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  1. Amiya Adhikary

    But where are the download links of the following applications?
    InDesign CC (2017),
    Animate CC and Mobile Device Packaging (2017),
    Dreamweaver CC (2017),
    Muse CC (2017),
    InCopy CC (2017),
    Prelude CC (2017)

  2. Sebastian

    Thanks for the quick update.
    Is that all we get or will Adobe offer direct links for all the remaining apps too?

  3. Chi Fook
    • Adobe is working to provide the remaining CC 2017 applications. We will have them here as soon as they are available. Please see the article for our advice on what you can do in the meantime:

      There you have recent versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, Bridge, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, and Media Encoder. Not yet present are offline installers for InDesign, InCopy, Dreamweaver, Animate, Prelude, Muse, Experience Design (XD), or Character Animator, which Adobe says they are working to provide. We will continue to collaborate with the company in this effort, but also feel free to contact Adobe Customer Support to express your need for these (via online chat is fastest), and see what they can do for you.

      If you need a direct download for something that’s not listed there yet, then another option is to go with the most recent version from our complete set of CC 2015 links plus all the update patches (Windows / Mac)… There you will also find direct links to the latest versions of Acrobat, Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw, SpeedGrade, Edge Animate, Fuse, and the CC Desktop App itself, which were not upgraded last week.

  4. David

    Look at CC 2015.5 – the have same number of products available for direct download… do you think they will add more to this for CC 2017?

    When did Adobe release these direct download links? Do you think there will be more? Like InDesign and Muse – I want offline InDesign and Muse

    • This initial 2017 set has just been released, David – and yes, we expect more offline installers to be published, including InDesign and Muse (and the others)…

      Adobe recommends bookmarking and referencing this page, as it will be updated with the most recent point product direct downloads.

  5. Ibrahim
  6. David


    Thank you very much – any guesses when they could release the rest?

  7. David

    One more thing – what if they update them, are these links to updated products, or will there be separate update files?

    • These brand new builds of the programs, so they require nothing else to fully install on either Windows or Mac.

      We believe all future updates will be the same (each will be complete product installers, and not update patches).

      We also expect direct links to standalone installers for the remaining CC 2017 applications (InDesign, Muse, et al) to be released soon… Stay tuned!

  8. Serge


    Until last week, I had several versions of Photoshop CC installed on my computer (Windows 7 64-bits) : CC 2014, CC 2015, CC 2015.5, and I could use any of them… Especially, I used an “english” version of CC 2014, with actions I bought in the USA (these actions don’t work on my “regular french” CC 2015.5).

    I installed the last CC 2017 available thought the Creative Cloud update manager ….. and all the former versions just disappeared !

    Is that normal ? How could I install a former version and keep it along with CC 2017 ?

    Thanks for your help Have a good day


    • Hi Serge, yes, this is the expected behavior when using the CC Desktop App – by default, the newer CC versions will replace older CC releases…

      However, not everyone wants this to happen (like for reasons you described), so you can easily change this by selecting a different option when upgrading using the CC Desktop App.

      Note that when using the CC direct download links above, older versions are not uninstalled… You can keep and run these together on the same computer, or you can uninstall them afterwards if you prefer.

      If you need to reinstall any prior releases, then you can use the Install Previous Versions capability of the CC Desktop App, or you can use our large collection of Adobe Software Direct Download Links covering all versions.

      Hope that helps!

  9. Alan Sparshott

    I have a grandson aged 12 who is interested in design.
    Is it possible to access some software for him to try as a student copy…?
    Thank you.
    Kind regards.

    Alan Sparshott.

  10. Ryan

    So are they actually releasing the rest or are you just hoping that they will release them?

  11. Ryan


    So if we really move to Creative Cloud, how is someone supposed to install their app to a computer without internet access? Even now – how would one get InDesign – by waiting?

    • Yes, we hear you and totally understand Ryan – it’s a frustrating situation – but things are progressing much better and faster now than they were with the previous release in June, where we had to wait months to get the standalone installers…

      See this post for the backstory to the present day:

      New Adobe CC 2015.5 Release – Where Are the Direct Download Links?

      Adobe heard our voices and listened to the outpouring of feedback from customers. So, we need a bit more patience here because compared to then, where we are now is definitely moving forward. And we continue to stay in very close touch with the company about this.

  12. Benno Kulumpo

    Where is the download link for Lightroom 2017?

    • Well, actually there is no Lightroom CC 2017 version (yet)…

      Lightroom, Acrobat, Adobe Camera Raw, SpeedGrade, Edge Animate, Fuse, and the CC Desktop App were not upgraded last week – all of those tools remain on their previous versions, for the time being…

      So if you want or need the offline installers for any of those products, then you’ll find them given in our comprehensive set of CC 2015 links, plus all the update patches (Windows / Mac).

  13. Amiya Adhikary

    CC Library is not working on Photoshop CC 2017 !!
    Please suggest help to me !

    • Not sure Amiya – what is the symptom, or what exactly is [not] happening? Did you receive any error or other message? If so, what is the exact text of that? And what is your system setup?

      Without knowing some details, there’s no way for us to help.

  14. Amiya Adhikary

    Creative Cloud libraries are only working on my installed Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 & Adobe After Effects CC 2017.
    But, when I open Adobe Photoshop CC 2017, CC libraries are not open!!

    My System Info:
    Processor : Intel Core i5-3210M 2.50GHz, 3.75MB Cache with 2GB built in Graphics.
    RAM: 4GB
    Display: 1366px_768px
    OS: Windows Education 64-bit

  15. Amiya Adhikary

    By default in Essential Workspace, Libraries is checked from the Window menu.
    But I can’t see the CC Libraries, Brush, Shapes & Colour !

  16. Roger

    Amazing new CC 2017, but one thing. I installed it in my MAC from the direct downloads (and it must be installed the CC Desktop), but the language i get is Spanish and i have no option to change it.
    I try uninstalling and reinstalling from the CC Desktop and again with the direct download but the same results
    Can anyone please help me, i want it in English!

    • Hello Roger, all available product languages are included in each single multilingual download here. Note that the software will install to the disk location and program language that are set in the Preferences of your CC Desktop app (with reasonable defaults)…

      So it is possible to install these direct downloads elsewhere on your computer besides C:, as well as with a different language – but you have to indicate that first within the Creative Cloud Desktop app. If you need to install additional languages, just run the same installer again after choosing another language in the Preferences.

  17. Amiya Adhikary

    However, CC Libraries is not opening !!

  18. Amiya Adhikary

    Have, Updated CC 2017 Applications again?
    Where is the CC 2017 update patch link?

    • As we understand it, there will no longer be patches. All future releases and updates will be complete installers (i.e., full builds of the applications).

      Not all of the new CC 2017 products (from November 2nd) have been made available as offline installers yet. We are awaiting a response from Adobe on this… Stay tuned.

  19. danny
  20. Dave

    So it’s been over a month for 2015.5, and still no progress. I don’t think it is that hard to just put .dmg file as a direct download. Any news?

  21. Roger


    Thanx for the answer. Well i tried, i changed the language preferences and re-installed and it’s still in Spanish.

  22. Roger

    I try installing direct from the CC Desktop app and same result, same spanish language!

  23. Amiya Adhikary
  24. baronvon fancypants

    Hi PD!
    Thanks for the link for the direct downloads of the CC 2017 apps. I see now that Premiere Pro, Prelude, Audition and After Effects have released updates. Any chance that Adobe will share the direct download links for the updates as well?

    Thanks for all you do!

    • Good to see you again Baron. Yes, we are aware of the CC 2017.0.1 updates out for some of the video & audio products… We have been in close contact with Adobe this week and they are working on it.

      Things are a happening a bit slower that anticipated, and for that we apologize. In a big company, sometimes it can take a bit longer to iron everything out. But rest assured, we are on the case and will update this space as soon as we have more news and download links.

  25. Roger

    Hello and thanx for the answers. It did not help, the directory that wrote about is from Photoshop and Premiere, After Effects and Media Encoder don’t have those folders.
    Can’t believe that adobe makes this this so basic and simple so complicated.
    Any other suggestions?
    Thanx again!

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