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Free! Download 10 Professional, Royalty-Free Adobe Stock Images of Your Choice
  1. Constance Reber
  2. Lincoln

    This will be my first time attending the event, it will definitely be worth it to meet other designers in person.

  3. victor

    after i learned few things from my boss on how to used adobe cs2, i have been self-taught through research on how to use adobe for more creativity and it’s getting more interesting to me, and i will really appreciate if am given the opportunity to attend the adobe conference because I’m still hungry for more to learn from the experts to build up my art creativity network……

  4. Leo

    Come to MAX to elevate your professional skills, learn more about your favorite creative tools and get inspired by your design heroes.

  5. Jonathan

    I would like to get a good preview of what is new with adobe, and see when they are going to expand more heavily into mobile.

  6. I am excited about learning new information as it relates to my journey to becoming a better photographer. Also San Diego is a beautiful city. Lastly, the networking with like minds will be incredible and priceless.

  7. Another year, another Adobe Max conference, another chance to actually attend via sweepstakes. Would be exciting to attend the sesssions and workshops.

  8. Sergio A. Amador

    The creativity that flows within Adobe is amazing! It is Adobe products’ beautiful designs on the start-up screens of each CC application that got me to pursue graphic designing for Advertising. Going to Max would be an Outstanding learning opportunity for me as an 18-year-old to see what is trending in the field of art, to know what people like or don’t like. This could help me apply ideas to my designs for my future Graphics Design class with Full Sail. I could also implement the huge learning experience on promoting our business when it gets handed down to me with more eye-appealing ads, whether it be online or billboards. I have never been to anything like this but I know if I got the chance, I could definitely be more inspired to create a more beautiful future in advertising bringing the art of tomorrow, here today.

  9. B. Polzin

    I’ve used and taught with Adobe products for over 25 years and always relish an opportunity to learn more.

  10. God wants me there to learn.

  11. Nikita

    Adobe Software is one of the best visual instruments ever created. Our team is already using it to create social content. I believe MAX is a right place to get inspired and informed how to receive maximum result from Adobe software’s potential.

  12. Michael Gilligan
  13. Aaron Young

    I work in higher education and due to massive state budget cuts to education, I am not able to go this year. I’m going to really miss it.


  14. Heather Christian

    It has been a particularly stressful and draining year for me at work, without a lot of opportunities to flex my creative muscles in the interest of “just getting it done.” I could really use the creative boost and inspiration an event like Adobe MAX would provide. Although I’ve never been to Adobe MAX, I’ve been to other design conferences, and can attest to the fact that being surrounded by like-minded individuals who all geek out about the same features can be professionally motivating, and personally soul-reviving. I could really use a bit of both right now! I will likely begin campaigning for my employer to send me, but if I can avoid that particular battle and win a free pass here, all the better! Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. Ray Boreham

    Love Adobe’s tools and would love to attend The Big Show.

  16. Karim

    Networking Networking Networking

  17. Israel Adames-Hernandez

    I always loved photography but never had the money to learn.

  18. Heidi Mecham

    I have just began this adventure into using Adobe Creative Cloud recently. It has been amazing to be able to combine my creativity with technology to create professional-looking products to represent the educational resources provided by my department at the University of Wyoming Institute for Disabilities (WIND).

    I use Dreamweaver to build web emails and have loved what I have been able to create to really represent my skill and my department. I have also used Illustrator to create vector art, logos, and diagrams to use in our department publications and marketing pieces. Its so easy to use and the results are incredible!

    Because I work in the education field, at an university going through a financial crisis, I know something like this is not in the budget for my department or myself. To be able to be at such an event, talking, networking, collaborating and interacting with others who have myriad insights and experiences to offer a new user such as myself would be an incredible experience. I will take this opportunity to say I love the accessibility and ease that Adobe Creative Cloud offers. Not just as an integral tool in my professional life but also as a photography hobbyist. Being able to utilize Adobe Creative Cloud has been truly a remarkable opportunity, one I hope to continue using for many years.

  19. Being a constant user of Adobe products in combination with cnc machinery, I’m a fan of Adobe for life with the tools they provide me with. Being able to attend this event would be a dream come true.

  20. I need to attend! Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to attend unless I did win a free ticket, it’s just not in our budget at this time. I’m just getting into graphic design and I love the potential of the Adobe CC. I’m a subscriber but the learning curve is oh so steep. I love art, photography and design but I’m so green! I’d love the opportunity to attend the learning sessions so I could be the creative I dream of. So excited for even the chance of winning! 🙂

  21. John Tubson

    I am a teen with a passion for graphics designing. I believe going to the adobe MAX event will open me to a world of big possibilities where I can sharpen my skills, interact with other fellow graphics designer, get access to the latest in the graphics industry and learn from established brands or personality. It would be a great plus for me and my career if selected.

  22. I’m so interested in the sessions on fostering creativity in teams. Programs are cool, but thinking creatively is invaluable.

  23. l schneider

    I’m just getting back into working with Adobe DW after years of using other products. This would be the most awesome jump-start back into my work I could possibly imagine!!! And being privileged to be among some of the best and most dedicated users and trainers would be…. at a loss for words!!!

  24. Adobe Max was undoubtedly one of the most productive, and profitable conferences I have ever attended. I experienced a diversity of networking opportunities that rarely come my way an with a group that was humble, ready to share and learn from each other with an insatiable appetite to grow. The sessions varied so much so that you could be from any industry and find a track that could suit your needs adequately. The icing on the cake was delicious food, outings, and a top notch party to finish off the week. I use more of what I learned at this one conference than I have of any of the other conferences I have attended combined, and have continued to garner relationships with the people there that had met.

  25. As a student designer, I believe the Max event is definitely a wonderful chance to broaden my horizon in creative industries. I never experienced any event like this before but I really look forward to jumping in! I’m hoping to learn from the most creative and visionary people, and also check out what are the trendy Adobe programs that I can use to improve my design productivity. I also want to meet and collaborate with tons of new creative peers from all over the world and see what could be done!

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