    Hi, the same person again. According to my sources, the language sets are as follows:

    * Americas: English, French Canadian, International English, Spanish
    * Japan: International English, Japanese
    * Continental Europe: Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, International English, Italian, Spanish
    * Asia: Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, International English, Korean
    * Nordics: Danish, Finnish, International English, Norwegian, Swedish
    * Eastern Europe: Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian

    By counting “Americas” as LS1, one could find that LS5 as Nordics – which has Danish, Finnish, Norwegian on top of Swedish. (Oddly, but Continental Europe should be LS4, meaning the Asia one should be on top of Continental Europe instead of this way)

    BTW, I think the Nordics was merged into Continental Europe in CS5.

  12. Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 and Premiere Elements 9 have just been released… For whoever needs the direct download links for these new products, we just posted them here.

  13. HP_Owner

    These are the direct download links for Adobe After Effects CS5 Extra Content for Windows:

    These are the direct download links for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Extra Content for Windows:

    This is the direct download link for Adobe InDesign CS5 Extra Content for Windows:

    This is the direct download link for Adobe Illustrator CS5 Extra Content for Windows:

    This is the direct download link for Adobe Fireworks CS5 Extra Content for Windows:

    This is the direct download link for Adobe Application Manager Enterprise for Windows:

    This is the direct download link for Adobe Flash Media Server 4.0 for All:

    • Fantastic HP_Owner – thank you so much for sharing those, they will benefit many people here…

      The CS5 additional content varies from product to product, and usually isn’t essential to run the core application, but can be nice to have. Examples include templates, footage, documentation, samples, and so forth.

      Very much appreciated finding those, and please feel free to post any others you may discover.

      (We have added the corresponding links for Mac OS below…)

  14. Kim

    I have tried all the variations suggested to download the trial version of Photoshop CS5 but keep getting the same message as previous people on the forum, to check space and privileges. If the trial versions are so difficult to trial i am reluctant to spend Β£100’s on the software.
    any other ideas would be gratefully tried.

    • Greetings Kim, do you mean this message: “check available space on your computer and the write privileges on the destination folder”?

      If so, we’ve seen that error message before… Usually it happens when you are trying to install the software to a different disk or machine from where you have downloaded the file(s) to. For some reason the product doesn’t like that, so try moving them all on the same disk and give it another shot.

      If that doesn’t work, see this page or this one. Thanks for asking and hope this helps.

  15. HP_Owner

    Don’t worry. As per my knowledge the reason behind this may be the error on download file. Please create a Folder “Adobe CS5” on the Desktop. Inside the folder please create a folder as “Photoshop”. Then try to extract the .7z file using 7-zip on the “Photoshop”. I think you will get error message then try to redownload again. If you don’t get error message then check your antivirus.

  16. lol
  17. mikhail

    I try to download and disable the anti-virus, allow pop ups and everything, but when I click to download after effects cs4, it says I have to sign in. but the site recognizes that I am signed in

  18. nice!


    Any idea where to get those for Mac OS?

  19. Hey there, good point – we figured out the download locations for the same files for Macintosh…

    Here is the direct download link for Adobe After Effects CS5 Extra Content for Mac:

    Here is the direct download link for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Extra Content for Mac:

    Here is the direct download link for Adobe Illustrator CS5 Extra Content for Mac:

    Here is the direct download link for Adobe Fireworks CS5 Extra Content for Mac:

  20. imainge
  21. Steve Merrills

    Just wasted 4 hours downloading to find that this is the 32 bit version which won’t run on my 64 bit PC.

    I thought 64 bit was essential for Prem CS5 – ah well!

    Any idea on links for the 64 bit version?

    • Hi Steve, thank you for your comments. We’re a little puzzled though as all of Adobe’s available Creative Suite 5 trial versions are given here… and all will run great on a 64-bit PC.

      Could you please read this other article about 32-bit/64-bit in CS5, and then reply here with more detail on the problem you’re having? Thanks very much!

  22. sal

    I cannot access the downloads, it says access denied? What happened?

  23. sal

    How do you access the PremierePro_5_Content_LS7.exe and PremierePro_5_Content_LS7.7z downloads, I keep getting access denied and I am signed into my Adobe account? Help? Could someone send them to me possibly, arghhh lol

  24. Kylekc239

    I tried to download the Extra Content for Premiere Pro and while there is something there in the file because of how large it is, it will not run anything. When i double click the .exe file it asks me what program i want to open it. When i unzip the .7z file, i dont see anything in it.


  25. @sal – We just checked all the links and they are working fine here… So it may have been a temporary issue. Please try again and be sure to follow the download instructions carefully and step-by-step – thanks.

    @Kylekc239 – It sounds like you must have been using Internet Explorer, which the article mentions is known to drop the file extensions… You can rename the file to add back the “.exe” and try again. (And when you run the .exe it will unzip and extract the .7z file; you don’t need to do anything with the .7z itself directly.)

    Hope this helps!

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