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How to Get the New Adobe CC 2020 Direct Download Links

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How to Get the Adobe Creative Cloud 2020 Direct Download Links


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286 thoughts on “How to Get the New Adobe CC 2020 Direct Download Links”

    • Good question, Daniel. The new installers we got from Adobe Customer Service two days ago were the original 2020 base releases from November.

      So they’re not the fully-updated versions yet. But we’re hopeful that the company will eventually be able to provide the latest-available 2020 installers (including all updates) to users, whenever each app is requested… Their internal installer repository should be providing current releases, as the CC Desktop app does.

  1. The real question would still be to know why they have not yet solved the problem of Creative Could not being capable of managing the installations properly. In my case, it is still impossible to get an update from CC Desktop (it freezes during the DL and never starts again) – and I tried regularly the last past weeks, without much success…

    What a waste of time, what an inefficient way to make business and to treat customers, what an unnecessary complexity in the process… I don’t reckon I could one day understand what goes through the heads of Adobe managers.

    • All of the 2020 direct download links that Adobe is issuing are specially coded to be time-limited and expire within 24 hours.

      As for sharing the actual installer files themselves – they cannot be re-uploaded or redistributed in any way, per Adobe’s terms of service and the law.

  2. I recently found this information on your website. After 18 months of having no LR or PS, despite paying a cc subscription, being constantly told that it was download from the cc or nothing (which froze every time I tried), I have finally been able to download the direct files and install them. Thank you very much for making this information available.

    Andy – Western Australia

    • Hey Andy,

      You’re very welcome, and so glad to hear the success story!

      It’s comments like yours which make all the effort worthwhile. Thanks very much for sharing the good news, and hope you enjoy (finally) the software!

  3. Are there any reasons why it so hard to request offline installers for free products like Adobe Bridge? I just went to get links and this is what happened:

    Zainab: Hello. I’ll be happy to assist you. What can I help you with today?
    Daniel: Hello, I need the direct download links (offline installers) for the new 2020 releases of Adobe Bridge. Could you please help me?
    Zainab: It sounds like you need help solving a technical issue. Let me transfer you to a technical support agent who can assist you.

    10-minute wait and no reply at all. Didn’t even get a new agent too.

    This Zainab could have just asked what OS I was running and have me sorted out in the time that I waited and just gave up.

  4. The 2nd time, I got a new agent, got put on hold and transferred to another agent (very quickly this time) and got the download link quicker than I waited (and went nowhere) the first time around.

    For those who ask, the version of Bridge I got is 10.0.0 while the latest is 10.0.2. Also, beware that there is an outdated version of Camera Raw included as well.

    • Hello again Daniel, thanks so much for your follow-up comments and for the latest reports.

      As you discovered, apparently it’s still “YMMV” (your mileage may vary) with some contacts at Adobe Customer Care. Not sure why this is.

      However, as we have tried to stress, persistence will win the game. You did the right thing in eventually hanging up and simply retrying with another agent. No one should let a wrong answer discourage them!

  5. This won’t work for everyone, but I got past my stuck Adobe downloads by tethering my phone to my computer with a USB cable and using a cellular data connection. Creative Cloud and the Adobe installer worked with my cell connection but not with my wired DSL connection. Installing PS and LR together used about 3.5 GB on my cellular data plan. Now I’m finally up to the latest bugfix releases instead of the November direct installer releases.

    • Wow, thanks for the interesting tip, Alan! That’s very creative and unusual, so kudos to you for coming up with it. But of course, users shouldn’t be having to do that! The Creative Cloud Desktop app should really work properly with any valid Internet connection.

      Thanks again for sharing; it will no doubt help someone! It seems folks are having fewer issues now when requesting the 2020 installers from Adobe as well.

    • Hi Carly,

      Normally Customer Support recommends this sequence:

      1. Uninstall all Adobe apps using standard OS procedures.
      2. Download & run the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool, remove all apps.
      3. Reboot your computer (don’t skip this step).
      4. Start again from the top by reinstalling the Creative Cloud and your tools.

      If that doesn’t work for you, then you’ve got to contact Adobe (via live online chat) in order to get the 2020 direct download links.

      Or you can use the CC 2019 direct download links instead, which are instantly available on our site.

      Hope that helps!

  6. @ProDesignTools
    Share them please. That’s exactly what this article promises to do.
    If the terms of use are presented AFTER downloading, they cannot apply to the downloads, and the files may be shared freely. Besides, without logging in, the software doesn’t work anyway, so they’re just making things more difficult.

    • No, absolutely not. Sharing or copying someone else’s intellectual property without their permission or consent is illegal, and we won’t do it. Adobe would blacklist our site and we would be subject to legal action and worse.

      Before, with earlier Creative Cloud releases, when the direct download links were publicly available and not time-limited, it worked and was fair game to share the links here

      But in over ten years of running this site, we have not shared the actual installers themselves, and never would – because that would be against the law.

      Besides, you should never try to download Adobe software from anywhere else other than Adobe’s servers… On top of being illegal, it can cause you some serious problems.

  7. @ProDesignTools
    It’s not illegal. It’s called fair use. They provide the software. And if they are unable to provide download links, we must step in.

    They won’t sue you. What are they gonna do? Tell you off for doing something they are incapable of doing? They should be glad to take that strain off their customer support. They should be ashamed at the same time, of putting that strain on their customer support in the first place.

    If you too are unwilling to provide what this article promises, change the content and make it very clear that there’s no way to download Adobe software, other than by calling/chatting CS. As of right now, you’re making a false promise, which is far worse than not being able to download some software.

    • There are absolutely no false promises here. We are providing the information & guidance that customers need in order to get the new 2020 download links and standalone installers direct from Adobe. And as you can tell from the comments here and elsewhere, most people were not aware of this ability and are grateful for the news.

      Adobe clearly wants customers to use the CC Desktop app whenever possible, so they themselves have not made this information widely known. That may be part of their rationale for having Customer Service be the gatekeepers for the 2020 installers, rather than publishing them publicly as they have always done before. It may have to do with keeping tighter control of them for a variety of reasons: release management, anti-piracy, product authenticity.

      But it certainly has to be more costly for them to serve every single user request this way. So of course we’d like to see the 2020 direct links published publicly by the company, like earlier releases. If you agree – and it sounds like you do – then please share your feedback with Adobe’s product teams to tell the company directly… plus spread the word to other users you know.

  8. @ProDesignTools
    Also Adobe cannot blacklist your site. That’s not how internet works. They would have to blacklist the entire world, and only whitelist IP addresseses they are allowing to download. They won’t do that. They’re not *that* stupid.

    • Sorry, wrong again. Because Adobe owns the trademarks to all their products, they have the ability to effectively blacklist any bad-actor site using those trademarks without authorization by filing a DMCA complaint with Google et al. to have that site completely disbarred from search engine results. They – and many other companies – do this all the time to protect their intellectual property from misuse and abuse.

      We have been longtime partners with Adobe and have close internal relationships built up over many years to help represent our readers’ voices and serve you better, and would never do anything to jeopardize that relationship, much less risk having our site permanently removed from all search engines.

      Please tell Adobe you want these, not us. We’re already doing all we can about it, and direct customer feedback can only help further.

  9. Adobe just came out with a new version of LR Classic, ver 9.2, which still hangs up when I try to install it using the Adobe CC Desktop. If i contact Adobe for the direct download (which is the only way I was able to get the previous versions), do they yet have the direct download info for this new version?

    • Welcome back. That’s a good question, as we haven’t checked since last month… Make sure to ask for the absolute latest version, if possible – and please let everyone here know what they say. You can compare the installer they give you with the one you already had.

  10. Rather frustrating – using your suggested message text, I asked specifically for LR Classic 9.2, LR 3.2, Bridge 10.0.3 and Camera Raw 12.1. The response was that the direct download links are available only for the x.0 versions. He then asked if I had the CC desktop installed and told him it hangs up for each of these apps, he said “No that is not the fix for it. Let me fix it for you. Is it ok if I access your computer remotely to assist you?” I then told him that there’s nothing he could do that hasn’t already been tried and failed, and asked to be connected to his supervisor. He said he would, but then after a rather long wait, he came back and said that the supervisor wasn’t currently available. So, among other things, if the only direct download links available are for the x.0 versions, could we ever get the upgrades we’re paying for? I’m not a happy camper!

    • Well, first the good news: There was no problem in Adobe acknowledging the 2020 offline installers existed and that they could give those direct download links immediately to you.

      The not-as-good news is that they are still the original base releases from November, rather than the recently updated versions. In theory, the company should be able to provide the latest-available 2020 installers including all updates to users, whenever each app is requested… Their internal system should be providing current releases, as the Creative Cloud Desktop app does.

      If that isn’t happening yet, then please submit your feedback directly to Adobe about it (select “Creative Cloud” as the product). The more customers request it, the more likely it is to become a reality sooner.

      In the meantime, make sure that you have all Windows updates and the latest drivers available for your graphics card. We have seen on the Adobe Forums how that might make a difference for downloading speed or freezing/hanging/stalling in the Desktop app:

      Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 update SLOW to download?

      Good luck, and please keep us abreast of how things go for you moving forward!

  11. Just a thought, I am in the IT department at my work and have access to the admin portal for Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams.

    Now, is it legal for me to create a package that has what I want with the latest updates and just use my personal non-work-related Adobe ID on it, or is that a violation of the EULA?

    I believe that the “The Creative Cloud Packager” could be used to do this, but it only works up to to 2018 release, and not 2019 or 2020.

    After seeing RBS’s comment, it annoying to see that Adobe is not providing the latest offline installers.

    • Hey Daniel, good to hear from you again. You could certainly try that. You are already licensed for the software, it should be no problem – and could well work… Just sign in with your personal Adobe ID rather than your work credentials when installing the package onto your own system.

      As you pointed out, the Creative Cloud Packager only works up to the CC 2018 version, and not for any release after that like CC 2019 or 2020.

      To create packages for the 2020 apps, you need to use the Admin Console instead, which you have access to as a Teams or Enterprise customer.

      Make sure you create a Named User Licensing Package which is “Self-Service,” as described in this Adobe Help page.

      Please let us know if you do try this, and how it goes – thanks!

  12. Just a message to give feedback on something really weird : updating the drivers for the graphics card (as advised earlier in the conversation above) seems to have a real effect as the CC Desktop app finally made it through the updates of all of my tools that had been stuck for months !

    It did not go perfectly smoothly (I still had to restart the photoshop and the bridge updates that got stuck once) but it finally got itself OK, which did not occur in the last few months, despite numerous attempts !

    I have no idea why outdated graphic drivers can block a download but it actually seems to matter.

    Hope this will help and thanks for the tip !

    • Wow, you’re welcome Ugo – so glad to hear that, and thanks for letting us know!

      As noted above, we had seen on the Adobe Forums where the Creative Cloud Desktop app would stop/stall or get stuck or hung or frozen, or be really slow/sluggish in downloading – and someone else posted that updating their system to the latest available graphics driver(s) helped them.

      We have no clue why this can sometimes work. Why on earth would the NVIDIA or AMD or Intel graphics driver have anything to do with how a download manager runs?

      Again and again, we see customers posting how downloading files from all other websites works perfectly fine with no problems at all, except with the Desktop app… But then they follow up later saying the CC direct links successfully downloaded the installers with no issue. So overall, getting the offline installers still seems to be the most consistently reliable solution.

  13. Yes. I still cannot understand why Adobe has not yet fixed the issue in CC desktop. It would be a lot easier for everyone and I suppose they have some people capable of doing the job, so why do they let it continue this way ?

    • Wish we had the answer for you. As hinted above, even year after year, customers with slow or spotty Internet connections have always encountered issues when using the Creative Cloud Desktop app… It is odd that this continues, because using a download manager app is usually supposed to help out in such situations instead.

      Our best advice is to submit your feedback directly to Adobe. Just choose “Creative Cloud” as the product on that form.

  14. @ProDesignTools

    Well, I logged into the Admin Console and I was able to create a package with the latest update for Lightroom Classic (9.2).

    Kinda sad to see that teams/enterprise customers have a much easier time creating packages with the latest updates than the average person who doesn’t have high-level access like I do.

    I haven’t installed it yet, but will report back once I’ve done so.

  15. @ProDesignTools

    Well, it works! I just installed it over the current install, and my Lightroom Classic got updated to 9.2 :)

    My only question is, the package created, does it has any marks in it to show who created the package?

    • Hey, that’s great news, Daniel – and thanks so much for reporting back here with the results!

      It’s great to hear that Teams subscribers can create their own offline packages with the latest 2020 app installers to use wherever they want, on any computer, etc.

      On your good question if the Teams installer package has any data in it to show which account created it – we don’t think so, but can’t be 100% sure.

      One possibility for someone who needs the absolute latest (fully-updated) 2020 versions is to sign up for a Creative Cloud for Teams plan, make the needed packages for yourself, and then cancel that account within 14 days for a full refund:

      Cancellation Terms

      You can cancel your subscription anytime via your Adobe Account page or by contacting Customer Support. If you cancel within 14 days of your initial order, you’ll be fully refunded. Should you cancel after 14 days, you’ll be charged a lump sum amount of 50% of your remaining contract obligation and your service will continue until the end of that month’s billing period.

      More details here:

      How to Exchange, Return, or Refund Adobe Software Products

      Note that a Teams subscription can be purchased even for just one single ordinary individual user, so you don’t need a company or group in order to get it… And then you would have full access to the Admin Console in order to create the 2020 installer offline packages that you need.

    • PS – One other observation regarding the different CC subscription options: Creative Cloud licenses are always single user, whether for the Individual plans or with the Teams plans… But were you aware that each license of the Teams plans can be installed on up to two computers, the same as with the Individual plans?

      Here’s our article on the subject:

      How Many Computers Can You Install or Run Adobe Software On?

      In other words, if you have access to the Teams membership at work, then you should also be able to install & run the CC apps on your home computer as well (just not using them at the same time); all the full versions:

      On How Many Computers Can I Use Each CC for Teams License?

      Just wanted to mention it, in case that was your situation!

  16. Hello,

    I am not able to chat with Adobe Customer Support to get the downloads. Maybe it’s because I am accessing Customer Support from Namibia. In any case: no 2020 downloads for me.

    I am also not able to update to the newest versions of Photoshop and Lightroom from two computers (both Windows 10). It upsets me, because I am paying my monthly fee.

    In any case, I am happy for the 2019-downloads as I could at least install both Photoshop and Lightroom on my laptop. Thank you for your service!


    • Sure Anette, glad to help!

      If you are a paying Creative Cloud subscriber, then there should definitely be a way in which you can contact Adobe Customer Care directly and request the 2020 offline installers for yourself… The contact method and opening times may vary depending on your region, but all paid CC members are absolutely entitled to support!

      In the meantime, please read some of the recent comments above for other possibilities that you can try in order to find a working solution (on your own) for the 2020 release.

      And yes, you’re right – and this can also be helpful – the CC 2019 standalone installers continue to remain available online for anyone who wants or needs them here (with instant access):

      All the New Adobe CC 2019 Direct Download Links, Now Available

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