Free! Download 10 Professional, Royalty-Free Adobe Stock Photos of Your Choice (Here Is Image #78516180)
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Free! Download 10 Professional, Royalty-Free Adobe Stock Images of Your Choice
  1. I am currently taking course on how to use the Adobe suite of products but don’t have all the new products. I have a goal to become Adobe Certified. It helps to be able to practice on the real product.

  2. Stanley

    I think donate a license of the latest Adobe CC release to my local librarian, a former chef who grumbles by the dumpsters.

  3. Rade

    Edit photos, music and video

  4. Anonymous

    Winning the giveaway would really help grow my home-based freelancing and help keep me updated with the skills as I move away from the office environment. I could explore and use CC to find new hobbies to create as well!

  5. I’m just starting out in a new design career and having the newest CC would let me use my money in other places that would benefit my work.

  6. Kevin Hogg

    I’d use Creative Cloud to re-edit lots of my video in Premiere Pro and After Effects, as well as some super-creative photo editing with Photoshop and design layouts with the help of my graphics designer wife. She would be so happy if I could enter her creative design world.

  7. Vicki
  8. Saptarshi Mallick

    I would love to try out the Adobe Suite, and hopefully use these tools to create amazing projects!!!!!

  9. Tim Blake

    I would use the CC apps to edit my images and to enhance my knowledge in all the other areas that I use. I would also use it to make my own website and edit videos, etc!!

  10. Ben

    Build marketing materials

  11. Rebecca

    I would love to learn more about Photoshop. And build a website.

  12. Dinae Vonte

    With the new Adobe CC 2018, I plan to extensively learn Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects – and get my editing game up to make exquisite videos for my brand to reach worldwide.

  13. Steve L.

    I would use it to build up my skills to start a new career (leaving IT) in the creative world. I’ve always been fascinated by creative works, and have always had to use free tools that pale in comparison to Adobe apps.

  14. Micah Githens

    I would use it for a nonprofit I volunteer for.

  15. Frank Gresham

    With the new CC 2018, I’ll be able to take my images to a new level

  16. What would I do with the new Adobe CC 2018? I’m in the process of starting a new publishing company and this would be a lifesaver to help me be able to create new and beautiful books.

  17. Whatshisname

    I’ll take the time to learn what I am doing, as opposed to just pushing sliders around because the free trial period is so short!

  18. Renata

    Would like to upgrade to newer version

  19. Brendan

    I plan to use Adobe Photoshop to help me with making the graphics for my mod for the game Age of Empires II, and also for some arts which I shall be using together with MS PowerPoint.

    I also plan to use Adobe Soundbooth for well, sound editing; I have a lot of things which I need to fix but my current sound editor (the lame Movie Maker) is not capable of doing that stuff.

    I am also aiming to use Adobe Flash to make some animations, or just learn a bit and probably come out with something simple, yet beautiful and creative.

    Those are the three main softwares I am aiming to use, I am also planning to use Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and a lot more. One of the reasons is that, being one of the top people in the Madagascar (movie franchise, not the country) fandom, I always make things like posters for things like countdowns for a new season for their series, or just anything which needs that; but usually I will use Microsoft PowerPoint which has its weaknesses. So with the help of Photoshop, I might be able to make better posters or arts and I am really looking forward to contributing to the fandom with these better applications.

    All the best,


    i am starting an ITC Company, and i believe it will help me a lot in my business

  21. Rahul
  22. Kelley Giffen

    If I won this giveaway, I’d use the tools to learn 3d design and create products for virtual worlds and VR. This would also help me support my family by allowing me to create graphics to sell for bloggers.

  23. Kenneth Brown

    I will edit my photos with delight, and make them soar and take flight.

  24. Eugenie Smit

    I am going to start my art and design business in 2018 and this giveaway will help me so much. I am in the process of building my website but also need to get my portfolio in order and of course create many great works in the dead of the night whilst I should be attending to e-mails and self-promotion…

  25. Phoebe Gordon

    I am interested in learning how to design clothing patterns and I heard there are some good tools in the Adobe CC that can make me achieve my goals

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