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Download Adobe Captivate 6 Free Trials: Direct Links w/o Akamai

Download New Adobe Captivate 6 Free Trial

[UPDATE (August 2018) – These still work to download the old Captivate 6 trials. We also now have the all-new Captivate 2019 Direct Download Links!]

In surprise news this morning Adobe introduced and announced the immediate availability of Captivate 6, a significant upgrade to its industry-leading eLearning authoring software for rapidly creating a wide range of interactive eLearning and HTML5-based mobile Learning content [see full details].

Below we’ve got the new Adobe Captivate 6 direct download links (Windows and Mac OS) without the Akamai Download Manager, for instant easy access… You’ll also find a wide range of assets that come with Captivate 6 which can be used to create great looking eLearning content. Whether you’re considering buying a full version or upgrading from a prior release, you can always use these trials to install, run, and activate the software on your system.

Here’s some of what’s new in Captivate 6:

  • HTML5 and iPad Publishing that’s accessible to iOS and Android devices, with presets for iPhone, iPad and other tablets.
  • Pause and Resume Capabilities to begin a course on the desktop, pause and later resume on a different device.
  • HD Screencast to easily create high-quality product demos with the new capture-as-a-video workflow.
  • Attractive Out-of-the-Box Assets with a wide range of preloaded actors, themes, widgets, rollovers, and more.
  • Enhanced PowerPoint Roundtripping so you can work seamlessly and sync automatically with PowerPoint.
  • Enhanced Quizzing with pre-tests, post-tests, and branch-aware quizzing.
  • Native 64-bit Performance optional with new 64-bit version available for the first time.

See the complete list of all new features or read the product FAQ.

The direct links below go to the auth­entic and original files residing on Adobe’s servers, are guaranteed genuine and will not change. For Windows, each program consists of up to two files, an .exe and a 7-Zip file (.7z). The .exe file will only work when the .7z file is fully down­loaded and resides in the same location. For the Mac, it’s just a single .dmg file for each program. Languages included are English, French/Français, German/Deutsch, Spanish/Español, and Japanese.

Install now: Get all new Adobe CC 2018 direct download links and free trials.

Note: Very Important Instructions

More Direct Download Links
Captivate 2019
CC 2018
Acrobat DC 2019
Lightroom 6/CC
Elements 2019

You need to have a free Adobe account and be logged into it to use the links below, as Adobe sets a session cookie on your browser that allows you to access the direct download links. Otherwise, you will receive an “access denied” or “no permission” message block­ing the connection. So please follow these instructions carefully or the links will not work!

  1. Adobe recommends temporarily turning off any surfing restrictions you might have running, like site or cookie blocking, filtering, firewalls or antivirus software.
  2. Click «HERE» to visit this page first, before clicking any of the links below – this is critical!
  3. If asked, sign in with your Adobe ID or take a minute to create one for yourself (free).
  4. OK! Now you’re logged in at Adobe with the trials cookie set, so you can instantly download any of the software below. Just make sure you have enough disk space.
  5. Download the files either by clicking directly on the DDL links, or by right-clicking and choosing “Save Link As…” on the popup menu – and save all files to the same place.
  6. Then follow the product installation instructions here.

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Adobe Captivate 6 Direct Download Links

Adobe Captivate now comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions…  64-bit offers higher perfor­mance but choose the 32-bit flavor if you’re unsure what your Windows computer is.

Captivate 6 – Windows 32-bit (890 MB):   File 1   File 2

Captivate 6 – Windows 64-bit (851 MB):   File 1   File 2

Captivate 6 – Downloadable Assets – Windows (162 MB):   File 1

Captivate 6 – NeoSpeech Text–to-Speech Voices – Windows (1.1 GB):   32-bit or 64-bit

Captivate 6 – Mac (1.3 GB):   File 1

Captivate 6 – Downloadable Assets – Mac (172 MB):   File 1

Captivate 6 – NeoSpeech Text–to-Speech Voices – Mac (1.2 GB):   Voices for Mac

See the complete system requirements for Captivate 6 to make sure your computer is ready before proceeding with installation.

You do not need to uninstall previous versions of Captivate; some users prefer to keep the older, familiar version(s) around as they come up to speed with the new product’s features, and some folks even have five different versions of CP installed all on the same computer.

We suggest using a browser other than Internet Explorer to download the files above. They can be quite large and IE has been known to drop the extension (like “.exe”) from the Windows filename. If this happens and you can’t open a file, then just rename it to add back the extension. But generally, using Firefox or Chrome will work better – and if you have any issues getting the downloads to work with one browser, then try another.

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Adobe eLearning Suite 6 Direct Download Links

Adobe eLearning Suite 6 is a new integrated toolbox for creating eLearning and HTML5-based mLearning content – and includes Captivate 6, Photoshop CS6 Extended, Dreamweaver CS6, Flash Professional CS6, Audition CS6, Bridge CS6, Acrobat X Pro, and Presenter 8.

Adobe eLearning Suite 6 – Windows (5.0 GB):   File 1   File 2

Adobe eLearning Suite 6 – Mac (4.8 GB):   File 1

You can easily convert a free 30-day trial installed on your computer to an unrestricted version by purchasing the software and entering the serial number.

What’s the Difference Between Adobe Captivate 6 vs. 5?

Did these links work for you? Hope they helped out; please let us know with a comment below…

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  1. Tony

    Funny how Adobe jumped to attention after falling behind Articulate Storyline. I know it’s hard to let the flash baby go…

    • Adobe Captivate 6 vs. Articulate Storyline? Well, it’s always great to see new products and Storyline has some nice features – but as one reviewer put it, “so far I haven’t seen anything that wouldn’t be possible to create in Adobe Captivate” and “I don’t see myself changing to Articulate Storyline instead of Adobe Captivate.”

      And importantly, in terms of cost – the new Captivate version 6 is far less expensive at just $300 for the Student & Teacher Edition. Thanks for your thoughts Tony.

  2. san

    NeoSpeech Text–to-Speech Voices package is full or trial?

    please reply.

  3. Adele

    An update Jan 2014 – The Captivate 6 download still works and has saved me a lot of stress getting this before a training course later this week. Thanks

  4. hi

    Can’t get any of the links to work. Do you mind helping me out with them if you can? please e-mail me! THANK YOU

  5. Kim Nisbet

    I am trying to download the captivate 6 (32-bit version), parts 1 and 2 – but keep getting a warning:

    Access Denied
    You don’t have permission to access “…/AdobeProducts/CPTV/6/win32/Captivate_6_LS12.7z” on this server.
    Reference #18.5d8ffe3c.1393399444.36a903e

    Any ideas on how to download these files?

  6. Colin

    I’ve logged into Adobe and I am attempting to download the files, however the files that download are 1 MB in size. I’ve tried downloading both the 64-bit and the 32-bit with the same result. I have also tried in two different browsers (Chrome & Firefox) and have gotten the same results. Are the file links still valid? Any other thoughts or suggestions?

    • Yes, all the links are still valid however for Windows you need both File 1 and File 2… The first is a small .exe and the second is a large .7z file. Both go in the same folder, and then run (double-click) the .exe file. It’s unusual but that’s the way Adobe does it.

  7. Steve M.

    As an FYI – the eLearning Suite 6 download links still works in Aug 2017. Yah – now I can reinstall ! (I have a license already) If you try this, MAKE SURE you follow the instructions at the top of the page (if you do not follow the instructions, you will get a failed download).