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  1. Pat Taylor


    I spend 6 months in the UK and 6 months in South Africa (2 Summers).

    I purchased PhotoShop elements 14 in the UK and now wish to use it in SA. However when I use my Adobe ID name and password, I get my Adobe account but when I try to find PhotoShop 14 and open it I get a BUY window. If I am allowed 2 copies surely it should not matter what continent I use it in? Unfortunately I don’t have any Serial Nos. here in SA.

    Thanks, Pat

  2. Franky

    I work in a print production company and we have 4 computers running adobe creative suite. 3 are updated to CC one was cs6. It was running fine then I updated the cs6 version and now we cant use it until another computer is off. We were running all 4 computers with no problem before today. If I reinstall cs6 will it work properly again?

  3. Maggie


    We are a design Team of 7 members at our organisation. Currently we use Creative Cloud – All Apps [Annual Plan, Monthly Paid]. Is this against Compliance of Adobe?

    Is it mandatory to go for Creative Cloud – Team Licences? Please advise

  4. Terrie

    They aren’t asking if seven people can use one license. They have individual licenses and want to know if they are required to have a team license.

    • You’re probably right Terrie… Apologies if we misinterpreted the question. No, a Teams license isn’t required when several people need the software – multiple Individual CC licenses will also work, although with reduced features and capabilities. For more details, see the article we linked in the previous comment.

  5. Lisamarie Khoury

    I am receiving monthly emails from my bank stating that payments are being made for adobe systems software and each time its different, either 19 or 35 or sometimes even 75 euros. i remember having created a creative cloud account in 2016 and had chosen the student payment of 19.99 euros for all apps. but now, as i log into my account i doesn’t state that i have registered to any payment plan and i can’t find none of my payment details. What is happening?! i need to stop these illogical payments!

    • Hey Lisamarie, not sure what’s happened in your particular case, but we’ve never had any problems with Adobe billing over many years…

      We don’t have the power to look into it for you, so for that you’d have to contact Adobe directly about your account:

      Via live online chat is usually fastest/easiest.

  6. Citra


    Is it possible for 1 user to have multiple licenses not used by that person themselves? My office has several computers and we are planning to change from CS to CC. Not all computers needs the all-apps subscription and due to high turnover, we are planning to assign 1 admin to manage the licenses so that when a staff resigns, it can be re-installed on different computer. All subscriptions will go directly to that admin.

  7. I have LR and PS CC on my mac. I’d like it on my laptop (PC) as well. Not sure where to start… are you able to point me the right direction?

  8. Xavier


    I am a student in Mexico, how can I purchase Adobe Student Products? with who can i talk?

  9. Eli

    Pat Taylor:

    I spend 6 months in the UK and 6 months in South Africa (2 Summers) …

    Hi Pat,
    You could try getting a VPN and using a UK server?

  10. Bruce Stephenson

    Hello, I purchased one-off versions of CS6 InDesign and Photoshop back in 2014 and 2015. I tried to install Photoshop on my new laptop today, but it won’t accept it.

  11. Bruce Stephenson

    Hi, problem solved. I rang Adobe today and apparently I have inadvertently purchased unlicensed versions! Hey ho, you live and learn, I can still use my original laptop…

    Thanks for your help,

  12. Caroline

    I have a subscription to CC all apps and I would like to purchase a 3rd license of Adobe Audition CC only, for use on a third computer. Is there a way to do this with a discount since I already have a subscription or is my only option to pay $20/month for an additional license?

  13. Mike


    My fiancee and I are looking to get CC. We each have our own laptop, and while I’d be mainly using Premiere, she’d be mainly using Photoshop.

    I understand you can activate a license on 2 computers at once, would we be able to each use different apps at the same time?


  14. wynellbilia

    Hello, I purchased a one-off version of CS6. But my windows is not installing this setup. What should i do??

  15. Dave Fallon

    Hi Mike, my name is Dave. I think I was the one who started all this many years ago.

    You CAN download the Adobe software onto both computers under the same licence, BUT you just CANNOT be online at the same time using the software. It all makes sense from a software design point of view. What you have to do is to make sure that one of the computers Adobe software Graphics Pack is DEACTIVATED (a simple job under the Help menu, I think, when you open photoshop for example) when the other is online. First Deactivate and then start up other computer. It may be annoying, but if both of you are working on something together then it just means you have to organise yourselves with different online schedules. It is simply how you decide to design your online timetable with each other. The reason for all the hubbub is that you are entitled to have a back-up copy if one computer fails……so Adobe needs to know what’s what… if you have problems. If your failing computer cannot be fixed, then I do believe they have a system in place to get you up and running again so you always have the back-up. I have never needed to follow this up, but I am sure they will help you get sorted.

    I am not a software engineer, but I do understand how it works and having tried it a long time ago. I have a desktop computer as well as a laptop so when travelling… I just deactivate the home one and activate the portable… then vice versa when I get home… it all works perfectly well… it is simply that you can´t turn a single licence into a multiple one… otherwise we would all be doing it… (ha ha ha)…

    Best of luck.

  16. Min Yoongi

    This is an ASAP Question, I can’t download Adobe Photoshop cc 2015 on here, what’s wrong with the application… I tried it once. It just keeps saying access denied, what’s wrong with that??

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