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  1. Jon Stewart

    Another year, another version. I had managed to get 4 free trials via Adobe’s servers!

  2. trungpt

    Do you know when Adobe Presenter v11 will be published?

  3. trungpt


    Hope that it will be soon and Adobe Presenter 11 will support:

    (1) recording video for each side with the slide displayed when recording
    (2) synchronizing video with slides.

  4. trungpt

    …with the slide note displayed when recording…

  5. Jorge

    Hi guys! The download links bellow are not working!

    Captivate 9 – Windows 64-bit (1.3 GB): File 1 File 2

    Please give a look!

  6. Jorge

    The download links are working OK! I did the login to the Adobe site now…

  7. Links are ok.I am testing the captivate 9.I think they did the right job with this version.It is very intuitive.

  8. trungpt


    Adobe Presenter 11 is out. Hope that we can try it soon.

    • Great, thanks! So here are the direct download links for the new releases: Adobe Presenter 11 and Adobe TCS 2015 in multiple languages, without using the Akamai DLM (Download Manager)…

      Please be sure to follow the same instructions before you click and download, otherwise the links will not work:

      Direct Download Links for Adobe Presenter 11 – Windows (1.8 GB):
      File 1 and File 2

      Direct Download Link for Presenter Video Express 11 – Win 32-bit (942 MB):
      File 1 and File 2

      Direct Download Link for Presenter Video Express 11 – Win 64-bit (966 MB):
      File 1 and File 2

      Direct Download Link for Presenter Video Express 11 – Mac OS (396 MB):
      File 1

      Languages supported: English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish.

      Direct Links for Technical Communication Suite 6 (TCS 2015) – Windows (6.7 GB):
      File 1 and File 2

      Languages supported: English, French, German, Japanese.

      Enjoy the new software!

  9. trungpt


    Thank you. Just a small note for the downloader: Technical Communication Suite 6 includes Adobe Presenter 10, not Adobe Presenter 11.

  10. trungpt

    Adobe Presenter Video Express has 32 bit and 64 bit. The given links are for 32 bit, and cannot be installed on my Windows 64 bit 🙁

  11. trungpt

    Links for Presenter Video Express 11-Windows are for 32bit Windows only 🙁

  12. trungpt

    Presenter Video Express 11 64bit links please.

  13. John

    Thanks for the Presenter 11 direct links. What’s weird is I can’t seem to install it even as trial on both two different 64-bit systems (Windows 8.1 and Windows 10). I keep getting error 6 without any details while installation starts. I tried to perform the installation on a clean system, but the same error again.

    Does anyone happen to have a clue about this problem? Thanks in advance.

    Best regards.

  14. John

    Thanks for the fast reply. It shows the error code 6 / 7 without any detailed info. I’ve tried installing Presenter 11 on a fresh system, however the same error code showed up again. Error report doesn’t include any further info. That’s why I tried installing it on two different computers to make sure. I ended up having the same error.

    Thanks for your help.


  15. John

    Like I said above I’m just getting the error code 6 / 7 without much info on the error report. I have just got a friend of mine to install Presenter 11 if the problem is on my end, however he recieved the same error at the beginning of the installation. Thanks for the fast response.

  16. ken

    is there a 32bit version of Adobe Captivate 9 for windows 7

  17. Ellen

    Hello, when I click Captivate 9 – Mac (1.7 GB): File 1.
    New page said “access denied”… Can you tell me how to fix it? I really need it.

  18. Anonymous

    Thank you so much! this is the first time this has worked.

  19. Andrey Tovar

    How can I get Adobe Captivate 9 Crack Serial Number?

  20. exo

    I have different accounts for both Creative Cloud and Captivate 9. I can’t be logged in with these accounts at the same time apparently. This basically means that I can’t use Photoshop AND Captivate at the same time (When I’m using Captivate under my Captivate account and I want to use Photoshop, it asks me to log in with my CC user and vice versa). This is extremely inefficient and annoying. Is there a way to solve this?

  21. Steve

    Your website states Adobe Captivate as 64-bit only. Adobe Tech Specs state both 32 and 64 bit. Which is correct?

    • Hey Steve, thanks for the comment. It was not widely announced, but it looks like Adobe has now added a 32-bit version for the Captivate 9.0.1 release…

      So good news, and you will find the direct download links for the 32-bit release of Captivate 9 now included in the page above. Please be sure to carefully follow the download directions first, which are required by Adobe’s servers.

      Appreciate the heads-up!

      PS – Here also are the direct download links for all of the Captivate updates (including 9.0.1 for 9.0 users, and 8.0.3 for 8.0 users), which are given and applied as patches on top of the main (base) release.

  22. TL


    May I know when will the Captivate 9 – NeoSpeech Text–to-Speech Voices – Windows for 32-bit be available for download?
    Kindly advise. Thank you,

  23. TL

    NeoSpeech Text to Speech Voices- for Captivate 9 is only for 64-bit. I am not able to install for my 32-bit version.
    Please help. Thank you.

    • Sorry, Adobe has not provided any other, to our knowledge, since releasing the 32-bit version of Captivate 9 a couple months ago…

      You could try to install the 32-bit Captivate 8 version of NeoSpeech Voices and see if that works for you on Captivate 9.

      Or you could download NeoSpeech Voices from the Audio > Speech Management dialog in Captivate, then click the link at bottom left.

      Please let us know how you make out!

  24. TL



    Our company had purchased the license keys for Adobe Captivate 9 and we are running 32-bit windows in our computers. I cannot use Captivate 8 due to licensing issues and when I click the NeoSpeech Voices from the Audio Download option in Captivate 9, it brings me to Captivate 8 download options instead.

    Please help as the only voice agent in Captivate 9 is the standard Microsoft version that sounds terrible.

    Thank you.

    • We really wish we could help! Adobe added the 32-bit version of Captivate 9 – but, to our knowledge, they have not provided a 32-bit version of NeoSpeech Voices for Captivate 9.

      So if the 32-bit Captivate 8 version of Voices does not work with Captivate 9, then there’s nothing further we can do… Only Adobe can help or change the situation. You can contact them directly here:

  25. TL


    We have bought Captivate 9 licenses from adobe and we are running 32-bit windows on our computer. There’s no way we can use these licenses for Captivate 8 32-bit version. The trial version had limited time for publishing content. When I tried clicking the link in the Audio > Speech Management dialog, it brings me to the Captivate 8 version which is not compatible with Captivate 9. Please help as we cannot use the default speech agent in Captivate 9. It speaks too fast and rigid to meet the standard LMS video.
    Thank you.

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