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Free! Download 10 Professional, Royalty-Free Adobe Stock Images of Your Choice
  1. Thomas Wang

    I would like to learn more about AE, Premiere and Photoshop, not only for professional work but also for any volunteer work I’ve been doing.

  2. Tammy Money

    I have done programs, flyers, etc for my kids’ school group events (band, color guard, chorus.) If I had the full suite I’d be able to do so much more! I want to learn the programs that I do not already know and become much more proficient on the ones that I am familiar with. I also have THOUSANDS of family pictures that I would like to compile into a digital album so I can preserve our history and share with family.


    I like very much dreamweaver, it is very useful to design websites… if I won, I would be very happy. I have used only the trial version, and it is very good. All other products of adobe are also very good.

  4. Miha

    I like Photoshop. If I’d get it, I would use it. A lot. And I would dump all freeware I use now.

  5. Miha


    I forgot to mention InDesign and Acrobat. They would be of great help and I would not have to struggle with various freeware tools I have to deal with now.

  6. There is a lot of promise with Premiere’s now-built-in tools for creating proxy media on the fly, and this has been something we’ve been doing with alternate techniques for quite sometime (Media Encoder-ing the videos to a lower resolution format!). This is really helpful on slower machines, those that don’t come with video cards (on older machines, the built-in Intel Graphics don’t quite cut it), where you just want to edit and then render on another more powerful computer. Now that I’ve mentioned that, the better tools for managing media on a different server can also help a lot on this. One does not have to have all the big video files on their laptops for editing…

    Anyway that’s just the start. I’m actually more of a Photoshop and Illustrator guy 70% of the time, and I’ve been enjoying too much Photoshop’s rapid iterations and new feature inclusions for the past few months.

  7. HB

    Having mastered the CC suites would allow for branching out and setting up life as a digital nomad… A reality for some and a dream for many more 🙂

  8. I plan to dig my career out of the weeds. I look forward to more accessibility to typography and color, the cornerstone of my work.

  9. A FREE year of Adobe CC!!! That would be fantastic! I’m a CC user but only a novice. I desire to be a full-fledged graphic design artist and the Adobe CC includes all the tools and tutorials I need to accomplish that goal.

  10. I plan to be one of most renowned channels on youtube in brasil (with S)

  11. I will use it to do the creative work for my website; it contains rich multimedia contents and I need to use Adobe CC tools for the development. This including Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, After Effects and Premiere. Thank you.

  12. Cynthia Bardwell

    Would love to win. Pro graphic designer, Adobe CS is the!

  13. I’m getting trained as a graphic designer (gestaltung-technischer-Assistent) in a school (professional school). the training will be 3 years long and is unpaid. it would really help me at home with my homework. i would make logos, street art and drawings.

  14. Khaled
  15. Terrell J Phillips

    If I win, I definitely plan on: 1) using the Adobe CC in conjunction with 2) local live classroom Adobe CC training combined with 3) my Web Dev training — to re-enter the job market in the area of UX Design!

  16. I would use the Adobe Creative Cloud to expand my design capabilities

    The new application named Project Felix is of particular interest.

  17. Bruno Schostar

    I would use Adobe Creative Cloud Full to let my creative photography and art merge into one.

    When I started using PS6, I left my paint brushes and paper behind forever.

    My calligraphy pen’s ink has dried up since I started using PS.

    I used to manipulate photo negatives in the 35mm film days, now I can do all that with a few clicks.

  18. Frans van Avesaath

    I am very curious to find out all new features, start exploring them and after that inform my friends about the possibilities and show them the results of my creations

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