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Adobe Makes $10 Photoshop CC 2015 Photography Plan Permanent

Get Photoshop CC + Lightroom CC + More for $9.99/Month with the Adobe Photography Plan

Previously available only as a special promotion (on Black Friday), and originally only offered to existing customers who were upgrading from older versions of Photoshop, Adobe has now made permanent a low-cost Photoshop/photography product bundle that anyone worldwide can take advantage of, with no prior purchase or software ownership necessary…

The new Creative Cloud Photography Plan comes with the latest and greatest full desktop releases of both Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC, plus other integrated tools and services. It includes all of the following components for only US$9.99/month with an annual membership (Adobe’s best deal ever on PS):

Get the Latest Releases of Both Photoshop + Lightroom Now with the CC Photography Plan

Adobe has been clear that this is the regular ongoing price for anyone who signs up for this plan.  So if you join now, then if/when you renew in a year’s time, the price will still be $9.99 per month. They do not have plans to change this price.

In other words, this is not an introductory rate, it is the standard price for subscribers.  If you prefer, you also now have the ability to prepay the plan a year in advance, instead of monthly. For the annual prepaid option, it’s US$119.88 per year.

Internationally, the monthly cost is £8.32 GBP, €9.99 EUR, A$12.86 AUD, and ¥980 JPY, and the annual pay-upfront rate is £99.34 GBP, €119.88 EUR, A$154.32 AUD, and ¥11,760 JPY (all prices are exclu­sive of VAT/local taxes).  Wherever you are, you can:

What’s this package worth? Well by comparison, the list price of Photoshop Extended just by itself (quoting CS6 from 2012) is $999 – although many new features have been added since then.  And then Adobe Lightroom 6 (standalone full) sells for $149.  But with the CC plan you also get the Portfolio website, online storage, mobile/web apps, and product training.  Add it all up, and to buy a software bundle like this upfront would cost over US$1,250 for static versions that never improve. That would be a decade of paying just $10 a month instead with this special plan, where here you’ll also receive ongoing support and upgrades to new desktop releases with the latest features!

Special: Legally download dozens of free Adobe books for a limited time!

Get Trained on Photohop for Free! Get Complete 13-Hour Course Now

So if you’d like to have those industry-leading professional imaging tools plus other benefits at a low monthly cost, this is a terrific option.

For students and teachers there’s another way to save – Adobe is offering complete Creative Cloud memberships with all their creative tools and services for up to 70% off to education customers ($19.99 a month in the US), also with no prior software ownership required.

[UPDATE – With Apple now stopping development of Aperture, and Adobe doubling investment in Lightroom, there is only one major player left in this space…]

Want to get started today, for free? You can download the CC 2018 trials which will install and run fully-functional for 30 days (or possibly up to 60 days). Those free trials can then convert to full versions if you decide to sign up. If you don’t wish to continue once the trial is up, simply uninstall the programs.

See Adobe’s official press release about the new plan.

Wondering about file compatibility with older versions of Photoshop? Check out:

» Can You Save/Open Adobe CC Files on CS6, CS5, CS4 & CS3, and Vice Versa?

See Also

Get New CC 2018 Direct Download Links: All Free Trials

Do you have any questions about CC?  Just ask them below and we’ll get you answers fast!

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  1. John



    Many thanks for your reply regarding the creative cloud membership and prepaid codes. Applying the code worked exactly as you said, subscription extended by one year. Thank you for the tip about stacking prepaid codes in advance too.

    Many thanks,


  2. Lala

    Concerning the Photography plan. How does it work? Are the programs downloaded on my computer? Or does it just work on the creative cloud? If it’s on the cloud, then are the images stored on my computer? Thanks for your help

  3. Jason

    How does the new Photoshop pricing compare to the old Photoshop pricing? Has anybody done the math?

    • OK sure Jason, here’s the quick math – and compared on an apples-to-apples basis…

      Suppose that someone already has standalone licenses for Photoshop CS5 Extended and Lightroom 5, the total price of which was $1,148 ($999 + $149) – and now they are considering upgrading their tools… That upgrade would cost $349 for Photoshop (to CS6 Extended) and $79 for Lightroom (to LR6), which is $428 all together.

      So just a single upgrade (a one-time jump) costs more than 3½ years of the CC Photography Plan at $9.99/month – which by contrast always gives you access to the latest releases throughout (both Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC, which are significantly better and newer than CS6 and LR6).

      And the $1,148 initial cost of entry mentioned above (for static versions of the tools) is equivalent to over 9½ years of the Photography Plan. Nearly a decade!

      But of course most people out there don’t have an upgradeable version of Photoshop and couldn’t afford $1,000 to buy one, so were locked out of even using it due to prohibitive cost.

      So the reason this is the best deal ever on Photoshop is because most folks could not afford it previously, and it has never before been possible to pay just $10 to be able to run the world’s best image editing tools.

  4. Jack

    I will be using Photoshop for illustration and might be beneficial to have other adobe software like dream weaver and flash etc for making a website. Can I get this subscribing paying monthly with creative cloud? it would be so beneficial for me as i can’t afford right now to pay the software upfront

  5. regina

    não consigo instalar meu PS e LR no meu windos 7 …
    ele faz todo o processo mas quando chega no final ele da como falho
    o que posso fazer
    windos 7 home premium de 64 memoria ram 2 gb

    • Hello Regina, sorry you’re having difficulties. Did you receive a message or error of any kind?

      In order to help you, we would need to know more details about the issue that arose, and what it said exactly.

  6. Nightmare! Changing from XP the Windows 7. I need just three Adobe programs: Photoshop (any recent version), illustrator (CS5 OK), and Acrobat X Pro. I need these programs on 4 computers. Any suggestions as to the best way to do this? This new game that Adobe is playing may put a lot of us out of business. We just can’t afford their prices.

    • Well, if you care about running a recent or supported product, then CC is the only way to go…

      CS is history – Adobe ceased selling CS6 standalone on their website last year. The reason is because it’s over 4 years old now (from spring 2012) and increasingly unsupported; they stopped releasing updates for it last summer as the newer CC rapidly grew and took over. With the CS6 software EOL and end of support, there are no updates, no bug fixes, and no guarantees it will run on future operating systems. So at this point we’ve stopped recommending it as a good or viable option going forward.

      By contrast, with CC all ongoing upgrades, compatibility updates and product additions are always included – so becoming obsolete will never happen. The monthly payments are also more affordable in the new model than in the old model – where the software used to cost many hundreds or often thousands of dollars upfront, and never evolved.

      For a more detailed analysis of these points, see:

      Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) vs. Creative Suite (CS6) – The Pros & Cons

      This article may also help:

      How Many Computers Can You Install or Run Adobe Creative Cloud On?

  7. Karen Mickleson

    I have a licensed version of LR4, and unusable PS versions CS2 & CS5.1.

    If I subscribe to PS & LR, what will happen to these older versions during download? Will the old versions of PS be deleted?

    All my photographs are stored in the LR folder required at the time I began using LR4. Will they be integrated into the newest version of LR? And will I be able to store that catalogue on the Cloud, or, will the original need to reside on my computer, making the catalog to be stored on Cloud a backup?

  8. Melanie Loubser

    I have been on the Adobe CC Photoshop Lightroom Photography Plan for a while now, but I have to change my credit card details.

    I cannot find the place to do it! How can it be done? I see on the forums that many people have the same question, but I do not see a workable answer?

  9. Kaci

    What if you download to your 2 computers and they end up crashing or get stolen or something happens in the future, how would you be able to get the program again?

  10. Tatiana Martinez

    I am a teacher looking to purchase a Photoshop Software for myself and my students. We would be using the software on 20 different computers simultaneously. I was wondering how this would work and what the cost would be?

    • Hi Tatiana, note that because you have 20 different simultaneous users, you will need 20 CC licenses – because each license can be run on one computer at a time

      So you could get a Photoshop CC for Teams membership for 20 seats and that would certainly work – and if you’re a school or education customer then you can receive a significant discount from the regular price.

      A somewhat less expensive option, if group collaboration and online Cloud storage are not as important to you, would be to purchase the Creative Cloud Photography Plan 20 times. The difficulty with that, however, is that the products would then be licensed to individual user accounts and not transferable.

      Check out the differences between the options here:

      What’s the Difference Between Creative Cloud for Individuals vs. Teams?

      For volume purchases, most people go with the Teams option just because it’s easy to manage and centrally administer, reassign users, etc.

      Hope that helps!

  11. hello, i’d like to purchase with this price but i only find it for $25/month online! please help.

  12. I have lightroom 3. photography friends of mine say I would have a lot more features available to me if I subscribed to cc photography. I recently got a nikon D810, and I can’t import raw images to lightroom 3, although jpegs will. They say this because my version 3 is too old, and acquiring cc photography would cure this. Would it require a lot of space on my computer? Is it equivalent to having lightroom 6 ? What happens to the space taken up by lightroom 3 (and I have an old version of photoshop elements on my computer), if I joined cc photography?

    Thanks for any answers you can provide, I’m a pretty good photographer, but I struggle with digital processing and have never mastered lightroom 3!


    • Hello Byron,

      If you’re trying to use a newer camera with older (discontinued) editing software that doesn’t support it, then the solution that Adobe offers in these cases is to use the DNG Converter utility. This will provide ongoing camera compatibility for previous versions of all Photoshop & Lightroom products.

      So you could use the free Adobe DNG Converter Tool for support of any recent camera in older programs like yours, and it should support almost any camera you can throw at it. You will need to use this to convert your raw files to DNG, and then Lightroom (or Photoshop) can then import those DNG files instead.

      Alternatively, if you get the current/latest versions of Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC instead (with the $9.99 the Creative Cloud Photography plan), then that new camera support will automatically be integrated right inside the programs themselves and you don’t have to do anything extra.

      Note that installing those newer versions of Adobe software won’t automatically remove your previous tools. You can either keep them on the same system, or uninstall them. In either case, your existing Lightroom catalog will convert and upgrade to the newer LR release.

      Hope that helps answer your questions!

  13. Christopher Clarke

    Am I right in assuming that no further discounts apply to the $9.99 per month even with teacher status?

    Primarily I use Lightroom and Photoshop but occasionally require Premiere Pro. I have these as part of the CS so perhaps upgrading to Lightroom and Photoshop CC and keeping my older Premiere Pro for the occasions it’s needed?

    • Sure, that should work. But no, because the Photoshop + Lightroom (Photography) plan is so heavily discounted already, there is no further education (student/teacher) price reduction on it.

      Heck, they recently tossed in the new Spark with Premium Features to all CC plans (including this one), and that is a $9.99/month value just by itself. Plus Adobe Portfolio, etc.

  14. davey

    The price for photography plan is £9.98 incl. vat on uk site, not £8.32 plus vat as stated above.

    • Thanks, but we listed all international prices without VAT, so you can compare apples-to-apples with the US price, which is always quoted without sales taxes added later. People often don’t realize the difference in pricing convention.

  15. Ah Wang

    Is the CC package commitment a minimum of 1 year?

    I wonder if it is possible to purchase it for say 4 months (or 8 months) as and when I need it, rather than a year long commitment, which I might not require.

    • In general, you can sign up for Creative Cloud on either an annual or month-to-month basis… Meaning, a year at a time, or only for the months you need it (as you stated).

      The CC Photography plan described above is only available with an annual plan. However, Photoshop by itself as a single app – and virtually all other CC tools (including the complete plan with All Apps) – is available by-the-month.

      For more details including the different options you can select from, see:

  16. Ah Wang

    If a student does not have a credit card for online purchase, can someone pay for her subscription and then assign it to her? Of course her student ID can be forwarded for verification purposes.

  17. Roisin

    Hi! So… On this plan, can you create digital art? As in sketching and painting? Also want it for photography. Thanks!

  18. Roisin

    As in the Photoshop CC and the Lightroom plan…

  19. anjiu shu

    Internationally, the monthly cost is £8.32 GBP, €9.99 EUR, A$12.86 AUD, and ¥980 JPY, and the annual pay-upfront rate is £99.34 GBP, €119.88 EUR, A$154.32 AUD, and ¥11,760 JPY (all prices are exclu­sive of VAT/local taxes).

    hello, glad to visit your website. I am in Italy, but when I open the link for the CC payment, it shows me that it’s 12.19€/month, not the 9.99€/month, why?

  20. Ah Wang


    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    Is it possible for me to purchase a monthly plan and assign it to a student without the need for me to log into the student’s Adobe account to do the purchase? If so, how do I go about doing it?

    I don’t want my credit card info to remain in the student’s Adobe account.

  21. Ah Wang


    I tried to purchase through the Adobe Store

    However, at stage 3 – Provide Your Payment Information, there is only option for Credit Card (MasterCard / Visa) but no option for Paypal.

    How do I proceed?


  22. Anonymous

    hi, how I can download photoshop with a free trial. I really want to know if it is better than the recent app. thank you

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