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Free! Download 10 Professional, Royalty-Free Adobe Stock Images of Your Choice
  1. kary

    OK, then I download files 1 and 2?

    • Yes, if there are two files listed for the product trial you’re interested in.

    • Tiara


      You have to start downloading one of adobe’s products even if you’re not going to use it. While the akami downloader is busy then click the product you want from prodesigntools.
      *Note: the product that you HAD to click on from adobe’s website, don’t download the product fully. Just until you get the product you want from prodesigntools.

      Hope it helps!

      Overview :

      1. Download a product from adobe. BUT NOT FULLY. unless u plan to use it.
      2. Come back to prodesigntools and download the product, while akami is busy downloading the other one.
      3. Once your chosen product starts downloading, cancel the akami download.

      — I know its a lot to read. I had the same problem 😉

    • Yes, right on target Tiara, and in line with the instructions – thanks for putting it so well!

  2. This is great! Thanks Man! I really need this kind of software because of a compatibility issue.

  3. Lexa

    You idiots, it redirects to CS5.5
    It’s like…very useful…

  4. kary

    WORKED AWESOME!!! Thanks so much!

    @ Tiara

  5. Faith Saylee
  6. Diane

    @ Tiara

    Please explain how to even start the download. Trying to dnld Photoshop CS4. Keeps taking me to another page to sign in. I am signed in on Adobe site. Spoke to Adobe, they said they are not supporting this page. The versions are old and only the CS5 trial dnld is available. Need CS4 PS, Ilustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver.

    What do you mean by akami in your instructions above? Please help, thanks, Diane

    • Hey there Diane, sorry you’re having difficulty getting it to work for you. Please don’t contact Adobe Support… Even though these files are pulled directly from their servers, Adobe doesn’t support older trial versions and we wouldn’t want them having any reason to take them down for being too much trouble, because a lot of current customers do have very valid needs for them.

      If the downloads are not working for you for some reason, try reviewing the instructions above plus previous comments here. Most people have no problem at all (and we have never had any issue in testing), but if you do then pretty much every possible situation has been addressed already in the prior comments. Thanks.

  7. Tiara


    1. Download ANY trial version of CS5 from Adobe’s website. Make sure it starts
    2. Come back here and download Photoshop CS4 or whichever trial you want/need
    3. It should download
    4. Cancel the download of the CS5 product, if you don’t want that trial also

  8. Diane

    Thanks, I was able to get the downloads. Appreciate the support.


    • That’s great Diane, thank you for the update… What do you think it was that kept it from working for you before? Can you put your finger on the aspect that was different in getting it to download?

      Knowing that might help future visitors who happen to run into the same thing… Thanks!

  9. Josh

    I’m trying to get Adobe Production Premium CS4, I followed all of the steps as listed above but when I try installing I get the following message: “The file archive part of Adobe Production Premium CS4 installer is missing”, etc etc. It won’t let me proceed with installation although I did everything as listed above. I need to get this program along with After Effects because I was given a serial key from my school for the CS4 versions. Can anyone tell me anything about the file archive and how do I acquire it?

    I currently have the Adobe Master Collection CS5.5 installed but not Production Premium or After Effects due to my 32-bit system. Please help

  10. Josh

    @ Josh

    Never mind. I found the answer in an earlier comment. Thanks

  11. Gina

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong…

    I’m trying to download After Effects CS4 preferably (or AE CS3).

    First, I clicked on the link for After Effects CS5.5 on the Adobe website, and press cancel on the first download window.

    Then, I downloaded both the files for AE CS4 into the Downloads section of my Documents. When I run the .exe for CS4, an error message pops up saying “A problem occurred while extracting the archive. Please try installing the installer again.”

    What am I doing wrong?

    • Hmm Gina, that’s a rare one… But please see this earlier comment exchange and see if that helps.

      Also make sure the downloaded files are located somewhere on the same disk drive that you want to install the program to.

      If still no luck, you might try the download again – if possible from a different browser, computer, and/or Internet connection (make sure it’s fast & strong and not Wi-Fi). You may have had an incomplete or corrupted download.

  12. Phil

    I’m wondering if any one else has come across problems installing Adobe software where jscript.dll is not registered. No amount of trying to register the file works, even tried replacing the dll and repairing using cmd prompt repair tool. All my account securities are at their highest level. It looks like I’m going to have to do a Windows 7 repair but it’s a last resort!

  13. Trent

    Downloaded everything with no problem, but there is no .exe in the mix, so can’t the install started for CS3. Suggestions?

  14. Anonymous

    I clicked to download the CS4 Design Premium files for Mac and the files that actually were downloaded were for Design Standard. The dmg for the content refers to Design Premium but the installer is for Design Standard. Is there an error in the link or did I make some other mistake?? Thanks.

    • Hello, there’s no error in the link, so long as you’re sure you have the right one. And the files/names are different. But here is the way it is for CS5, so it may be the same for CS4:

      “Note there is no separate trial download for Design Standard – you go with the bigger Design Premium and then decide which version you’d like to keep at time of product purchase, depending on the serial number.”

  15. Mary Carter

    My system crashed and my new notebook computer does not have a disc or DVD drive, so I needed these to install the CS4 Premium suite I already purchased……thank you !

  16. Dnsorozco

    Hi there,

    I downloaded the file for Photoshop CS3 but it is only one file ADBEPHSPCS3_WWE.dmg – when i click on it, it opens the Photoshop window but no installation option, just shows files and what not – but no installation options. What am i doing wrong?

    I’m using Mac, Safari for the download


  17. Oliver

    Hey, so when I try to download the Photoshop trial, it automatically downloads the Adobe Installer, so it doesn’t even start to download the trial yet; when I open up the .dmg for the installer, it says it isn’t compatible with my architecture…

    (I’m trying to get After Effects CS3, i use a Apple iBook G4). Is this suppose to happen, and if not, what do I do to fix it?

    • Yes Oliver, Adobe CS3 should run on a PowerPC G4 – but you should have at least 1GB of memory and a monitor resolution of at least 1,024×768, per the CS3 system requirements.

      BTW, there are nothing but trials available here. After downloading, the Adobe installer you get is for the trial.

  18. alex


    Thanks to you I have managed to get through graphic design portfolio work and gotten on with work without it costing me a fortune. So thank you! However, I recently downloaded InDesign trial on my new macbook pro, it could be a coincidence but if this has anything to do with this download would like it mentioned before I run to the Apple Store to complain! When I switched the screen on yesterday, the page with the password request was a tiny box and the rest of the browser was black? Then when I clicked on the password box, repetitive images of the page image came up? Just now the browser went into hibernation, when I pressed the Enter button to awaken it. The screen was black and again could only see square snippets of the page as little squares?

    This is weird and I hope this is just this InDesign trial causing the system to do this and not the actual laptop crashing. What can I do? Thank you for all of your help

    Any one else experienced this on a Mac?

  19. Paco

    Hi, I have downloaded After Effects CS4 and its Extra Content without problems but when I click “Setup” it doesn´t do anything, nothing happens.

    I checked and it is actually running as a process, using very little of the memory and the CPU, but it doesn´t set up anything and I have waited it to start for a long time. What could be wrong?


  20. Paco

    Wow! That is a very fast answer.

    I have Windows Vista Home Premium 32bits and I have tried to run as Administrator with same results. I have read the suggestions but I am afraid I don´t understand what should I do. I’ll quote the sentences I don´t understand:

    “Is the system properly updated/ patched? Have you installed additional components like .NET and MSVC runtimes? Also look into re-installing the MSInstaller system. Most setup failures relate to some such component being missing, in particular legacy installer stuff that may not be part of service packs or the current IE9 installs…”

    I don’t know what to do with this, I am not at this level. If you could explain me what could I try or where could I learn enough to understand the sentence above and try something myself I would be grateful.

    Anyway, congratulations for this website and the work you are doing, I think it is incredibly useful.

    • Sure Paco. Basically that was asking if the user’s computer was too new to install the older software without issues… But since you have an older operating system with Vista, that’s not really at play.

      Try reading this thread instead – there are more users there with a similar problem and more recommendations on things to try. Good luck!

  21. Peter

    I want to download CS4 but following your steps the download manager which appeared was an Intel one and my dual 867 G4 couldn’t handle it. Any suggestion? Thanks

    • Sorry Peter, don’t know anything about that one – there is no Intel download manager that we’ve ever heard of, nothing that’s associated with Adobe’s products… It must be something from somewhere else?

      Adobe does use the Akamai Download Manager, but following the instructions here allows you to download without that as necessary.

  22. Oliver


    Thank you, but I think I wrote my comment wrong…my problem is not that the actual trial won’t run, but the INSTALLER won’t work, and I need the Installer to actually get the trial. Does that clear it up?

  23. Monica

    Hi, I downloaded CS4 and installed it and everything, but when I try to open the program it says that the licensing for this product has expired. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  24. Paco


    Thank you. I have tried many different things and read many threads about similar problems and I haven´t fixed yet. It seems it is a big problem with Adobe. Actually I am giving up 🙁

    But I want to congratute you for the fabulous website you have and the great work you do in this forum.

  25. Marc

    Thank you very much for this, I had to reinstall my photoshop cs3 but had no dvd, I was pulling my hair out.

    Thanks 🙂

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