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Adobe MAX: 235 Hours of New Courses and Sessions Online – Free!

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[UPDATE (Oct. 2018) – Watch 132 hours of new training & tutorials from MAX 2018!]

Did you make it to MAX this year? Adobe’s Creativity Conference smashed all records with 10,000 attendees coming together in San Diego earlier this month, double from 5,000 just a few years ago… And that was despite the recent rise in the cost of a full conference pass to US$1,595.

For the price of that ticket, participants enjoyed major new product launches, inspirational key­notes from creative luminaries, hundreds of enriching training sessions, plentiful opportunities for networking with colleagues, access to the latest cool technology on the pavilion floor, meeting the Adobe product teams in person, the highly-anticipated “Sneak Peek” demos of jaw-dropping new features under development, and of course the famous MAX Bash party.

But if you didn’t make it, no worries – believe it or not, you can still tap into many of the best resources from the comfort of your own laptop, tablet, or phone!

The great news is that most of the courses were recorded on video and are now offered online – for free… In other words, pick your favorite Adobe tools and you can learn the latest tips, tricks and techniques from the best instructors in the field right from your desktop. There are six major tracks below (Creative Careers, Featured Speakers, Photography & Creative Imaging, Web & App Design, Graphic Design & Illustration, and Video) with many different topics; most classes are a little over an hour long and the complete collection of 170 videos runs to 235 hours of training in total.

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Watch the Adobe MAX 2016 Keynotes, Sessions and Tutorials Online, Free!

Experience the Creativity Conference – online.  Adobe MAX gathers designers, developers, industry pros and visionaries to explore the latest technologies, techniques and strategies for delivering cutting edge creative work… Now available on-demand.

One really cool feature is you can download any of these presentations for later viewing offline on your computer… While watching your video online, just right-click on the playing window and select “Save video as…”, and then specify a location to save the video locally to your hard drive. The video will be downloaded in H.264 format with a .MP4 file extension, and can then be played back with almost any media player without an Internet connection, or transferred to a smartphone/iPhone or tablet/iPad for anywhere-anytime viewing. There’s also a Cast option to play back these classes from the Chrome browser on your TV or other devices.

So if you couldn’t make it to California this year, or didn’t have the $1,595 to needed to attend, didn’t win our MAX ticket giveaway, or weren’t able to catch everything you wanted there, then here are all the best new training and tutorials direct from the show, now free to watch… Totaling 235 hours in duration, that’s almost 30 eight-hour days worth of content (for real) with unlimited access – exciting enough to keep you busy for a while!

The entire directory to all 170 recorded sessions is given below.  What’s more, you can already preregister at no cost to get a $500 discount savings on the next MAX conference, plus see how you can fly there for free!

MAX 2016 – Keynotes

  • The Future of Creativity and Design – Welcome
  • The Future of Creativity and Design – Creative Cloud and Adobe Stock
  • The Future of Creativity and Design – Design
  • The Future of Creativity and Design – Video
  • The Future of Creativity and Design – Photography
  • The Future of Creativity and Design – Close
  • Community Inspires Creativity – Welcome and Zac Posen
  • Community Inspires Creativity – Lynsey Addario
  • Community Inspires Creativity – Janet Echelman
  • Community Inspires Creativity – Adobe Project 1324/Sundance IGNITE winners
  • Community Inspires Creativity – Quentin Tarantino

MAX 2016 – Creative Careers

  • 7 Things Every Designer Should Know Before Becoming a Creative Director
  • A Cross-Country Journey of Rapid Creation
  • Achieving Content Velocity for Cross-Channel Marketing
  • Chris Burkard – Achieving Career and Personal Growth by Working in Extreme Locations
  • Creative Entrepreneurship: Building a Million-Dollar Brand
  • Creative Spaces: An Overview of the Creative Opportunity on Facebook and IG
  • Creatives at Work: Adobe Acrobat DC Turbocharges Creative Workflows
  • Cut Your Design Time in Half with Creative Cloud Services
  • Drawing on Your Creative Process
  • Everything Your Mother Never Told You About Launching a Product Line
  • Expanding Your Reach with Creative Streaming
  • FR$$LANCED the Documentary: Secrets of the Design Hands for Hire
  • I Didn’t Know Acrobat Could Do That
  • I Didn’t Know Acrobat Could Do That Too
  • It’s Not Ready Yet: The Perfectionist’s Struggle in Designing Projects
  • Leveraging Social Media to Build Your Brand
  • Navigating the New Career Landscape
  • Overcoming the Good Girl Myth to Achieve Creative and Business Growth
  • Stephen Gates – Success Is a Choice: Building Creativity and Leadership in Your Team
  • Streamlining Collaboration Across Large-Scale Organizations
  • The Creative Team of the Future
  • Unlabeled Cool: Developing an Authentic Brand with Marc Ecko
  • ‘Dog’s Dinners’ and How to Avoid Them

MAX 2016 – Featured Speakers

  • Chris Burkard – Achieving Career and Personal Growth by Working in Extreme Locations
  • Dan Stiles – You Don’t Have to Start with a Good Idea – You Just Have to Finish with One
  • Gemma O’Brien – The Future of Typography Is Human
  • Helena Price – Making Personal Projects with Impact
  • Kyle Webster – Wet Paint, Rough Charcoal, No Mess: Natural Media Emulation in Photoshop
  • Victoria Siemer – Surreal Photo Manipulations: Creating the Impossible

MAX 2016 – Graphic Design & Illustration

  • Aaron Draplin – Pretty Much Everything: What Making a Book Taught Us
  • Adobe InDesign CC: Tips and Tricks
  • Adobe Portfolio: Creating a Killer Portfolio in a Matter of Minutes
  • Adventures in Experiential Design
  • Amy Balliett – How to Create Visual Campaigns that Captivate, Educate, and Impact
  • Analogue Typography in a Digital World
  • Creative Cloud for Designers: A Grand Tour
  • Creativity Beyond Imagination
  • Dan Stiles – You Don’t Have to Start with a Good Idea – You Just Have to Finish with One
  • From InDesign to Muse: Embarking on a Codeless Web for Print Designers
  • Full-on Fixed Layout EPUB Using InDesign
  • Gemma O’Brien – The Future of Typography Is Human
  • Hacking Illustrator: Solving Everyday Graphics Problems
  • I Didn’t Know Illustrator Could Do That! Plug in to a Speedier Workflow
  • I Wish I’d Known That! Photoshop Power Shortcuts for Designers
  • Illustrator CC: Advanced Tips and Techniques
  • Illustrator: Gaussian Blurring the Line Between Typography and Illustration
  • InDesign Animations: Strategies for Jaw-Dropping Results
  • InDesign CC Power Shortcuts
  • InDesign CC: Working with Adobe Stock, Graphics, and More
  • Introduction to InDesign CC: Get Started, Get Essentials, and Get Inspired
  • Make It on Mobile: Adobe Comp CC and Capture CC to InDesign CC
  • Making a Masterpiece: Creating Art with Stock Imagery
  • Masters of None
  • Mobile Drawing Apps: Fun and Functional
  • More Than Just a Pretty Face: Choosing a Type That Works for You
  • Photoshop + After Effects = Awesomeness
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Improve Efficiencies Using Collaboration
  • Ten Design(er)s That Changed My Life
  • The Difference Between Being Cute & Being Creepy Is One Emoji
  • The Proof is in the Process: Secrets of Effective Illustration Workflow
  • The Secret Language of Movie Posters
  • UN Stamp Design: Adventures with Unicorns with Zebra Skin and Blue Hair
  • Using Interdisciplinary Design to Raise Awareness Around Social Issues
  • What’s New in Illustrator CC
  • What’s New in InDesign CC
  • Wonder-making with Letters
  • Working Happy, Not Hard – Updated for the Third Year!

MAX 2016 – Photography & Creative Imaging

  • A Designers’ Guide to Using 3D
  • Advanced Tips and Techniques to Unleash the Power of Photoshop CC
  • Be Your Own Designer: Learn How to Conquer Your First Projects in Photoshop
  • Be Your Own Marketer and Expand Your Social Footprint
  • Becoming an Expert in Lightroom
  • Building the Life and Career You Want with Social Media
  • Chris Orwig – Cultivating the Creative Spark
  • Creating Comics and Graphic Novels in Photoshop
  • Creating and Using 3D Images for Campaigns
  • Creative Color Crash Course
  • Developing your Inner Picasso: Painting with Photoshop CC
  • Drone Invasion: The Evolution of Flying Cameras
  • Earth, Wind, and Fire: The Subtle Art of Atmospheric Effects
  • Easy Tips and Tricks for Graphic Designers Curious about 3D
  • Getting the Most Out of Lightroom
  • Helena Price – Making Personal Projects with Impact
  • Improvised Magic: Illustration in Photoshop, the Easy Way!
  • Is 3D Really the Next Move for Graphic Designers?
  • Kyle Webster – Wet Paint, Rough Charcoal, No Mess: Natural Media Emulation in Photoshop
  • Mobile Photography Workflows: Capture, Edit, and Publish Anywhere
  • Mobile Photography: Pushing Boundaries with Your Phone
  • Mobile Photography: Small Camera, Big Results
  • Multishot Mayhem: HDR, Panorama, and Time-lapse
  • One Image. Two Looks.
  • Opportunities and Careers in Stock Photography: Trends and Tips for Success
  • Photoshop Selections, Layers, and Masks – Oh My!
  • Secret Retouching Techniques Made Easy
  • Shooting with Post in Mind
  • Top 10 Photoshop Tips and Timesavers
  • Victoria Siemer – Surreal Photo Manipulations: Creating the Impossible
  • What’s New in Photoshop CC
  • What’s Your Type?

MAX 2016 – Video

  • 360/VR Video: The Path to Immersive Storytelling
  • After Effects: An Exploration of Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
  • After Effects: The Basics of Text Animation
  • Audio Is Half The Picture: Getting Great Mixes with Premiere Pro & Audition
  • Avoid the Mistakes: Save Time, Money, and Sanity from Production to Post
  • Crafting the Story: Storytelling Techniques That Capture the Audience
  • Create Your First Video: Bringing It Together with Creative Cloud
  • Creating Pro VR Content for Entertainment: Tools and Technology
  • Creating Your Own Virtual Reality Video
  • Creating a Documentary Film: An Inside Look at Take Me Home Huey
  • Creative Cloud Tips and Tricks for Post-Production
  • Creative Editing Techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Cutting Through the Clutter on YouTube
  • Demystifying Log, Raw, and HDR Video
  • Get Home in Time for Dinner! Advanced Timesaving Workflows in Premiere Pro
  • How to Incorporate Video into your Creative Projects
  • Learning to See Like a Colorist: The Why of Video Color Correction
  • Luisa Winters – Making Your Presentations Pop: Using After Effects to Make an Impact
  • Moving from Still to Video: The Photographer as Videographer
  • Proxies and Compression Made Easy
  • Quick Tips to Produce Social Media Campaigns with Video
  • Rich Harrington – Cinemagraphs & GIFs: Making Moving Photos with AE & Photoshop
  • Starting Off on the Right Foot: Creative Cloud Setup and Organization
  • The Art of the Interview: Creating Better Interview Videos
  • Unlocking Inspiration: Creative Cloud Tools That Capture Your Creativity
  • Video 2026: What the Future Holds for Video Creatives
  • Video for the Photographer: Prepping to Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

MAX 2016 – Web & App Design

  • Adobe Animate CC: A New Era for the Animation Industry
  • Adobe Animate CC: HTML5 Banner Ad Creation 101
  • Adobe Animate: Cheating Your Way to Better Animation
  • Adobe Dreamweaver: Working with Web Style Guides
  • Adobe Muse 101: Building a Responsive Website From Scratch
  • Adobe XD, Photoshop, and Sketch for Product Design: I Can’t Keep Up!
  • Animate CC: Taking It to the Next Level
  • Behind the Scenes of Designing Adobe XD
  • Building Adobe Muse Sites Faster with Blog, Shop, and Video Widgets
  • Coding for Designers
  • Creating Better Together
  • Critical Tips for Responsive Web Design with Adobe Muse CC
  • Designing Better App Icons with Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Designing Click-through Mock-ups Using Adobe Muse with Pivotal Labs
  • Designing a Design System
  • Designing with Beautiful Typography in Adobe Muse
  • Doing More with Muse: Top 10 User Tips and Tricks
  • Ethan Marcotte – Responsive Design: Beyond Devices
  • Humanizing Usability and User Experience Across Cultural Boundaries
  • Justin Avery – Responsive Design in 2017
  • Making Cartoons at Nickelodeon with Animate CC
  • Mastering Adobe XD
  • Migrating from DPS to Adobe Experience Manager Mobile
  • Need an App? Design, Build, Deliver with Adobe Experience Manager Mobile
  • No More Static Designs: Design and Prototype with Adobe XD
  • Photoshop CC: Filling the Gap in Web and App Design
  • Reinventing Your Digital Design Process with Adobe XD
  • Rough to Real: Lo-Fi to Hi-Fi Design in Adobe XD
  • Streamlining Version Control with Dreamweaver
  • Surviving Your Next Responsive Web Design Workflow Shake-up
  • Telling My Stories, My Way: My Journey to Becoming a Self-Made Artist
  • The Fundamentals of Building Beautiful Email Experiences
  • The Prototyper’s Mindset
  • Tricks for Creating Impressive Web Designs with Photoshop CC
  • Users Are People Too
  • Weaving a Richer Web with Dreamweaver CC Extensions
  • What’s New and Groundbreaking in Dreamweaver CC
  • What’s Next for Adobe XD?
  • Why Play Science Is the Future of Interaction Design

Watch the Adobe MAX Sessions Now

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  1. Dana Pride

    This is great! But- Where are the Adobe MAX tutorials? The link to 235 hours goes to only the keynotes.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Dana, they’re all there – just scroll down a bit on that page and look for “Sessions on demand”…

      Then choose the category of courses you want to watch, from Featured Speakers, Creative Careers, Graphic Design & Illustration, Photography & Creative Imaging, Video, or Web & App Design.

  2. Paul

    There is no option to select “save video as” after right-clicking the videos.


    hi, i am trying to download the Adobe max tutorials of 2016. But the page link has expired! Any suggestion to download?

    • Hello Atul, it looks like Adobe moved some pages around on their site in preparation for MAX 2017

      But we found the new home for the MAX 2016 video recordings and restored the links to all the courses and sessions in the article above. Thanks for the heads-up!

  4. Paul

    I am not able to right click the videos and get the “save as” option.

    • Hey Paul – unfortunately when Adobe moved the courses to a different location last week, it seems they also removed the option to download the videos locally to your system… Sorry about that!

      However, see this comment from a reader for a good suggestion on how you might still be able to download these sessions (or any streaming videos) from your browser to your computer for watching offline.