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Update on New Creative Cloud 2020 Direct Download Links

Download the New 2020 Release of Adobe Creative Cloud Now! (Try or Buy)

UPDATE – You can now get Adobe’s new Creative Cloud 2024 Direct Download Links!

Every year, Adobe’s creative product launches seem to get bigger – and this year is no exception… This morning, in front of a record 15,000 attendees at the annual MAX conference, Adobe unveiled the new CC 2020 Release, which feels like their biggest product launch since they first introduced Creative Cloud over seven years ago.

As we’ve come to expect from Adobe, there are major updates across the entire suite of tools and services, including entirely new Creative Cloud tools as well as significant new features and improve­ments to existing applications, and even some surprises: Photoshop on iPad 1.0 now shipping, a brand new AR app called Adobe Aero (free!), the new Adobe Fresco available on Windows 10, and even Illustrator on iPad coming next year.

As always, all upgrades to your CC apps are included are part of your Creative Cloud membership at no additional cost. The new 2020 software is available immediately for worldwide download via the CC Desktop App… This means everyone gets either a free upgrade or a free trial – but some folks want or need to access the new tools directly without using Adobe’s download/app manager.

More Direct
Download Links
CC 2024
CC 2019
CC 2018
Acrobat DC 2024
Captivate 2019
Elements 2023

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Offline installers for the Creative Cloud Desktop app and for Acrobat DC Pro/Standard are currently available, but the rest of the new CC 2020 direct download links have not yet been released, though we hope they’ll be out soon… As in the past, we are actively in touch with Adobe manage­ment and advocating for you – our readers and for Creative Cloud customers everywhere. Everybody is asking us about this!

In the meantime, the CC 2019 and CC 2018 standalone installers are still available for use and download.

UPDATE (Nov. 27th) – Great news! Adobe has not posted the new Creative Cloud 2020 direct download links; however, as of today, you can now actually get them yourself by contacting Customer Service…

Just reach out to Adobe’s Customer Care team via live online chat, and they will give you temporary links to download offline installers for all the 2020 apps that you need. Free trial users may be denied, but you could subscribe to gain access to the links and then cancel for a full refund if you do not wish to continue.

Look for Adobe's "Contact Us" Icon to Request the 2020 Direct Download Links

You simply need to ask. We suggest: “Hello, I need the direct download links (offline installers) for the new 2020 releases of ___________. Could you please help me?”

You can connect with an agent to get the downloads here. Look for “Contact Us” or “Your contact options…” at the bottom of the page, or the Chat icon at the lower right. If asked, choose the “Download & Install” category. That’s it!

OPTION 2 – Or, you can do this instead: Adobe just launched a new offer where you can now get a free Creative Cloud for Teams trial for 14 days. All users of the Teams plan can create their own custom Managed packages to download the latest 2020 offline installers for use on any computer.

No credit card or payment details are required, and you can get started immedi­ately. You can do this if you don’t have an Adobe account, have a free Creative Cloud membership, or have a paid Individual subscription. If you decide not to purchase the Teams plan, then you can simply let the trial expire automatically.

For more info, check out the new Adobe help page detailing this offer:

  » Start Your Creative Cloud for Teams Free Trial Now

You can access versions 2021 and older, and there is no obligation to remove any of the apps you install; however they will continue to work only with an ongoing paid membership plan of some type.

We just tried it out and it works seamlessly as described, even if you already have an Individuals plan or if you currently have no paid plan at all. If you go this route, please let us know how it goes, or if you have any issues!

For decades now, Adobe has always provided publicly-available CC and CS industry-standard downloadable installers for many valid reasons… In our view, the need is strong and they should continue to do so.

If you agree, then share your thoughts below on why you want or need direct download links. More importantly, please also post feedback on the Adobe Forums and definitely send your comments to the product teams to tell the company directly. Then spread the word to others you know!

As always, we will be following this story closely going forward, and keeping this page up to date with the latest news regarding new offline installers, as well as publishing further information on the status of CC 2020 direct download links.

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Changing System Requirements

Also important to know that the system requirements have changed, both on Windows as well as on Mac, in order to take advantage of the latest operating system features and technologies… On Macs, the CC 2020 release now requires macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or higher. If you’re not yet running a compatible version of macOS, then you can get a free upgrade directly from Apple to High Sierra (10.13), to Mojave (10.14), or to Catalina (10.15). Be aware, however, that in Catalina – the latest release – Apple has dropped support for any older 32-bit programs that may be installed on your Mac.

On PCs, Windows 10 (version 1809 or higher) is a fully-supported platform for all Creative Cloud applications. Windows 7 SP1 will still work for some CC tools, but not key ones like the video and audio apps, and Windows 8.x is not supported at all. Furthermore, except for Acrobat DC, Creative Cloud no longer supports Windows 32-bit systems. Most CC 2019 apps already required a Windows 64-bit OS, and that requirement has now expanded to all CC 2020 apps. This means that 32-bit versions of Illustrator, InDesign, InCopy, Dreamweaver and Bridge are not offered in CC 2020, as they were in CC 2019.

Adobe explains that focusing their efforts on more modern OS versions allows them to concentrate on developing the features and functionality most requested by members, while ensuring peak performance that takes advantage of modern hardware. For more details, please consult the complete CC 2020 System Requirements. If these specifications don’t work for you for some reason, then you can instead continue to use the older CC 2019 applications, or even CC 2018.

What’s New in Adobe CC 2020? [Video]

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Did these links work for you? Hope they helped out; please let us know with a comment below…  Do you have any questions about CC? Just ask below and we’ll get you answers fast!

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173 thoughts on “Update on New Creative Cloud 2020 Direct Download Links”

  1. @ProDesignTools

    And the follow-up just now:

    I can confirm that the links worked perfectly. My apps are all installed and working. The person on the Adobe chat was kind, professional and efficient (seems not to have been the case for all customers but I’m really satisfied and I got what I asked for immediately, and it’s good to say it too when things work well!). The updates via Creative Cloud desktop are still a mess, but at least I can use my apps so there is no big hurry for the rest.

    I hope not to get back here too soon but thanks to those who helped!


    • That’s simply not true. People are definitely getting offline installers for the new 2020 releases from Adobe Customer Care… We requested a couple more 2020 apps from them earlier this week and had no problem at all:

      How to Get New Adobe Creative Cloud 2020 Direct Download Links

      Sorry you received incorrect information. We suggest trying again, and ask to speak to a supervisor if necessary. If you don’t get a positive answer within the first few minutes, then just disconnect and start again with a new rep. Don’t accept no as a final answer.

  2. So is anyone willing to share the links they got so far? Don’t feel like chatting to a person just to get a link every time. Thanks

    • Hey Pete, good question but all of the 2020 direct download links that Adobe is issuing are specially coded to be time-limited and expire within 24 hours.

      As for sharing the actual installer files themselves – they cannot be re-uploaded or redistributed in any way, per Adobe’s terms of service.

      So sorry, that wouldn’t work or we would already have done it here.

  3. hi,
    i can’t update any program with the adobe creative cloud desktop app; it gets stuck on 19% downloaded – is there is a solution for that ?

  4. Hello again.

    I’m trying to be as polite here as I can. So I will refrain from saying what I would really like to say. Anyone else tired of having to jump through hoops to try and get the most recent, current update of Adobe programs? I’m feeling like Oliver Twist asking for a bit more to eat every time I have to ask a customer service rep for new updated links.

    When I was a child I had to ask my parents for things I needed. But dang, I’m 69 years old now and asking permission to get the items I already pay for is like going to the grocery store, being asked to pay up front, and then having to ask permission to actually take the food off the shelf so I can take it home and eat it.

    Can ANYONE explain to me WHY Adobe STILL will not allow access to 2020 apps WITHOUT having to either use the Creative Cloud App OR ask a customer service rep for the links? (If I didn’t really love some of the independently-developed plugins I have purchased over the years, ones that ONLY work in Photoshop, I would walk away from Adobe for good.)

    P.S. – I am willing to find out if I am missing something here. Has Adobe changed and are the links now available, WITHOUT having to go through a customer service rep? And are people getting the most current updated version when they still use the “Please may I have some more” links that they have to go through the customer service reps for?

  5. Hello. This is not true. I spoke to two agents “Abhishek” and “Rahul.” And both of them did not seem to be able to get the links for me.

  6. Guys, you may be able to download and install now! I’ve been having difficulty getting InDesign for about 6 months — it wasn’t a huge deal because my Adobe account is provided by my job and I hardly use InDesign at home — and yesterday I was finally able to update the Creative Cloud app and download InDesign!

  7. @Me

    Same for me. I was one who has had a LOT of headaches downloading updates in the past. Adobe has finally taken care of whatever was timing out the downloads for me. In appreciation I even upgraded to the full Cloud. I’ve wanted to for a long time, but since downloading was such a frustrating task, I’ve put it off for years. As of today, everything, including multiple updates at one time, has downloaded without mishap. (We have horrible online speeds here in the rural community I live in.)

    I play around a lot with DAWs and digital synthesizers, so I have learned to live with a company requiring the use of a special app to control and monitor their programs. My real complaint with Adobe was when the CC desktop app was not working for me. As long as it is working, I’ve no need for offline installers. That said, I also understand how some folks really do prefer standalone installers. Sadly, however, Piracy is still pretty prevalent online. I am sure this plays a lot into Adobe wanting every install to be through the CC App.

    They may be cutting down offering standalone offline installers for trial versions via request, but it is my understanding it is still possible to get them if you are already a subscriber and having problems with the app. (I am also aware, both as a staff member and a part of administration, when I was still working, not everyone reads and fully understands all the memos they might be getting. Then add in that they may be newer hires who have a ton of older memos to get through.)

    Throughout my own trials with the app, I remain very thankful to the folks here at ProDesign for all the time and attention they have put into this whole issue for users. They helped me keep what’s left of my sanity (wasn’t much there to work with) during the time it took Adobe to revise the CC App to where it finally worked for me, as well as others. (And they have some GREAT free books available to anyone, even if you don’t use the CC App.) :)

    • Wow, that’s all terrific news – thanks so much, Louis!

      So glad we could help out, and that your problems with downloading the CC apps are (finally) in the rear view mirror…

      And you’re right – Adobe will definitely give out the 2020 standalone installers to any paid subscriber.

      In addition to solving any download issues, the direct download links are also useful for downloading an offline backup of your software, burning to disc/DVD, copying to thumb/flash USB drive, transferring and installing on a second computer (or more), maintaining consistency between machines, etc.

      Thanks again for your great comment!

    • PS – For free trial users (not currently paid subscribers) who want standalone installers, note that Adobe offers a 14-day money back guarantee on Creative Cloud subscriptions…

      Meaning that that anyone who purchases a new plan can get a full refund within the first two weeks after the initial payment is made, with no questions asked. In that way, Adobe would have to provide the new 2020 direct download links because you’d be a paying subscriber at that point.

      In most cases, any plan cancellation can be made online without hassle. If you decide to continue your paid membership past the first 14 days, then the return period closes.

  8. For me it says my trial has expired and won’t let me open it. It shows payment plans and then when I close that, Photoshop closes. Does anyone have a solution or tutorial.

  9. Hi! I’ve been having issues installing adobe photoshop onto my mac. Every single time I try to install it, it pauses at some point during the process and continues to be frozen until I quit and try to reinstall. I dealt with the exact same issue when trying to install creative cloud, so an adobe employee sent me the link below which fixed the issue. Do you have a link like this that will enable me to install adobe photoshop? If not, how should I proceed?

    Thank you so much,

    • Those are direct download links for the Creative Cloud Desktop app.

      If you want or need the same for Photoshop 2020 et al, then as we outlined in the article above, you need to contact Adobe Customer Care and request them:

      You could also try this:

      1. Uninstall the problem app using standard OS procedures.
      2. Download & run the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to clean it off your system.
      3. Reboot your computer (don’t skip this step).
      4. Start again from the top by reinstalling the Creative Cloud tools you want.

  10. The Adobe helpdesk is totally useless.
    They will not provide offline download links, even when I direct them to their own support pages, where it says that offline installation is possible.

    Earlier, the links to standalone downloads of installation were linked to on this page. Now, every page on this site regarding the publishing of new CC versions, are only repetitions of the former version page.
    The only thing changing is the version # of the release.

    This page is no use anymore, to any help of getting the links. Every new update just says “contact the Adobe helpdesk.”
    But you will not get any help from the Adobe helpdesk.

    In the end, I got fed up with the Adobe crap, and now I am glad I transferred all my work to Affinity.
    They are everything Adobe was, and then some.

    You purchase your software, you own it, you get your upgrades and updates, you get help when you need. No bloatware, no trackers, no “connection failed, you have to shut down the app”, no subscription trouble that stops all use of software.
    Only nice and well-functioning software. With premium features and technical levels that well and truly surpasses Adobe.

    Everything I could do in Adobe, I can do in Affinity. And the icing on the cake: Affinity does it better! Believe it or not, but Affinity is better than Adobe. If you don´t believe it; try out the feature “refine mask.” There is an unbelievable difference. In favor of Affinity.

    Adobe sucks. Big time.
    They make reasonably good software, but they treat customers as trash, and make it ever more difficult to keep the software as your property on a computer.
    They are also not the best anymore. Affinity is not the only software developer that is breathing down Adobe’s neck. I am cheering for every new developer that can take down Adobe´s hostage business plan.

    Y´all should give Affinity a try, instead of searching the web for links to something that only MIGHT work…

    • Sorry to hear that, Charles. You shouldn’t have to explain all that!

      You’re right – you should just be able to request the offline installers that you need and receive them without difficulty. We’re not sure why you had trouble, but most customers tell us they had no problem.

      So we’d suggest trying again and getting another agent who will give you the direct download links with no problem. If you don’t get a positive response within the first few minutes of the chat, then insist on being connected to a supervisor or simply disconnect and repeat with someone else.

      Some reps may not be as well-informed as others, so we recommend being politely persistent until you get the help you need.

      There is a second option, as described in the article above – you can get a free Creative Cloud for Teams trial for 14 days… It costs nothing, with no credit card required and no cancellation needed – it expires automatically. This free two-week tryout will give you access to the Admin Console and all apps.

      The good news is doing that will allow you to easily create and download offline installer packages for any CC tools that you want, for life… In other words, the capability to create standalone installers does not end if/when your free Teams trial does, and those same installers can be used with a regular Individual subscription for any of the apps.

  11. Hi,
    I’m try to download Photoshop 2020. I contacted Adobe and they said they don’t have it. I also signed up for Teams, but they aren’t allowing me to download any versions as my OS is still on 10.13. I’m assuming that means they aren’t offering older versions. Any other advice on how to get it?

    • Hey Beth, are you a paid subscriber or a free trial user? Adobe Customer Service generally won’t give out the offline installers to trial users who are not currently paid subscribers.

      If you are a paying customer, then we’d suggest trying again and getting another agent. Different agents have varying levels of knowledge, information, and experience. If you don’t get a positive response within the first few minutes of the chat, then ask to be connected to a supervisor or politely disconnect and repeat with someone else.

      Regarding the Admin Console in Teams, we are able to create Managed packages of standalone installers with the current 2023 release and one back (2022). You do have to make sure that the “Other versions > Older Versions” checkbox is checked on the “Create a package” screen.

      As you know, the last release of Creative Cloud to support macOS v. 10.13 High Sierra was CC 2020. Can you not do the free upgrade from Apple?

      If not, explain to the Adobe rep exactly why you need the 2020 version, because your system cannot support a more recent release.

      Alternatively, the CC 2019 direct downloads are available and will also work fine on that version of macOS.

      And you can definitely run older versions with any current subscription plan; Adobe won’t force you to upgrade.

  12. Hi,
    Thanks for your response. I am a paid subscriber, so I will try again as you suggested.

    After I wrote my initial comment, I saw what you said to someone else about how to get the packages. I followed your instructions and was able to gain access to the PS versions and confirmed that there is nothing older than 2022.

    I haven’t done the OS upgrade, as I have other older software that will most likely not work any longer. I plan to do it, but thought this could work for now. I’m currently using 2019. When I do upgrade, is it possible to keep an installer for 2019 or will that get wiped automatically?

    • Yes, you can definitely keep your installation of the CC 2019 versions. Just make sure that “Remove older versions” is not enabled in the Settings of the Creative Cloud Desktop app, and also unchecked before initiating any updates from the Desktop app.

      Don't remove old versions in the Creative Cloud Desktop app

      With a few exceptions, you can have multiple major releases of most Adobe apps on the same computer.

      Regarding upgrading your Mac, note that all macOS releases starting from Catalina will not allow installation of any 32-bit applications, because Apple removed that support. So keep that in mind regarding that other older software you mentioned.

      Fortunately, if you don’t want to go to Catalina or beyond, Apple offers the choice of installing an earlier OS instead, like macOS 10.14 (Mojave). Mojave will run up to Creative Cloud 2021, and we have heard that Adobe is still giving out the 2021 installers to customers who request them.

  13. Hello,

    I have trouble with installing an older version of Lightroom CC2020. I have an older iMac running macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra.

    I tried following your instructions, but unfortunately I can’t scroll down … (more action sign in the right corner) with the older version. I also chatted with the Adobe help center, but nothing helped me to solve my problem.

    Is it possible to send me direct download link to CC2020, please?

    I need to finish some pictures before Xmas, please.

    Thank you,

    • Hello Dana,

      We here do not have the offline installers to give you, but if you are a paid subscriber to Creative Cloud then you could try contacting Adobe Customer Care directly, as they are the only ones who could provide those download links.

      Alternatively, the CC 2019 direct links still work just fine, and are immediately available for download to everyone. The challenge with Lightroom is you can’t really go back to use a prior release, because your current photo catalog will not work with the previous version. But for other apps, this could be an option.

      And yes, the last release of Creative Cloud to support macOS v. 10.13 “High Sierra” was CC 2020… Apple does offer free operating system upgrades, but your computer has to be able to support a newer release of macOS.

  14. Hello, thank you for your response.

    As I am a monthly photography plan subscriber, I tried contacting Adobe Customer Care. They could send only the two previous versions, unfortunately not CC2020.

    I’m just starting to work with LR, so the problem with photo catalog doesn’t affect me yet.

    Any other ideas?

    • If you can’t get CC 2020, and you can’t upgrade your operating system, then the Creative Cloud 2019 version would be your best bet.

      What problem in particular do you have? We’d need more details in order to help.

  15. I need Adobe indesign 2020 for windows. I contacted Adobe and they said they do not have a link for it? I’m at a lost now. ANYONE PLEASE HELP

    • Hi JP, we here have not tried in a while, but last time it worked with some repeated persistence and requesting a supervisor. Can you tell us (and them) why you need that specific version?

      Adobe should really still be giving out CC 2020 installers because many paying customers do need them, if for some reason you can’t use the latest CC release.

      If you cannot get CC 2020 from Adobe, then then only other option we can suggest is to try Creative Cloud 2019 instead, which is still available to everyone for download here:

      All Adobe CC 2019 Direct Download Links, for Windows and macOS

      By the way, the only legal way to obtain Creative Cloud installers is from Adobe or via direct download links from their servers. No one else can share files with you, as that would be against Adobe’s terms of service.

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