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Insane New Photoshop CS5 Sneak Peek Video

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” [Arthur C. Clarke] — that’s what comes to mind when watching this latest preview demo from the Adobe Photoshop team… There have been several videos out on this amazing new Photoshop CS5* Content-Aware Fill (aka PatchMatch) technology, but this new one is the best. Move/remove/repair entire objects with the back­ground automatically filling like the object was never there – jaw-dropping, really. Incredible how easy this makes it and what the possibilities could be – and thinking already of the hours it’s going to save.

The best part is about halfway the video when he makes trees and roads disappear and then creates desert and mountains and clouds and sky from seemingly out of nowhere, all with single clicks of the mouse. And just like when watching magic on TV, we found ourselves wondering if there was something going on “behind the scenes” to make it work… But let’s hope not – what do you think?

By the way, the breakthrough new technology shown here is a joint development effort between the Adobe Photoshop team and the Graphics Group at Princeton University.

* Creative Suite 5 inclusion is subject to the same disclaimers confirmed! as for our earlier previews on Photoshop CS5 and Dreamweaver CS5.

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  1. Jon Howell

    Wow. An April Fool’s maybe??

    • LOL, I originally wondered the same thing… Adobe replied: “Don’t worry, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke.”

      And I definitely believe (although cannot confirm) it’s coming in Creative Suite 5, since Adobe has now slipped out several videos on this with the drumbeat getting louder each time…

  2. Jason

    I heard it differently — “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a rigged demo” — James Klass

    But this does seem to be for real.

  3. Andres Fernandez

    I am sorry, but did this guy say CS4? at the beginning…