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  1. zubair shaikh
  2. Ella

    Love this sooo much

  3. Thomas Joel
  4. Dale L. Puckett

    I would like to stay subscribed to the list but please turn off the follow-up comments. I accidentally turned them on and they are filling my mailbox. Can’t deal with it. Do please continue to send information about the offers and how-to articles, etc.


  5. Christopher Laizik

    Hi. I used to be a graphic designer but left the field a while back. Now that I’m semi-retired, I’d like to get back into it and just installed CS 6 on my computer.

    The last time I did any design work, cellphones weren’t part of the web picture (now I understand that 80% of all web searches are done from phones). I’m overwhelmed after looking at the CS 6 apps and don’t know where to start to teach myself how to properly design a site keeping all of the new technology in mind.

    I have agreed to a project for some friends to get started.

    I am looking for any suggestions on books or courses I should start with to ease my tension and make sure I don’t embarrass myself.


  6. sagor
  7. Gianni

    Great books, very helpful, grazia !

  8. ciise hagi
  9. Simon Kiondo

    I am looking for help on how to design a site that is responsive and high quality. I want to be a site designer since I am working as IT personnel, but do not know much how to start learning to create a website for personal or organizational use.

    Can someone help me get the latest software that can help in combination to come up with such a good-looking and working site? i have tried Joomla and WordPress, but I need to to design it by myself from scratch, with all the graphics.

  10. dphleg

    please – when are the direct links for the latest Adobe applications, especially Adobe Premiere, coming out?

  11. sasmitha
  12. ramesh

    Photoshop Download

  13. ahmed artan

    thanks for helping to improve our knowledge of multimedia – can I get a video about all books

  14. ALI Abdulla AL Sakkaf

    I am excited to join

  15. Lambert
  16. salah
  17. Mike Hermon Yu
  18. SandeepV
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