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Free! Download 10 Professional, Royalty-Free Adobe Stock Images of Your Choice
  1. Raj Wan

    I am a graphic designer, wedding video & photographer. With CC 2018, i will have all the tools i need to take it a step further than with i have right now. I will be able to better edit not only photos but the videos to give a better service.

  2. ofir

    I will use CC 2018 in my work and expect to get more creative and a faster result.

  3. I am still using CS6 and I am satisfied with it, but this is a chance for me to finally upgrade to CC… hope I get lucky.

  4. Linda P

    I’m still using Master Suite 5 and would like to upgrade my skills to find a job.

  5. awais

    i can’t afford a cc membership, so if i get it free then i can learn things like photo editing, making logos and video editing, etc – and hopefully do some freelance work to support my family.

  6. I would be able to carry on editing photos, sharing documents, website work, creating for myself and the school my kids are in.

  7. Leonardo

    I will try to get better at creating art

  8. What do I plan to do with the new Adobe CC 2018 Release? Promote our family business! My daughters sing opera all over the world, and my pictures and videos are seen by hundreds of thousands of people.

  9. Fadh
  10. Athena Brown

    I will be able to learn more and be able to make the things that will help me out and others.

  11. Gerallt Bath

    “What do you plan to do with the new Adobe CC 2018 Release?”

    I am familiar with Photoshop for images, and Dreamweaver for web design. Awesome apps!!
    Lots of other tempting tools, I see Illustrator and InDesign among them.

  12. Christy Tan

    I would love to catch up on the latest tools available in Adobe CC 2018. There is always so much you can do with the latest technology and this time, I am sure Adobe will provide the best in CC 2018.

  13. Hima Bee

    I’ve been on the fence about whether I should edit on FCP, DaVinci or Premiere. After seeing what the 2018 updates are to Premiere, there’s no doubt in my mind that I’ve got to go Premiere – esp. if I want to make work that’s consistent with the industry standards.

  14. November Rain

    I will start my new startup business. My dream with Adobe CC 2018.

  15. I would use this to save myself the 49.99 a month 🙂 .

  16. greeneyz

    I am developing my digital design skills to help translate the visions in my head into reality on the screen and on canvas.

  17. I will expand my tools with the new version of Lr (I still using 5.7) with new improved develop modules and (for me) the automatic stitching tool. Maybe Santa made my wish come true ? 🙂

  18. Joseph Proctor
  19. Sohan

    Right now, all I own in this area is a very oooooold version of Lightroom. So if I win CC, I’d use this quite a bit for photo editing: Lightroom for much of the workflow, but Photoshop for some of the more advanced editing. I also plan to use it for graphic design, particular Illustrator. Also, on more of a hobby side than real serious work, I hope to try some of the advanced video editing software too, if i win this.

  20. Bernard

    I plan to use this software to first learn how to video edit and then to launch a youtube channel to showcase my video reviews and tutorials.

  21. ANgelio Scott

    Am an artist that loves graphics so i want to continue my skills in digital art

  22. TAKE OVER THE WORLD! and gimp just aren’t cutting it.

  23. Dina

    The new Adobe CC 2018 Release will give me a solid foundation for my start-up business. My clients will benefit and I will have awesome tools to help me succeed.

  24. Sarah Knott

    After thinking about this some more, I’ve really decided the way I would best use Adobe CC 2018 is I would use it as a very fruitful excuse to expand my illustration practice. I really need the cloud access to fully utilize the power of the creative suite cloud interactions with my iPad Pro. I think too it would be an interesting study on the utilization and uncovering of power of art in a cloud system.

    If I was gifted a year free, I would definitely blog about my experiences again and make tutorials! 🙂

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