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Update on New Creative Cloud 2022 Direct Download Links

Download the New 2022 Release of Adobe Creative Cloud Now! (Try or Buy)

UPDATE – You can now get Adobe’s new Creative Cloud 2023 Direct Download Links!

After the smash success of last year’s first-ever all-virtual MAX conference, Adobe is doing it again this week with an even bigger all-online, all-free MAX 2021. And, as usually happens at MAX, the company just rolled out a major new flagship release – Creative Cloud 2022 – a product line having so much that they had to speed through the 90-minute keynote just to try to cover it all.

There are significant updates across the entire suite of tools and services, with many new features and enhance­ments to existing applications, and even some surprises: extending Illustrator and Photoshop to the web by actually running in a browser, providing and ensuring digital content attribution with the new Content Authenticity Initiative, fueling online collaboration and virtual whiteboarding with Creative Cloud Spaces and Canvas, boosting content velocity by automating repetitive imaging tasks in the cloud using Project Aspen – plus, nearly one million photos, illustrations, templates, and videos now available to everyone at no cost with the new Adobe Stock Free Collection.

As always, all upgrades to your CC apps are included are part of your Creative Cloud membership at no additional cost. The new 2022 software is available immedi­ately for worldwide download via the CC Desktop App… This means everyone gets either a free upgrade or a free trial – but some folks want or need to access the new tools directly without using Adobe’s download/app manager.

More Direct
Download Links
CC 2023
CC 2019
CC 2018
Acrobat DC 2023
Captivate 2019
Elements 2023

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Offline installers for the Creative Cloud Desktop app and for Acrobat DC Pro/Standard are currently available, but the rest of the new CC 2022 direct download links have not yet been released, though we expect they’ll be out soon… As in the past, we are actively in touch with Adobe manage­ment and advocating for you – our readers and for customers everywhere.

In the meantime, the standalone installers for previous releases of Creative Cloud are still available for use and download.

UPDATE (Oct. 27th) – Great news! Adobe has not posted the new Creative Cloud 2022 direct download links; however, as of today, you can actually get them yourself by contacting Customer Service…

Just reach out to Adobe’s Customer Care team via live online chat, and they will give you temporary links to download offline installers for all the 2022 apps that you need. Free trial users may be denied, but you could subscribe to gain access to the links and then cancel for a full refund if you do not wish to continue.

Look for Adobe's "Contact Us" Icon to Request the 2022 Direct Download Links

You simply need to ask. We suggest: “Hello, I need the direct download links (offline installers) for the new 2022 releases of ___________. Could you please help me?”

You can connect with an agent to get the downloads here. Look for “Contact Us” or “Your contact options…” at the bottom of the page, or the Chat icon at the lower right. If asked, choose the “Download & Install” category. That’s it!

OPTION 2 – Or, you can do this instead: You can now get a free Creative Cloud for Teams trial for 14 days. All users of the Teams plan can create their own custom Managed packages to download the latest 2022 offline installers for use on any computer.

No credit card or payment details are required, and you can get started immedi­ately. You can do this if you don’t have an Adobe account, have a free Creative Cloud membership, or have a paid Individual subscription. If you decide not to purchase the Teams plan, then you can simply let the trial expire automatically.

For more info, check out the Adobe help page detailing this offer:

  » Start Your Creative Cloud for Teams Free Trial Now

You can access versions 2022 and older, and there is no obligation to remove any of the apps you install; however they will continue to work only with an ongoing paid membership plan of some type.

We just tried it out and it works seamlessly as described, even if you already have an Individuals plan or if you currently have no paid plan at all. If you go this route, please let us know how it goes, or if you have any issues!

For decades now, Adobe has always provided publicly-available CC and CS industry-standard downloadable installers for many valid reasons… In our view, the need is strong and they should continue to do so.

As always, we will be following this story closely going forward – keeping this page up to date with the latest news regarding new offline installers, and publishing further information on the status of CC 2022 direct download links.

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Changing System Requirements

Also important to know that the system requirements have evolved, on both Windows and Mac, in order to take advantage of the latest operating system features and technologies… On Macs, the CC 2022 release now requires macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later. If you’re not yet running a compatible version of macOS, then you can get a free upgrade directly from Apple to Catalina. Be aware, however, that in Catalina, Apple has dropped support for any older 32-bit programs that you may have. macOS 11.0 (Big Sur) and the newly-launched macOS 12.0 (Monterey) are supported by Adobe as well.

On PCs, Windows 10 (version 1909 or higher) is a fully-supported platform for all Creative Cloud applications. Windows 11 is supported with some caveats. Importantly, except for Acrobat DC, the CC 2022 apps do not support 32-bit or any Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating systems.

Adobe explains that focusing their efforts on more modern OS versions allows them to concentrate on developing the features and functionality most requested by members, while ensuring peak performance that takes advantage of modern hardware. For more details, please consult the complete CC 2022 System Requirements. If these specifications don’t work for you for some reason, then you can continue to use the older CC 2021 applications, or even CC 2019 or CC 2018.

What’s New in Creative Cloud 2022? [Video]

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Did these links work for you? Hope they helped out; please let us know with a comment below…  Do you have any questions about CC? Just ask below and we’ll get you answers fast!

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15 thoughts on “Update on New Creative Cloud 2022 Direct Download Links”

  1. I am very disappointed by Adobe who neutralised my legally bought and registered software which still sits in my account (actually I do not know the reason why it is still there?) (Acrobat 9.0). Is this the way to treat customers and still expect them to come back? Never again !

    • Hi Dimitri, can you give more details on the issue you’re having?

      To our knowledge, Adobe has not “neutralized” Acrobat 9 – so not really sure what you are referring to.

      There is likely a simpler explanation, such as security or operating system incompatibility, as that version of Acrobat is over 13 years old.

  2. As a follow up: when I try to reinstall Acrobat 9.0 Pro to a new computer and enter my valid serial number, the software accepts it, but then performs an Upgrade Check that tells me that this is a serial connected to an upgrade, so I have to enter a second serial number to continue working. When I enter my Acrobat 8.0 serial number, this is rejected as Invalid. So Acrobat 9.0, reverts to a trial mode. I have contacted Adobe but their support staff could not help me. So I am left with a useless piece of software after all (when I bought this no one told me it would be expiring after some years, just because Adobe decided so). I find this unfair.

    • Not entirely clear what’s going on there. Acrobat 9 still can be activated but it looks like your license depends on Acrobat 8. Adobe recently decommissioned the aging Acrobat 8 activation servers (~15 years old), so it’s possible that could be a factor, or there may be something else at play.

      We’d suggest contacting Adobe Customer Care directly regarding your issue. Even Acrobat 9 is way out of support and end-of-life, but they may be able to clarify what’s going on.

      The best way to reach them is via live online chat.

  3. Any chance you guys can start publishing offline installer links again? I tried live chat and email and they said they are not providing links, so that method does not work.

    • Hey John, really wish we could! But it’s not possible because you now have to contact Adobe Customer Care directly in order to get the app installer links:

      Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about that. If they are refusing to provide them to you or claiming it’s not possible, then it’s likely because you are not a paid subscriber.

      But importantly, note that Adobe offers a 14-day money back guarantee on Creative Cloud subscriptions…

      Meaning that that anyone who purchases a new plan can get a full refund within the first two weeks after the initial payment is made, with no questions asked. In that way, Adobe would have to provide the new direct download links because you’d be a paid subscriber at that point. Then you could decide to cancel or not, per your needs.

      Of course, we would love to see Adobe make these installers publicly available for everyone (as in the past), rather than each user having to contact Customer Support individually… If you agree – and it sounds like you do – then please share your feedback with Adobe’s product teams to tell the company directly.

      There is a second option, as described in the article above – you can get a free Creative Cloud for Teams trial for 14 days… It costs nothing, with no credit card required and no cancellation needed – it expires automatically. This free two-week tryout will give you access to the Admin Console and all apps.

      The good news is doing that will allow you to easily create and download offline installer packages for any CC tools that you want, for life. In other words, the capability to create standalone installers does not end if/when your free trial does, regardless of whether you sign up for a paid subscription or not.

      Hope that helps!

  4. Followup to my last comment, I attempted to start a CC Teams trial to get the installers that way, but it doesn’t work either. It says “Your free trial has already expired. Buy Creative Cloud for teams today and get access to your favorite apps and services.” – even though it’s a new account with no trials on it. Apparently this is common.

    I can confirm neither of the listed methods work without an active paid subscription. You should probably update the page stating this so people don’t waste their time.

    • Adobe has recently become less willing to give out the new direct download links to free trial users, so we’ve added the following clarification above:

      Free trial users may not be as successful as paid subscribers in this, but you could subscribe to gain access to the links and then cancel for a full refund if you do not wish to continue.

      Regarding Creative Cloud for Teams, that should not stop you. As described in the article above, you should be able to create your own complete installer packages even after your Teams free trial has expired…

      In fact, we have no problem and can still log into the Admin Console and build/download new offline packages, despite the free trial having expired two years ago.

      The only message we see is: “Your Creative Cloud All Apps free trial has ended. Start a paid plan to restore access to apps and services for your team. Buy now” But that doesn’t prevent you from building as many Managed Packages as you want, making standalone installers for almost any version of any recent Creative Cloud release.

  5. You’re probably able to use your teams account because it was previously created. What I’m saying is you can’t create one any longer, so there’s no way to generate those installers. You use a brand new account with no trials on it and it says “your trial has expired”, and your only option is to pay. Try creating a new account and see if that works, because it definitely isn’t for me.

    • Sure, just did that. We used a new email and Adobe ID account, and there were no problems at all…But even an existing Adobe ID (with or without a current Individual subscription) should have no difficulty.

      A new free Teams trial was set up with the ability to create Managed Packages of offline/standalone installers:

      Creative Cloud All Apps
      What’s included in your team trial

      – 10 licenses, so you can invite your teammates
      – Over 20+ Creative Cloud apps including Photoshop, Illustrator and more
      – Admin Console for easy license management
      – Creative Cloud Libraries for sharing assets with your team
      – Adobe Fonts, Adobe Color, and Behance for creative assets and inspiration

      Thank you! Your free trial is ready to go.

      Your free trial will end by Mar 7, 2022

      Welcome to your free trial.

      We’re glad you’re here. Let’s get your team set up. Ask up to nine teammates to join your Adobe Creative Cloud for teams trial.

      Be sure to invite your teammates today so they can take advantage of the full 14 days of the trial period.

      « Invite your team »

      Start downloading Creative Cloud apps. Start making incredible work with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Acrobat Pro DC, and more.

      « Download apps »

      Welcome to your Admin Console!

      Your first task as an admin is to set up your Adobe products and services.

      « Create packages »

    • In fact, Adobe has recently expanded the free 14-day CC Teams trials with no credit card required…

      It used to only be available in the U.S. and U.K. – but just in the past month, they have opened it up worldwide.

  6. I just tried it, and it DOES require a credit card and (perhaps) payment to start a trial. I could not get in any way without a credit card.

    What am I missing?

    • From your IP address, it looks like you’re from Brazil. When you go to this Adobe page for your country, it says: “Grátis por 14 dias. Não requer cartão de crédito.”

      That’s it.

      It’s the same offer in every country and in every language.

  7. I’m so confused. The reason I’m trying this solution is because I had a hard drive failure and had to reinstall my macos on a new ssd. When signing into Adobe CC, the PS/LR current versions are not compatible with my operating system that was previously still running PS 2018, and there is no longer the dropdown menu to choose previous versions as in the past.

    So I downloaded the previous version from here, it prompted the Adobe sign in with appropriate security validation, but after completion of the download signing into Adobe CC I’m met with “start your free 7-day trial”

    So will Adobe scratch the trial status upon sign-in with my current paid ongoing subscription that includes PS?

    • Yes. All Creative Cloud subscribers have the right to download and use any release of the CC tools with their paid plan.

      The only caveat is that older releases – further than one version back – are not officially supported, and some versions are explicitly unauthorized.

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