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Adobe CS6 Trials: Direct Download Links (no Manager or Assistant)

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Download Adobe CS6 Trials: Direct Links (no Assistant or Manager)


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2,006 thoughts on “Adobe CS6 Trials: Direct Download Links (no Manager or Assistant)”

  1. Hi! The ‘Click «HERE» to visit this page first’ link doesn’t seem to be working for me right now. It just opens a new tab and then immediately closes it again!

    Since it’s a critical step, I thought I’d let you know asap (or maybe it’s just a problem with my browser?)


  2. Of these direct downloads, what I am looking for is not the download that is the program suite. It is nice to be able to get, as discs can get scratched and what not, but I need the last CS updates not an upgrade… Meaning, I have downloaded the suite and still couldn’t get the updates to the programs which includes the Camera Raw plugin that allows me to see my old Nikon’s raw files… I just bought a newer Apple mac pro to replace my very old one that finally bit the dust, and I can no longer work from raw files in Camera Raw… The in-program launcher works if you are on Mountain Lion OS (but really bad web support) when you get closer to the modern age where you get modern day communication via browser support, the in-program launcher can NOT get the updates… What gives? There is a package that can be accessed but not from an OS that is too new… Why not? Apple could simply put the UPDATE package available as a link on everyone’s My Apple Account Page like they did for everything else we paid for… that stuff belongs to our suite… So my question is… Is there a link to just the updates or a link to the suite where all the updates have been added… I can install the suite all day long, but if the truncated single file that replaces the 2 original CD’s doesn’t include ALL of the updates (I would expect that this would be improbable) the extra set of updates, not to be confused with upgrade, would be available somewhere…

    • additional… I have a verifiable account with serial number, purchase date and all necessities, I can get without assistance that which they keep sending me otherwise… These links are amazing and totally helpful but without updates included before the next upgrade, they’re simply incomplete versions of the overall program.

    • The Creative Suite 6 links above are the original base versions from the initial CS6 release in May 2012. You can try updating the software from the “Help” menu to get the last available version, which may work, though is not using a direct download link.

      But you mentioned Adobe Camera Raw in particular. Our links above are for Camera Raw 9.1.1, which is the final version of ACR that works with CS6.

      So, that version should work for you. You can install it to replace whatever version of Camera Raw you have, but you you cannot update CS6 beyond ACR 9.1.1 above.

      For the rest of CS6, an enterprising reader named Bryan has dug through Adobe’s old web archives for all CS6 product update downloads and catalogued them here for Windows and here for Mac.

      Note: CS6 became “end-of-life” software years ago and is completely unsupported by Adobe. It will not install on macOS Catalina (v. 10.15) or newer, because CS6 had 32-bit software components and Apple removed all support for 32-bit applications. It may possibly still run on Windows, sometimes with Compatibility Mode, though plenty of users have reported issues over the years.

  3. I don’t know why Adobe wouldn’t notify their loyal purchasers that they are going to pull (not support) upgrades that were paid for as a part of their product… If I could get what I bought then I wouldn’t need any support… I click on the CS6 Updates link from this site and get redirected to Adobe where the cloud stuff is pushed… I am trying to see the raw link… I actually had the vision from many contributors to get my new Mac tower sent with two OS… I got Mountain Lion to do what I needed before updating to High Sierra, which was a must to get my other third-party programs to work… If I hadn’t done that, I would still be in a bind… How many others are still stuck… The in-program installer still works for 32-bit OS but not newer… They should give all purchasers in their My Apple Account page a link to the updates. They have given us all the appropriate links for what we had originally purchased…

    • The direct downloads to the original CS6 installers are given in the table above on this page. And thanks to Bryan, all the CS6 updates (for both Windows and macOS) are available from the links shared in our previous comment reply. That is, if updating from the Help menu doesn’t work for you. Is there anything we assist you with further, Robert?

      If you have feedback for Adobe, you can submit it to them directly here.

      Not sure about Apple, as we have nothing to do with that, but it’s Apple who removed all support for 32-bit applications in newer releases of macOS… They are somewhat notorious for breaking backwards compatibility with older software.

  4. Robert, those links for the updates are on, so you can get all or just the ones needed. The Adobe updates are cumulative, so you only need to install the last update for an app, not all of them.

    I was gonna suggest that you run a virtual machine on the newer Mac Tower, but you didn’t say if it was an Intel-based or M1-based machine.

    If it’s an M1- or M2-based CPU, I’m sorry to say you’re probably out of luck, as new ARM versions of the CPU only support macOS 12 and above, even in a VM. So, no love for Mac customers who may have bought several versions of Adobe’s products.

    So unless your new Mac is has an Intel CPU, it will not run older macOS’s even in a Virtual machine due to the ARM architecture. So all the valuable Mac software you spent good money on is now useless.

    I could see your ire is up about this. I’d be furious if I spent $1,500 on CS6 and couldn’t use it, still!

    I can still run my version of CS6 on Windows 10. Won’t upgrade to Win 11 at least for another year at this point.

    This whole mess is made worse by Apple going to their M1 and M2 CPU’s.

    It’s not Adobe’s fault that macOS only supports Adobe’s pro 2 or 3 years. It’s Apple’s.

    Apple is and has been crapping on all their customers for years, as you have new been experiencing, when it comes to supporting older third-party software.

    My suggestion is to get a new Windows PC with at least 16GB of RAM and CPU that has at least 12 cores, then use VMware player to set up and run a VM with macOS 10.7 as the OS or purchase VMware Pro.

    This way you can extend the life of the CS6 software you spent good money on.

    • Hi Bryan,

      I have a similar suggestion for those who are on Intel iMacs in light of Apple’s decision to move on to ARM:

      I intentionally walked away from a top-of-the-line i7, nano-coated glass 2020 iMac I purchased on Amazon Prime Day in July upon belatedly appreciating that it shipped preinstalled with Catalina and my only option was a virtual machine for CS6 and similar apps with 32-bit components. I gave the 2020 to a member of my household, then went on an auction site and found a new-in-Apple box 2017 iMac (predates the T2 security chip, which was the other point of frustration I had with the 2020.)

      After replacing the Apple fusion drive with a high-speed SSD, I am using the 2017 to run a dual-boot setup with High Sierra (32-bit support and CS6) and Ventura (last macOS a 2017 iMac can run).

      When I really thought about it, I realized that I really don’t *need* an updated desktop computer since these older iMacs are plenty fast with a high-speed SSD installed. But since I know Apple won’t offer security updates forever, I bought the cheapest M1 MacBook Air I could find on clearance, a family plan for extra iCloud storage, and that’s what I primarily use for “high risk” activity such as casual web browsing. (Having said that, as long as I can run anti-virus products on the older iMac I will continue to use the web from the desktop, too. However, when the time comes I will simply keep my legacy iMac available on a home network, not connected to the web.)

      This solution came about after experimenting a bit with a virtual machine (VMware Fusion, Parallels). I really didn’t care for that experience (no graphics acceleration support, among other things), so I made my peace with using an older (but still new!) 5K Retina iMac for my graphics applications (CS6 in one APFS container with High Sierra, CorelDraw 2021 on the other APFS container running a newer macOS).

      With the M1 MacBook Air I am testing the waters on other graphics/photo editing apps in the eventual expectation that I will have to port over to something else. (Problem is, even small-time app developers are going the “subscription” route, which I refuse to support.)

      I would remind app developers that subscriptions aren’t a good match for unpaid volunteers, retirees on a fixed income, students, those in the midst of a career change or those who find themselves between jobs (cutting down recurring expenses). In particular, maintaining a growing list of streaming service and app subscriptions after retirement isn’t sustainable. For this reason, I suspect consumer patience with the subscription-based “upgrade treadmill” will wear out.

      Rather than lose customers entirely as they return to school, change careers or retire, better that developers keep at least some “lifetime license” options going, even if all that means is to take a much older subscription-based product (or “lite version” of a current product) offer a lifetime license option vs. the current “life cycle” approach. (Customers who are willing to accept the tradeoffs can then purchase a perpetual license in the understanding that there are no more incremental updates, no upgrade path and limited post-sale support.) Granted, this may not be a huge revenue source for developers given that it would mainly appeal to customers who are on non-current versions of macOS/Win (or in the midst of a transition such as retirement or career change), but why burn bridges if you don’t have to?

  5. Are the direct download links listed above the final upgrade or the final updates??? As in, are they standalone programs or updates to a program I must have loaded already??? I downloaded some stuff that was supposed to be updates but they were just redundant CS6 final version Upgrades…. I know of a Navy buddy that upgraded his OS and it rendered his PS inoperable… What is last Mac OS that you can use the CS6 suite on??? Many thanks for all the help on what may seem to some to be the same old question… Is it apple or is it adobe… I hear it is Apple but if Adobe is going to give me links on my Adobe Account Page, denoting everything I purchased, as in I can download anytime, why not give everyone’s page a link to a file for their last respective upgrades??? Thanks to All who helped me…

    • The CS6 direct download links above are complete, standalone programs.

      The updates that Bryan put together are patches to be applied on top of your installed programs.

      The official CS6 system requirements (for macOS and Windows) can be found here:

      Adobe CS6 Complete System Requirements for All Products on PC and Mac

      CS6 can not be installed on macOS Catalina (v. 10.15) or newer, because Apple removed all support for 32-bit software.

      Adobe says if you purchased Creative Suite from them (or registered it with them), then you can also find the CS installers in your online account:

      How to download older versions of Adobe apps

    • So to use the updates, you have to have CS6 for Mac installed.

      I believe Mac OS X v10.8 “Mountain Lion” is the last Mac OS version supported.

      After CS6 is installed you will have to install Adobe Application Manager version 6.2.exe before you can successfully add all the mac updates.

      You need to do all of the following offline, e.g. –

      1. install CS6 for Mac
      2. install AAM 6.2 (located in the Mac updates archive).
      3. install the updates.

      If you go online after installing CS6 but before installing AAM 6.2, CS6 will install the subscription version of AAM 8.0 or later and then you won’t be able to install the updates.

      Since you’re on a Mac, good luck removing all of CS6’s setup files and the subscription AAM files, as that is what you would have to do to start over.

    • Thanks so much. You guys are definitely the info center I have been looking for… Perhaps I accidently discovered a very simple way to do this. I purchased both Mountain Lion and High Sierra. I discovered the download manager works with M. Lion and I simply upgraded the OS from there till I got to High Sierra… I discovered I had to do it all over because Wacom needs to be installed before High Sierra… It can install on M. Lion… I figured it out thru a bit of a loophole, but a single patch for the suite would’ve been nice… Where would the Mac Community be without you guys and your tireless work? Many thanks.

  6. I bought Photoshop CS6 Extended years ago. I have a license key, the serial number. It’s what I’ve been using to edit my photos; I’m a photographer. But this morning I spilled coffee on my laptop, it shut down and I can’t get it to run, so I bought a new laptop this morning. It doesn’t have a CD drive, so how can I get my Photoshop CS6 Extended back? I’m running Windows 11 now.

    Please someone HELP??????

    • You can try to download Photoshop CS6 above and see if it will install and activate with your valid purchased serial number… It may or may not run or work properly on Windows 11; we’ve heard both. If not, you can try setting Compatibility Mode for the application in Windows and/or running it with Administrator privileges.

      If you had purchased the license for the Extended (vs. Standard) version, then that’s the edition which should reactivate, if all goes well.

  7. Hello Bryan, one more follow up to this… The Application Manager is labeled as “6.2” but the version is “” – does that make a difference?

    Thank you!

  8. So I’m not a Mac guy, so I have no way to test the Mac updates.

    Only thing I can say is make sure your computer can’t connect to the internet during any part of installing CS6, AAM, and the updates.

    So install a CS6 suite or single app offline, next, while still offline from the internet, install that 6.2 version that is reporting version 7. I reboot at this point on windows. So reboot if needed.

    Next, while still offline, see if you can install an update.

    If you get an error message about having to log into your Adobe account, while offline, then it is not the perpetual version of AAM (6.2) and is the subscription version which is indeed AAM 7.0

    If you can install any updates then it is not the subscription version even though it reports version

    When I install the Windows version of CS6, I install everything offline, program, AAM6.2, then updates.

    Then when all done I disable updates when it pops up, because I’ve already installed them. There won’t be any new ones as CS6 is end-of-life as far as any further updates.

    If you install CS6 online, it will update you to the Creative Cloud version of AAM right away. When this happens on Windows it tries to get the Creative Cloud versions of CS6 updates. Since you have the perpetual version you can’t get any perpetual version updates. At this point you will need uninstall CS6, download the Adobe Cleaner Tool, run it, then start over and do the whole process over offline.

    Any time I’ve tried to install while online with a serial, I end up not being able to get the perpetual updates because the very first update installed is AAM 10, the Cloud version.

    If I do all offline, then I can install all the updates which are needed.

    There are a couple of CS6 applications where you need to install the updates in the order they where released, e.g., you can’t update using the last one.

    Also if you update using the most recent update you can’t use the earlier updates. So if one the CS6 apps isn’t working correctly then you will have to again start all over from scratch.

  9. Trying to keep using CS6.

    Hi there. My late 2012 iMac which was running CS6 died the other day. I used to have a design agency, so have all the CS versions over the years right up to CS6, for which I own 5 licences but I think all my activations have been used on machines that I have sold over the years or that have failed.

    So I took the iMac apart and rescued the hard drive, put it in a disk caddy and hooked it up to a Mac mini I have and used it as the boot drive. Up came my old home screen, I logged in and started CS6 with fingers crossed. Up came Adobe Application manager saying I could start a trial of my design and web licence. Oh no, I thought – then I saw that it said I could use the trial for 32967 days, which I make to be around 90 years – which seems fine with me if indeed it stays that way. I just shut it down as I am waiting for a new power supply for the iMac and hope that it will work again with a new power supply. Does anyone have any ideas why it is offering such a long trial period and whether, if I take it, it will stay that way?

    Thanks for any responses.

  10. I’ve downloaded the CS6 and keep getting this error: ‘The file archive part of Adobe Photoshop CS6 is missing. You need all parts in the same folder…’

    What do I need to do? I do not want the cloud as I use Photoshop not that often, and the cloud cannot load correctly due to my computer’s speed.

  11. I was able to find the –

    French—North Africa,
    Middle Eastern English Arabic,
    Middle Eastern English Hebrew,

    Windows and Mac Creative Suite 6 ESD’s on

    I also added them to my CS6 Master Collection archive library on here:

    These ESD’s aren’t available on the ProDesignTools CS6 software downloads, on this page.

    Wanted to share them and let everyone know that they are now easy to find.

    • Thanks, Bryan!

      Actually, if you take any of the English links above, copy it and change the Language Set designation to “LS6” near the end, and then paste it into your browser address bar, you will get the Eastern European language set (Czech, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Arabic, Hebrew) for Adobe CS6…

      Similarly, changing it to “LS3” at the end (instead of LS16, LS4, or LS7) will give you the Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean language versions (where available for certain tools) for Creative Suite 6.

      And “LS2” will give you Japanese.

  12. Good afternoon. I don’t understand why you are name links as direct? The direct ones are –, and all yours are – from Can you substantiate that all installer files are original?

    • Good idea to ask! These are indeed the official, original installers. All of our direct download links go to the authentic and secure files residing on Adobe’s servers, are guaranteed genuine, 100% safe and virus-free.

      Your browser will indicate that the file is coming from during the download process. Thanks for confirming.

    • There is no cost. These are the free 30-day trials, which are convertible into permanent versions with a valid serial number.

      They do not need to be checked for malware because they are the original CS6 installers coming direct from Adobe’s servers.

    • Sorry, no. Creative Suite 6 was written in 2012, and there was not a 100% pure 64-bit version of it.

      CS6 will not install on macOS Catalina (v. 10.15) or newer, because it had 32-bit software components and Apple removed all support for 32-bit applications several years ago.

      Bottom line, Creative Suite 6 has been end-of-life since June 2014, no longer sold, and completely unsupported. If you don’t already own these programs from years ago, then the best you can do is download and install them as 30-day free trials. But they won’t install at all on newer Macs, and the results on different versions of Windows will vary.

    • You bet, glad to help. If you think you might need them in the future, then you can always come back – and we suggest saving the downloaded installer in a secure place, as well.

  13. i already have a serial number or license key. When i downloaded the links that provided by you on the table, the installation was done properly and i’d put my serial number for installation but it required me to sign in. Will my serial number validate or do i still need to sign in? What if i don’t sign in – what will happen?

  14. O…M…G… thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you !!! I couldn’t send my RAW files from LR to CS6, I had to reinstall everything and camera raw was busted. The other way involved adobe manager and that failed because cs6 isn’t supported anymore. This file worked flawlessly. You have saved my entire photography collection. I cannot thank you enough.

    • Wonderful – so happy to hear that, Chris! It’s stories and comments like yours that make it all worthwhile. So glad we could help, and thanks for sharing!

  15. Hello, I don’t get what is the use to have the full genuine Photoshop cs6 links of the trial official version, if after 30 days it will expire as Adobe doesn’t sell the activation code licenses anymore? Where to find licenses so that Adobe is aware and approves? Thank you for the info.

    • You’re right – Adobe no longer sells CS6 or any of the Creative Suite software.

      These older, official CS6 installers that we link to are mostly useful for customers so that they can reinstall previously-purchased software on a different computer, or if they misplaced their disc or installer file, no longer have a DVD drive, etc.

      Alternatively, current subscribers to Creative Cloud can use earlier versions of the tools if you wish, going back to CS6 – Adobe won’t force you to upgrade and there is no extra charge.

      You just sign in to the software as normal and the older release will be automatically validated and activated. In other words, it’s not a 30-day free trial for paid Creative Cloud members.

      Note, however, that Adobe considers all releases prior to CC 2018 to officially be “unauthorized.” So keep that in mind if you need or want to use prior versions instead of the latest release.

  16. This website is so helpful! Thank you for the great work over the years!

    I have CS6 Web & Design Premium, registered and installed fresh to macOS High Sierra. In running the stock Adobe Updater, it acts like it downloading and appears to compare the state of the CS6 software to an intact database, but then fails to install those updates at the last second. Adobe claims these servers are “retired” but they act like they are downloading files. Q: Is it possible that they are buried in a hidden folder and can be extracted and executed manually?

    Even for purposes of manual install, the App Manager is useful for determining which patches/updates CS6 requires. However, it isn’t foolproof. For example, it didn’t tell me I needed this update: Acrobat 10.1.16 . (I located it, however, on the Internet Archive. This update stopped Adobe Acrobat Pro from immediately crashing under High Sierra.)

    After going through the macOS “complete” CS6 Internet Archive kindly compiled by SoCalBryan (who commented above, thanks!), I find that I am still missing the following:

    – Adobe Media Encoder CS6 6.0.2 Update

    – Adobe CSXS InfrastructureCS6 (to be more precise, the install fails, seemingly because the Archive also includes a more recent version of Adobe Illustrator than the CSXS Infrastructure update is using, therefore it would suggest that there should be a newer version of “CSXS InfrastructureCS6” than is currently available on the Archive).

    Is there any solution for this? (Thank you!)


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