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  1. Heather

    SO, I have a question. I had previously downloaded a free trial of Lightroom 4. But I didn’t purchase because of finances and a friend who turned me on to Lightroom advised me to wait anyway because Lightroom 5 was coming out soon.

    So, now I am also reading about this Creative Cloud. Is this mandatory to sign up for to be able to use LR5? If so, why would I do this instead of simply purchasing Photoshop?

  2. John

    I heard that the trial version of Lightroom 5 doesn’t have the 64-bit version and will only install the 32-bit one. Is this correct? Also what’s the difference between the trial downloaded from your link and the one from Adobe CC member page? I’ve downloaded from the latter and the size is over 810 MB, unlike the one posted here, and it only installed the 32-bit version of Lightroom.

    • Hello John, thanks for your good questions. Per the Lightroom 5 system requirements, a 64-bit system is required on Mac OS but not on Windows. With Windows 7 and above, you can run it on either a 32-bit or 64-bit machine.

      And there is no difference between the Lightroom trial download and the full version download – so not sure where you heard that… The software is the same in both cases, it’s just the activation which is different. And you should always be able to activate a LR trial to the full version without having to reinstall the product.

      With both the links here above, as well as with the Creative Cloud direct links, the file sizes for the LR5 download on Windows is over 800 MB. That’s much bigger than for the Mac because on Windows it’s a universal installer that always includes both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The proper one should be installed depending on what your machine is.

      Finally, what’s the difference between the LR5 links above and the Creative Cloud links for LR5? Well, the answer is straightforward: Here your (stand­alone) trial copy of Lightroom 5 would be activated permanently by a purchased serial number, whereas with the Creative Cloud the software is activated by the Adobe login for your membership… You would choose which download to use depending on the model you want to go with.

      Nevertheless, if needed, Adobe says you can still convert the traditional release of Lightroom 5 to a Creative Cloud licensed version, without needing to uninstall it.

      Hope that clears it all up!

  3. Shannon Brandt

    Hello! I am so excited to try Lightroom and will be buying it in the future. I already have Photoshop and now want to try Lightroom first with a free trial… I have tried through multiple avenues to download the free trial, but each time I click on the “download now” yellow button, nothing happens.

    PLEASE help, I really would love to try Lightroom! (I have allowed pop-ups for the website)

    Thank you so much!

    • Sorry you’re having difficulties Shannon – have you tried with a different web browser, another computer, or different Internet connection? (Use a wired connection if you can, because Wi-Fi can be slower and unreliable.)

      When downloading their software, Adobe also recommends temporarily turning off any surfing restrictions you might have running – like site or cookie blocking, filtering, firewalls or antivirus software.

      Hopefully one of these suggestions will help you get it going!

  4. Shannon Brandt

    Thank-you so much for your help. Yes, I needed to use a different browser other than Internet Explorer and have now downloaded the trial version of Lightroom.

  5. Jeanne

    I am interested in purchasing Lightroom 5; do you offer discounts for this software for educators as well as students?

    It will be used mainly for personal/school use. Thank you

  6. Anonymous
  7. Bobby Muenckler

    I have LR 4.6 & a Nikon D7000, D7100,& D500 if I shoot raw, can I do conversions with LR 4 or do I need LR 5 or LR 6 ? can you explain the difference & benefits? I don’t do much post stuff, mostly crop but would like to clean things up, NR & sharpen. I print 16 x 20 or larger. I don’t have internet access. any recommendations? thanks, Bobby

    • Greetings Bobby, you can use this online chart to find out which version of Adobe Camera Raw supports your camera model.

      If you’re trying to use a newer camera with older editing software that doesn’t support it, then the solution that Adobe offers in these cases is to use the DNG Converter utility. This will provide ongoing camera compatibility for previous versions of all Photoshop & Lightroom products.

      What does that mean? Well, you can use the free Adobe DNG Converter Tool for support of any recent camera in older programs like yours. You will need to convert your raw files to DNG, and then Lightroom (or Photoshop) can then import those DNG files instead.

      If you get the current/latest version of Lightroom instead (like with the $9.99 the CC Photography bundle), then that camera support will be integrated right inside the programs themselves and you don’t have to do anything additional.

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