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Free! Download 10 Professional, Royalty-Free Adobe Stock Images of Your Choice
  1. Jill Fuerstenberg

    I’d love to win Adoe Max! It would help me improve my skills and get out of poverty.

  2. Being able to speak in person to the team of talented Adobe magicians allows me to find ways to create and deliver fabulous work in the most efficient and artful manner.

  3. kat

    better than the circus and university rolled into one big burrito with extra avocado and a shot of tequila, max enlarges your passion’s shadow, or so i’ve been told

  4. JT

    I’m now a regular Lr and Ps user and would like to learn more

  5. David Davis

    I would love to go to Adobe Max! I’ve never had the opportunity to enjoy such a fabulous convention! I have good some good skills with Adobe products, but could always learn more! I’m your guy! Thanks, David

  6. John

    It would be an honor to attend the greatest event EVER!!!

  7. Jeremy

    Anytime you get that many like-minded people together in one place, you are always going to come back with new ideas, new workflows, and new skills with all of the tutorial sessions you have a chance to attend – I would certainly enjoy the opportunity!

  8. umair

    i would like to go to adobe max 2016 free.
    i have been using the tools for many years.
    i also keep on going spreading the names of adobe along with it.
    i would also like to attend the Conference.
    there will be a lot of interesting things with adobe…

  9. Alex Juutilainen

    Great Adobe event for learning! Will learn more skills.

  10. Prabhath K

    Help me grow my freelance design business with the most up-to-date software possible.

    It would be an honor to attend the greatest event

  11. tanya H

    I have been using Adobe products for quite a long time, Photoshop since version 2.0. I primarily use it to create original art and color comic books professionally as a freelance artist. There was a time when the only place to learn specifics in Photoshop for comic-related artwork was to work in a comic studio. I was lucky enough to have been able to work in two of the Image Comics studios before they were sold off or closed down. This type of training just doesn’t exist for our industry now. It’s a learn-it-yourself with a book or hope someone will share what they know these days.

    I’m lucky, I’ve been in the business now for over 20 years and I’m of the mind that it’s best we share what we know since you can’t apprentice at a studio any more. Not everyone in our business feels this way and holds their techniques close.

    It’s an honor to know some of the comics I’ve been part of the team on are in the Library of Congress and I’d like to learn more and get better so I can continue my art and share what I know with the next generation of new comic artists.

    Adobe Max has always been a dream for me but out of reach financially. There’s a saying in our business “you don’t get into the comic book industry to get rich but because you love it.” This is true but for a few people lucky enough to sell a film. In the worst of economic times though we still turn to comics as an inexpensive form of entertainment. Plus Superman and Captain America are undeniably icons worldwide.

    I may not have the most common use of Photoshop but a surprising number or people use it for just this purpose. Some have all the art created entirely digital these days and you can’t tell. Those are the best skilled people. It happens with knowledge and practice, not just a book.

    It probably sounds silly but on my income it would be fulfilling a dream.

  12. Hi. Just starting my own business after staying home with the kids for 15 years. Would love to go to Adobe Max to learn as much as possible about creative design.

  13. Hi, I would so love to go to Adobe MAX – I’ve never been before, & the sessions, labs and creativity workshops would be a huge help in increasing & honing my skills in a very competitive field – not to mention being able to meet so many creative people all in one place!

  14. Ben

    Love Adobe. This would be a great asset to my freelance business!

  15. Nicolás

    I have never been to an event of this kind. In fact, I’ve never been to a conference of this magnitude. But, better late than never!
    I’m pretty sure that I will learn a lot from this event, and I wish I had the chance to go.

  16. kathie

    I would love to go to Adobe Max this year. I have never been. I think it would be an amazing opportunity.

  17. Jared

    I’m 16 years old, and I’ve been working with Photoshop, Illustrator, After effects, Premiere Pro, Animate, and Light Room for 2 years now to operate my company. I have no doubt that attending this conference would be a life changer for me and my future inspiration. I would love more than anything to attend this.

  18. cullen

    I’m a web developer living in San Diego. I’ve never been to a conference before, would be cool for Adobe Max to be my first one.

  19. What a wonderful opportunity for team building with my creative studio staff, not to mention the opportunities to learn LOTS of cool stuff!

  20. Veronique

    I finally have access to Adobe Creative Cloud but my knowledge is too limited to really use it to its full potential. I would love to learn more, meet like minded people, and be able to come back to my institution with the means to deliver creative visual messages that would inspire our students. Attending Adobe MAX would help me achieve that.

  21. Thuy

    This is the first time I’ve heard of MAX 2016 and it sounds very helpful for photoshop users like me. I see Adobe CC around for so long but hesitate to get one. So hope this help me decide whether it’s worth for me to move forward with it.

  22. Thom

    Three years pass, my employer request to attend Adobe Max Conference has been denied for the reasons “of consideration” to be eligible as work-related training. “Use” free resources on or offline is always suggested. A majority of my Adobe knowledge are self-paid credit attending community colleges throughout the years. I am proud to say, because of the Adobe skills acquired, our office got recognized for our Annual Report design layout and/or means of publication delivery, two years in a row. I am neither employed as a graphics designer nor a programmer; however, I do rely on Adobe as my tools to be creative within our workflow. Adobe has redirected my work objectives, saved some fund outsourcing, and personally pushed me to higher limits of productivity. Thank you for your consideration.

  23. Alex. Gubariu

    I would like to attend the Adobe MAX conference because I consider it to be the most interesting conference in the IT branch. I’ve used Adobe products for 20 years and I’m amazed by the new features each release is bringing.

  24. Bets

    I’d love to go and meet others who do what I do, learn tips for using CC, and be inspired by others’ creativity. Thanks!

  25. Brian Mogged

    Why I want to go to Adobe MAX. Well I love learning and pushing my ability to be both a photographer and digital web developer further. And Adobe is in center of my tools so I want to learn as much as possible.

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