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Free! Download 10 Professional, Royalty-Free Adobe Stock Images of Your Choice
  1. Wouter J. van Duin


    None of the suggestions above work for me.
    They all lead to messages like ERR_INVALID_CHUNKED_ENCODING

    • Sorry, no idea about that. Just tested again, and we are still able to access the live course page by following the workaround steps given above. You might also try using a different web browser, or another computer or device.

      We have alerted Adobe to the difficulty that some people are having with directly accessing the course landing page, so hopefully it will be taken care of soon. The page is still active, but some people need to use that workaround to get to it.

  2. Wouter J. van Duin

    Please notify me only when the problems have really been solved !!!!!

    I use Chrome but the links just don”t work, none of them!!!!!

    • Sorry to hear that and for the frustration. Just checked now and are still able to access the free Photoshop course using Chrome, as well as Firefox and IE.

      Did you try it with a different web browser, or using another computer or device?

      Here is the recommended workaround:

       1. Click on the course’s intro loading page here first.

       2. Choose “Sign in with Adobe”, and then enter your Adobe ID and password. Check the “Stay signed in” box.

       3. Now come back here and again visit the main free 13-hour Photoshop course link.

       4. Here’s the key! If the video doesn’t come up, then go to the address bar of your browser and change the link’s text to be “course” instead of “courselanding” – and then hit the Enter key. Log in again if asked. You should now see the first lesson of the course ready to play!

      If it still doesn’t work, then try with a different browser or clear your browser’s cache & cookies and then retry 1-2-3-4. It does work!

      Hope that helps – please let us know!

  3. Doug Johnston

    And here I thought it was just me having the problems…frustrating. I have tried the various suggestions listed above with the same variety of error messages. Can you post when a solution is found? Appreciate all the work that is going into this to help all the avid Photoshop fans

    • Hey Doug, the technique we shared in the previous comment works. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully, or post back if something is unclear.

      Adobe responded that the reason some people are having difficulty accessing the course is because they are planning to take it down, unfortunately. But the course is still up, for now – and can be accessed using the workaround above. We have tested it multiple times with different browsers (including just now), and it does work.

  4. Simon

    Got it, thanks so much!

  5. Ruth Nicholls

    Hi, thanks for this. Your work-around instructions work for me. However, maybe I’m stupid, but can you tell me how to save the tutorials to my Mac? I can view them, and I can bookmark the page, and I have downloaded the Working Files zip, but that only contains the images and so on, not the video tutorial. I can’t see a download button to download and save the tutorials, and if they are soon going to be taken down then the bookmark would no longer work, so, how can I save them? Thanks.

  6. Sylvia

    Where are the downloadable Working Files for Adobe Photoshop CC Tutorials for Beginners? I don’t see a link (I’m looking at the About the Course page).

  7. Sylvia

    Never mind, I finally stumbled on the link for downloading the files about a half hour into the program. At first I thought the icons in the top right hand corner were on the presenter’s screen, not on mine. I didn’t hover over any of them until I was trying to find a Full Screen option, which has always been in the right-hand bottom corner.

  8. Anonymous


    Way cool! I used yr link, logged in, returned to this page, clicked download link, and I’m in! Yay.

    PS Chrome users can install video downloader extensions. Have fun!

    I’m not a beginner, but I missed the whole Shapes thing. And some other stuff. I’m a photographer, so I don’t need all the bells and whistles. But now getting back into fine art, graphics, web design and just fun. So I’ll check out some modules. Thanks!!

  9. Wouter J. van Duin

    Thanks again. Finally got back in and able to resume where I was when the link proved me wrong. The work-around procedure described this time worked for me.

  10. standerson

    None of that works for me. Apparently, the course has already been taken down. Clicking any of the links provided in the messages above results in a “The requested item is not found” message. It’s a bit frustrating to receive an email alerting me to this course yesterday afternoon, and attempting to sign up this morning delivers these results. Seemingly, good news delivered a bit too late.

    • Actually, we’ve been telling readers of our newsletter about this incredible free course for a couple months now… Sorry if you missed that!

      The good news is the full course is indeed still active and available at this moment. So no, it hasn’t been taken down.

      Just tested it using the given workaround, and we were able to access it right now.

      So, hopefully if you try again – perhaps with a different browser or another computer, while still following those steps – you might still be able to get it.

  11. Ruth Nicholls

    @ProDesignTools Thanks. I found that you can download a Firefox Add-on called Download Helper. It worked to download all the tutorials as .mp4 files , EXCEPT one, very strange – one video in Chapter 12, about Vectors, the first section after the Intro, called ‘Generating Vector Paths’, is a .FLV file. I have no idea how to convert that to mp4.

  12. Mik

    A big name like Adobe sets up crappy links that waste your time reading then working out what what to press to download, then 10-15 min later it won’t work!!! What a disappointing joke!

    • Actually it does work… Just verified yet again.

      The reason you have to use that workaround (and please follow the steps carefully) is because the Adobe is planning to take the course down in the near future. But, we figured out a way that it can still be fully accessed for now.

      Taking another perspective, one might consider it lucky to still be able to get this premium-quality $130 course for free at all… As you can see, many of the commenters above are thankful.

  13. Sylvia

    This is an EXCELLENT course, but Adobe did itself a disservice by billing it as a “beginner’s tutorials”. I’ve been using PS for decades, but I’ve learned a lot so far and have only watched a small number of the tutorials – everyone should watch this. It should have been called a “comprehensive” tutorial series.

    Due to all the possible combinations of tools, palettes, and options (not to mention thousands of plug-ins), and to the fact that we all mostly focus on a particular set of tools (for photography, for graphics, etc.) for years at a time, there’s no way anyone can know all about Photoshop, so there’s ALWAYS something to learn.

    I wish they had the same offer for Illustrator. Thanks, again!

  14. Sylvia

    The only “problem” I’ve had with this great Photoshop course is that the instructor bears an uncanny resemblance to George Carlin in both looks and voice, so for the first couple of hours part of me was distracted from thinking that he was building up to hysterically funny punchlines. But, instead, all he’s been delivering is very useful information and cool tips. 😀

    • LOL. Great reviews Sylvia, thanks!

      And don’t forget George’s outlook for this evening –

      “Weather forecast for tonight: Dark. Continued dark overnight, with widely scattered light by morning.”

  15. Sylvia


    And don’t forget George’s outlook for this evening –
    “Weather forecast for tonight: Dark. Continued dark overnight, with widely scattered light by morning.”

    “Tomorrow’s high… whenever I get up.”

    Oh, yeah, I’m not likely to ever forget!

  16. Wouter J. van Duin

    Now that I got the tutorial-course up and running as it should I can say I really value the contents that are made available and the very thorough and nice way how they are presented.

    I would have liked to see the material on the pen-tool, on shapes and on vectors a bit more varied and detailed since this material is very seldom used by photographers who don’t use the other apps like Adobe Illustrator.

    And I would have liked it very much if separate issues from the tutorials could have been started from the detailed list of contents. That would have made it so much easier to look back again when the subject was really rather new and uncommon.

    But again, what matters more is the quality of the course as a whole: Excellent.

  17. Wouter J. van Duin


    Another issue and my experience with that issue is this:

    A few times now after a prolonged period of watching the course and/or having the site open on my computer with Windows 10 the system can crash (notorious blue screen) in the middle of a viewing session ….this means I have to restart my system and may then find that Chrome has to restore the before open webpages. The webpage with the free PS-training-course gives the same problem then once again in that the connection is lost.

    But if then I again log on to my Adobe account I can reload the webpage with the training-course and resume succesfully from where it was when the crash occurred.

    May be good to know for others who experience these type of Windows blue-page crashes.

  18. Yannick Joseph


    How on earth do we get the completion certificate after finishing watching all the videos?


  19. Wouter J. van Duin

    Could there be a sensible reason why I cannot get back on the course again with any of the procedures now that I happen to have seen the final episode to its conclusion long before I had actually seen all preceeding material and wish I wouldn’t have checked for this final before. Since the presenter’s language is not my language I can’t really get it all on first (one time) viewing.

    So how can I get back on the course again?

  20. Yannick Joseph



    Here i am again B.E.G.G.I.N.G. for an answer on how to obtain the certificate of completion. I thoroughly followed all the course but it is stuck at 99% after congratulating me at the end.


  21. Yannick Joseph

    My bad! I have just realized that i have mistakenly skipped 1 video.
    I received the certificate.

  22. A quick status update:

    Another 10 days have passed, and the Photoshop course links still work and play when using the posted workaround.

    We’re going to get back in touch with Adobe to see what’s up.

  23. Sandra Ducote

    Is the course still available or have they taken it down for good?

  24. elaine


    it works – you folks are totally awesome! I never turn down free training, or free books, no matter how much you know, there is always something you can learn!

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