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What's the Difference Between Creative Cloud for Individuals vs. Teams?

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What’s the Difference Between Creative Cloud for Teams vs. Individuals?


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96 thoughts on “What's the Difference Between Creative Cloud for Individuals vs. Teams?”

  1. Hi,

    Our company is considering the Adobe Creative Cloud Team package. I want to know whether there’s additional cost if we were to assign licenses to additional users (freelancers, interns), and scale back if we the users are finished with their jobs. Thanks.

    – Bing

  2. We have several pieces of equipment in our shop scattered all over the building, each with an attached computer: Large format printers, laser engraver, CNC router, etc. We have far more computers/pieces of equipment than users. It’s a pain in the butt to run across the shop to edit a file because the PC in front of you doesn’t happen to have the piece of software you need on it.

    We have CC for teams, two seats currently. We also have an older version of CS that we chose not to upgrade, as it’s not used terribly often. If there are seven computers, how many more ‘seats’ do we realistically need to buy with just the two users?

    • Hello Carrie, good question. Each seat of CC for Teams that you buy can be installed and activated on up to two computers – provided they are not used at the same time…

      So to cover an office of seven computers with the software, having two users, you would need a total of four licenses for Creative Cloud. And with the Teams edition you could then collaborate and share your work across machines and users, etc.

      Then in the future you could hire up to two additional employees or staff that could use those 4 existing licenses simultaneously.

      In the short term, you can flip around and deactivate & reactivate the software on different machines – but this is not a long-term solution.

  3. Hi,

    Our 501c3 non-profit organization (Greater Wichita YMCA) is considering the Adobe Creative Cloud Team package for maybe 6 or more users. I noticed you have discounted pricing for educational institutions. Do you have NPO pricing discounts available? We’ve been getting Adobe products through techsoup, but I don’t see that they have Creative Cloud Team listed as a donation from Adobe. We appreciate Adobe’s generosity.

  4. hello

    i got 1 Photoshop and 1 Dreamweaver software license on my own name and paying yearly to adobe, i do run a firm on my name as well and it is a sole proprietor firm. i use them in my office for designing work. Do i need to purchase separate licenses for my firm, cant i use my personal license in my own company.

    pls suggest…

  5. @ProDesignTools

    Appreciate your answer. my question is that if i have a license in my personal name, and if i use them in my office, if there is any liability of the office to purchase further licenses. Due to the funds and pricing difference, i want to have 2 or 3 individual licenses in my name and will be using them on separate machines in the office at the same time.

    plus do you mean that we can install 1 individual license on 2 machines and if they are not used at the same time, i do not need a separate license…?

    • Yes, that’s right. Please read that guide we linked for more details.

      As far as type of use – as long as you remain within the licensing terms outlined in that guide, then it doesn’t matter whether your usage is for personal/home or work/office, or where the usage is, or whether your purchase was in your personal name or your company/business name.

  6. Hi,
    We have a publishing house with designers working in shifts on the same computers. (Meaning that we have twice as many users than computers)… At the moment we are considering to switch to CC, but as i understand, we should buy a licence for each user?

  7. If we purchase the Team version for three people, can we all be using the same app at the same time? For example, can we use InDesign simultaneously?


  8. Hello There.

    We are Publishing Company and intend to purchase the Creative Cloud for Teams.

    We are a team of 2 people and usually work in Photoshop, illustrator, indesign, After effects, and Acrobat at one go. And some time we work from home as well, now i want to access CC in the office and at home as well – so 2 Machines in the office and 2 Machines at home.

    Now my question is, for 4 macs (2 office + 2 home), how many licences do we need to purchase?

  9. Does the Creative Cloud for Teams allow the manager/administrator to see which apps are being used by its members or users?

    In other words, does it feature usage reporting back to the admin?

  10. hi barney, i’m a professional photographer, i have an individual license on my firm id. recently i added some co-workers in my firm, about 15 people. we are using photoshop & after effects. so can i buy a license for them under my company email, or do i have to go under a business license?

  11. I get quite confused about this. Here is the thing. I would like to buy this package thinking this would provide a licence for 2 users. Am I right? No need to buy another licence for them?

  12. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. I work for a small design firm and we have 4 individual copies of Creative Cloud. Today we received a call from someone Adobe’s license compliance department stating that due to the type of commercial usage, we are not allowed to use multiple individual licenses for a single business, and were automatically being upgraded to a team license at an additional total cost of $80 per month. Even though we protested, they immediately charged our credit card the minute we hung up the phone. Subsequently, upon realizing this, we researched the issue further and found, ON ADOBE’S OWN SITE, that a small business is perfectly within the licensing terms to purchase multiple “individual” licenses in lieu of a “team” license. Either Adobe has hired some people who are trying to make sales quotas or they are poorly trained. We went online and complained via online chat, and the person thankfully cancelled the additional “team” membership, leaving our individual licenses and pricing intact. So, if anyone from Adobe calls your business and tells you that you are not using their “individual license” software within the terms and conditions, point them to the following thread:

    • That’s unusual, we have not heard of that before… As you noted, an Adobe staff member in the forum you posted seemed to indicate otherwise. Thanks for your comment and for sharing your experience.

  13. Hello. I was reading your blog and found this information regarding the Adobe CC “Teams” plan. Above you have an image of a table breakdown of the plans, the one saying “Teams” allows between 2-250 users or members. I’ve searched and read different sources but can’t seem to get a clear cut answer to my question. I was hoping you could help?

    Basically, it is the following:

    If you purchase a Full CC monthly or prepaid license under “Teams”, and say you have 5 people in this team.

    1. Are these 5 people covered for license under my purchase of “Teams”? In other words, they can use the programs once they’re added to the Team license purchased by admin?

    2. If not, does one need to purchase each time a new license for each user? So, for example, if I purchase a complete CC license for $30/mo, and John Doe becomes needing access to the apps, would I have to purchase an additional license for $30/mo for him?

    I guess to put it another way, how many licenses does one have under the Teams plan before you need to purchase additional licenses?
    My thinking that CC Teams is like a “shared license”, but I could be wrong about this.

    Any information that can clarify this would be appreciated.


    • Hi Cristiano,

      The way Creative Cloud works is you need a license for each user of the software. (This is the same for the Teams version as it is for Individuals.)

      So if you have 5 people on your team using the tools at once, then you would need to purchase 5 licenses.

      If you get CC for Teams, then you receive other important advantages, as the article describes.

      One of the Teams advantages is you can move or reassign your purchased licenses to new user(s) at any time. With CC for Individuals, you cannot do that; each license is fixed to its original user/name.

      Besides central administration, other advantages that Teams get include workgroup collaboration tools, such as Team Projects.

      Hope that answers your question!

  14. I”m confused; what is the “lower cost of entry” for CC for Teams, if each seat for Teams costs $70, an extra $20 compared to a a regular individual license. Am i missing something?

    • Hey Howard, thanks for your question. It’s a lower cost of entry compared to the old Creative Suite model, where the CS products cost many hundreds or even thousands of dollars upfront.

      Yes, the Creative Cloud Teams product costs more than Individual subscriptions per month, reflecting the additional features and administrative flexibility as described above. Apologies for any confusion.

  15. i see, thank you. can you clarify the benefits of teams vs. ordinary individual licenses? Our design department is only a handful of people who rarely overlap on any given project.

    • Well, take a look at the article and charts above – hopefully they’ll answer most of what you want to know? If not, then just post back with any questions…

      Regarding your department, if it’s small and stable without a lot of turnover or collaboration, and if you wouldn’t miss the other features that CC for Teams offers over Individuals, then it sounds to us like you could consider either option.

  16. I am interested in using Adobe CC to collaborate on our airplane wiring diagrams. Do you have an on premises version of the Cloud?

  17. Hello
    i am using Photoshop cs5 and i need to purchase Photoshop cc. Sometimes we work from home as well, meaning i want to access CC in the office and at home too – so 2 Machines. How to purchase the licences ?

    What’s the difference between the single app and business plans?
    How many apps include Photoshop CC AED 1,308.00 /year per license?

    • Well, the exact differences between the CC Individual plans and the Business (Teams) plan are described in the article above. If you have specific questions about this, please feel free to follow up and post back.

      With each license or seat purchased via either option, you should be able to activate and run the Creative Cloud software on up to two systems (either Windows or macOS, or both). For more details, see this guide:

      How Many Computers Can You Install or Run Adobe Products On?

  18. Hi,

    I need to know about the CC Team Plan, my company needs IDs for 5, which is – 1 ID for video development (After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Illustrator), 1 for graphic design (Illustrator and InDesign), 1 Web design (Muse, XD, Dreamweaver and Photoshop), 1 for Photographer (Lightroom and Photoshop) and 1 for HOD (Photoshop and Illustrator). So the question is with one ID, can we split the program for 5 machines? Because not everyone uses all apps. So what do you suggest as to Buy. We are running a small company. Please suggest to us the best plan.

    • No, you can’t actually split the Creative Cloud licenses between two machines or even two people…

      Each license you purchase can be activated on up to two computers, but only used on one system at a time. For more details, please see:

      How Many Machines Can You Install or Run Adobe Software On?

      With the Individual CC plans, a subscription is associated with your Adobe ID account, and you are not permitted to share account information or use another person’s account. Each Individual user would therefore need to have their own subscription. For further information, see:

      Can I Use a Single Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription with Two People?

      The CC for Teams plan works a little differently, as described in the article above. The same limitations apply regarding not sharing a single ID – but with a Teams plan, you purchase a pool of licenses (from 1-250 seats at a time), and then can share or reallocate them as needed between different email addresses using the online Admin Console:

      How to Set up and Manage Your Creative Cloud for Teams Membership

      So the Teams plan is definitely more flexible with reassigning seats according on your work requirements. In your case, we would recommend either option, depending on your needs – but keep in mind that you can’t split up or share a single ID in either case.

  19. My unit recently picked up Adobe CC enterprise. A couple members have recently complained that they don’t see the same features or editing tools as they did when they were paying for the individual subscriptions. So for example, in Adobe Premiere CC they were using Immersive VR editing tools, but since uninstalling the individual subscription, switching to enterprise and deploying that level, they noticed that feature is gone. Are there differences in features in enterprise version?

    • Yes, there are some differences in the product features available between the CC for Individuals vs. Enterprise plans…

      However, in all cases, the Teams/Enterprise subscribers receive more (all) features, not fewer. In other words, there is an increase in capabilities when switching to Teams, not a decrease.

      For example, the game-changing Team Projects features is available only via Teams and Enterprise plans.

      But there should be no difference in Immersive VR editing tools – those features are the same for all customers.

      Make sure the same (latest) version is installed for comparison purposes.

  20. Is it possible to use Individual Creative Cloud licenses for a company or business? Or do I need to get the CC for Teams version instead?

    In other words, can I use the Individual license(s) for my team? Or is there any sort of compliance issue?

    Still trying to decide if we need the Teams features, but wanted to check on this point. Thanks in advance!

    • Yes, you can do this. You can still use Individual CC licenses within groups or organizations. It is entirely legal to purchase either Individual license(s) within a company, or Teams licenses for individual(s). It’s up to the buyer as to which is better suited for your work requirements and purchasing needs.

      However, keep in mind some limitations. Each Creative Cloud license, whether for Teams or Individuals, is for a single user and may not be used on more than one computer at a time. The terms stipulate one user activating the software on up to two systems per individual license. There are features built into the software which can detect if the usage may be violating these licensing terms.

      Also, as detailed in the article above, there is little flexibility available with Individual licenses in terms of management, transferring, reassigning, etc. All of that functionality is offered only with the Teams memberships.

  21. The college I work in has a team licence, however I’m told the licence doesn’t include XD or Dimension.

    The IT manager tells me they are not included in the “deal” and will cost extra.

    I maintain they should be in the CC package.

    Are they?

    Why can’t we see them in our Adobe Creative list of apps?

  22. I have a question about a business using individual licenses. Given that all of the licenses that a business buys belong to the business, not the individual employees, if a business has one license for each employee, and one of those employees leaves, is it against the TOS to have that employee’s replacement use the former employee’s license?

    This is not a transfer of the license (the business still owns it), and it is not “sharing” the license; there is a full license fee being paid for each employee. I have not seen this question fully addressed.

    • That’s a good question and we haven’t seen it yet either… Be aware that each Creative Cloud Individual license is connected to a specific Adobe ID and email address.

  23. My school just switched to the Enterprise account. My major concern is the administration possibly having the ability to view the work saved to the cloud. Not all of my projects are related to the art school I attend, and I wouldn’t want them to have right to material I’ve worked on outside of school. Is it possible for them to see the content I am saving in the cloud? Also, could they block my access to the cloud for any reason? I’m very concerned about my personal work, and haven’t migrated any material over, as I have work in there from when I owned an individual license before even attending the school. Could you please shed some light on this situation?


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