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Download Free Adobe CS6 eBooks — 1,022 Pages of New Tutorials

Learn Adobe CS6! Download Free eBooks (1,022 Pages of Tutorials)

Creative Suite 6 and the Creative Cloud are the most powerful and sophisticated toolsets Adobe has ever released and so there is a lot of demand for training resources to learn how to best use these products…

Last month we posted details on over 30 hours of free video tutorials for CS6.  But printed materials are also nice, to use side-by-side at your own pace. So how about a collection of free e-books to go along with those, which you can instantly download and learn from whenever you want?

There are 10 volumes of 169 chapters in total with over 1,000 pages for most CS6 products. Some tools receive more coverage than others, but the basics are reviewed for all. You can download in the ebooks in PDF format after signing in with your Adobe ID (which is easy to create if you don’t already have one).

If you don’t have the software yet, just download a free working trial for any CS6 product for Windows or Mac (or try the whole Creative Cloud) – then install, run, and start your training…

Here’s how the files break out. Click on the title to download the e-book, or the trial to get the free product tryout. The book file sizes range from 4-10 MB each, so shouldn’t take long to download.  The contents of each volume are listed below the table:

eBook Title Chapters Pages Software
Learn Photoshop CS6 21 123 Get trial
Learn Illustrator CS6 5 41 Get trial
Learn InDesign CS6 29 136 Get trial
Learn Fireworks CS6 7 59 Get trial
Learn Dreamweaver CS6 29 148 Get trial
Learn Flash Pro CS6 35 220 Get trial
Learn Premiere Pro CS6 29 175 Get trial
Learn After Effects CS6 3 34 Get trial
Learn Audition CS6 7 44 Get trial
Learn Encore CS6 4 42 Get trial

Look for the blue “Get this free resource” button to download each of the free CS6 books.

Install now: Get all new Creative Cloud 2021 direct download links and free trials.

If you’re just getting started with these applications, be sure to also check out free new step-by-step video primers for Photoshop CS6, Illustrator CS6, and InDesign CS6 covering the top 10 things that beginners always want to know how to do.

There are also more free Adobe books you can download now, including the excellent Design Suite Primer (200 pages), as well as Adobe Dreamweaver Basics (80 pages).

[ Bonus! Download the free 77-page “CS6 SuperGuide” covering all of what’s new in CS6. ]

Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop CS6
Technical guides include:

Download Free Photoshop CS6 eBook! (123 Pages)

1. Overview of Adobe Photoshop CS6 workspace
2. How to create a new document
3. How to resize, rotate, and crop images
4. How to use layers in Photoshop
5. How to use selection tools
6. How to retouch photos
7. How to generate different file formats
8. How to correct color
9. How to combine images in Photoshop
10. How to use painting tools
11. How to use drawing tools
12. How to understand color management
13. How to add text to images
14. How to use filters
15. How to create layer comps
16. How to add a watermark to images
17. How to warp images
18. How to use gradient maps
19. How to use advanced color techniques
20. How to blend, feather, and smooth
21. How to use the Vanishing Point filter

Key terms: photoshop cs6, digital photography, image editing & retouching

If you’re getting started with Photoshop and want more, be sure to also check out this free Photoshop CS6 Primer: Top 10 Techniques.

Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator CS6
Technical guides include:

1. Overview of Adobe Illustrator CS6 workspace
2. How to create vector artwork
3. How to draw in Illustrator
4. How to draw in perspective with Illustrator
5. How to use symbols and patterns

Key terms: illustrator cs6, graphic design, vector editing

Learn how to use Adobe InDesign CS6
Technical guides include:

1. Overview of Adobe InDesign CS6 workspace
2. How to set up a document
3. How to use the ruler, grid, guides, and the Align panel
4. How to use text
5. How to prepare files for print
6. How to combine graphics frames and text frames
7. How to work with graphics frames
8. How to place images on a page
9. How to work with text frames
10. How to apply effects to text
11. How to import files
12. How to create interactive documents
13. How to use placeholder text
14. How to use character and paragraph styles
15. How to work with layers
16. How to wrap text around objects
17. How to add page numbers
18. How to create captions
19. How to import text from Microsoft Word
20. How to manage text flow between frames
21. How to reuse objects
22. How to transform objects
23. How to use document templates
24. How to use adaptive layouts
25. How to export for multiple screens
26. How to fill text with an image
27. How to use master pages
28. How to use object styles
29. How to use books

Key terms: indesign cs6, print production, digital publishing, desktop publishing

Learn how to use Adobe Fireworks CS6
Technical guides include:

1. Overview of Adobe Fireworks CS6 workspace
2. How to create a wireframe
3. How to create a design comp
4. How to prepare photographs
5. How to optimize images
6. How to create a prototype
7. How to create interactive navigation

Key terms: fireworks cs6, web design

Learn how to use Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
Technical guides include:

1. Overview of the Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 workspace
2. How to set up a local root folder and site structure
3. How to set document properties
4. How to use the Assets panel
5. How to manage files and links by using the FIles panel
6. The Dreamweaver Insert panel
7. How to deploy for multiple screens
8. How to create and edit a CSS rule
9. How to use CSS starter layouts
10. How to lay out a web page with CSS
11. How to use templates
12. How to work with external Cascading Style Sheets
13. How to troubleshoot Cascading Style Sheets
14. How to make websites accessible
15. How to use the Adobe Dreamweaver Widget Browser
16. How to check files in and out
17. How to create interactive navigation
18. How to add images
19. How to add rich media to a web page
20. How to add text
21. How to use CSS text styles
22. How to create lists
23. How to create links
24. How to create data tables
25. How to create forms
26. How to create image maps
27. How to preview and test a web project
28. How to check links
29. How to publish web files

Key terms: dreamweaver cs6, web design & development

Learn how to use Adobe Flash Professional CS6
Technical guides include:

1. Overview of the Adobe Flash Professional CS6 workspace
2. Understanding Flask graphic files types
3. How to organize content
4. Symbols, instances, and the library
5. How to use guides and rulers
6. How to maintain consistency
7. How to make Flash content accessible
8. How to draw and create shapes
9. How to apply colors and gradients
10. How to create masks
11. How to create a button symbol
12. How to use transparent or invisible buttons
13. How to work with text
14. Understanding frames and keyframes
15. How to create animation
16. How to use a motion guide with a motion tween animation
17. How to ease tweens
18. How to create character animations
19. How to use sprite sheets
20. How to use filmmaking techniques
21. How to create transitions with motion tweens
22. How to create visual effects
23. How to import images
24. How to produce Flash video for use on the web
25. How to import sound
26. How to optimize Flash content
27. How to get started with ActionScript
28. ActionScript for basic gaming
29. How to test a Flash project
30. How to publish a Flash document
31. How to set up a mobile application
32. How to resize content for multiple screens
33. How to create an RSS feed
34. How to create a Google map
35. How to publish a mobile application

Key terms: flash cs6, rich media design, animation, mobile application design & development

Learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
Technical guides include:

1. Overview of the Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 workspace
2. How to import files
3. How to manage media in the Project panel
4. How to create a storyboard in the Project panel
5. How to trim clips in the Timeline panel
6. How to work with clips in the Timeline panel
7. How to create standard image, movie, and audio files
8. How to capture video
9. How to use editing tools in the Source Monitor
10. How to apply and adjust video transitions
11. How to adjust audio and apply crossfades
12. How to record a narration in the Audio Mixer
13. How to create TV news-style J- and L- cuts
14. How to edit in the Program Monitor
15. How to use Adobe Media Encoder CS6
16. How to use the Trim Monitor
17. Understanding the Titler
18. How to build text and objects in the Titler
19. How to work with alpha channel transparencies
20. How to use the Motion effect
21. How to add text effects
22. How to apply and adjust video effects
23. How to work with audio
24. How to change clip speed and direction
25. How to apply and adjust video keying effects
26. How to work with temporal and spatial keyframe interpolation
27. How to make text roll and crawl
28. How to use nested sequences
29. How to work with other motion effects and features

Key terms: premiere pro cs6, video production, video editing

Learn how to use Adobe After Effects CS6
Technical guides include:

1. Overview of Adobe After Effects CS6 workspace
2. How to animate text and create video effects
3. How to rotoscope in Adobe After Effects

Key terms: after effects cs6, video production, motion graphics, special effects

Learn how to use Adobe Audition CS6
Technical guides include:

1. Overview of Adobe Audition CS6 workspace
2. How to record narration
3. How to edit audio tracks
4. How to compose multiple track recordings
5. How to work with audio
6. How to apply Adobe Audition sound effects
7. How to use loops, music beds, and sound effects

Key terms: audition cs6, audio production

Learn how to use Adobe Encore CS6
Technical guides include:

1. Overview of Adobe Encore CS6 workspace
2. How to author a single-menu DVD in Adobe Encore
3. How to use advanced authoring techniques in Encore
4. Creating a web DVD in Encore

Key terms: encore cs6, dvd production, DVD

Download all free CS6 ebooks here »

And to continue learning, don’t miss dozens more free books for many Adobe products, covering recent versions of all major applications.

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  1. Hi, the links aren’t working for me, it goes to the Adobe page.

    “We’re sorry, we encountered an error processing your request.
    Please try your request again. If you continue to receive this error, please report it using our Customer Service form.”

    I’m logged in. Thanks for all your generosity.

  2. It’s not working in Chrome or Firefox for me. I click on the download link and another window opens that is blank with the waiting icon going until it times out. In Firefox the same thing.

  3. I tried right clicking and save file as. The browser is trying to download the file but nothing is downloading. I think Adobe has a problem.

    I brought CS6 Production Premium as a download and it took a week for them to get a download link on my products page. Fortunately they did email me the license key code. I had to download the free trial version and do it that way.

    Don’t even mention Adobe help. I have spent many hours chatting to people offshore and they have not resolved my problem or even understood the relationship between Lightroom and Photoshop as it should be. In the end I resolved the problem myself.

    • Sorry about that Tony, it seems to be working for most other visitors fine. Try logging out of your Adobe ID account, clearing the browser cache and cookies, restarting the browser, and then trying again. Or try a different browser entirely, and/or a different computer.

      Also for the download to work, make sure to temporarily turn off any surfing restrictions you might have set up on your computer, like site or cookie blockers, hosts exclusions, firewalls or antivirus software, etc. – and allow third-party cookies if you don’t already.

      Hope this helps!

    • Terrific Tony, glad to hear you got it going… Any idea what was changed for it to work, or perhaps it was just Adobe’s servers deciding to cooperate for you?

  4. The point I’m making is not that the customer service is “offshore” but that they do not really understand the products and how they work… I was told to uninstall Lightroom when the problem was in Photoshop. I had to uninstall CS6, run the Creative Suite clean-up tool and re-install CS6.

  5. The e-books above are organized by product type. If you would prefer to follow through Adobe’s learning series instead, you can choose to download a consolidated file according to the following three areas. The files are the same as above, but just reorganized according to sequence of learning (by project #) instead of product type.

    VISUAL DESIGN – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

    DIGITAL DESIGN – Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash

    DIGITAL VIDEO – Premiere, After Effects, Audition, Encore

    • Thanks so much Alwin, that is great of you to share. Last year we actually wrote an article about those curriculums, for the CS5 versions – but they have really improved a great deal and gotten much easier to use and work through for CS6… So we will be refreshing that story with these new resources.

      And you’re absolutely right – the new CS6 curriculums contain everything included in the ebooks above, plus more – just check out the “Student Guides” for each chapter. Thanks again!

  6. Having used Photoshop 4 very successfully for some time. I look forward to using version 6 in the final version, I am an amateur and rely on the Nef conversion. Photoshop is a very important part of my hobby.

  7. I can’t seem to get access to these. I’ve tried on multiple browser types on both Mac and Windows, but every time I just get the error message “Creating new community user failed. Please contact an administrator.”

    • Sorry you’re having difficulties Andrew – that’s really strange, we’ve never heard of anything like that before… It may have been some sort of temporary glitch. If you’re still having problems, clear your browser cache and cookies, and then try again with logging into Adobe to download the ebooks.

      If it still doesn’t work, then try a different browser, computer, and/or Internet connection.

  8. I thiknk something is definitely up on their site. I have tried multiple times with multiple browsers and multiple computers and get nowhere. Hopefully they will clear things up soon. These look like great resources.

    • Not sure why you’re having difficulties with it Carole – we just tested the free Photoshop e-book link here again, and everything still works fine on our end. Hope it works for you soon!

  9. Got stuck on the “Screen name” page :-( It doesn’t lead anywhere regardless of what name I choose. Are there any other addresses to download these e-books?

  10. I do have a valid Adobe ID, otherwise I could not download the trial. The problem is only with downloading e-books

    • Not sure why it’s not working for you then Alex… Could you explain more on what you mean by “screen name” page then? What happens when you try it, or what error message are you getting, if any?

      There aren’t any other places to get these, as far as we’re aware – although all of this content is included within the free CS6 curriculums, which down­load in a similar fashion.

  11. When I press one of your e-book links I get to the Adobe Education Exchange login page. Then I login with my Adobe ID and the next page states “A screen name is required to continue. Please enter a screen name.” Entering any screen name doesn’t lead anywhere – pressing “Continue” just reloads the page. I tried Internet Explorer and Firefox with the same result

  12. When I first tried to download the books it to me to the page to enter the screen name. I was logged in to my account and once I entered a screen name it didn’t do anything. Now I get the the following message: Oops! Internet Explorer could not connect

  13. I managed at last, with some assist from the folks on this website (thanks!) to get copies of these ebooks to open. But I can’t get them to print — I get the pictures, not the text or the text minus the pix. Same problem after saving them to my desktop. I really want complete hardcopies to thumb, puzzle over, and make notes on. Any suggestions?

    • Glad to hear you got them Linda, but it sounds like your PDF Reader might be out of date… You need the Portfolio capability, which was introduced in Acrobat 9

      But you’re best off using the current release, the free Adobe Reader X. Using this latest version you should then be able to open and browse through all of the downloaded e-books.

  14. …i really love all of this stuff.. i really want to learn and master all of this stuff but of course it will take a long time to make it :-).. thanks to you guys who keeps on sharing wonderful and awesome tutorials.. more practice still, and some day I will master these things….


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