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How to Get the New Adobe CC 2020 Direct Download Links

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How to Get the Adobe Creative Cloud 2020 Direct Download Links


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286 thoughts on “How to Get the New Adobe CC 2020 Direct Download Links”

  1. My trusty 6-year-old PC died and I got a new one a month ago. I can’t find a way to download Adobe Acrobat 10, and I was directed to this site by Adobe to find one. Can you help me? I don’t need to buy the full Creative Cloud, i am retired on a fixed income!

  2. @Rene

    It’s looking more and more like Adobe is limiting distribution of the 2020 direct download links to paid Creative Cloud subscribers only…

    Saw this discussion today on Adobe’s Community Forums:

    Looking for the Adobe Bridge 2020 Offline Installer

    The Adobe staff member responding there says:

    The installation files for individuals are only available through the Creative Cloud desktop app. If you had a paid membership, then you could request the installation files be made available to you via online chat.

    If you want to create your own offline installation files, then you will want to look into a Creative Cloud for Teams membership. Creative Cloud for Team and Enterprise members can create their own installation package for local installation and deployment.

    So, if anyone’s having difficulty getting the new 2020 standalone installers from Adobe Customer Service, then it could be because you are a free trial user and not currently a paid subscriber.

    But importantly, note that Adobe offers a 14-day money back guarantee on Creative Cloud subscriptions…

    Meaning that that anyone who purchases a new plan can get a full refund within the first two weeks after the initial payment is made, with no questions asked. In that way, Adobe would really have to provide the new direct download links because you’d be a paid subscriber at that point.

    In most cases, any plan cancellation can be made online without hassle. If you decide to continue your paid membership past the first 14 days, then the return period closes.

    Hope that helps!

  3. So far, still having the same luck as RBS. Have downloaded a number of programs via the CC Desktop App, not just Photoshop, and everything continues to finish and install. It still takes a long time, but it keeps downloading until it is finished. I really would like to hear what others are experiencing. I know so many of us have had very irritating problems over the years, but for some of us it seems Adobe has improved their download manager in the app so it won’t time out like before. (We may never get them to openly admit that was the problem, but as long as the app works, I’m fine with them not admitting the problem was on their end.) ;)

    I imagine they are trying to get everyone to only use the CC App to further cut down on piracy that possibly was easier with direct download links. As long as the CC App keeps working, I’m fine with using it, but it would be nice to know that direct links, even if only by personal request, are still going to be available for those who keep having problems.

    I really do hope others are having better success with the CC App.

  4. Hello @ProDesignTools, hope you’re well and staying safe.

    For those who are paid CC subscribers, are you having much luck with getting updated installers or are you still getting the same base release installers?

    • Welcome back, Daniel! We checked this morning by contacting Adobe Customer Care via chat and requested two offline installers… It was no problem; they gave us the 2020 direct links right away, and only took a couple minutes.

      The versions of the installers that we received were the original/base “.0” releases from November.

      We asked the rep: “Are these the older/original versions from MAX in November 2019, or the most current releases with the latest-available updates?”

      The response was: “These are latest versions that I have to send to you.”

      So, it appears that updated standalone installers are still not available.

      Curious – have you yourself tried using the Creative Cloud Desktop app lately, and has it performed any better for you?

      Obviously having copies of the installers is essential for many use cases, but if the Desktop app is working more reliably now, that is a big help as well…

      Thanks again for checking in!

  5. Same for me: it is slow (and it slows down the whole computer so I know when CC is working without getting a notification!), but it does the job – which is a great improvement already!

  6. @ProDesignTools

    Due to the fact that I have access to the Creative Cloud for Teams admin portal, I just go that route when I want to create offline installers having the latest updates.

    When the next update for Lightroom Classic comes out, I’ll give the CC Desktop app a go. :)

  7. Another update : I decided to try the newest version of the CC App during a time that my ISP tends to be the busiest, and thus the slowest. Downloaded a number of “free trials” of various other programs, not just the ones I already subscribe to. Everything downloaded without a hitch. So, at least for me, it really does look like whatever my problem was with the CC App – it’s fixed.

    So I do encourage folks to give the Desktop App another try. Hopefully it will work for you, as well, this time around.

    I want to thank the folks here at ProDesignTools for all their efforts, and support, throughout this whole episode of trying to get the 2020 CC Direct Links. There were moments when I was totally frustrated, tempted to look for other versions, even though I was a paying customer of Adobe. ProDesign has been an Island of sanity for me throughout this experience.

    And thank you to everyone here who shared their own examples of having to jump through hoops to get what they were already paying for. It has been a big help to know that others were having the same issues. I may still be crazy, but at least I know this whole past year’s downloading mess was not a reason for it. :)

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Louis – that really means a lot!

      We’re glad to have helped sort all this out, and that you’re out of the woods on this issue… Meanwhile, your ongoing detailed comments here have surely helped others.

      It’s feedback like yours which makes all the effort worthwhile. Thanks again for sharing the good news, and hope you enjoy (finally) the software!

  8. I am an Adobe Enterprise customer, and chatted with Support. The support guy said direct download links were unavailable. I asked him to check with his supervisor. He did so and confirmed what he said previously. :(

    • Hey Eric, that’s wrong. Unfortunately you received incorrect information from the rep you had.

      In fact, we requested and received additional offline installers from Adobe Customer Service just two days ago…

      So we’d suggest trying again and getting another agent who will give you the installers with no problem.

      If you don’t get a positive response within the first few minutes of the chat, then insist on being connected to a supervisor or simply disconnect and repeat with someone else.

      You will succeed, so don’t give up.

    • PS – As an Enterprise or Teams customer, you should also have access to the Admin Console, where you can create your own offline packages with the latest 2020 app installers to use wherever you want, on any computer, etc.

      Importantly, anybody can sign up to be a Teams subscriber (even if only for a single user, and even if just for a short period) in order to do this themselves, if and when needed.

      In other words, one possibility for someone who needs the absolute latest (fully-updated) 2020 versions is to sign up for a Creative Cloud for Teams plan, make the needed packages for yourself, and then cancel that account within 14 days for a full refund:

      Cancellation Terms

      You can cancel your subscription anytime via your Adobe Account page or by contacting Customer Support. If you cancel within 14 days of your initial order, you’ll be fully refunded. Should you cancel after 14 days, you’ll be charged a lump sum amount of 50% of your remaining contract obligation and your service will continue until the end of that month’s billing period.

      More details here:

      How to Exchange, Return, or Refund Adobe Software Products

      Note that a Teams subscription can be purchased even for just one single ordinary individual user, so it’s not necessary to have a company or group in order to get it… And that gives full access to the Admin Console in order to create any needed 2020 standalone installer packages.

  9. @ProDesignTools

    I am an Adobe Teams customer. When I created packages in the past (2 months ago), these packages would be many GB in size. When I downloaded the package I created (containing 10+ Adobe apps) this morning, however, it is 2.5MB in size. When I run it on my desktop, it proceeds to download all the apps. Not what I want. That would murder my network when deploying to 100+ desktops.

    On a positive note, shortly after I finished my frustrating Adobe support chat, I received an email form Adobe Support. It seems they opened a ticket regarding my question for standalone installers. Let’s see what that brings. I’ll report back when I get something.

    This is not urgent, so I will wait for a response from the ticket. If that gets me nowhere, I will just chat with another support agent and see what I get.

    • Thanks for reporting back. That’s unusual – typically with the Teams plans, the install package is complete and self-contained. Usually you don’t want to deploy a package that re-downloads the software every time, so there’s something else going on there.

      Fully-standalone packages are indeed likely to be multi-gigabyte in size, depending on how many Adobe apps are included within… The average CC 2020 app installer size is at least 1 GB.

      Please let us know how it goes! We’re happy to help however we can.

    • Ah, this is probably it. Eric, you must have selected a “Self-service” package. What you want is a Managed package instead.

      See this Adobe help page for more details:

      Self-service packages enable users to download and install apps as and when required… As a first step, end users download the Creative Cloud desktop app from the Creative Cloud website. In addition to downloading and installing the software, the app also provides access to Creative Cloud services…


      Using Managed packages, you can decide what gets deployed and when it gets updated. You can create the packages that contain the latest or archived versions of Adobe products. These packages can then be deployed to the user’s computers in your organization.

      Does that sound like what happened?

  10. @ProDesignTools

    It turns out I had a fundamental misunderstanding regarding WHAT gets downloaded from the Adobe Console. I end up downloading a 2.5MB file which, when run, in turn downloads the large installer file BUT DOES NOT RUN IT. I can then use that installer to push out app updates to my desktops. So, in a sense, that is a “standalone installer.”

    I am still arguing with an Adobe support person about links to the standalone installers. He is saying that downloading them from the Adobe Console as packages should suffice. It is workable, but a lot more work to do than just using links to the standalone installers.

    Note that I have now spoken to three different Adobe support personnel, including one that I escalated my ticket to, and they all seem to be singing from the same song sheet: no more standalone installers for 2020 apps. I understand that some people’s experience may be different. This inconsistent message from Adobe is very frustrating.

    • Frustrating indeed, and we don’t understand it… Anybody who’s a paying customer of any kind should receive standalone installers immediately with no questions asked. That’s what we have been told should happen – and that’s always been our experience here (via standard Adobe support channels).

      So it’s strange to hear others reporting different experiences.

  11. Hola, necesito los enlaces de descarga directa (instaladores sin conexión) para las nuevas versiones 2020 de la suite de Adobe. ¿Me podrían ayudar por favor?

  12. A short further follow-up.

    I was keeping the option open that the positive changes I was experiencing with the CC App were due to something my ISP was doing to improve folks connectivity during the Covid-19 situation.

    That’s not it. If anything, I am noticing even MORE timeouts with them. (i.e., service is worse than before Covid-19)

    So it does appear that the improvement is coming from something Adobe did to the app. (I’m of the mind that they improved how their download manager handles timeouts. Not going to hold my breath waiting for them to admit it. Going to enjoy it and hope it doesn’t stop working.) :)

    • Thanks for the follow-up, Louis. Looking at the release notes for the Creative Cloud Desktop app, in version released on 3/24/2020, Adobe added: “Bug fixes and technical enhancements to improve performance and installation experience.”

      This was the first and only update to the Desktop app since version released on 10/11/2019. So, we suspect that they finally did something significant to fix the issues with timeouts, stops and restarts, and/or low bandwidth connections in this most recent March 24th version.

  13. i searched “adobe fuse installer without creative cloud” and it directed me here, but i don’t see any adobe fuse

  14. Spent an hour trying to get downloads from an Adobe representative. Explained that we need the direct downloads as our users are on a domain environment with floating profiles and a Group Policy that prohibits user installation of software. When they asked ‘Which products’ I had to explain that we need ALL of them. The client’s attitude is that they have paid for them, so they should all be installed on the drive image we use for imaging all our machines. That way each user can simply sign in once and then their sign in is carried by the roaming profile to any machine they use. It was a nightmare to get the downloads!

  15. When wanting to install a specific version of an Adobe CC application using an offline installer, the new procedure is somewhat limited. I did contact the chat and got the links for the offline installers we wanted to test, but they were not the most recent versions. – I found a more flexible way: Someone wrote an open source script which can download all the required original files for an offline installer from Adobe, which then generates an installer package. The script allows you to choose the exact version of the Adobe CC app and language.

    It’s a python script which may be cumbersome to run for some people, especially if they do not want to install Python 3 on every system which runs Adobe CC apps. Therefore, I created a standalone binary version of the script, which can be run directly. Those concerned about security should build the binary themselves based on the instructions in my GitHub repository. At this time this works for most Adobe CC apps, except for Acrobat.

    Since I do not know if web links are permitted in the comments, just click my name to the left or google “chriswayg Adobe-Offline-Package-Generator”, which will lead you to my GitHub repository and further details.

    • Wow Chris – this is really quite a piece of work that you have built, and built upon… We can’t endorse it or comment as to its suitability, but it’s again a testimony to the lengths people will go in order to find a working solution. Thank you for sharing.

  16. @ChrisWayg I’m a Windows user, but that is some piece of work there. I’m aware of something for Windows users, but sadly it is not legal – because it comes with an illegitimate crack. If a clean & safe solution comes out for Windows, I would look at it (although reverse engineering the API may not be legal).

    @ProDesignTools Thanks to my Microsoft (Office 365) personal subscription, I been able to get 3 months of the Photography plan, 3 months of the Premiere Rush plan, and 3 months of Acrobat Pro DC.

    I’m going to get in touch with Adobe and see how they treat me when I try to get offline installers for Acrobat Pro DC.

  17. @Daniel – Sadly there is no downloader utilizing Adobe’s download API that’s currently available for Windows. It should be possible to create one for Windows based on the same API, if you want to adapt the Python script ( It is not actually circumventing any DCMA-type encryption or access restrictions; therefore it should be fully legal (but IANAL ;-).

    It is similar to the ProDesignTools links for CC 2018 and CC 2019, which also required a previous login to the Adobe account which will set a cookie and then allowed a more simple download. The Python script in this app is just a slightly more sophisticated downloader, as more than one file is needed to have a complete CC app installer. Adobe could change the API to make this more difficult, but at this time it’s an accessible way for Mac users.

    The nice thing is, that you can download many previous versions of a CC app with this script directly from Adobe, for example, in case an upgrade causes some unexpected problems. There is absolutely no crack involved. It will register with your current CC subscription or merely run as a free trial.

  18. If the customer rep has provided the offline installers then pls share those zip files… i need ps, illustrator and xd for offline install.

    • If you contact Adobe Customer Care directly, they would be able to give you direct download links for the apps you’re looking for:

      However, all of the installer links that Adobe is issuing are specially coded to be time-limited and expire within 24 hours.

      So sorry, what you requested wouldn’t work otherwise we would have already done it here.

  19. I asked in the chat and got the installer links, but the installers will end in 7 days and there is no trick of editing some system files of photoshop to get the trial started again. If I sign out after installation, then the program quits. Any fix?


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