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  1. Terry Butler

    Thank you for the help in helping poor people who have very little technical education

  2. David Bullock

    Looking forward to it. Have a great festive season and a very successful 2017.

  3. luda
  4. monmita

    thnk u….thnk u….vry much….

  5. xpion
  6. Patrick R Ambuka

    I’m just person who’s in love with Adobe photoshop.

  7. Saleh
  8. Anonymous
  9. md shain
  10. Don Doe

    Just found out about your site and am thrilled. There is just so much good and valuable information & tutorials. Thank you so much for taking your time to put it together!

  11. jimmy
  12. Gegeri

    can i get a video tutorial from you

  13. Shru

    Thanks a lot!!!!

    Happy New year……

  14. Anonymous

    Thanks a lot, adobe team… 🙂

  15. Rabbaani
  16. cool beans! Free books will be helpful when Adobe is not. I went from full Creative suite 6 to CC with a grudge several years ago. I just found out that Bridge was there all along? I missed bridge, like it better than Lightroom for archive of seven externals. Today 1/26/2017 I downloaded a NEW upgrade on Lightroom. It will not download…ERROR U44M1P7, after seven attempts and my old Lightroom will also not open…so while paying for the $9.99 photo deal, I have NO lightroom. of course Adobe is unreachable.

  17. W

    thank you for helping poor people. may your company grow more bigger

  18. John DiNardo

    Thanks! I’m always learning, usually the hard way, so these will hopefully offer new insights and methods to process my photos without too much pain. It seems the more you learn the more there is to learn. What could be more fun than that!

  19. Bablu Kumar
  20. monali balod
  21. Amin

    i am very thankful to you for grant to download books

  22. Godwin

    Thanks for the books

  23. Revon
  24. Samuel Toposona

    Thank you for expanding my creativity and bringing out the potential I have in the world of graphics.

  25. James Keough

    Looking forward to the help I will get.

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