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Update on New Creative Cloud 2020 Direct Download Links

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Update on New Adobe CC 2020 Direct Download Links


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170 thoughts on “Update on New Creative Cloud 2020 Direct Download Links”

  1. @ProDesignTools

    Sorry but it does not work for me. I can see the Contact Us heading and chat icon. But it just takes me to a help page with no links to chat.

    The chat did work for me a few weeks ago. But right now they must have it switched off. Such a shame that the bigger the corporation the worse your chances are for getting issues fixed.

    • From what we understand, the available options to contact Adobe can vary depending on your country, its language, and the time of day… So if chat worked before, then it should work again. Try back later, or at the same time/day that you did before.

      In any event, all regions where Adobe offers Creative Cloud do provide some method to get in touch with Customer Care directly – so whatever that may be in your country is the right way to go.

  2. I just read that Adobe has just come out with new updates to Lightroom and Lightroom Classic – Lightroom 12/2019 and Lightroom Classic 9.1. I tried getting these updates via the CC Desktop, and as expected they hung up just as the previous versions did.

    After previously spending far too much time trying to get Lightroom Classic 9.0 downloaded and eventually convincing Adobe to give me the direct download URL, it feels as if I’m starting all over again – so will Adobe now give us the URL for these updated releases, or will it be like the 2018/2019 download page where the only version available for direct download is LR Classic 9.0, etc.?

    • That’s a really great question. One piece of good news from all of this is that, in theory, the company should be able to provide the latest-available 2020 installers including all updates to users, whenever each app is requested… Their internal system should be providing current releases, as the CC Desktop app does.

      If this isn’t happening yet, then we’re hopeful that it will soon. The only way to know for sure is to make the request, which is what we’d encourage. Please report back to the community here on what they give you, if you could – thanks!

  3. @RBS
    I was just reading about the new updates and I have the same question as you.

    Thank you for the tip, I am on my phone so I won’t be able to request links now – but I will try when I get home and report back.

  4. My understanding is Photoshop has been updated a couple of times since I was able to get my links. Not sure what the most current version number is. Mine is the first 2020 version Tried getting an updated link and all I get is the same one for! Has anyone gotten links for more current versions than Or does anyone known what the most current version is of PS, LR, Bridge, and ACR? (I’m in the middle of a problem with my cell phone company, and not interested in any further aggravation at the moment.) :)

    • Welcome back Louis, you can find out the current versions of almost all Creative Cloud apps by using the CC Desktop app, even if you don’t/can’t use it to actually download the installers themselves…

      First thing, go to the “Help” menu > “Check for updates” in the Desktop app and then let it refresh. Then click the three-dots menu next to any creative tool and choose “Other versions”… It will then show you what the latest version available is for that tool.

      So at present, Photoshop 21.0.2, Lightroom Classic 9.1, Bridge 10.0.1, and Camera Raw 12.1 are the most recent versions.

  5. Also, what is the most current CC App version? Mine is and it is telling me there is a newer version. Only direct download link I can get is for the version I already have. So if Adobe is not even updating the direct link they do provide for the CC App, why should we assume they are going to provide the most current version direct links for other software? I’m trying to stay positive, but it is getting harder and harder to do so.

    • Yes, the Desktop app is showing updates available – but if you go through with them now, then your version will still stay at (Help > About Creative Cloud).

      So perhaps it’s configuration updates going on there, rather than code updates.

      In any event, Adobe generally provides direct download links for the latest Desktop app installer fairly consistently and frequently, and we believe that will continue.

      And as always, we endeavor to keep the links provided on our site current with the most recent versions we can find (e.g., the CC 2019 installers, the CC 2018 installers, etc.).

  6. @ProDesignTools Thanks for your efforts with Adobe! It took chats with 3 different Adobe reps over 2 days before I finally got the download links. PS 20.0.0 and LR Classic 9.0. I’m assuming I will be stuck on these versions for a while as I really don’t want to go through the effort to get new links from Adobe Support. I wish they would put effort into either fixing the Creative Cloud Desktop app installation to be more robust, or provide an option to download the full installers and keep them up to date. (The CC 2019 links on their website go to PS 19.0.0 which was horrendously buggy, and no way to update it when the CC app misbehaves).

    Anyway, after several weeks of trying everything possible, I finally have the 2020 versions of PS and LR!

    • Hi Alan, thank you for your comments. It sounds like the customer service experience is still uneven. And we agree on the need for an easy way to get the full installers without having to jump through a lot of hoops.

      It’s surprising that even after so many years (since 2013) and dozens of revisions of the Desktop app, many customers still cannot find a way to successfully download & install the CC apps using it.

    • Hey Rob, do you mean from Adobe Customer Care? What was the essence of the conversation you had? Are you currently a paid customer or a free trial user?

      We just tested ourselves again and got the new 2020 direct downloads for Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Adobe XD… The last one is particularly good news, because it was not possible previously to get an offline installer for XD. But now, via customer service, it is available.

      In our case, trying an hour ago, it was no problem – we simply asked as described in the article above, requesting download links for the apps instead of using the Desktop app. The Adobe rep clarified whether it was for Windows or Mac, and then provided the desired 2020 direct links.

    • Yes, absolutely. There is no problem and no danger. The direct links go to the authentic and secure files residing on Adobe’s servers, are guaranteed genuine, safe, legal, and will not change. So 100% virus-free.

  7. Well, I tried to request updated installers and it a no-go. Now I don’t know if this has anything to do with this, but I am running Lightroom Classic as an expired trial (some features get disabled), I only use it as a DAM and photoshop doesn’t interest me.

    The point where I got stopped at is where I was asked for a serial no…

    Chat log below.

    Krati: Hi Daniel ! I’ll be happy to assist you. What can I help you with today?

    Daniel: Hello, I am just wondering if I can get a direct download link for the new Lightroom Classic 9.1 update? Cheers

    Krati: Kindly use the below link to Keep Lightroom up to date:

    Daniel: Is it possible to get an offline installer for the new 9.1 update? It says there:

    “What if my computer is not connected to the Internet?

    Find a computer that is connected to the Internet, and download the update to an external drive or media that you can move to the computer that’s not on the Internet.”

    Krati: You need to connect to the internet to download and install the application, then you can use it offline.

    Daniel: So why is that “What if my computer is not connected to the Internet?” message being shown?

    Krati: Daniel, You can install the product and updates offline, but you need momentary Internet access initially to sign in and activate your software. You can download the update to an external drive or media that you can move to the computer that’s not on the Internet.

    Daniel: I understand that, so my question is, how do I get the offline installers?

    Krati: Let me transfer you to an agent who can assist you better.

    Connecting you with a specialist as soon as possible.

    You are now connected to Rupa, who is reviewing your account. If you need to share sensitive information, such as credit card number, please wait for your agent to give you steps to share it securely.

    Rupa: Hello, I’ll be happy to assist you with your issue, may I know for which application you need the offline installer?

    Daniel: Lightroom Classic 9.1 Windows version

    Rupa: Please share the serial number of your product?

    As I said, it may just be the fact that I am using an expired trial version (and it still works, just some features disabled).

    Also, here are blog posts about Lightroom Classic not expiring fully:
    What happens to Lightroom after my membership ends?
    Lightroom *never* fully expires

    Either way, I still think that support is still a bit patchy.

    • Hello again Daniel, thanks for following up with what happened. Trial users are supposed to be able to receive the direct download links as well. But if you already have an expired 2020 trial and have not yet purchased a subscription, then the support staff may not see the need to provide direct download links.

      In any event, note that Adobe offers a 14-day money back guarantee on Creative Cloud subscriptions…

      Meaning that that anyone who purchases a new plan can get a full refund within the first two weeks after the initial payment is made, with no questions asked. In that way, Adobe would have to provide the new offline installers because you’d be a paid subscriber at that point.

      In most cases, any plan cancellation can be made online without hassle. If you decide to continue your paid membership past the first 14 days, then the return period closes.

      Lastly, regarding being able to get offline installers for the most current 2020 releases with the latest updates: From what we’ve heard, this is not possible yet; however, we believe that eventually the installers available from Adobe Customer Care should match what is offered via the Creative Cloud Desktop app.

      But at present, and in the short term, Creative Cloud users will receive the original 2020 installers for the .0 base versions from November 4th / MAX.

  8. I just got hold of one of the chat support staff, and here is the transcript. Note the part where they agree with me that the $52 plan as opposed to the $80 teams plan is throttled.

    Supriya: Please save the download link and try to download and install the app by using this link when you are at the system.

    Me: It’s the same on this PC and the same on my PC at home. No one can get me to install these god damn apps and Adobe continues to take my hard-earned payment.
    Me: I’ve already tried this. Please. I even had someone connect to my PC to try and make it work and it didn’t.

    Supriya: Actually earlier the adobe apps were in 32 bits. But now due to latest release, adobe has launched applications in 32 and 64 bit. Whereas in Mac 10.15, it only supported apps in 64 bit. So we need to uninstall the older version of the app first, and then need to download and install the app again.

    Me: I do not have anything installed on the Mac. As I already stated. This is a brand new Mac opened fresh out of the box today.

    Supriya: So you just need to open the link and need to download and install the Desktop application from that link.

    Me: That’s Adobe CC

    Supriya: Yes

    Me: That’s already installed. It is the whole problem and reason I am talking to you. Adobe CC new version 5 doesn’t download the apps. It always gets stuck. Why can we not have direct links to download?

    Supriya: For direct download please use this link:

    Me: That just opens the CC app
    Me: I need direct downloads so that I can use the software I am paying for.
    Me: The new CC app is pretty bad actually. There are so many people complaining about it. You know that too.

    Supriya: There is no direct download link now.

    Me: Why are their no direct links?

    Supriya: You can open this link and can try to download the app which you want to use.

    Me: None of the solutions work though

    Supriya: Could you confirm have you tried to install the CC app once?

    Me: If I paid for a teams licence, would the downloads work better?

    Supriya: Yes absolutely.

    Me: I have tried the new CC app on multiple machines

    Supriya: Thank you. Would you like to know about the team plan or would you like to upgrade to team license?

    Me: So what you are saying is if I pay 80 USD a month instead of 52 USD, it will work better??

    Supriya: Yes

    Me: So the 52 USD has a throttle on it?

    Supriya: Yes

    Me: Now I know. Why didn’t you say that?

    Me: Does the team licence also come with fewer bugs? I have noticed many new bugs with the 53 USD plan

    Supriya: No, the applications are same in the individuals and team licenses.

    Me: But the individual’s licence only difference is you cannot download the apps??
    Me: I would not have agreed to the 52 USD plan if I knew I could not download it.

    Supriya: Earlier the direct download link was available but now that is being removed. You can try to download and install the application only bu using the CC app.

    Me: Unfortunately CC app doesn’t work. but if I upgrade to teams it will work, you say?

    Supriya: Yes it may work.
    2:42 PM

    • Wow, that transcript is a doozy. Unfortunately, that agent you received is misinformed, or worse.

      There is definitely no “throttle” in the download for the Individuals plan. Absolutely not!

      However, there do appear to be significant issues with the CC Desktop app. That much is clear from the numerous reports shared by readers above.

      And it is true that Creative Cloud for Teams plans do have additional methods available for download & installation of the CC tools, which do not use the Desktop app.

      However, you should not need to upgrade simply to get the apps you are paying for to download. You are definitely entitled to receive 2020 direct download links, and the agent is absolutely wrong to say they are not currently available.

      In such cases, it can sometimes help to request to be transferred to a supervisor. We would definitely recommend that, if trying again.

      Two things:

      1. We are going to write a new (and very clear) post next week that you all can refer people back to if you run into any resistance getting the new 2020 installers.

      2. Rick, please contact us using this form to pass along the Case Number of that transcript. We will work it back through Adobe management to make sure this gets looked into.

  9. @ProDesignTools

    The support agent flat out refused, hiding behind “We don’t do that.”

    At least I do have documented credentials for the Admin Console, so I could go generate a managed package – but have not yet had a chance to test, as the download speeds from the CDN were not great last night.

    • What the agent said is not correct. Our understanding is that all Adobe customer service reps across all locations have both the ability and authorization to distribute the new 2020 offline installers, which they can now access through their online internal repository.

      Stay tuned for our new article next week covering this in clear terms.

  10. Made a connection this weekend with what might be messing with my computer and the Adobe CC App. For some time, I have had an ongoing problem with “node.exe” taking over my CPU and making anything else trying to access the Internet “hang.” IF the program has a built-in resume function, it starts up after “node” finishes. I know this “node.js” can be used by different programs, at least according to others who have sought info about it, and Adobe SWEARS they don’t use it, but further research, on MY system, always shows it is associated with the CC App. Why? I don’t know. It is not a Windows system component, and it never causes system instability when I kill the process. What I noticed today, and it repeated itself on multiple testing, is when I quit the CC App, the “node” thing stops and disappears from the processes listed in my Task Manager.

    I’m 69, and certainly willing (maybe not enthusiastically, but still willing) to find I am imagining all of this. Nonetheless, I am going to keep doing further research and see if the problem, whether originating with Adobe, or from somewhere else, might be ONE of the causes behind Adobe downloads hanging every time I try. I am NOT saying this is a fault on Adobe’s end. I don’t have enough information to make that connection, but I do think it is causing problems, at least in my case. It may be another program i have yet to discover, but whenever this “node” process starts up, everything else, depending on an internet connection, hangs. While I can build computers, I am not as OS tech savvy as I would like to be.

    If anyone else would like to follow up on this, from their end, and see if this is a productive track to follow up on, please do. I would do this with Adobe, but as I said, they deny they have anything do to with the “node” process. And they may not. That does not mean it is not affecting the CC App.

  11. @ProDesignTools

    I guess it depends on the support rep you get? Mine was useless. Make that two. I got nowhere using the suggested language above, with lots of please and thank you — nothing. asked for someone who could authorize access (to me as a paid user/subscriber), referred me and they just stalled.

    So far, no luck at all. Go figure.

  12. @Louis Hazard

    on mac, and using Little Snitch, the CCX node process definitely kicks in from time to time.

    In my mac the location of the utility is:

    Applications/Utilities/Adobe Creative Cloud Experience/CCXProcess/

    and it asks to connect to cloudflare

    don’t know if that is helpful, but also you might want to search for discussions on the many ways adobe apps ‘phone home’.

  13. @card

    Thank you. I may turn out to be wrong, certainly have a history of being so, but I do think this path, either from something Adobe software is doing, or some other piece of software, is the one to pursue to finally resolve what is causing the problems. On faster internet lines, the “pause” may not be enough to cause the download to hang, but on slower lines, a pause can last long enough for the Adobe download protocol to hang and not resume.

    Thank you for the info. I am on a Win 10 PC, but all information is helpful. :)

  14. Whenever a PC OS needs to be refreshed, or a new PC is being set up, the download times are excessive. Having the online installers saves a lot of time for the initial install. The updates can always take place over time. At this time, they seem to be just giving out links for products you request. You would have to request each product in the suite individually.

    I requested PS, LR, DW, ID and IL. And Adobe did provide the links which are good for 24 hours.

  15. To Louis Hazard – you may have solved the problem, at least for me! I searched and found five copies of node.exe on my computer, all of them in Adobe folders. I renamed all of them thus effectively deleting them, and last night started downloads of the upgrades to Lightroom Classic, Lightroom, Photoshop and Camera Raw using CC Desktop. This morning, when I opened CC desktop, all four apps were upgraded so now I have Lightroom Classic 9.1, Lightroom 3.1 and Photoshop 21.02 on my computer. Also, this morning, there is a new version of node.exe in the folder associated with Photoshop but not elsewhere. Next I’ll try to update Bridge and then the Adobe apps on my tablet computer (which also has the hangup problem).

    Thank you.

    • Importantly, we’ve stressed how Adobe themselves now confirm that you can get the new offline installers from Customer Service:

      Q: What if my computer has limited access to the Internet?

      A: For access to direct downloads, contact Adobe Customer Care.

      Note: You can install the product and updates offline, but you need momentary Internet access initially to sign in and activate your software.

      That text was added to this official Adobe help page on December 9th, 2019.

      See for yourself!

  16. Louis,

    Removing node.exe helped but apparently isn’t the complete solution. After I removed node.exe, I ran the CC desktop overnight on my desktop computer that has a direct wired internet connection to my DSL modem, and that worked to get the latest updates to the apps I use – that’s when I posted my previous post here. However, when I later tried it with my tablet computer which has a Wi-Fi connection to my modem (and hence the connection is about 40% slower than the direct wired connection) during the day, that hung up again. I suspect that running overnight with a direct wired connection when other internet traffic would be at a minimum and also removing, speeded up the download just enough so that it didn’t hang up (that assumes that the problem may be related to some timeout in the system).

  17. A bit of good news. Adobe has published the direct download for Camera Raw 12.1 at:

    This download is necessary if you get the direct links for Photoshop and Lightroom Classic from Adobe customer support. The version of LR they gave me (9.0) expects Camera Raw 12, but the version of Photoshop 2020 (21.0.0) includes Camera Raw 10.0. Certain LR operations such as “Open as Layers in Photoshop” don’t work unless you get this new version of Camera Raw.

  18. I want to download the standalone installers of Photoshop Lightroom and Lightroom Classic.

    Hello, I’ll be happy to assist you with the Download of Photoshop and lightroom, however please go with these links in order to download

    These links only allow me to install apps on a pc which has a stable internet connection.
    what should I do, as I want to install any app on a pc that does not have a stable internet connection?

    Then you have to contact your internet server and they will help you with the internet connection.

    I think they are not going to change the whole line just for me.
    Actually, I am currently at my friend’s home here and I have quite fast internet access.
    But I can’t take my desktop pc to this town for just downloading some software.

    We can only help you with the Adobe Application, and Support you with the Adobe Account; however for the internet connection, you have to take any other source, as we are Adobe Support.

    I can’t copy Lightroom installed on this pc to a Usb drive and then install on my home desktop.

    You cannot do that as that is a link-based download, not a Crack Installed folder, however you can take the link to anywhere and can download it from there.

    That’s why I am asking to give me direct links for the installation files.

    That is the Direct link that I have sent you, you just have to click on the download and you will be able to download all the applications; however you also have to log into the Adobe Website first in order to download Lightroom.
    And I would also let you know that you have to purchase the subscription in order to use the services – they are not just download and use applications, they are paid services and you have to purchase the subscription and then you will get the emails with the link to download, and that would be the direct link to download.

    yeah, that link just allows me to install the Desktop app on a device.
    However, it’s impossible to download 1-2 GB of data with only 50-100kb/s data speed.
    but this speed is enough to verify my subscription.

    Okay, I can see that you do not have any subscription under this account.
    Had you purchased any subscription with this email address?

    not yet.
    but as a student and beginner, I can go with the 7-day trial.

    Okay, you can go with this link in order to have the plan and price for the free trial:
    However, may I know which country are you in, so that I can help you with the correct link of the Trial version?

    “I need the direct download links (offline installers) for the new 2020 releases of Lightroom and Lightroom Classic. Could you please help me?”

    Okay, now I got it, you need the links for the Perpetual products.
    Sure I will help you with that, however may I know which computer (Mac or Windows) are you using so that I can send you the proper link?

    Windows 10
    x64 based system

    Okay, please go with this link in order to have the offline download:

    Oh no, this link just downloads a 3mb setup file to install Lightroom on a pc that has proper internet.


    • It sounds like that agent was a bit slow, but you were finally getting somewhere when you eventually used the exact language we suggested above…

      We would recommend trying again with a different representative and asking to speak directly with a supervisor if necessary.

  19. Here’s the latest from a user on the Adobe Forums, who was previously stuck:

    Hello again,

    I finally could reach someone at Adobe with the ‘Contact us’ button on online chat and the kind person gave me direct links to DL the offline installers for both Photoshop and Lightroom Classic, so I’m relieved ! It will take a bit of a time to DL all these big files, but at least I seem to see the light !

    Your help has been very much appreciated and I wish you an excellent day!



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