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  1. Xavi

    Thanks for share !

  2. JF
  3. Caesar

    Are the Lightroom installers the CC versions or standalone? I think they’re standalone, can you link to the CC installers instead?

    • Hi, good catch – we just changed them over and they are correct now in the table above.

      One implication is the Lightroom 5 installer for Creative Cloud is not universal; you have to select whether you want/have 32-bit or 64-bit.

      If anyone’s unsure, see this page from Microsoft for how to determine which type of system you are running, whether 32-bit or 64-bit.

  4. Caesar

    Also, the Bridge installers are CC versions, not the new 6.1.

    • Thanks, but Bridge actually did not get an update to CC 2014… It remains the same CC release as before. So the base installer links in our table are correct.

      However, Bridge CC did get a minor bug fix to bump its internal revision to 6.1. The Creative Cloud Desktop App will pick this up and do the update for you, or you can use the individual CC update patches to do it (on Windows or on Mac OS).

      As Adobe updates these new CC 2014 versions going forward, we will create additional pages that contain just the CC 2014 patches and also include those Bridge updates there.

  5. Sai

    There is no 32-bit version?

    • Hey there Sai, which application are you looking for specifically?

      In addition to 64-bit, we just added the direct download links to the 32-bit versions of Photoshop CC 2014, Illustrator CC 2014, InDesign CC 2014 and InCopy CC 2014, which were stored somewhere else on Adobe’s servers.

      Dreamweaver CC 2014, Bridge CC, and all of the Edge CC tools are also 32-bit apps, and included above.

      The only software architecture which really changed for this release is Muse CC 2014, which became a native 64-bit-only program.

  6. Radim

    What about another langs? Are all installers only English or multi-language?

    • Hello Radim, for CC they’re all multilingual installers (not just English-only), including all languages in one single file download. So you don’t need separate language sets as in the old days with Creative Suite…

      If you want to install additional languages, just run the same installer package again and select another language.

  7. thanks, great post

  8. Walther Cardenas

    Links for mac is broken, please check.

    • Greetings Walther, these links are not broken – you just have to make sure you’re carefully following the important download instructions given above in the article, near the top of this page…

      If you don’t do that, then you’ll get an access or permission message and will be denied downloading from the CC 2014 direct links.

      If you’ve followed all the directions and still are having issues, then please try a different web browser, another computer, or a better/faster Internet connection. (If possible, use a wired Internet connection with a cable instead of wireless, as Wi-Fi can be slower and less reliable.)

    • To follow up on that, here’s a complete step-by-step list of some suggestions to try if you’re having any difficulties with the Creative Cloud DDL:

      1. Number one is to review the detailed instructions we gave in the article above and make sure you’re following them carefully – hopefully you are. Otherwise you will get access or permissions denied.

      2. Make sure you’re not blocking or filtering anything with your browser – like cookies, downloads, or any sites or URLs – or running blocking utilities like Ghostery, AdBlock, or Disconnect. Adobe recommends temporarily turning those things off, including firewalls, antivirus software (esp. Kaspersky), hosts exclusions, etc. And to repeat, your browser must accept cookies!

      3. Try a different browser, or computer, or Internet connection, or location – each time going back to step #1. Use a wired connection if you can, rather than wireless or Wi-Fi which can be slower or unreliable. Rebooting your computer may also take care of the issue.

      4. Sometimes the status within your Adobe account can get crossed up. Try logging out of, clearing all Adobe cookies on your browser, clear the browser cache too (and/or use a different browser or machine), then restarting and logging in again with the instructions above. Worst case, repeat that but first create a brand new Adobe ID account for yourself.

      5. Very rarely, it may seem like you’re “locked out” from Adobe’s servers, especially after a failed or aborted operation. It may sound strange, but wait a while before trying the downloads again – then start again from the top. Believe it or not, sometimes simply waiting a day or two does the trick when nothing else seems to work – and comments from dozens of people have confirmed this.

      6. Consider installing a good download manager of your own, to help manage the large size of these files. You’ll find a recommended selection at CNET here. Or if you’re already using one and it doesn’t work, try it without.

      7. Note that for customers with slower Internet connections or who have problems downloading, Adobe has said they will provide a hardcopy of all these CC 2014 installers on DVD disc via mail by request, if you contact them and ask nicely. 🙂

      Bottom line: Sometimes Adobe’s download servers are a little temperamental even if you think you’ve got everything right. Also people have reported challenges because of the traffic demand for the CC 2014 trials, so waiting a little while could definitely help too.

      So if all else fails, just give it some time and come back to it tomorrow… Patience usually wins the game for some issues with Adobe’s servers – they often clear themselves up on their own, oddly enough. Then start again from the top. Good luck, you’ll get it!

  9. Steve

    Perfect, this is really great and very helpful. Tremendous resource, thanks!

  10. Jal

    How to install Adobe Edge Animate? There are no Setup.exe.

    • Oddly, Adobe hasn’t always provided a setup executable within the Edge Animate package… Not sure why, but it’s the only one like that.

      Happily, a reader figured out how to install Edge Animate CC on Windows anyway, with the following steps:

      1. Copy these files & folders from the Photoshop bundle and paste them into the Edge Animate folder:


      2. Then run (double-click) the Set-up.exe that you copied over.

      It should then work and install for you, though the Edge Animate CC icon may be invisible so you’d need to find the icon using search in the Start menu and pin the icon either on start menu or taskbar.

  11. Allan Garrido

    ¿Is it possible to use a download manager? I want to download one by one but not login every time. thanks

  12. Xavi

    Adobe Camera Raw 8.5 for Photoshop CS6 ?? Plz !

  13. raffi

    The Camera Raw 8.5 was not included inside CC2014 update, why ?

    Lightroom asking for it, and there is not upgrade for Bridge CC to 2014.

    I tried to force re-install Bridge CC to see if it corrected this (i had to do this for the last 8.4 update which was not installed, since last upgrade in January) .

    Actually it is impossible to uninstall Bridge CC, it failed !!!
    Impossible to force install of the latest Bridge CC, it failed at download (42%).
    What’s going on ?

  14. I got error when extract Dreamweaver and Flash pro , it say the file was corrupt?

  15. raffi

    Since yesterday afternoon when i uninstall and reinstall Bridge CC and Photoshop CC + CC2014

    nothing was working, Camera Raw was stuck in 8.4 which was what happened in February but forced reinstalling Bridge worked back then !

    i don’t now if Adobe changed or pushed something, but last night new updates where available (same numbers) inside Creative cloud for several apps and then i get Camera Raw 8.5.

    this is coming by the combination of Adobe Manager which still managing Camera Raw and Creative Cloud.

    follow the this link to see a possibility why this happened and how to sort it:

  16. Hassan Noor

    error when try to download any 64bit version:

    Access Denied
    You don’t have permission to access “…/AdobeProducts/PHSP/15/win64/Photoshop_15_LS20_win64.7z” on this server.
    Reference #18.5808029.1403350211.33bb452f


  17. oratnik

    Hi, does anyone know how to select a installation folder for the Adobe Muse installation? The program automatically installed on one of my secondary Hard Drive units.


  18. sum

    thanks a bunch for make this convenient for us 😉

  19. Marco

    How do i get the mac version working?

    • Sorry Marco, don’t understand the question… All the Mac versions of CC 2014 are in the table above, next to the Windows versions. Could you please be more specific about what you want to know? Thanks!

  20. Fedejuve 4ever

    I do not understand how to install adobe edge animate CC 2014 (missing the setup). I wanted to ask how to reactivate Adobe Creative Cloud does not work anymore (“error download”…) and restore it to see future updates, do you know how to resolve? Thank you.

  21. Fedejuve 4ever


    I have installed adobe edge animate cc 2014 and resolved the problem with creative cloud, thanks.

  22. Marco


    what serial or crack do i use? for the CC 2014

  23. Mark O

    Is there a link to download DPS Desktop Tools CC 2014 31.0.0

    • Hey Mark, according to Adobe:

      “The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite is available for InDesign CS5 and later. To install the full set of tools for InDesign CC or CS6, run the DPS Desktop Tools installer by choosing Help > Updates in InDesign …”

      But see this Adobe help page for everything you need for that, including the direct download links for the DPS Desktop Tools for InDesign CC (2014 and 2013) updates/patches in all languages.

  24. TheSlug

    Able to download everything. Was able to install and activate Photoshop. But when I try to install Illustrator or Indesign it wants me to sign in, and won’t install either. I can’t activate offline. It says to repeat installation and activation for each app afterwards, but I can’t even install the others first. Can someone please help?

  25. TheSlug

    No message. Adobe Application Manager launches. Click sign in, and get retry every time I try.

    The Toolkit says to repeat installation and activation for each app.

    Unable to install because Adobe Application Manager launches. When I click on Sign in, I get retry or cancel.

    • Well, you shouldn’t need the Adobe Application Manager (or the Creative Cloud Desktop App) at all – in fact, with the direct download links here you should be able to install anything without it.

      However, in your comments you mentioned this or that “says”… In order to really help, we’d need to know exactly what anything says (the precise text or message), and also more details about your system – thanks.

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